A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 14

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Author’s Foreword: This is the fourteenth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so its probably a bit boring but it isn’t very long, the sex gets started in the second part.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between adult participants, all over 18 years of age, who share a forbidden love. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. This is a fantasy, do not try this in the real world.

I am interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. I do want to talk a little about a valid point that someone made on my not using Mummy rather than Mommy. I thought about this when I started writing this and made the decision to use the idiom I’m familiar with. I was afraid if I tried to use British idiom, I would make a lot of errors. So please consider this a ‘Memoir’ originally written in British idiom that has been translated into American for publication, as American publishers do with books written by British authors.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Naughty in the Woods — I love Gail, Beth and Cathy Again

Mamma rested on top of me for several minutes, her breathing slowly returning to normal while my cock slowly deflated and finally slipped out of her pussy. I had put my arms around her, holding her close to me, my hands gently stroking the soft skin of her back, enjoying this moment of closeness with the woman who had given birth to me and showed me and my sisters so much love in the years she raised us.

I turned my head slightly and kissed Mamma’s ear and whispered ‘I love you so much Mamma.’

Mamma raised herself slightly and looked into my eyes ‘I love you too Daniel, more than I could have ever believed.’ and she kissed me sweetly on the lips.

My sisters now lay down next to us, Beth and Cathy on one side and Gail on the other, and cuddled up against Mamma and me, each putting an arm over us, Cathy pressing her breasts against Beth’s back and reaching over her to add her arm to the embrace. ‘We love you too Mamma and we love Daniel also.’ Gail uttered and Bath and Cathy murmured their agreement.

Mamma turned her head and kissed Gail tenderly on the mouth, then turned the other way and kissed Beth. ‘And I love all of you so much.’

‘Mamma, it getting a bit late, are we going to be able to make love to Daniel before we have to go home?’ asked Cathy.

Mamma took a look at where the shadows of the tree trunks were in our shady clearing. ‘Yes, the afternoon is getting on, We’d better move this along so that we can be home before dinner is waiting. Daniel, do you think you can get hard again? I think it would be asking too much of you for you to cum with each of the girls, so do you think you can hold back from cumming until your third sister? If we all help with the love making like all of you did with me, you should all be able to get a really nice cum fairly quickly and then we can help each other dress and go back.

‘I’m sure that with a little help I can get hard again Mamma. I’ll try and hold out until each of my darling sisters has cum but I’m not sure, I don’t have any experience trying to hold back that much.’

‘You’ll probably be all right, you’ve already cum twice today so you should take longer to cum for a third time. So, Gail and Beth, the two of you are in charge of getting your brother hard again, use your hands, tongues and mouths. Cathy, would you like to clean my pussy for me?’

‘Oh yes Mamma, I’d love to.’

‘Then make room for me to roll off of your brother. If I get up, a lot of his cum will leak out and be wasted.’

Beth and Cathy move away and Mamma rolled off of me. I was looking forward to making love to my sisters but still regretted Mamma getting off me. It just felt so good to have her body pressing down against mine. Mamma move over far enough that Beth could kneel by my side again, across from Gail and Cathy moved down between our mother’s legs, which she had spread to allow Cathy access to her pussy. I could see that Mamma’s public hair was matted with our juices and some was oozing out of Mamma’s vagina. Cathy quickly moved in to lick Mamma’s pussy, quickly getting the juices in danger of flowing away before beginning to lick over Mamma’s pubic area to get the juices there.

Beth and Gail waited a moment to get started with me, wanting to see Cathy begin loving our mother, but now they both turned back to me and leaned down and began licking the juices coating my stomach and pubic mound. At the same time, they began to touch my cock and balls, tickling them gently, all of which felt very nice. Gail got bolder and licked my limp cock and then took it into her mouth, beginning to suck on it. She seemed canlı bahis şirketleri to like the taste of mother’s and my juices that were on it, as she gave a hum of appreciation. Beth move down and licked my balls, then took first one into her mouth and sucked it gently and then the other.

I was watching what Beth and Gail were doing but also glancing over occasionally to watch Mamma and Cathy. I reached out with my hands and cupped the closest dangling breasts of Beth and Gail, enjoying the firm weight of them in my hands as I hefted them, feeling their nipples digging into my palms.

All of this was having an effect on me, my cock beginning to fill again, slowly lengthening until it no longer fit entirely in Gail’s mouth, at which point she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and added stroking to her sucking.

Mamma had begun moaning from Cathy’s ministrations and now her moans were getting louder and more constant. I thanked Gail and Beth for getting me ready and suggested we watch Cathy make our mother cum. They paused their efforts and we all turned to watch. It looked like Mamma was getting close, arching her back and her hands gripping the blanket under her. I had an idea and suggested to Beth, who was between Mamma and me. ‘Beth, suck one of Mamma’s nipples and play with her breast.’

Beth obediently leaned over and cupped our mother far breast in her and and then took the nipple of the closer breast into her mouth and began sucking on it.

That seemed to put Mamma over the top, she cried ‘Cumming! So good. Thank you my darlings!’ and her body relaxed again onto the blanket.

Beth transferred her mouth from sucking on Mamma nipple to kissing her gently on the mouth. ‘You look so beautiful when you cum Mamma, I love watching.’

I’m glad you think so darling.’ she responded and returned Beth’s kiss. ‘Is your brother ready now?’

Gail had been gently stroking my resurrected cock keeping it ready for use. ‘Yes Mamma, he’s hard again.’

‘Then go ahead and take him into your pussy and ride him until you cum. Bath and Cathy, play with Gail’s breasts and suck her nipples to help her along. Once she cums, Beth, it will be your turn to ride him and your sisters’ turn to help you cum, then it will be Cathy’s turn and Daniel can cum again if he’s able after or when he makes Cathy cum. I’m a little tired, I’m just going to lie here and watch, if that’s all right with you.’

We quickly told her that was fine, and Gail moved into position over me, getting herself lined up over the base of my cock, which she lift with her hand and after fumbling a little, got it lined up with her vagina opening. Cathy took the place at my side vacated by Gail and she, Beth and I watched as Gail lowered herself so that the head of my cock began spreading the flesh of her vagina opening, pushing the foreskin of my cock down until the head of my cock popped inside her.

‘I love the feeling of your cock forcing its way inside me so much, dear brother. Now, to feel you all the way inside.’ and she pressed herself down until her pubic mound meet mine and I was fully embedded inside her.

I have to say it felt wonderful to me also, and I told her so. Gail then began raising and lowering herself on my cock and Beth and Cathy moved in and each took charge of the breast closest to them, cupping the underside and then leaning in and taking the nipple in their mouths. Gail’s hands came up and cupped the back of their heads pressing them more firmly against her breasts.

I loved the sensation of Gail’s pussy sliding up and down on my cock, the friction felt exquisite and she was so warm and wet inside. Also, the sight of her beautiful breasts being tended to by our sisters was very arousing. I was all right for the moment but I hoped that I would be able to hold out long enough to allow all three of my sisters to have their turn.

Gail’s up and down motion on my cock was getting faster and her moans of appreciation were getting louder. ‘It feels so good. I love feeling you inside me. I love you so much! I’m almost there! Cumming!’ and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock for a moment and then flutter around my cock.

Beth and Cathy straightened up, leaving Gail’s nipples long and hard and shining with their saliva. Gail leaned down and kissed me on the mouth tenderly. ‘Thank you dear brother, that was wonderful.’

‘You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to cum in you.’

‘So am I, hopefully it will be soon.’

Beth now tapped Gail on the shoulder ‘My turn now, please.’

Gail raised herself up off of my cock which promptly plopped down onto my stomach, and moved to the side to give her place to Beth, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth in passing. Beth quickly swung her leg over me and following Gail’s example, took hold of my cock and raised it up, guiding it to her own opening. I now had the pleasure of watching my cock opening Beth’s vagina to slide inside and to feel her hot, wet interior caressing my cock as she pressed herself down to take me to base of canlı kaçak iddaa my cock in her sweet flesh. Gail and Cathy moved in and began tending to Beth’s breasts as Beth began raising and lowering herself on my cock. The afternoon’s activities must have had her very wrought up because it looked like she would finish quite quickly, which was good, as I was beginning to feel the tingling that indicated I might not be able to last too much longer.

Sure enough, after only a couple more minutes of pleasuring herself on my cock, she exclaimed that she was cumming and I again was treated to the sensations of a pussy spasming around my cock. At this, I had a pretty hard time holding off on cumming myself but managed to hang on.

‘My turn.’ and Cathy helped Beth move aside and rapidly took Beth’s place, Beth giving her a kiss as she did so. ‘I loved you and Gail sucking on my nipples while Daniel’s cock was in me. It all felt so good. I envy you getting to be the one he gets to cum in.’

I was quickly buried to the hilt in Cathy’s hot, very wet pussy. Her nipples were already long and hard from the excitement of what we had been doing and Gail and Beth immediately moved in and began stimulating Cathy’s breasts with their hands and mouths. Cathy began raising herself up and slamming herself down on my cock. I didn’t think she was going to last long either, which was good as I was rapidly getting to the point of cumming myself.

‘You feel so good inside me dear brother. I love having your cock inside me. Fill me with your cum, make sure I’m pregnant with your baby!’

At that I lost it and began cumming, shooting burst after burst into her welcoming vagina. Fortunately, that seemed to trigger her own cum as she exclaimed ‘Yes, so good, I’m cumming! I can feel him filling me. I love that so much!’

Beth and Gail relinquished Cathy’s breasts and she immediately leaned down and kissed me passionately on the mouth. ‘Thank you darling brother. I can hardly wait for the next time.’

‘Well, I think I’ll need a little time to recover first. But thank you, it was wonderful for me also. And thank you Gail and Beth, you were wonderful also.’

‘All right everyone, we had better get cleaned up and get dressed. It’s getting late.’ Our mother interrupted, getting to her feet. Gail and Beth got to their feet also and helped Cathy get off of my softening cock and onto her feet. Mamma went and got a few more linen cloths from the hamper and wet them with the remaining water from the melted ice, quickly using one to clean herself up and then handing the extra to the girls, motioned me to get to my feet.

Once I was on my feet, mother used the cloth she still held to clean my cock and pubic area, before moving in an giving me a sweet kiss on the mouth. ‘All right dear, get yourself dressed.’

‘Yes Mamma’ and I moved over to where our clothes were piled over the tree branch, separating out mine from the women’s and then beginning to put them on. I was soon joined by Mamma and my sisters, each claiming their own clothes and beginning the process of covering their lovely bodies.

I was the first one done, male clothing did not have quite so many intricacies. Watching Mamma and the girls helping each other lace up their corsets and fasten up all their buttons was intriguing, watching their flesh disappearing as each additional piece of clothing was pulled on and fastened up was also interesting. I found it quite lovely watching them roll their stockings up their trim legs and position the garters to keep them in place.

Soon, we were all put back together. We weren’t as neat and tidy as we had been when we left the house that morning, but we often came back a bit wind blown and slightly untidy from our excursions into nature. We packed up all the remaining picnic items and then looked around the clearing, remembering the naughty fun that we had had, sorry to have it come to an end.

‘All right, it’s time to head back to the house. When we get home, get cleaned up and changed for dinner. Girls, I want you to wear one of your London evening dresses that shows a little cleavage and don’t put on a corset or drawers. I’ll do the same. It will probably be time for dinner by the time we’re ready to come down. Daniel, wear your best formal wear. I think we deserve to see you looking as handsome as possible to match our evening wear.’

And so we set off back to the house. I was carrying the picnic and Champagne hampers and Mamma and Beth carried the picnic blankets. It took us a little longer to get home than it had that morning to get to the clearing, all of us were, I think, feeling a bit lethargic from our day’s activities. I certainly was.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Our First Evening Meal as Lovers

But soon enough we were home, where we handed off the hampers and blankets to be taken to be dealt with, then we all headed upstairs to our rooms to follow Mamma’s directions for getting ready for dinner.

Once in my room, I checked the time on the clock and decided there wasn’t time to take a canlı kaçak bahis bath, so undressing, I just used a wet cloth to wipe myself down (after using the water closet, which I badly needed at this point). I then shaved again just to make sure I didn’t have any stubble that might be annoying. It probably wasn’t necessary, as being very blonde, I don’t have a heavy beard nor do I have much body hair apparent unless you look close and see that I have a light sparse dusting of short, pale hair over much of my body, except for my pubic hair of course, which there is more of, but which still isn’t very prolific.

Finished shaving, I brushed my hair, restoring it to order, then went to my armoire and got out my most formal evening attire, something I didn’t typically wear when in the country. Black trousers, white shirt, gray patterned vest, black coat and a black bow tie. Not dressing this formally most of the time, it took me a couple of tries to get the bow tie tied correctly, but finally I was ready to join my family for dinner.

Going downstairs to the parlor where we always meet before going in to dinner, I entered to find that I was the first one there. The clock on the mantel in the room showed that it was still a little before our usual time to meet for dinner, so I walked over to the sideboard and poured myself a small glass of dry sherry from a decanter there and then poured four more for Mamma and my sisters before sitting down and taking an appreciative sip from mine.

We had an excellent cellar, filled with very nice wines of all types, the result of another of my grandfather’s ventures. He had invested in a large wine business based in Bristol when the owner had needed an infusion to cash to expand the business and the venture had proved so successful that he had continued to expand the business with his new partner.

There was a light knock on the open parlor door, cook stood in the door way. She announced that dinner was all setup on the buffet in the dining room and did we want anything else before they left for the evening.

‘Thank you cook, you can all go home to your families. I’m sure the food will be excellent, as always.’

‘Thank you sir, good night.’ and she gave a slight bow and departed back to the kitchen. I knew that the last of the staff would shortly depart for their homes in the village.

A few minutes later Mamma arrived and I got quickly to my feet, going to greet her. She looked spectacular, her evening dress of blue velvet hugging the curves of her torso and showing quite a bit more of her bosom than I was used to seeing, excluding the times in the last two days that I’d seen her naked. I guess she could tell that my greeting was going to be indiscreet, because she put her fingers to her lips and shook her head and then presented her cheek to me to kiss, so I controlled myself and just gave her a dutiful buss on the cheek.

‘You look wonderful Mamma’ and then leaning closer to her ear whispered ‘Good enough that I might want to eat you instead of dinner.’ causing her to blush.

‘Thank you dear. You look very handsome yourself.’

I moved back to the sideboard and got Mamma one of the glasses of sherry I’d poured and handed it to her, picking my own glass back up from the table I’d set it down on when she entered the room. Mamma took her usual chair and I sat down after her. ‘Cook was in to say dinner is ready in the dining room. I thanked her and said that they could leave.’

‘Thank you dear. Your sisters should be down soon, they were just about ready when I came down. I’m looking forward to dinner, I don’t know about you but our activities this afternoon have left me quite hungry.’

My stomach choose that moment to loudly grumble about being empty, causing both of us to laugh. ‘It seems that you agree.’

Then I could hear my sisters’ voices approaching, so I got to my feet again and gathered their glasses of sherry to hand to them when they entered. In a moment, they came through the door, three visions of loveliness, in close fitting dresses in colors that complemented their complexions. As befitting young unmarried women, their dresses were more modest than Mamma’s but they still showed a little of their cleavage. I gave each a kiss on the check and handed them their glasses. ‘You all look lovely tonight.’

‘Thank you Daniel, you look very handsome yourself’ Gail said and Beth and Cathy murmured agreement.

The girls seated themselves and I sat down again also. We made some small talk while we enjoyed our before dinner sherry. Our small glasses of sherry were soon finished and Mamma announced that we should go get our dinner. I rose and offered Mamma my arm and escorted her, with the girls following, to the dining room.

In the dining room, I helped my mother into her seat and in pushing it closer to the table was able to sneak a little bit of a peek down her bodice. It revealed a bit more of her exquisite breasts but it was still frustrating because I now knew that there was so much more to see. I then seated each of my sisters, also sneaking peeks down their bodices as I did so before quickly taking my own place. I could see that Mamma knew what I was doing but she just smiled at me and removed the cover from the first course, which was already at our places, the rest of us doing the same.

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