A TRYST with: wen2dream@aol & michellekelly101

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A TRYST with: wen2dream@aol & michellekelly101In 2001 or do I was fed-up with not getting any pussy –so I decided to advertise myself for casual Sex on the ol’ “INTERBOT”I posted some good-looking nudes of me with an erection, on Craigslist>Personals>Casual-Sex and didn’t think anything would come of it –but, well,…yeah…I got a bunch of spammers responding, Also a few gay men responding who wanted to “suck my gorgeous cock”.So I was near giving up hope, when I saw one from a woman named Wendy –she said she was up in the 45yr-50yrs range, but she’d like to “give me a try”I was stoked –here I am a 27 yrs old man who’s fantasized about boning a 45 yrs old woman and now here’s one, In my neck of the woods (I was staying down in LA County –in Glendale, CA at the time) and she wanted to hook-up and fuck!I promptly responded and we exchanged emails back & forth a few times – she sent me a headshot –she was a gorgeous, mature Cougar who looked part Hispanic and kind-of like with that regal, Proud quality of a Kardashian sister. My dick was hard for her.So we made arrangements to meet at the nearby Ralphs parking Lot in a few days’ time, in the afternoon. I’d get some Condoms –and we’d go back to her place and fuck each other’s’ Brains out.I was Super stoked, and admittedly, nervous about this rendezvous –I’d never done anything so “risqué” before, and she was a perfect Stranger who only wanted to meet for sex. So anyways…yeah….it was kind of nerve-wracking.…meanwhile…I’d gotten anther email response from a michellekelly101 who’d seen my “nudey” and thought I looked fit &trim and wanted to bone me –She was much younger than Wendy.—more around my own age in the 27-30 yrs range.We spoke a bit on the phone. She sounded cute, Hispanic…and she just wanted to fuck.Alter she sexted me some phone-pics of her “naughty-Bitz”, I was hooked—she had the most beautiful, plump and round set of juicy tits & a nice smooth, cushioned set of pudgy pussy lips. All I could think of was getting my mouth around that Panocha türkçe bahis & licking up all the wet pussy juice which would cum out of her.Now I had two gals wanting to Bone:45 yrs old Wendy28 Yrs old MichelleI did the only thing I could think of –I arranged a TRYST.SO I got Michelle’s agreement to meet up with me and Wendy at the Ralphs parking lot in Glendale –The Day came & we had an awkward 3-way meeting –then we went back to Wen’s place. She’d wanted it to be an untraceable rendezvous –so when Michelle and I left our cars and hopped into Wendy’s SUV, she had us put blindfolds on –she didn’t want us tracing the route to her house in case there were any future complications to this little casual 3-way.We got to her house and went in.We didn’t waste any time.Right there in the living Room, we all let our inhibitions drop & we did what we’d come there to do:We came together in a 3-way Kiss.Michelle rubbed my crotch, getting my Penis to start hardening and Wendy went for my Mouth –kissing me & swapping saliva, as I felt her enormous breasts.As Wen & I were kissing and fondling, Michelle bent down, unzipped me and began licking at and sucking on my Cock. I could hear her lips slurping and her gasping and moaning with pleasure as she savored the taste of my cock, dripping with her saliva.As she blew me, I undid Wendy’s blouse and began rubbing her massive breasts a she tongue-fucked me in the mouth.She moaned and closed her eyes in pleasure as I pulled down her bra and pinched & rolled her hard thick nipples in my thumb & Index –She kissed me even harder.We laid down and now Michelle had ripped her own shirt off to reveal her big bouncy plump breasts. She began rubbing her tits on my cock and Wendy straddled my face on the ground.Looking Through her little white Panties I could see her Pussy, wet and moist – enough Pussy juice gathered and condensed in her soaked panties, that a bead of it soaked right through the panties and dripped down onto my tongue.(“Thank you GOD!”)I pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri her panties to the side and began slurping up that pussy juice from her wet Panocha.She arched her back, squeezing her tits and moaning in pleasure.Meanwhile, all the Pussy Musk in my face and the 2 Mexican Hotties fucking my brains Out, caused me to Cum. I cummed hard and squirted a thick load of Cum-jelly up into Michelle’s Mouth. She sucked it all down –I could feel her squeezing my my cock like a Slurpee Straw & sucking all the cum out of my tube. She smacked her lips and some cum spilled out of the corner of her mouth, dribbled down her chin and spilled down onto her tits.She came around up front to where Wendy was riding her wet pussy into my face, and she stuck her tits into Wen’s face –the cum was dripping off Michelle’s nipples and Wendy sucked down on the nipples –slurping up the last pools of Cum off the thick pair of tits.They toyed with the Cum a bit –swapping it into each other’s mouths, licking, slurping and swirling the gooey, stringy white Jelly around their tongues & lips.Now that Michelle had sucked up my first Load of White-hot goo, she went-to-town on Wendy’s Puss-Hole. Coming down close & lapping at her wet pussy-lips with me.Wendy leant back, her chest arched –her tits thrust up into the air and her hips bounced hard up & down – Michelle and I clinging onto her pussy Lips with our teeth , Wendy cried out in pleasure as wave after wave of Orrgasm shook her –the Pussy-juice came gushing out, splattered into Michelle’s mouth – she went down to Kiss me & shared Wendy’s Cum into my mouth.We kissed passionately, savoring the taste and smell of Wendy’s pussy on our mouths.By this time, Wendy, worn out, exhausted & pleasured, had passed-out and fallen asleep to the side of us on the floor –being an older woman, we understood.Nevertheless, Michelle and I, still horny for more – kept at it, while Wendy napped.She deftly flipped over and stuck her big round Juicy Mexican Caboose güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on my face and leant forward in a 69 position, as she gagged my cock down her throat, anxious to get another load of sweet Cum to eat.I plied my tongue into her tight butt-hole. She’d never had a rim-job before and she OOOhhhed and AAHHHHed as I worked my way into her anus.Meanhile I was feeling her Clitoris start to quiver and jiggle and it perspired beads of sweat as I tickled and rubbed it viciously with my fingers.This combo: – Her swallowing my CockMe eating-out her Butt-holeAnd simultaneously working on her Clitgave her an unexpected explosive orgasm —she couldn’t even cry out – her breath was caught-up in her chest, she went tense –her body pumped up&down on top of me, and her ass-cheeks were quivering and shaking like waves of rippling flesh…She finally caught her Breath…“OH-MY-FUCKING-GAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!!!!!”The heat, the smell and the moisture of her Pussy in my face intensified and I could see up close her Pussy muscles tightening and clenching rhythmically – then—a BURST! As her Cum suddenly ejaculated and Sprayed forth, drenching my tongue and my mouth.The sweet stench of her Pussy Musk all over me,–I was drowning in her Cum. I was drowning in Pleasure.My cock erupted a Second time –Michelle had just enough control of her faculties and she clasped my “D” as a sweet load of Sticky Cum geysered up into her face. She slurped it up into her mouth & swirled it around her tongue.I could hear her gurgling it in her throat!Amazing.Amazing.Amazing.Most delicious 3-some we’d ever had, and we’d only just met.Epilogue:So we slept-off the next 2-3 hours.Wendy, being the “responsible Older member” got us up.She gave us our blindfolds & drove us back to Ralphs for the final farewell.We shared a nice, last 3-way Kiss & went our separate ways.Wendy and Michelle deleted & changed their email addy’s after that Tryst, I assume just for anonymities’ Sake, which I can understand.But that was over 3 years ago, and I still pine for their sweet, Hispanic Panocha’s and would love to hook-up again.Wendy?Michelle?If you’re out there and you read this – Holler at me.(of course this is not an actual pic of the real Wendy and MIchelle –I’d never share their real identity online)-fin-

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