A Thankful Cumslut Ch. 02

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Rick looked down at Lucia, who was covered in his cum. Rick’s cock bobbed in front of him, and in front of Lucia’s face. She stared at it, as though in a trance, slowly running her tongue around her full lips, licking his thick jizz off of her mouth.

Rick slowly took a few steps back and fell into the chair, his cock bouncing between his legs. It had already begun swellling back to a full erection at the sight in front of him. Rick watched as Lucia sat in front of him a few feet away, still on her knees, her ass resting on her heels. Her hand had almost involuntarily slid down between her legs.

“Crawl over here,” Rick commanded.

Lucia barely hesitated, starting to crawl toward him on her hands and knees. Her giant, full breasts hung down from her chest and swayed from side to side. The sight was all Rick needed to become fully engorged, his thick, veiny cock standing at full attention in front of him, bobbing slightly with his pulse.

“Come close,” he said.

Lucia crawled toward him until she was directly between his legs, again kneeling in front of him. Rick could feel her breath on his groin, the feel of her skin against his calves.

“Now, rub yourself off,” Rick commanded. Again, Lucia didn’t hesitate, immediately reaching her small hand down between her thighs. She used two fingers to spread her pussy lips, as her middle finger quickly found an engorged clit. She had been staring at the thick, long cockmeat just inches from her face, but at the feel of her finger against her aching clit, she closed her eyes and moaned, her lips parted slightly in ecstacy.

Rick watched, completely aroused at the sight. He was slumped down slightly in the chair so that his balls hung off the front edge. He reached down and wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, so that he was holding his dick like a wand. With a quick move, he swung his cock back and then forth and smacked Lucia in the casino şirketleri face with his thick meat, hitting her square on the cheek. The action made a “splat” sound, as his cock splashed a few gobs of cum pooled on her cheek. A small yelp escaped Lucia’s lips at the smack, but she kept her eyes closed and Rick noticed her hand pick up speed. He smacked Lucia again on the cheek with his cock, and then smacked her other cheek. Rick began picking up speed, smacking each cheek with his thick cockmeat, each time creating a “splat” sound as his cock splashed into the huge load of cum covering Lucia’s face. Lucia seemed almost oblivious to the action, except that she was holding her face out and closer, as though begging for the cock “beating”. Her hand was flying furiously over her pussy at this point, and Rick watched as her entire body began to shake.

“Ohhhhhhh. Oh, my god, oh, my god, Ooooohhhhhhhh ahhhhahhhhhahhhh,” Lucia moaned as her body began to convulse, tensing up briefly before convulsing some more in an intense orgasm. “Oh, my god,” she said as the waves of orgasm began to subside. She was breathing intensely at this point, her huge tits heaving up and down on her chest. Rick let go of his cock and put his arms on each arm rest of the chair, just smiling down and watching Lucia come down from her orgasm. She sat there catching her breath with her eye closed for a few moments, before slowly opening her eyes, which were filled with lust. And staring straight at Rick’s large cock.

“Rub your juices over my cock,” Rick commanded.

Lucia sat up slightly on her knees and brought her hand from between her legs and reached out to Rick’s dick. Her hand was glistening with her pussy juices. Rick felt her small hand wrap around the base of his cock, warm and almost slimy with her fluid. Lucia slowly rubbed her hand all over Rick’s cock, completely lubing it with her pussy juices. Rick closed his eyes casino firmaları and moaned and the incredible feeling of Lucia’s greased hand sliding up and down his intensely swollen, veiny cock.

He opened his eyes and looked down. “Now let me fuck those huge tits,” Rick groaned.

Lucia smiled faintly, and sat up further on her knees, bringing her tits level with Rick’s crotch. She leaned forward, reaching up to grab a full tit in each hand. In one move she slowly enveloped Rick’s cock between her full, creamy breasts, and then pressed them together around his hard meat. Rick watched as the shaft of his cock disappeared in Lucia’s long, soft cleavage. He closed his eyes again and moaned as Lucia began bouncing and rubbing her giant tits up and down Rick’s engorged dick.

“Oh, yeah, Rick,” Lucia moaned, now having fully given in to her lust. “Fuck my tits, Rick. Fuck these big tits, sir.”

Rick could not believe how good it felt fucking Lucia’s tits. They were so warm and soft, and with a mix of his cum and Lucia’s juices lubing his cock, the tingling feeling was jolting from his crotch throughout his body. He began, slowly at first and then picking up speed, bucking his hips up and down, thrusting his cock up and down through Lucia’s deep cleavage. Rick could not get over how big and full her tits were. The outside of her globes reached to his hip bones on his waist, even squeezed together as they were.

“Ohhh, yeah, Rick,” Lucia moaned, feeling quivers of minnie orgasms jolting through her pussy. “Such a huge load,” she moaned again, looking down and watching Rick’s swollen, purplish cockhead pop up and then disappear again in her cleavage. “Never…seen…so…much…cum,” she breathed. She looked up at RIck as they both bounced around in a sort of dance together, his cock pounding between her giant melons. “I want more, sir. Give me more cum,” Lucia moaned.

That was all Rick güvenilir casino could take. He could almost feel the initial surge exit his ballsack. He did feel the first shot of cum course up his shaft, seemingly pausing for a moment at the tip of his cock, before he felt his cock pulse just as the head emerged from her cleavage. The cum seemed to explode from the head of Rick’s cock, and a long rope of thick white cum shot straight up in the air, past Lucia’s slightly open mouth and landing in a straight line starting on her forehead and extending into her dark brown hair. Lucia squeezed his cock harder, moving her tits only slightly, but enough for Rick to feel the friction on the underside, just below the cockhead. The feeling sent a shiver throughout his body as his cock began erupting in earnest. Shot after shot, glob after thick glob of his cum erupted from his cock, spraying all over Lucia’s mouth, chin, neck, chest, and all over the top of her tits. Rick’s body shook as the 7th and 8th shot of cum shot from his cock. Lucia could not believe it. Even on the second round in such a short time, Rick seemingly had an endless supply of cum. As the thick, warm shots of semen landed all over her smooth skin, Lucia began shaking herself in an orgasm, squeezing her thighs together around her quivering pussy.

They were both moaning, panting and groaning, as Rick’s orgasm finally began to subside, the last few shots of now clear jizz oozing from his cock onto Lucia’s amazing tits.

They were so lost in the moment, that they almost didn’t hear the knock on the door.

Lucia looked slightly started. Without moving, she looked at Rick and whispered, “Were we too loud? Who is that?”

Rick just smiled down at her, still reveling in the afterglow of such an intense orgasm.

“Oh, that’s probably just the delivery guy with the pizza I ordered a little bit ago,” he said, with a smirk on his face.

A look of slight trepidation swept over Lucia’s face, as a growing smile began to cover Rick’s. He had a new idea of how this evening might take a new twist. And the delivery guy might just be in for an interesting night, he laughed to himself……To be continued…

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