A TRANS Formation – Chapter 47 – Rosy’s Desire

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As the four of them wake up in the same bed this morning, they all know there’s no turning back now. Three of them are wondering how it all happened; this isn’t what they were thinking about yesterday. Rosy’s snuggled between Jill and Carla, and she’s not wondering at all. In fact, she knows this is all her doing.In time, it probably would have happened anyway, but when Rosy read the book and made herself pregnant with her desire, she greased the slippery slope they were already on. They’re all in love now, and all she has to do is wait for the next logical step.She’s confident the next step, tying the knot, will happen in due course. As the book said to do, she keeps this all to herself. She smiles with confidence, knowing her intuition will show her the way when it’s time to take the next step.”How’d we end up like this?” Allie says as she wakes up.”I don’t know,” says Carla, “but I know I’m in love with everyone in this bed, and I don’t ever want it to change.””Yeah, it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve never felt this good, ever.”Rosy just smiles as she hears them talking. Carla’s hooked. Her plan is working.”We should probably just go out to breakfast,” Jill says later, when they’re sitting around drinking coffee.”Yeah,” Allie agrees, “we’ve got a lot of shopping to do, and we still have to take showers.””I wanna shower with Jill,” Carla says. “Do you mind, Rosy, if I shower with your girlfriend?””Go ahead, baby. She’s not just my girlfriend anymore. She’s our girlfriend. When you two are done, I’d love to shower with our girlfriend Allie.”Carla smiles her approval as she takes Jill’s hand, “C’mon, lover,” she says, “let’s go get clean.”Under the warm shower water, Jill and Carla see each other in a different light. Their soapy hands roam up and down their bodies, they stare speechless into each other’s eyes, they’re falling deeper in love.Jill’s cock gets hard as Carla presses her voluptuous body against her. Her sexiness is so different than the petite little Rosy with her beautiful, but dainty little tits. Carla’s larger breasts glisten as the water drips off her excited nipples.Jill wants to suck on her tits, but Carla has a different intention. She submits herself to Jill as she kneels to suck her cock. She brings her to orgasm rather quickly and kisses her with a cum-filled mouth. They share the cum with messy kisses, and seal their love in a way they couldn’t do last night.They’re both giggling as they dry each other off when Rosy and Allie come in to take their shower.”I hope you have as much fun as we did.” Carla giggles.”Oh, I’m sure we will,” Rosy giggles as they kiss.Carla’s drying Jill’s hair when Allie and Rosy  come into the bedroom.”Oooooo… Allie looks like she just got sucked off,” Carla laughs.”Maybe,” Rosy giggles.”Maybe…? I think it’s more like probably.””Well,” Rosy giggles, “I know you gave Jill a blow job. I tasted it when I kissed you. I didn’t want Allie to feel left out.”As they start getting dressed and Jill and Allie put on their bras, Rosy asks them, “Would you mind dressing like boys today? I wanna hold hands when we shop.””Yeah,” Carla says, “you’re gonna be girls soon enough. Let me and Rosy love your boy side while we still can.””Whatever pleases you is what we’ll do,” Allie says as she takes off her bra.When they’re all dressed and ready to go, Jill’s wondering how much money they should take.”I don’t know how much four sets of luggage is gonna cost,” Allie says. “We better take plenty. And look at the girls’ winter coats, I think they both need a new coat.””We don’t need new coats,” Rosy protests, “this one’s kept me warm for three years. It might be a little worn, but it’s still warm.””That’s what we mean,” Jill says, “It’s three years old. You need a new one.”Carla and Rosy argue with them about not needing new coats as Allie drags their cash stash out from under the bed. They suddenly stop talking when they see it’s stuffed with $100 bills and Allie counts out $1500 each for her and Jill to carry with them. They have no idea there’s close to $50,000 in the box.”Fuck…” Carla gasps, “where did you get all that money?””From fuckin’ and suckin’ rich men’s cocks,” Allie says. “I told you… the whore business pays us well. Now… we don’t want to hear any more bitching out of you girls when we want to buy güvenilir bahis you nice things. We love you, we can afford it, and you’re fuckin’ worth it.””Doesn’t it worry you to have all that cash in your apartment?” Rosy wonders. “Shouldn’t you put it in the bank?””We don’t like having this much cash lying around,” Jill says, “but we can’t move it into our bank accounts fast enough.”We made that money from whoring, and prostitution is against the law,” she explains. “We have to be able to justify where the money in our bank accounts comes from in case anyone were to ever ask. That’s why we use cash so much. When we start remodeling our house, we’ll be able to get rid of a lot of it.””Speaking of our new house,” Allie says, “if we have time, let’s take the girls out to see it.””Oh yes!” Rosy jumps up and down, “we wanna see it!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They have the best time at breakfast, sitting around the table talking and laughing. They’ve never felt better in their entire lives than they do right now. They have the most fun when the girls try to find out where they’re going on their trip.Carla and Rosy have their hands under the table teasing their cocks as they try to make ’em tell, but they don’t have any luck. The ‘boys’ are determined to keep their secret.”We’re not telling,” Jill says, “Christmas is only a week away, so you’ll know soon enough.”Since four sets of luggage are going to take up a lot of room, they go to the mall in separate cars. On the way there, Rosy tells Jill, “I’m so happy we’re all in love now.””Yeah, that was quite a night last night. Carla really got turned on.””That’s ‘cuz she finally admitted she’s in love with you as much as she is with Allie.””I realized it last night, too. I mean, I knew I loved her, but now I’m sure I’m actually in love with her, just like I am with you and Allie.””I knew you were. I knew we all were. I just wanted everyone to see it.””I think you were putting thoughts in Carla’s head last night,” says Jill. “I heard what you were telling her while I was fucking her. It was like you planned it all out.””Maybe I did,” she giggles, “maybe I didn’t.””What were you planning? Cuz I know you planned it.””I can’t say right now. The book says to keep your desires to yourself until they come true.””Ohhhhh…? so you’ve been reading the book?””Whoops… I guess I told you my secret.””No, you just said you’ve been reading the book. The book is powerful stuff when you do what it says. So… you don’t have to tell me your plan, I can probably guess what it is. Just tell me… Did you make yourself pregnant with an idea?””Yes… I’m very pregnant with a very good desire. I’ll tell you what it is when it happens.””Fair enough, my sweetheart. I love the shit out of you. But you already know that.””Yes I do, Jill. I know it in my heart, and it fills me with joy.”The mall is packed with Christmas shoppers when they arrive. The girls love having their ‘guys’ arms around them as they walk through the crowds. They’re in love and they want the world to know about it.They look at winter coats for the girls first. Carla and Rosy feel like rich girls as they try on coats so far out of their price range they’ve never even tried coats like this on before. Carla falls in love with one with a luxurious fur collar. The price is high, but Allie says, “If you like it, babe, buy it. I told you, we can afford it.” Carla’s walking on air with her new coat in her shopping bag.When they go to a different store, Rosy takes Allie’s hand so Carla and Jill will have to walk as a couple. It’s all part of her plan. She’s getting them used to thinking of themselves as a single unit of four, rather than two separate couples.When Rosy falls in love with an expensive coat at a different store, Jill buys it for her in an instant. Price is no barrier for these two high-class, well-paid whores. They’ve got money and they love spending it on nice things for the girls they love.Shopping for luggage takes longer than they thought. This close to Christmas, many of the stores are out of stock, but they do manage to find what they need. As soon as they get in the car, the girls put on their new coats, riding home in the best coats they’ve ever owned.After dropping the luggage off at the apartment, they all get in Jill’s car to drive out to güvenilir bahis siteleri the new property. There’s still plenty of daylight left, and it’s a good thing. They go down the wrong road first before they find it.”This is way out here,” Carla comments.”Not that far if you don’t get lost first,” Allie laughs.They turn down their lane and Rosy asks, “Where’s the house? There’s nothing but cornfields out here.””Just past those trees,” Jill says. “The place looks like shit right now. That’s why we got it so cheap. But it’s got lots of possibilities.”Rosy falls in love with the house as soon as she sees it. “Wow! That’s a good-sized house.””Four bedrooms,” Allie says.Getting out of the car, Jill tells them they can’t go inside the house because they won’t get the key until it clears escrow. As they walk around looking through the windows, Jill points out things they’ll have to repair or replace once they take possession.Rosy’s thrilled with the whole experience. She can’t tell anyone yet, but she knows they’ll all be living here together. It feels like home to her already as she walks around in the chilly air wearing her new warm winter coat.”Wow, a big back yard,” Carla says, “you could have a big garden back here. I’ve always wanted a garden.””We’re gonna build a Jacuzzi room here in the back of the house,” Jill says.”Is that barn yours too?” Carla asks.”Yup… it’s not a big barn,” says Allie, “but it’s ours.””Look, Rosy, they got woods in the back of their property.””Those woods are our properly too,” Allie boasts.”Shit, how many acres is this?””Fifteen,” says Jill, “our property runs down to the Racoon River, but it’s too fuckin’ thick to walk through the trees right now. We’ll have to cut a trail when we move in to see how far the river is.””Sounds like a fun adventure,” says Rosy. “I’m so happy for you!” What she really means is she’s happy for all of them, if her plan works out.It’s getting dark fast, and having seen all they can see, they head back to Des Moines. The girls don’t even think about going back to their apartment tonight. They’re all in love now, and they’ll be spending more nights together than apart from now on.When they go to bed, it’s Rosy’s turn to get fucked like Carla did last night. Allie fucks her first as Jill sucks on her nipples while Carla kisses her. Rosy’s so turned on as her three lovers make love to her, but it doesn’t turn her on as much as the thought of her desire becoming a reality.”I love you so much,” Carla tells Rosy, loud enough so everyone can hear. “Last night you showed me how much I’m in love with all three of you.””You already knew it, you stubborn little bitch,” Rosy giggles. “All I did was help you admit it.””So I’m a stubborn bitch now, huh?” Carla laughs sarcastically.”No, you’re not a stubborn bitch now,” Rosy  plays, “but you were. Now that you’ve admitted you’re in love with all of us, you’ve turned into a little slut when we’re in bed with our two girlfriends.””Oh… so now I’m a slut? Well, maybe I am, and maybe I like it. Maybe I’m gonna have to show you what a slut like me can do.””You’ll have to wait your turn,” Rosy laughs as Allie fucks her, “my pussy’s occupied at the moment.””So it is… but I’m not worried. I can wait till my lovers Allie and Jill are done with you.””Speaking of other lovers…” Rosy tells her, “why don’t you get Jill warmed up for me. You know how much you love sucking her cock.”Jill and Allie laugh as they listen to the two girls going back and forth, playing with each other with their words. For girls, mental stimulation can be just as erotic as physical stimulation, something Jill and Allie will discover when they start taking estrogen next month. For now, though, they’re getting off listening as their girlfriends play like this.When Allie shoots her load into Rosy, Carla gets between her legs, licking up the cum as it seeps from her pussy. The girls madly kiss each other as Jill takes her turn fucking Rosy. When it’s all over, they snuggle up under the covers like they did last night.Four people in a bed gets pretty cramped, but none of them seem to mind. The newness of the four of them sleeping together turns them on as their naked bodies get all tangled up with each other. Like last night, Rosy stays awake thinking about her desire.Like iddaa siteleri the book says, she thinks about it as if it’s already happened. The more she thinks about it, the more vivid it becomes. After seeing the house Jill and Allie bought, she imagines them all living and loving together in their own little paradise. She falls asleep thinking of herself married to Jill and Carla married to Allie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Monday morning, it’s back to reality. After breakfast they take the girls home so they can get ready for work and Jill goes to the post office to pick up new lube orders. They’re selling close to a thousand bottles of lube a week now, and Jill couldn’t be more pleased.That afternoon, while they’re working on orders, Sarah calls Jill to say she’s finished her oil paintings. Jill had almost forgotten she’d even ordered them, things have been going so fast. She’s excited to hear the news and runs right over to pick them up.”Hi, Jill!” Sarah says as she opens the door.”Merry Christmas, Sarah. I can’t wait to see my paintings.””I think you’ll like them. I had fun painting you guys.””Oh… my God,” Jill says when she sees them, “they’re gorgeous! I love these!””I surprised myself,” Sarah says, “it was so much fun. I love painting naked bodies. Human bodies are so beautiful, especially when I make ’em look erotic.””These are erotic as hell, so horny-looking, but so classy at the same time. You really have a gift, Sarah, the way you paint naked bodies.””I wish I could paint like this all the time. It’s a lot more satisfying than boring commercial art.””Why don’t you? If you’d rather do this, why not?””Who would I sell them to? It’s not like everyone’s dying to have an erotic painting of their naked body to hang on the wall.””You wouldn’t need that many. How long did it take to paint these?””It takes about a day to paint each one.””So… if you put ads in the fuck magazines like I do with my lube, you might get five couples a week out of the whole country who’d like a picture like this for their bedroom wall.””That would take a lot of money to set it all up. Money I don’t have.””I could loan you the money to get it set up. Think about it. You won’t know if there’s a demand out there unless you try. But anyways, how’s your love life going? Is he in love with you yet?””No, not yet, but he loves having sex with me. I love it too.””What does he do for a living?””Jason’s a photographer. Kind of an artist like me, except he uses a camera instead of a paintbrush.””Well, I’ll be thinking of you and sending thoughts his way for him to fall in love with you. Anyways, I gotta run.”She hands Sarah a Christmas card with the gift certificate she got at Naughty Lady. “Here, Sarah, this is from me and Allie. Merry Christmas, I’ll see you after the holidays.””Merry Christmas to you, too. Thanks so much for your business,” Sarah says as she hugs Jill.After Jill’s gone, Sarah opens her envelope and starts to cry when she sees the $200 gift certificate. The note Jill wrote touches her when she reads it. Jill told her what a beautiful person she is and to use the gift certificate to buy herself some sexy clothes to wear when she’s with Jason. She tells her guys fall in love with sexy-dressed women, and it’s time she starts dressing like the sexy woman she is.Later in the week, they’ve pretty much got everything done before Christmas. There haven’t been as many lube orders to send out, and they don’t have any dates this week either. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas, and the guys at the Club are with their families this week, not with their whores.Jill and Allie welcome the break. As they pack their suitcases for their trip, they wonder how many girl clothes they should take. The girls said they’d like to enjoy what little masculinity they have left before they start taking estrogen next month.Looking through their boy closet, they’re amazed at how few boy clothes they actually have left. They’ve got tons of girl clothes, but just haven’t bought any new boy clothes this year. Luckily they both have good winter boy coats.Jill thinks about her new friend Josie, and gives her a call to wish her a Merry Christmas. They spend two hours talking about all kinds of things related to being transgender girls.Jill asks a lot of questions about what to expect when she gets on estrogen, and Josie’s happy to share the experiences she’s had during her first year of treatments. When Jill asks her about how it’s affected her sex life, Josie gets a little depressed, because she doesn’t have a sex life.

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