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My wife knew of my enjoyment to wear women’s lingerie when we married and over the months that followed our honeymoon she had often wanted to see more of me dressed up.   I always enjoyed these times although they were not as frequent as I would have liked them to be. One Friday, after a rather long and difficult week at work, I returned home and was greeted by a tender hug and a loving kiss, as was the usual in our house.   We settled into our normal routine and I thought that the weekend would be nice and relaxing, something that I had not been complaining at all about at the time. “Will Sabrina be coming for a visit tomorrow?” My wife inquired out of the blue as I walked by her in the kitchen.   The question was so unexpected that it took me several seconds to register and process it. Eventually I turned around, raised an eyebrow and replied with a single word, “Why?”   As soon as the word escape my lips I thought that maybe I had missed an opportunity to have a totally different weekend than the one I had envisioned, one that would not have been relaxing but far more enjoyable. “I was just curious,” she countered almost immediately as if the conversation had been rehearsed a hundred times before.   “It has been a while since she came by and I thought that this weekend might be a good time to have her over.” Now that the shock of the initial question had started to fade from me I was able to contemplate the full ramification of the query and debated on what my answer should be.   After a few seconds I grinned and replied, “I am sure that she will be more than happy to drop by for the weekend.   Would you like her here tonight or would rather for her to have more time to get ready and greet you tomorrow morning?” This time it was her who took a few seconds to process the question and the best way to answer it.   “I think tomorrow will be just fine.   It will give me more time to think about what us girls will have for dinner.”   The conversation ended there but neither one of us stopped thinking about it as the evening progressed. Before bed I took a nice long bubble bath, shaved my legs and balls so that Sabrina would be as smooth and pleasing to my wife as possible.   As my wife allowed me to explore my feminine side she explained that she had certain *lesbian* fantasies and often dreamt of spending the night with another woman.   Most men would have loved the idea and thought that this was the perfect lead-in for a threesome… me, I saw it as the perfect chance to *be* the other woman.   The thoughts of what would elvankent escort come to pass during the next day filled my thoughts and made me wish that the night had already been over. The next morning I woke up early as usual and rushed to the bathroom where I took great care to shave my face as close as possible.   The smell of the floral shaving cream filled the air as I applied it generously to my face, a feminine aroma that I had always found very pleasant.   Once shaved I gazed closely at my reflection in the mirror and inspected every little detail of my face before using the tweezers to eradicate any and all rogue hair that would not befit the lovely Sabrina. Once the cats had been taken care of I ventured down into the basement taking with me the make-up mirror.   I so wished that I could indulge in this more often, to enjoy not only the application of the makeup but also the way it made me look and feel.   Since time was somewhat of an issue and that my skills in this domain had been far from where I would have liked them to be, I decided to go for a simple look.   After all Sabrina would only be visiting here and not planning on going out to the club… that would be for another day, another dream. I applied the makeup foundation trying my best to hide the grey of my beard with an old red lipstick, having learned that trick for my wife.   Once the foundation had been applied I moved onto trying to add highlights to my cheekbones.   Whatever I did seemed next to pointless but I continued my efforts despite the apparent lack of success… I had wanted this to be as perfect as could be. Next I tackled my eyes and applied the eyeliner followed by the mascara but not before I had used the *torture device* to curl my lashes as much as I could.   Once satisfied with the way the eyeliner stretched passed the corner of my eyes, like some Egyptian hieroglyph, I applied a soft emerald powder to my eyelids in the hopes that this colour would nicely contrast the auburn colour of my wig.   I had worried quite a bit about that purchased but found that it had been well worth it over time as I so greatly enjoyed wearing it and feeling the long wavy curls flow over my shoulders and onto my back. Next came the lips, which were carefully contoured with the lip liner followed by one of my favourite shades of red lipstick.   Although not as *red* as I might have liked them to be, the reflection in the mirror did appear rather sensual and inviting. Once the makeup had been completed, at least to emek escort bayan the best of my limited skills, I moved onto the outfit Sabrina would wear for her visit.   It needed to be something nice but not overly trashy.   I started with the bra that she had bought me a while back which crossed over my back.   I found that this bra offered the best support for my breast forms, another purchase that the wife seemed to have been very pleased with during our previous encounters.   Once the forms were slid into place I forced myself into the garment designed to help me achieve a slightly more feminine form.   Actually all it managed to do was to hide some of my excess weight, flab that I once again promised myself to lose one day so as to be able to be a better, sexier Sabrina. With my waist properly constrained I selected one of the nice sweaters, one that I had hoped would match the skirt I had wanted to wear for this occasion.   I just could not help myself, Sabrina had always been a very sexual being and for her to not wear a skirt just seemed and felt wrong in some way.   I slipped into my stay up stockings, tucked my manhood between my legs and held it in place with a pair of black-laced panties that I had recently purchased during one of our outings to Wal-Mart.   After that I stepped into the black and white skirt and followed suit with the latest pair of knee-high boots that I had purchased. Rings, large loop earrings and a necklace quickly followed before the final touch was put into place… my wig.   I glanced into the small mirror and was happily surprised to see what I thought had been a relatively attractive woman dressed in a quasi schoolgirl uniform.   Actually the more I looked at the image the more I thought that Sabrina looked more like a dancers from one of the low end clubs we had visited long ago. With still time before the wife got up I tackled one of the aspects of this visit that I knew I would greatly enjoy.   I set up and prepared the glue and proceeded with the difficult task of giving Sabrina the nails she always dreamt of having on a permanent basis.   Carefully I applied each nail and bathed in the sensation that washed over me as I saw my hands become as feminine as could be.   With each second that passed I could sense myself slip into my new role and soon the reality settled into my thought – Sabrina had arrived. With the transformation completed I returned to the computer after all had been put away and waited anxiously for my wife to get up.   I used that Escort eryaman time to practice my walking and enjoyed the sound of my heels on the floor, another aspect of Sabrina that I could never get enough of.   Hips swayed with each step, which helped me to further lose myself in the role I so wanted to play.   I reminded myself to be more feminine in my gestures, speech and actions with each step.   I knew that I would likely overdo it but I needed to feel as feminine as possible for my own enjoyment of this moment and day. My heart raced as it always did when I heard her footsteps down on the stairs.   I knew that she expected to find Sabrina here that morning yet fears still washed over me uncontrollably.   As much as I love Sabrina, her having been here in the house at the same time as the wife had always been a source of great fear.   Fear of being rejected, ridiculed or worst fear that she would think less of me in anyway because of my alter ego. My wife called to me for some reason from the kitchen so I made my way up the stairs as quickly as my heeled feet permitted and she greeted me with a warm smile and hug as my wife wished Sabrina a “Good morning.” I returned the beaming smile, surprised that she was as awake as she appeared given the relatively early hour of the day.   My wife had always been a night owl, usually waking up much later than she had today.   The hug seemed to last longer than our usual ones, each of us enjoyed the feel of the other’s breasts pressing against our body. The rest of the morning was uneventful as we played on the computer and chatted about this and that, they way girlfriends normally do.   Each time she passed behind me to go upstairs my wife made a point to touch me, something that I greatly appreciated, enjoyed and even anticipated.   The stronger her touch was the more I enjoyed it; this helped to further establish Sabrina’s submissiveness for the day. In the afternoon, as my wife once again touched my neck and shoulder, she allowed her hand to venture further down and unto my breast.   I gasped in anticipation as I wished that I could truly feel her touch as it caressed me, instead I had to rely on my imagination that still permitted me to enjoy this sensation and react accordingly.   I leaned my head back and moaned as I invited her to continue and claim more of Sabrina’s body with her touch.   She smiled, accepted the invitation and leaned in closer before she gently, lovingly pressed her lips against mine.   Our tongue touched in a passionate lover’s kiss that caused both of us to moan ever so softly.   My hand reached up to my wife’s own breasts to return the favour that she had still been sharing with me.   The feeling had been electrical and when the kiss ended I was left in a dream-like state as my thoughts drifted to what had been and what I had wanted to be.

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