A Twin Desire Ch. 07 – Finale

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This is the final chapter of this wonderful love story. I appreciate all of you who’ve waited patiently for this chapter. Please rate and comment with any advice you can to help make me a better writer.

I had a good portion of this written soon after the ending of Chapter 6, but I couldn’t find a satisfying ending. I don’t think I have enough in me to try to continue this story and keep it fresh and real.

On a personal note, I wrote Brian’s character as an extension of my personality. My wife was the inspiration for Barb. Our relationship is full of wit and sarcastic humor. I’ve been pleased our humor translated well into Brian and Barb’s story. I tried to keep everything as real and true to life as possible.

I hope you enjoy this final chapter. I used the same format from the first six chapters. Brian and Barb are written in the First Person. This chapter, I’ve added some “Flash Forward” scenes. Those scenes are written in Third Person. Those flashes are marked to avoid confusion.

**** **** **** **** **** ****

**** BRIAN ****

“Go ahead. Tell me,” I said. “As with everything else, we’ll get through this together.”

She swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and said, “I got pregnant.”

My life flashed before my eyes. In an instant, I lived through all twenty-one years of my life with my twin sister. I saw myself holding her when she crashed on her bike. I saw us holding our swimming trophies together as mom snapped pictures. I saw all the wrestling matches and tickle fights we had and how we laughed and enjoyed ourselves. I saw her in the crowd cheering for me during my baseball and basketball games. I saw myself cheering for her at her events.

I also saw her crying as we flushed her pet goldfish down the toilet. I saw her pain when our dog was run over and killed. I saw her sad and crying over some dumbass guy who had broken her heart. I saw her pain when I told her we couldn’t bear children of our own.

What exactly was I feeling about hearing that my sweet sister is pregnant with my child? Was I happy? Was I angry? Did I feel betrayed? Did I feel like the luckiest man in the world?

My mind was flooded with confusion. My mind went to a state championship football game when I was a senior in high school. Because we lived in a growing community, new schools were popping up everywhere. We started our sophomore year at one high school and finished our junior and senior years in a different school. It was hard for us as we were raised as Vikings and now, we were Wildcats. Our allegiance was torn.

In our senior year, the football teams from our two high schools were playing for the State Championship. I didn’t know who to cheer for. Most of my friends from childhood were still Vikings and playing for the other team.

Just before the half, the Wildcats were driving for a touchdown, which seemed would give them a huge amount of momentum and probably a victory if they were to score. With fifteen seconds to go, the quarterback handed the ball off to the state MVP running back from two yards away. He was met at the line by a friend of mine. The hit was heard by all in attendance. The ball popped free.

My best friend made the hit, knocked the ball loose, picked it up and ran ninety-nine yards for a game-turning score. The Vikings, MY VIKINGS, not only stopped the Wildcats from scoring, but the boost in morale carried over to the second half and the game wasn’t even close.

Until that hit and score, I’d been sitting on my hands. I didn’t know who to cheer for, so I didn’t cheer for either team. But when my friend hit the running back causing the fumble, picked it up and ran for the score, I was on my feet, cheering for MY TEAM. I realized that I’m a Viking for life no matter which school I was graduating from.

I realized that I was now cheering for TEAM BRIAN AND BARB!

It seemed that all these thoughts and emotions played out in slow motion. In reality, a half-second passed.

“YOU’RE PREGNANT?” I gasped, a big grin appearing on my face.

I’m not sure Barb was expecting the grin. She looked at me with suspicion and nodded weakly.

“WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!” I shouted and picked her up off the bed to hug her. I was cheering for OUR team.

Barb was dumbfounded. This wasn’t the reaction she expected. I picked her naked body off the bed and lifted her to the floor. I led us in a happy dance around the bed. I kissed her and hugged her. I pulled her up into my arms and swung her around the room. Barb started laughing and dancing with me.

We crashed back onto the bed. I again held her and cheered.

“Brian, love, are you really this happy about me being pregnant?” she said wondering how it was possible.

“Of course, I am, sweetie,” I said, confused by the question. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“It seems like just yesterday that you were telling me you were against incest babies,” she said unsure if she should repeat it right now.

“Well,” I smiled broadly, “you weren’t pregnant then, were you?”

She shook her head. “No. Why does that make a difference?” nevşehir seks hikayeleri

Still smiling, but more serious, I answered. “Baby. You’re pregnant. With OUR baby. My feelings on the matter haven’t changed. I would never have planned this and wouldn’t compromise my principles to purposely get you pregnant, BUT …” my smile disappeared as I looked deeply, and seriously into her eyes, “something in the back of my mind was hoping for an accidental miracle. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could ever make me happier than for you to bear my children. I love you, Twink. I love that you’re pregnant with our child.”

**** **** **** FLASH FORWARD **** **** ****

“She’s beautiful,” Brian said, smiling and wiping the sweat from Barbara’s brow. “Just like her mama.”

“Yes, she is. She has her daddy’s appetite,” she answered as she held their new daughter to feed from her breast. She gently rubbed the tiny girl’s head as she suckled. She couldn’t take her eyes off this little miracle.

“I know how she feels. I love sucking those titties myself,” he joked.

Embarrassed, Barb looked at the nurse still in the room and rolled her eyes.

The nurse chuckled. “Nothing I ain’t heard before,” she said as she continued her work.

“You embarrassed her, jerk,” she said looking at him with a scowl.

“She’ll get over it,” he said. “How’re you feeling, mama?”

“Mama,” she whispered as she filled with pride. She liked the sound of that. She smiled at her husband, her lover, her brother. “I’m tired. How you feeling, daddy?”

He opened and closed his hand several times while wincing in pain. “Well, once I get the blood flowing in my hand again, I should be fine,” he answered, an attempt to bitch about how hard she gripped his hand during delivery. “Hopefully I still have a baseball career left.”

Showing no signs of compassion, she said, “If you’re too big a pussy to handle a little child-birth transference pain, maybe you should be working at a beauty parlor instead.”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I can always count on you to keep me humble, Twink. I love you.”

**** **** **** END FLASH **** **** ****

**** BARBARA ****

“YOU FUCKER!” I yelled. The dam burst. I started crying tears of happiness. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged the living shit out of him.

“Fucker?” he said, shocked, then thought about the meaning of the word and gloated. “Thanks,” he grinned.

“You’re not welcome,” I managed through the sobs. “Fucker. If you’d told me that before, I would have stopped taking my birth control. Fucker!”

“Well, I think that would have defeated the whole ‘miracle’ thing, no?” he asked as he wiped my tears.

“I guess so,” I said. “I guess your reaction was worth it. Not at all what I expected.”

I suddenly punched his arm. Hard.

“OW!” he yelled. “What the hell?”

“That’s for making me sweat bullets to tell you,” I said. “Asshole!”

“Okay, maybe I deserved that,” he answered. I punched him again for good measure. “I don’t think I deserved that one.”

“Bullshit,” I snorted. “You deserve a helluva lot more than that.”

He reached out and rubbed my pregnant belly. “And you deserve this, my love,” he said softly.

He melted me. I wasn’t ready to be melted yet. FUCKER! I reached out, grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. This was no ordinary kiss. This was the MOAK. The Mother Of All Kisses. I had serious butterflies when we broke the kiss.

“Brian,” I said looking past my tears into his emerald pool eyes, “make love to me.”

**** **** **** FLASH FORWARD **** **** ****

“WHAT?” she shrieked.

The voice through the phone repeated her last sentence. “Mrs. Young, we need you to come to the school and pick up your son.”

“Pick him up? Why?” she asked.

“He was in a fight,” came the reply.

“Is he okay?” she asked as she grabbed her purse and started digging through it searching for her keys.

“Well, yes, he’s fine,” came the answer slowly. “But the other little boy has a bloody nose and lip. We’ve called his parents as well. He’ll be okay.”

She arrived at the school and walked briskly to the principal’s office. She saw the other boy before entering the office, being attended to by his mother. She knew him and his parents. Too well, unfortunately. His face was covered in dried blood as was the front of his shirt.

She entered and found her son. He saw his mom, bowed his head in mock shame and looked up at her with puppy-dog eyes. She rolled her eyes and smiled at him.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, young man,” the other mother scolded. “Look at him,” she said as she gave her son’s face a spit bath with tissue from the principal’s desk.

“Easy, Liz,” she said to the other mom. “How about I take care of my child and you take care of yours?”

“I wish you would,” she answered. “He’s out of control.”

“What happened, BJ?” she asked her son as she sat next to him.

“He wouldn’t stop teasing Angie,” he answered. “I tried to stay out of it until he pushed her down. I’m sorry, mom.”

“Never apologize for defending your sister,” she said then turned to face Liz and her son. “Is this true?” she asked.

Liz reluctantly nodded before renewing her indignance. “He’s still out of control,” she said.

“Liz, we’ve had this chat before. If Robbie continues to bully Angie, BJ is going to continue defending her,” Barb said matter-of-factly.

“Mrs. Young,” the principal interrupted, “we have a zero-tolerance policy to fighting on school grounds. I’m afraid we’ll have to suspend BJ for three days.”

“Do you also have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying?” she shot back.

“Yes, we do. Robbie has been told to stop or face the consequences,” the principal answered.

“Wait. My son is getting suspended for protecting his sister from a bully and the bully is being told he should stop before there are consequences?”

“BJ started the fight,” was the answer.

“No, BJ didn’t START the fight. BJ ended the fight,” she said proudly. “Now, if this is how you choose to meet out the punishment, you’ll be hearing from my husband. You know my husband … the LAWYER!”

The principal frowned and nodded. Her hands, it seemed, were tied. “Make sure he sues the district. I’m simply following policy, or I’ll get fired. Call me as a witness. That’s the fight I don’t mind getting fired over.” Liz looked at the principal and scoffed.

She took BJ’s hand and walked toward the door. As she passed Liz and her son, she said, “Robbie, if you enjoy the sight of your own blood, keep messing with Angie and BJ will keep beating you up. His daddy has taught him to defend his sisters no matter what his consequences are. And being you’re in sixth grade and bigger than BJ, who’s in fourth, I won’t feel sorry for you. Understand?”

Liz huffed at the words. “You willfully teach your son that violence is the answer?”

“No, Liz. We teach our sons that bullies are cowards and need to be put in their place.” She walked out with her son in tow. She walked tall and proud. His dad will be so proud of him.

**** **** **** END FLASH **** **** ****

**** BRIAN ****

“A DADDY! A DADDY! I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!” I sang as I kissed my beautiful bride. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her nose, her chin, her neck, her ears, her collarbones, her breasts, her nipples, her abdomen, her belly button, her clit, her labia, her ass. I kissed her entire body as I sang my ‘daddy song’. Barb giggled and moaned as I moved my lips around her body and spread love and joy through every inch.

“You really are excited, aren’t you?” she giggled.

“Damn right, I am.” I continued my song and assault on her body. “I’m gonna fuck your baby body like you’ve never been fucked, sweetie.”

She threw her head back. “Mmmm, I love the sound of that. I should get pregnant every day.”

“Yes, you should.”

I can’t recall being happier in my entire life. I figured reality would slam me upside the head at some point but for right now, I was ecstatic. As I continued ravishing the body of my dear baby factory, I started reliving my childhood. I had a lot of great memories with Barb, Heidi, and Chris. As I settled in licking Barb’s scrumptious pussy, I couldn’t hold the memories in.

“Do you remember the day we all went to Rain Canyon when we were kids?” I asked between licks.

“Mmmm. Which time,” she moaned.

“When I fell, headfirst, into that ravine.”

“BRIAN!” she grabbed my hair and pulled my tongue away from her sex. “Why the hell would you bring that up? That’s not a memory an expecting mother wants to hear.”

“Why?” I asked stupidly, her pussy juices making my chin shimmer. “We had fun.”

Still holding my hair, she answered. “Seriously? Like I want to think of our future kids falling headfirst into a ravine and needing to be rushed to the hospital for stitches?”

“Well, if you put it that way, I guess not,” I said seeing it from her perspective. “I just remember the fun and why I fell into the ravine. The ER wasn’t the greatest but the memories we have growing up can’t be beat.”

She pushed my face back into her pussy but held on to my hair. “Yeah. I suppose so,” she relented. “But I don’t want to think of my kids lying facedown in a ravine, blood gushing from their heads.”

I looked up at her. “Why not?” I grinned.

She smirked. “EAT, JERK!” she ordered and pushed my head back down.

“Yes dear,” I mocked her and sucked her clit into my mouth.

“Mmmm. Fuck. Only you can make me think of bloody kids and make me moan at the same time,” she purred.

“I aim to please.”

**** **** **** FLASH FORWARD **** **** ****

Panic filled his mind. “Where?” he asked.

“St. Jude’s,” the officer answered.

Brian hung up and quickly dialed.

“Barb, are you with him?” he asked when the phone was answered.

“Almost. I’m trying to find the room,” she answered, panic in her voice.

“Call me when you know more. I’m on my way,” he said quickly as he got behind the wheel and turned the key.

“Don’t hang up, honey,” she pleaded. “I don’t know if I can handle this without you.”

“I’ve got to, babe,” he answered. “Not supposed to be on the phone and drive. It’s a hefty fine.”

“Fuck the law, Brian,” she said a bit too loud. She noticed people turning to look at her. “Sorry,” she said, and she continued searching. “Put me on speaker and put the phone in your lap.”

He pulled onto the highway, turned on the speaker and placed the phone in his shirt pocket. “Okay, I’m here. Have you found him yet?”

“No. This is bullshit, baby,” she said desperately. “Nobody knows where he is.”

He heard her gasp. “Barb?” he said tentatively. “Barb, what’s going on.”

She started crying. “Brian, please hurry. I need you here.”

Now his panic was in high gear. From the outside, nobody would know the fear he was feeling on the inside. He never flinched in the face of fear.

“Barb, stay calm,” he said in a soothing voice. “He needs your strength right now.”

He heard her trying to stifle her sobs. “I know, babe. But, shit, Brian. He’s …”

“I’m almost there,” he said. “Be strong for him until I can be strong for both of you.”

Trevor, their third child, had been hit by a car as he was crossing the road. He was in the ER, in a coma. His battered body lying still as tubes ran everywhere. Of all the beeps and alarms going off, the breathing machine the worst. It made him sound robotic and was a constant reminder that if the noise stopped, their little boy would die.

**** **** **** END FLASH **** **** ****

**** BARBARA ****

I’ve said this before. One of the things I truly adore about Brian is the little boy inside him who refuses to grow up. The last thing I want is for his sense of fun and adventure to go away. They’re the best and most admirable qualities he possesses. His timing is very suspect, however. I guess that’s the immaturity of men that women complain about but will do anything to keep it alive. When a man loses that little boy, his dreams and ambitions become little more than a wet dream.

Seriously, though. While he’s eating me? And I’m pregnant. I’ve heard an expectant mother’s biggest fear is losing a child. It’s real. I love my dumbass.

**** BRIAN ****

For some reason, Barb’s pussy tasted a bit sweeter tonight. Her kisses were better. Her moans were sexier. Everything was more amazing than normal. I treated her body as if I were worshipping at the Taj Mahal. I couldn’t get enough. I have no clue how many orgasms she had. I shot my load into her four more times. The sun was close to rising when fatigue finally took over.

I slept in. Late. When my eyes opened, I was in a fog. I momentarily forgot where I was. It took a few minutes to get my bearings. I looked at my phone. Eleven thirty-seven. Wow. I rolled over to get some lovin. Barb wasn’t there. My mind wandered back to last night. I puffed up with pride. “I’m going to be a daddy,” I said to myself and smiled.

I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. I drained my aching bladder, splashed some cold water on my face, ran some through my messy hair, then stumbled out to find the mother of my unborn child. I wanted some more naked celebration.

“Good what’s-left-of-the-morning, baby,” I smiled, standing there in my naked splendor. Barb was standing at the stove, still bare-ass naked, and doing the one thing that everyone in civilized society knows NEVER to do; she was cooking bacon. NAKED! It was fun to watch her tits jiggle every time I’d hear a ‘POP’ as she tried to dodge the flying grease or if it landed on her skin. I started laughing at her.

“Stop laughing and get me my robe!” she demanded.

“Nope,” I said. “This is fun.” I pulled my phone up and started shooting video.

“You’re an asshole,” she giggled when she noticed. “Get me my damned robe!”


“Please!” she pleaded.

“Nope,” I said again and continued laughing and shooting video.

She finally pushed the frying pan back to the back burner and jumped away from it. “Fine! It’s done anyway. And you’re not getting any. So there!” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Is that a promise for later?” I asked and batted my eyebrows.

“Shut up,” she sneered.

I moved towards her. She yelped and started running from me. We laughed and giggled as I chased her around the small apartment. I could have easily caught her, but the game was too much fun. As I chased her, I was talking. “Stop running from me,” and “You can’t get away,” and “I am so gonna fuck you when I catch you.”. Meanwhile, she was answering. “Don’t touch me, asshole,” and “You’re too slow,” and “If you touch me with that thing, I’ll bite it off.”

When I saw the optimal moment, I pounced. I caught her around the waist and tackled her onto the soft cushions of the sofa. As she was going down, I twisted her body, so she landed on her back and I landed on top of her. Her legs spread perfectly and my cock ground into her clit. I immediately kissed her and pushed my cock harder against her pussy. She tried to fight me off, but her body betrayed her when a soft moan escaped her lips.

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