A Thanksgiving Stuffing

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Thanksgiving is a time when family from all over comes together to visit with each other and catch up on the prior year’s events and happenings. For me, this is usually a day where I say my hellos and then cower away to my room where I can be alone and watch some football. I’m 26 years old, and most of the family is either much older, or much younger than me, making it difficult for me to be a part of many conversations. There is, however, my cousin Jenna, a quiet 23 year old who would prove to make this holiday slightly different from previous ones.

Jenna lives with her parents and two brothers in Ohio, and the only time we see each other is on Thanksgiving, which is a shame because she is a sweet girl, and in my opinion, quite pleasant to the sight. Jenna is about 5’4”, with jet black hair. She is slightly overweight with a big thick ass but an even bigger set of tits. Her huge bust sits firmly upon her chest, tucked away behind her oversized sweater. Even with them covered up so well, it is impossible not to notice the size and weight of Jenna’s massive rack. Her face is very pretty, but I think that her slight plumpness makes her shy around guys.

After catching up with Jenna for a few minutes, talking about her final year of college and her new plans of grad school, I grabbed a plate of food and vanished into my room, to sit in the dark and have some quiet time to watch the game. I decided since I was alone to pop open my laptop and log on to my favorite porn site just to get myself worked up for a few minutes, knowing I wouldn’t have time to jerk myself off but just looking out of boredom. I clicked on bustyadventures.com where all the girls have huge tits, and as I scrolled through, I started to imagine what Jenna’s fat tits may look like. I was a bit surprised at myself because this was my first cousin, and although I was well aware of her bust in the past, it had never turned me on until now. Maybe it was because I hadn’t gotten laid in months, I’m not sure, but all I did know was that my cock was quickly inflating and beginning to tent out the crotch area of my Dockers.

As I scrolled along looking at the girls, I narrowed my search to just the dark haired girls, so it would be easier to picture Jenna as one of these beauties. My hand found its way into my pants, and began to massage my cock and balls through my boxer briefs. Just then I heard a soft knock at my door, and since my bedroom door did not have a lock on it, I immediately slid my hand out of my pants in case someone walked in on me. I answered for the knocker to come in, and as the door opened, I saw Jenna slipping into my room quietly so as to avoid attracting some of the younger, more annoying cousins.

“Hey Jeff, I had to get away from everybody for a few minutes. Mind if I hang in here with you?”

“Sure Jenna,” I replied. Just watching some TV and screwing around on the internet.”

I managed to shut my laptop just as Jenna plopped herself down on my bed next to me. We made small talk as we watched the game in the dark. (I keep the light off so the others don’t know where to come look for me). As I said, Jenna is very shy but if I asked the right questions, she would start to open up a bit and reveal some of her secrets to me. So I asked about her college parties, her boy situation, her friends, and she started to loosen up and tell me how there are a few guys she was interested in but was too nervous to speak to them or didn’t know what to say or do to get their attention. As she spoke, I couldn’t help but gaze down at her heaving tits, which were monstrous even in the darkened room. I thought I was able to make out her nipples through the sweater but I wasn’t sure. Either way, she was having an effect on my little friend in my pants. I felt my penis starting to rise again, and I hoped Jenna couldn’t see.

When her cell phone rang a minute later, ikonbet giriş I took those few seconds of distraction to readjust my cock in my pants, and I whispered that I was going to the bathroom and I’d be right back. She nodded and went back to her call. As I walked by her and out of my room, I glanced at her smooth legs under her skirt, and I had an incredible urge to just drop to the floor and bury my face in her crotch. I was gone for about 5 minutes, wanting to make sure my cock was completely deflated before I returned to my room. When I walked back in, Jenna was laying across my bed using my laptop.

“I hope you don’t mind I was just checking my email”, Jenna said.

I told her it was cool, but I noticed she gave me a strange grin as she looked up at me. It took me a minute to realize I hadn’t closed out the website with the busty girls! I asked her if I could just grab my laptop for a second to see something and then I would give it back to her, hoping she somehow had not seen the website.

“Sure, here ya go cuz!”

As I grabbed my computer I looked at Jenna’s face and again saw that sly grin. Sly yet kind of sexy too. I looked down at the screen and saw that Jenna had made my desktop background a picture of one of the big chested girls. She burst out laughing as I looked at it, and I cracked up also, but on the inside I was pretty embarrassed that my younger cousin caught my looking at porn. I started to change it back to the original picture, and it was then that Jenna took our relationship to a different level for the first time.

“You know, Jeff, I bet my tits are bigger than most of those skanks you were checking out!” Jenna whispered as she cupped her own set of melons.

I looked up at her, totally caught off guard and not sure what to say or do, when Jenna decided that for me. She said “What, you don’t believe me?” she grabbed my hands and placed them on her giant tits. As I felt them and rubbed them a bit, I was now glad that my cousin had drank those three or four vodka drinks earlier because it was clear her inhibitions were gone. I decided to see how far this little tease wanted to take our new game.

“You know, Jenna, I can’t really tell if you’re bigger than them because they have their shirts off and you’re wearing this big sweater.”

Jenna smiled. “Well if you get to see mine, then I get to see yours!” With that, she gazed down at my crotch and gave it a quick pet with her hand.

My cock shot up to almost full mast instantly with her touch and her words and I told her fine. The only problem was my door had no lock and anybody could come in at any moment. Jenna suggested we go take a walk, which was a great idea on her part.

We grabbed our coats and made our way a few blocks down to a small park which was closed due to darkness. I knew of a back entrance to the park and we walked over to the first bench we saw. I sat first and assumed Jenna would sit next to me but she instead straddled my lap, her fat tits inches from my face. I knew Jenna had not had too much experience with guys before. I also knew that she may be a bit tipsy. Lastly I knew that as cousins, and as her older cousin, we should obviously not be doing this right now. But all that goes out the window when a giant pair of melons jiggles in front of your face.

We shed our coats and I waited for Jenna to make the first move, giving her a chance to abort this whole little game we had going. Instead, she grabbed my hands and placed them under her sweater, allowing me to make my way up her stomach to her oversized cannons. I squeezed them through her bra, and used my hands to explore the enormous proportions she was carrying. Jenna moaned softly as I played with her tits, and her hand found its way to my crotch. She rubbed and squeezed my package through my pants, making my cock stand erect and stretch ikonbet yeni giriş my boxer briefs to their limit. I held her sweater up above her tits so I could see them under her bra. I moved forward to kiss them and Jenna bent down and kissed me right on the lips. Our lips stayed locked on each other for a moment, and then we broke apart. I looked at Jenna’s face and saw pure lust.

I moved in to kiss her again, this time slipping my tongue into her mouth. She met mine with hers, and we French kissed for a long time, all the while my hands caressed her gorgeous boobs and her hands fondled my cock. Eventually I couldn’t wait any longer to see these beauties in their glory and I reached behind Jenna, unclasping her bra. As it slid off of her chest, I got my first look at her massive mammaries as they flopped out and hung down half way to her stomach. Despite the hanging, they were somehow still firm and supple, and I wasted no time leaning in and taking first one, then the other huge breast into my mouth, sucking her fat nipples and pinching them with my fingers. I was in all my glory, mashing her tits together and sucking both at the same time, juggling them in my hands and letting them jiggle around. My favorite moment though, was when Jenna bent her head down and sucked on her own stiff nipple while I licked the same one. Our tongues met at her nipple and then turned into a French kiss.

Through all of this tit play, Jenna’s hands never left my cock and I helped her get even closer to it by unzipping my fly and pushing her hand into my pants. She found my cock and fished it out, her eyes wide as more and more cockmeat slithered out into her palm. I admit my cock isn’t of porn star proportions, but it’s the thickness that drove all of my ex girlfriends crazy. My cock is about 7 inches long but almost as thick as a can of soda. My girth seemed to entice my young cousin as she explored it, and squeezed it, and rubbed it. It was clear that she was not sure exactly what to do with it, but as any guy would admit, ANY attention the little guy gets is good attention. We continued our mutual playing of each other’s body parts for several more minutes until Jenna told me she wanted to put my penis into her mouth and give me a blowjob.

Who was I to argue with this busty girl? I helped her off of me, dropping her to her knees so she can be face to face with my package. She told me she wasn’t sure how to do it, and I told her to just pretend it’s a Popsicle, to lick it gently and without using her teeth. She gripped me with both hands and slowly slid just my cockhead into her mouth. I held the back of her head as she became more used to her first blowjob. She took in a little more with each thrust of her mouth, and it felt really freaking good! As she got into her groove, her lips soon covered almost half my fat cock, which was more than other girls were able to do because of my girth. She seemed intent on making me cum, which wasn’t too far in the future, but I wanted our session to last a little longer so I made her stop.

I grabbed her hand and walked her over to a picnic table, instructing her to sit on the edge and lie back. She did so eagerly, ready to do whatever I told her. I spread her legs apart and ran my hands up her thick thighs until they reached her underwear. Jenna wore a basic pair of white cotton panties, only this particular pair was now drenched in her own juices, clearly visible for me to see. I bent down and kissed her pubic area through her panties, and then began to lick all around her pussy, tracing the panties on the outside. She squirmed under me, begging for more. I knew I had this girl under my command as Jenna had never experienced anything close to this. She would later admit to me that the farthest she had gone with a guy before this was a sad attempt at a French kiss after a movie date one time.

I ikonbet güvenilirmi decided we better speed things up before we were missed at the house, or before we missed dinner. I moved her panties to the side and found myself staring at an extremely hairy snatch, with hair extending almost to her belly button and it was dark and thick. I buried my face right into her forest, lapping away for all I was worth. Jenna yelped out loud as I went to town on her young pussy. I then decided it was time to make her explode so I found her clit and placed it in my mouth. I used an old trick and wrote out the alphabet on her clit with my tongue, the sensations making Jenna convulse underneath me and finally erupt in my face with her girl juices. Her fluids were sticky and slimy but tasted so sweet as they flooded my mouth. I took in all I could as Jenna’s buckled under me, her thick legs jostling around wildly.

My younger cousin lay silent for a minute, a wide smile across her face as her pussy leaked a few more drops of her girl cream. Her legs stayed spread open, inviting me to fill her hairy hole with my meat. I lined up my hard cock with her young cunt, and I slowly inched forward, ready to bury it inside Jenna. I again allowed for any last minute hesitation on her part, but Jenna spoke up:

“Fuck me Jeff. Fuck the shit out of me with that big cock, pleaaaassseee!!!

I needed no more encouragement as I slid my cockhead between her meaty cuntlips, letting it sit there until Jenna urged me for more. I slipped in a bit more, then a bit more after that, but I was having trouble fitting my thickness into her tight cunt. I didn’t want to hurt her, but almost as if reading my mind, Jenna told me to keep going, I’m not hurting her. So I gripped her legs and used them to balance myself as I nudged more and more cock into my big-titted cousin. Her huge missiles flopped every which way as I began to create a rhythm with my cock inside of Jenna’s pussy. I worked it in and out, varying how hard in pounded her and how fast I slammed it into her thick body.

I felt Jenna explode in orgasm at least two times around my shaft as I fucked her hard, her juices spilling out all over the place and onto my cock. The lubrication made it easier for me to slide in my entire cock, the friction and silky feel of her pussy almost overwhelming me. I announced to my new fuck toy of a cousin that I was going to cum. Jenna moaned for me to do it on her big tits and she grabbed onto them as I fucked into her one or two more times before pulling out my thick tool and aiming it at her chest. I pumped it quick with my hands for maybe one second before I erupted what seemed like gallons of white milky cum all over Jenna’s breasts, her neck, and even some on her face. I came so much that her whole upper body seemed to be glazed over with cum as she rubbed it into her skin and all over herself. As my orgasm subsided, I rested my slowly softening cock on Jenna’s sweaty, cum coated tits, and we looked at each other and smiled as we regained our breath.

After buttoning up my pants, I sprinted to the restroom of the park to retrieve an entire roll of toilet paper, which Jenna and I used to clean up her glazed body as best we could. She gathered her clothes together and got dressed, and when we got back to my house, I ran to my sister’s room quickly to grab one of her many perfume bottles. I met Jenna back in front of my house and sprayed her in an effort to cover up the smell of sex. We re-entered the house together and were greeted by my mother.

“Where were you two? You better hurry and go get your dinner before it’s all gone! There is still some turkey left but there is no more stuffing.”

As she walked off, Jenna whispered loud enough for only me to hear.

“Actually I had my own stuffing, and it was pretty damn good.”

Jenna and I went our separate ways in the house and never spoke of that day again, though I did hear from others that she returned to school a changed woman, no longer the shy girl afraid to speak to guys, but now a cock hungry slut ready to show off her huge titties to anyone willing to fuck her itching pussy.

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