A trip to the Mall changes the Hill family forever

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Sandra Hill (41) is a middle aged mother of 2 and works as a grade school teacher at a local private school. Her two children Samantha (17) and Jacob (14) attend the same school and are very active in school activities at the same school where their mother teaches. Their father Michael works as a general contractor and is frequently away from home for 10-14 hours a day. It is that work schedule that will cause the Hill family to suffer a night of pain and misery they will never forget.

Sandra is a 5’8″ blonde that has long curly blonde hair. Her tall frame carries her 135 pounds well and shows off her shapely hips and ass while her 36C tits are the focus of many mens attention. She married as a 20 year old virgin and has only known her husband’s 7″ cock.

Samantha is tall like her mother. She is pushing 5’10” and has a look that draws boy’s attention when ever she is out and about. She has slimmer hips than her mother, but her tits are just as large and have the young tight texture that so many men crave in their woman’s tits. At 130 pounds and with her long light brown hair, many people would say she looks like model in the making. Because of her schooling and her family life, she has been sheltered and is still a virgin at the age of 17.

Jacob is much smaller than his older sister. He is 5’6″ and weighs only about 120 pounds. An avid basketball player, he is trim and fit while still maintaining a college level education. At 14 he has had a few “dates” but he also has been sheltered from the sexuall frenzy that often fills teenaged boys lives.

It was a hot sultry summer night, and Michael was away on a big remodeling job. This left the house to Sandra and the kids. They decided to go out for dinner and maybe a movie to pass the time. They had a dinner of pizza and wings and then spent the next couple of hours walking around the local shopping mall looking at different dresses and clothes on sale. As the Hill family walked around the mall, they were being followed by a group of 3 men with bad intentions on their minds. The men were out for some action and the sight of the tall sexy blonde MILF and her statuesque daughter drew their attention. That attention would be costly to the Hill ladies and would’t end until the early morning hours the next day.

As the family left the mall is was dark and their SUV was parked many yards from the mall’s entrance, and that gave the men the chance they needed. The men split off to the side of the Hill family and followed them towards their large Black Expedition. When Sandra opened the door to load their packages into the back of the SUV, the men sprang their trap. They rushed the truck and grabbed the three Hills around the waist and mouths. Two men threw the kids into the back seat, while the other shoved Sandra into the front seat. With a gun pointed at her head, Sandra was tied, gagged, and blindfolded while her two children suffered the same treatment. Samantha and Jacob where crying and sobbing as they began to grasp what this event would mean. As the SUV was started and they left the parking lot, Sandra knew this would not end well.

The men drove the Hill family out to a dark deserted barn in the outskirts of the city. They had used this building many times for parties and sexual events. As they pulled the SUV behind the barn, the men started laughing and joking about what was soon to come. As the driver stopped the truck, the two men in the back seat opened the doors and walked/dragged the sobbing kids into the barn. The driver was a large man who stood over 6’4″ tall, well muscled, and weighed 250 pounds. The other men were more average in their size and build, but they were more than a match for anything the Hills could do to fight back. The driver picked Sandra put, and threw her over his shoulder as he carried her into the barn. When he entered the barn, the two other men were busy securing the kids to the stalls were horse once were kept. Once the arms and legs of Samantha and Jacob were secured, their blindfolds were removed. There before them, they saw their mother being tied spread eagle on a picnic table. Sandra fought and struggled, but she was no match for them. Rope was tied around her ankles and her knees were pulled apart by another set of ropes, so there would be nothing in the way of the mens object of desire.

The men continue to prepare Sandra and her children for the events to follow. The first thing they did is position her ass at the edge of the table, and put an old feed bag under her head. This raised her head so that she would have a full view of what was being done to her and her kids. The next thing done was the removal of her clothes. The driver was in charge and he took out a large pair of scissors and started cutting off Sandra’s blouse. As he removed the garment, her well shaped tits came into view under a white lace bra. With a quick flick of the snap, Sandra’s tits sprang free and came into full view of all the men and her kids. The driver bends down and licks the nipples and sucks them into his mouth while tickling them. Sandra’s peach sized areolas were a medium brown in color and her nipples stood out to over ½” as the driver sucks harder and harder. As this was happening, the other 2 men start the next part of their plan, and that involves her 17 year old daughter.

As Samantha stood tied and gagged to the stall, she sobbed and cried as she witnessed what was happening to her mother. One of the other men walks over towards her and starts rubbing her tits and pussy thru her shirt. Samantha struggles and wiggles around trying to avoid the groping hands of her assailant. The man calls out “hey Mom, look at this”. With that statement the man grabs Samantha’s shirt and rips it off her body in one quick yank. There stood Samantha with her firm young tits only one thin layer of satin away from being exposed to everyone in the barn. The man then reaches for the clasp, unhooks her bra, and lets gravity do the rest. With a horrified look on her face, Sandra sees her daughter’s creamy white tits unveiled before her. The 2 men walk up to Samantha’s tits and start fondling them and enjoying the feel and movement of her firm erect tits. They stood out without any droop in them and they were perfect in every respect. They were the size and shape of a small melon with pink silver dollar sized areolas and dark red nipples that stuck out hard as erasers. The two men each took a tit in their mouth and started sucking and licking them. The more they liked them the more Samantha’s nipples grew and the darker her areolas became. She was crying and wiggling around, but it made no difference. The men couldn’t be deterred as they savored her tight flesh and sweet aroma.

While all this was going on, 14 year old Jacob was trying to avoid drawing attention to himself. He could bring himself to watch, and he just wished it would end. As he was trying to block out the sights and sounds of the assault against his mother and sister, he hears a panicked muffled scream. He opens his eyes and sees the Driver taking the scissors to his mother’s jeans. The Driver starts above the knees and cuts around the jeans and then up the outside. The Driver then pulls the top piece of her jeans to the side exposing her panties for all to see. Sandra’s pussy is now only a moment away from being exposed and the Driver sees the blonde curls of her pubic hair peeking thru the fabric. He runs his hands over her pubic mound and slides his fingers under the sheer lace fabric. With a quick yank, Sandra’s pussy is exposed and in full view of her children’s eyes. Her pussy is neatly trimmed with bald lips and a nice little patch of hair above her vulva. The Driver bends over and runs his tongue over her lips and pushes it thru to the interior of her womanhood. He attacks Sandra’s pussy like a starved animal. He thrust his tongue in and out of her lips and grabs her clit with fingers and pinches it and flicks it back and forth. Sandra soon has a warm feeling coming over her as her orgasm grows inside her. Soon the Driver starts thrusting his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. He rubs them back and forth looking for the G-Spot that will send her over the edge. When he finds it, he strokes it until Sandra has her first orgasm of the night. As Sandra is experiencing her orgasm, she starts squirting sexual juices out of her pussy and sends it 2 feet across the barn. At the sight of that, the Driver unbuttons his pants and drops them to the floor while removing his shirt. There he stands in full view of her, and Sandra notices something strange about his flaccid cock. Even in it’s flaccid state, the Driver’s cock is bigger than her husband Michael’s cock, and she worries about what she knows will come.

The driver walks over the Samantha and says “ watch carefully, because you’ll be getting the same treatment.” He walks over to Sandra’s head and puts the gun next to her while he gives her a choice. “Do as you’re told, and you’ll survive the night. Don’t, and maybe you’ll be attending a funeral.” He removes her gag and climbs on the table over her. His cock is now dangling above her face as his face heads for her bare pussy. “Suck it good and hard and don’t stop until I say so.” Sandra does as the Driver says and takes his soft cock head into her mouth. Even soft, the tip is 2″ across and she wonders how big it will get. As She sucks on the cock dangling above her face, the Driver continues his oral assault on her pussy. He licks her inside and out, as he plunges his 3 fingers deeply into her. All this happens in plain view of her children and they grow hysterical at the sight of their mothers pussy being attacked. Soon the Driver’s cock grows hard and Sandra has something besides her pussy to worry about. The cock in her mouth is quickly growing to an amazing 12″ long and 4″ wide and threatens to chock her to death. The driver soon realizes the situation and gets back on his feet to clear her throat and give Sandra a chance to catch her breath.

As Sandra was sucking the Driver’s cock she didn’t notice the second table that was moved into place next to hers. The Driver now walks over to Samantha and unties her from the stall. With the help of the other 2 men, the Driver pulls Samantha’s jeans off and unveils her black lace panties to everyone’s view. Samantha struggles and tries to break away, but she is quickly subdued and tied to the table next to her mother. Tied and positioned in the same way as her mother, she starts to try as she comes to the realization that this is her turn to be assaulted. The driver bends down and gets a good whiff of the sexual aroma that emanates from Samantha’s pussy. Grabbing her panties he rips them off and exposes her pussy to the all in the barn. There before them is a nicely shaved bald pussy that has a hint of wetness clinging to the lips. The Driver sticks out his tongue and runs it up the length of Samantha’s pussy and comments on the flavor of her juices. He buries his face and tongue as deeply as he can, finds her clit , and sucks on the swollen bundle of nerves for minutes on end. After Samantha has her 1st orgasm, the Driver stands up and licks her tight creamy tits and red swollen nipples as he says” I love the way you taste, and would love to keep you here forever.” As he stands up, he says” But, I’d rather fuck you and your mother until morning.” With that statement, the Driver places his cock head at the entrance to Samantha’s tight Virgin pussy. While the other two men sample her mother’s pussy, mouth and tits, Samantha screams in terror as she feels the enormous cock start to enter her. Her pussy is screaming in pain as the massive piece of flesh stretches her vagina to the limits. After an inch or 2, the driver stops and asks “ are you a virgin?” Samantha shakes her head yes, and the Driver laughs, “ not for long”. With his cock resting against her hymen, he pushes thru the tender tissue and doesn’t stop until the next barrier is encountered. All the while Samantha is crying in pain and her mother is only 3 feet away watching the huge cock disappear into her daughter’s pussy. The driver upon reaching the depths of Samantha’s pussy, starts long hard thrust in and out of her tightly stretched screaming vagina. In and out he drive his cock all the while still having 4″ more to send into Samantha’s pussy. With each thrust he hits her cervix and she cries out in pain quivering and shaking with orgasm after orgasm. As the driver feels the pressure building in his balls he pushes further and further into Samantha’s pussy. Like a wedge splitting an log, slowly he gets his cock past her cervix and into her womb. As his cock penetrates her cervix he can see his 12″ cock moving inside her belly. The sight of it sends him over the top. With one final thrust, the Driver puts all 250 pounds behind his cock and drives the head to the other side of Samantha’s womb. With 4″ of his cock in her womb, he lets loose long thick streams of cum inside Samantha until he gaziantep escort collapses on top of her.

Before his cock goes soft the driver pulls out of Samantha’s bleeding cum filled pussy and steps towards Sandra’s primed and veteran pussy. Even though Sandra was a virgin when married at 20, her husband fucked and sucked Sandra 2-3 times a day over 4-5 days a week for the first 4 years of their marriage. The Driver’s cock was much longer and much thicker than Michael’s cock and she dreaded what would come next. As the Driver placed his now semi-hard 8″ cock at the entrance to her pussy, she looked over at Samantha and watched as the other 2 men untied her from the table and placed her on an old mattress on the floor. Before Sandra could think of what was going to happen to Samantha, she felt the Driver enter her pussy. As he continued to work his semi-hard cock deeper and deeper into her experienced pussy, she saw her daughter being forced to suck the cocks of the other two men. One cock was about 8″ long with an upward bend, while the other was nearly as long but thicker and straight. As Samantha worked on those cocks, Sandra felt the Driver’s cock start to grow with each and every thrust into her. Soon she is being stretched further than she thought possible and her cervix was now feeling the tip of his cock. Even at 41, Sandra was still fertile and she worried that she and her daughter would get pregnant from the repeated assaults on their wombs. Sandra starts to shake and quiver as multiple orgasms flood thru her body and make her cry out in muffled screams and moans. After a few more minutes, the Driver’s cock was hard as iron and he begins his attack on Sandra’s cervix and womb. With every thrust he put his full weight behind his cock and soon was drilling the top of Sandra’s womb with his cockhead. Just like with her daughter, the Driver can see his cock moving inside Sandra’s belly. The Driver’s cock has now had enough and with one final shove, he puts balls against Sandra’s ass and lets loose a flood of cum deep in her womb as they both suffer an intense orgasm.

Having had both mother and daughter, the Driver takes a break to rest his cock and allow his fellow rapist to sample the delightful treats. First up for them is the recent virgin pussy and still virgin ass. The man with the thicker cock gets down between Samantha’s legs and pushes his cock into her torn and bleeding pussy. She whimpers and moans with every thrust as he drives his cock harder and harder into her. Compared to the Driver’s cock, this cock is small, but it still hurts with every thrust into her. Then, suddenly he pulls his cock out and allows the man with the bent cock to enter the sloppy pussy of the 17 year old sex toy. As he enters Samantha, the bend in his cock rubs her vaginal walls in a manner that soon has her headed for another orgasm. Faster and faster he shoves his cock in her while sucking on her tits. He pauses and rolls over on his back while still inside Samantha’s battered pussy. He does this to allow his partner to get in position behind Samantha’s ass. Samantha realizes what is in store for her as the thick cock is placed at the entrance to her ass. In one slow deliberate shove, the head of the man’s cock enters Samantha’s ass as she yells out in shear terror. At 2.5″ in diameter he stretches her anus further than ever before and sends waves of pain throughout her body. The only lubrication for her ass is the slick mix of pussy juice and cum that is smeared over the thick cock. Deeper and deeper he pushes into her as the bent cock slides in and out of her tattered pussy. Once the thick cock is buried balls deep inside her ass, she has an electrifying orgasm that cascades thru her for over 5 minutes. The sight of Samantha quivering and shaking in such a prolonged time period, drives the men to fuck her even harder. They coordinate their thrust and soon have 16″ of cock moving as one inside Samantha’s body. This goes on for 5 more minutes until they both blow large loads of seed into her now exhausted naked body.

After removing their cocks from Samantha’s body, they want a piece of Sandra’s MILF pussy and ass. With their cocks still hard and covered in cum, pussy juice, and shit, they take turns driving their cocks into Sandra’s pussy. Five to ten thrust each, then they switch off. Sandra’s pussy is on fire and sending waves of pain through every nerve in her vagina. 15 minutes later they switch targets. The now aim lower between her legs and start working their cocks in and out of her ass. Once again, the only lubrication for Sandra’s anus is the pussy juice and cum that covers the cocks. She has never liked anal sex before but this was pure torture. It felt like her ass was tearing with every thrust of their cocks and they show no signs of stopping. The Driver laughs at the sight of them jumping back and forth sharing Sandra’s ass. The man with the thick cock then changes things again he takes his cock and shoves it in her pussy for a few thrust, and then goes back to her ass. HE does this for 5 more minutes before he lets loose a load of rapist cum inside Sandra’s beaten and blooded pussy. The crooked cock follows suit and soon is leaving his load in Sandra’s ass. After finishing with her, they untie her and reposition her so that Sandra is bent over the table and has her ass sticking out in a 69 position. They pick up Samantha and tie her up the same way. The two Hill ladies are now in the position of having their worst fears delivered. While the two other men were having their fun with the woman, the driver has regained his erection and he readies his cock for an assault to Sandra’s and Samantha’s ass.

As the Driver approaches Samantha, Sandra/s screams in terror as she sees what is going to happen. The driver places his hands on Samantha’s tight sexy hips and pushes his cock into her pussy. She starts crying in pain as his cock once again is pushing thru her cervix and into her womb. Faster and faster he pounds her pussy and she soon passes out from the pain and excitement. When she collapses, he withdraws his cock from her pussy and pushes the head into Samantha’s asshole. The previous visit to her ass was done by a 2.5″ wide 8″ long cock. Samantha’s ass will know be forced to deal with a 4″ wide 12″ massive male member. The cock is so large that it takes all the effort of the Driver to get it into her. Her body is limp and relaxed as he drives his cock in and out of Samantha’s torn asshole. Harder and harder he drive it in as his balls slap against her pussy. He can feel another load of cum building in his balls and soon it can’t be held back anymore. He grabs Samantha’s hips and pulls her as tightly as possible into his body. When his cock is buried to the balls in her, the Driver sends another load of cum deep inside her bowels. He waits until his cock is still then pulls it out of Samantha’s ruined ass. [No amount of stitching with ever fix her ass and she will have trouble with it for life.]

After destroying her daughter’s ass, Sandra’s MILF ass is now the target of the Drivers 12″ pain stick. He cock is still hard and covered in cum and shit from it’s last victim, as he places it at the entrance to Sandra’s ass. He holds it against her asshole, grabs Sandra’s hips, and starts pushing inside her. Before he gets even half of it into her, Sandra has such an intense orgasm she also passes out from the experience. Holding her limp body, the Driver pommels her ass with ever increasing force. Deeper and deeper he drive the massive cock into her bowels. As he pumps his cock in and out, he sees her anus start to tear and the blood soon adds to the lubrication. After 15 minutes of anal destruction, the Driver pulls Sandra tight and sends his last load of man suace into her battered rectum.

After turning finishing with Sandra, the Driver turns around and notices Jacob still tied to the stall and sees he has an erection straining under his jeans. The driver orders the two others to wake the women and to remove Jacobs restraints. As Sandra and her daughter slowly wake up they see Jacob standing near them with a bulge in his pants. With gun in hand, the driver orders Samantha to remove Jacob’s pants and underwear. As Samantha stubbles and shakes her way to Jacob, her hands tremble uncontrollably. She unbuttons Jacob’s jeans and pulls them down to his ankles. There before for is her 14 year old brother and his 7″ long 2″ wide cock. At 5’6″ and only 120 pounds, the cock between his legs is quite impressive for someone his age. The Driver then orders Sandra off the table and to the floor in front of her son. Then, she is ordered to suck his cock while Samantha fondles his balls. The 2 other men stand behind Jacob with another gun and make sure everyone obeys. Sandra leans forward and opens her mouth to accept her son’s cock. Being only 14 and also a virgin, Sandra knows her son won’t last long with her lips around his cock and his sister’s hands on his balls. Sandra slowly swallows Jacob’s cock all the way to his pelvic bone. In and out she moves Jacob’s cock as her daughter fondles the golf ball sized nuts hanging under his cock. After only a few minutes, Samantha feels Jacob’s balls start to lift and soon Sandra feels his cock stiffen and start to convulse. She swallow his seed as fast as it comes out. Jacob grabs their heads and holds them tight as he send streams of cum into his mother’s mouth. After his cock stops spitting his seed out, Sandra lets it out of her mouth and lick the few drops of his cock that escaped her.

Standing there with a still hard cock, Jacob is ordered by the Driver to get between his sister’s legs and fuck her pussy. Samantha looks at Jacob as tears stream down her face and mouths to him “It’s ok. Just do as they say”. Samantha lies on the ground and opens her legs to reveal her blood and punished pussy to Jacob. He gets on his hands and knees and positions the head of his cock at the entrance to his sisters sloppy stretched out pussy. Samantha looks at Jacob and says, “go ahead Jacob. You can’t hurt me anymore than they did.” With that Jake pushes his throbbing cock between his sister’s pussy lips and feels the warmth and wetness of a woman for the 1st time. Her pussy is not very tight after the night’s events, but it is warm and Jake enjoys the feeling of it around his cock. He is soon to the point of blowing another load of cum and he asks “ where do you want me to shoot my cum sis?” Samantha’s answer shocks him.” Pull it out and shoot it across my tits towards my mouth.” With 2 more thrusts, Jacob pulls his cock out of her and places it between her perfect 36C tits. Samantha pushes her tits around his cock and with another thrust, Jacob blows a large load all over her face and in her mouth. His mother now crawls over to them and helps her daughter clean up Jacobs cum. Sandra licks it off her daughter’s tits and chest while Jacob is given new orders by the driver. “Get behind your mother and fuck her too.” Jacob takes a position behind his mother and grabs a hold of her hips. He asks Sandra “Mom, which place do you want me to stick my dick?” She replies, “stick it in my pussy and blow your load in there.” Jacob put his cock between his mother’s pussy lips and slide into her with little resistance. Her pussy is not as tight as his sister’s was, but it also feels nice around his cock. After cummin twice already he know he will take longer this time. He grips his mother’s hips tightly as he pumps and pumps all 7″ of his cock inside her tattered and beaten pussy. All the while the 3 men stand there with their guns watching the little 14 year old fuck his 41 year old mother like a rabbit. Faster and faster Jacob drives his cock into his mother until he feels another surge of cum building thru his cock. When he is just about to cum, Samantha yells out “Jacob, cum on Mom’s tits not inside her pussy.” With that he pulls out and his mother turns around as his cock explodes and sends cum all over Sandra’s tits and chin. Samantha leans over and start licking the cum off her mother’s tits and soon they share a kiss as they finish cleaning her tits off.

After Jacob blows his 3rd load, he collapses on the barn floor and soon his mother and sister fall on him too. As the three of them lay there exhausted and bloodied, the three men put their clothes on and head out of the barn. They leave the Hill family in a large pile of naked flesh that for the last 7 hours has been their personal sex toys.

After the events of that night their lives will never be the same. Because of the experience with the Driver’s massive cock, Samantha and Sandra will have rectal issues for years to come. Jacob now has his mother and sister as lovers. They often sleep together in the absence of Michael’s presence. Sandra and Samantha both became pregnant because of the events of that night, and both had to have abortions to keep their secret from Michael and the neighbors. Today they stay at home and take comfort in the fact they managed to survive that night

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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