A Surrogate for Emily

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“What can I do about it??????” Kirk whined again. They had tried everything to get Emily pregnant…to have their first child. She’d been off the pill ever since their wedding last year and, every 28 days, smack dab in the middle of her cycle when her temperature increased slightly to let the newlyweds know she was ovulating, they’d fuck like rabbits for the three or four days she was fertile.


“I don’t know, Babe…we’ll see how my sperm count comes out. Doc should have the results for us next week. I’m so sorry, Sweetheart.” Kirk lay next to his young wife after their monthly mating attempt. Kirk Perryman had to admit that, at 55, he could have been in better shape to take on young Emily. Kirk hoped that she wasn’t having second thoughts about marrying an older guy. At 28, Emily was in perfect shape to get pregnant, the mere perfect example of a fertile, sexy woman: Full dark auburn hair to her back, wide shoulders, creamy soft skin covering athletic musculature all over her beautiful body. Her breasts were perfectly full, teardrops that would cuddle into between a C and D cup bra. The dark, thick nipples turned slightly up to greet the observer. They were full, firm, yet so, so soft to the touch — no Styrofoam fakes. And Emily’s nipples were mega/uber sensitive to the slightest touch. She could cum by Kirk just lightly sucking and tonguing them for a few minutes. Unfortunately, he had lost interest in those types of ministrations, frustrated by lack of impregnation success.

Kirk had lost interest in any such sucking after so many monthly failures to launch productive sperm into Emily’s body. In fact, Kirk was losing carnal interest in general, having passed his sexual peak. His dick had squirreled its way into Emily twelve times now since their wedding. That was enough. He was getting a bit out of shape; his belly was starting to get in the way of easy penetration, and he was starting to think Emily regretted marrying a guy with a four-inch dick.

Emily wanted a baby. That was the main reason she married her boss. She thought she had chosen a mate wisely; his wealth, his lifestyle, a gorgeous estate, Tesla and Bentley in the driveway and five-car garage of the of the Hidden Hills property…

Younger guys in the firm always tried to hit on her, but she wanted more than an immature Millennial egghead. But now she was losing physical interest in Kirk and had shifted her needs to having a child to love and nurture, leaving Kirk to the firm. She was the perfect candidate for motherhood. Her full breasts would service a baby’s mouth with sweet milk. She hoped her sensitive nipples could handle nursing…her flat, softly muscled abdomen flared to beautiful hips, smooth, muscular thighs, well-formed calves and dainty feet, all products of earlier dance, gymnastics and cheer. Emily’s body was perfectly appropriate for a good fucking, insemination and pregnancy to full term. Her pussy, hairless, invited attention with its puffy outer lips, hidden inner petals and clearly prominent clitoris that constantly emerged from its hood. One flick of that clit could drive Emily 95 per-cent the way to an exploding orgasm.

Her entire body was super sensitive to touch, and she was starving for anything close to those touches. Lovemaking had become so mechanical, so much of a chore. There was no joy in it.

Monday morning, Kirk called in for the results of Kirk’s sperm test. Kirk ended the call and turned to Emily, “It’s no good, Babe. I guess a baby’s out of the question. My count is practically negative. I’m sorry…Let’s look on the bright side!!! I won’t have to get that vasectomy like we planned after!!”

Kirk entered a state of mild depression over the next couple weeks. The couple barely touched each other except for a perfunctory peck on the lips in the morning. Kirk ended up sleeping in one of the other bedrooms and Emily lay in her big bed alone wondering how her life had taken such a turn for the worst. As the month progressed and entered another month, Emily went back into the office to try to take her mind off everything. Her marriage turned into a sexless one and she craved a loving touch…just a simple loving look…just a soft kiss…just someone to hold her. Once Kirk got the bad news from the doctor, he turned off any affection he had once mustered, and he drowned himself in the firm.

Emily missed sexual stimulation but did not feel right pleasuring herself. She went into a sexual famine.

Interestingly, guys at the office picked up on the fact that the boss and Emily were not the solid married coupled they had thought. Conversations at the office became more friendly and flirty. Of course, Ned, the short, chubby, IT guy picked up on the situation quickly and caught Emily to the side whenever he could. “Emily! Lookin’ good, Darlin’!!! Say! How ’bout a Starbucks down in the lobby! My treat!” Emily cringed inside at the thought of spending one social second with Ned, his clothes smelly from vaping, his coffee breath…and his lacking a sense Malatya Escort of personal space.

“I’m sorry, Ned. Maybe next time,” Emily replied, taking a step back from the pudgy pest. Ned stepped forward, back into Emily’s space and said, “Too good for me, huh? Just because you’re married to the big man and you think you’re the best looking female in California, you can kiss me off? I know what’s goin’ on. You need some lovin’ sweetheart. It’s written all over ya. You haven’t fucked in MONTHS, have you???? You need a cock and I’m the one who can give it to you!!!”

“Stop, Ned!!,” Emily stood wide-eyed and flushed with anger and embarrassment. Yes, she hadn’t had sex for weeks and, yes, she was frustrated but this ugly troll had no right to talk to her or anyone like that. She’d be talking to HR right now…if there was one.

“What’s up, guys?” Ned’s eyes drifted up to look behind the beautiful babe he was offering his services to. Ned’s face turned beet red and he nervously replied, “Nothin’, Mr. Moreno…just a friendly office convo.”

Jack Moreno looked steadily into the watery narrow-set eyes in Ned’s pudgy face, smiled, and said, “Mind if I join you?”

Ned replied, “Do I mind? Well, as a matter of fact, ye….” Emily jumped in, “No!!…No. We don’t mind at all!!” Suddenly saved from the troll, Emily turned her back on Ned to face Jack, beautiful Jack. 6-2, built, athletic swimmer’s body, smelled gorgeous, unruly shock of dark brown hair, warm expressive happy brown eyes under perfect masculine eyebrows…probably never plucked ’em like Kirk…strong nose, full lips, smooth face — no beard — no nose hairs like Ned (or Kirk, for that matter). That Jack. Nice slightly dimpled chin, strong Adam’s apple, wide strong shoulders. The rest she’d have to imagine since Jack was perfectly encased in white starched long sleeve dress shirt, dark trousers and soft leather slip-on shoes. The guy had not an ounce of body fat as far as she could tell and, whenever she had caught herself looking at him on the floor, her pulse had quickened a bit. As Emily locked her desperate pleading gaze on her savior, Jack asked, “Emily, can I see you a minute?”

“YES, of COURSE, Jack….So sorry Ned — talk to ya later?” (Emily hated when she did that: Ending a statement with a question inflection? Had to work on that.) Emily made a b-line for Jack’s office followed by Jack a few paces behind as Ned stood abandoned, pursed duck lips, scratching the itchy crease between his belly and skivvies. Emily was in a hurry to put some distance between her and the office idiot. Jack enjoyed watching Emily walk ahead of him in her crisp white blouse tucked into her crisp black skirt and black 5-inch Louboutins. Those legs!! My Lord! Athletic, lightly tanned, no stockings. Jack’s breath came a bit quicker watching Emily’s perfect, toned, sweet ass swaying back and forth under that tight skirt on its way to his office. If only he had met her before his business partner Kirk had. Kirk was too old for such a vibrant, intelligent, young woman. And she was way too good looking for Kirk. Or anyone, for that matter. And there was something about Kirk that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Not the best match.

“What’s up, Emily?” Jack asked as Emily began pacing back and forth in front of his desk, obviously agitated and near tears. “You can’t let Knucklehead Ned get under your….skin.”

“It’s not that, Jack. It’s…..it’s….” Emily sunk to the office couch and broke into tears, her shoulders drawn up tight, her body tense with emotion.

Jack sat down next to Emily, who was sitting sort of sideways on the couch, her back to him, wiping away tears from her jaw and cheeks with the heel of her hand. Such pretty, delicate hands with long soft fingers and perfect manicured nails. God! What a gorgeous creature! Jack gently placed his strong hands on each of Emily’s shoulders and gently worked the muscles there, working his way to her neck where he massaged away the tension there. He admired the perfect French braid taming that gorgeous thick head of dark, auburn hair. Emily closed her eyes and sighed, feeling the hurt, anger and tension melt away under those wonderful sexy….did she say ‘sexy’?…hands. She had always liked Jack. He was the perfect single thirty-year-old guy with three degrees, perfect manners, perfect looks, perfect voice, perfect…buns…huge feet and who knows what else. But she’d never know.

“I’ll be fine, Jack. It’s just some frustration that’s worked its way into my life at the moment, but I got it. It’ll be okay.”


“Yes, Jack. Thank you.” With that, Emily got up, thanked Jack for the ‘massage’ and left his office.

Jack stood as Emily left and couldn’t help the excitement he still felt from running his hands over Emily’s shoulders and smooth neck. He had been close enough behind her to smell her very subtle woman scent. He was embarrassed to admit that, sitting so close to her had made him hard. So hard he had to maneuver carefully Malatya Escort Bayan so she wouldn’t see the significant bulge in his linen trousers. He was smitten. And he knew he would never touch her or have her the way he wished. That big rock on her wedding finger said it all.

Kirk finished up the dishes, took off his chef’s apron and made his way to the bedroom and to the bathroom suite where Emily had relaxed in the big tub before bed. Kirk changed into his pajamas over his t-shirt and tighty whities. Kirk avoided showing too much of his body. He was somewhat embarrassed by it, especially the back and shoulder hair too difficult to reach and remove. Emily’s husband padded into the bathroom suite to find his young wife lying back in the deep water, eyes closed, shedding the challenges of the day. He looked at her beautiful body in the clear water. The water line cut just across the tops of her nipples. The subtle waves of the water made her bald vulva appear to wiggle under the surface. Her long legs lazily moved, her left leg nearest him stretched straight, her right knee raised slightly. The prize-winning breasts — creamy — soft — a perfect fit for large hands (if only he had ’em) — bobbed a little in the water. Kirk could feel the beginnings of a buzz in the head of his flaccid penis. But only the beginnings. He was tired and frustrated and probably didn’t deserve such an erotic, sexual object as Emily. Her flawless skin, beautiful hair, her blue eyes, sweet upturned nose (she was born with), luscious, delicious full lips (she was born with) and, well, he’d already noted the rest as she lay there. Still, the buzz in his little dick was confusing to him.

If he could only give her what she really wanted and deserved. If he could….


Kirk quietly excused himself without Emily realizing he was there and went to bed. When Emily dried off from the bath and wore the towel to the bedroom, she removed the towel wrap from her head and, standing by the side of the bed, let the towel drop from her body to stand nude. “Hey, you…” she whispered. Kirk opened his eyes and turned his head to see Emily standing there. The buzz returned for a second and Kirk closed his eyes again and turned away feigning sleep. Emily let out a sigh, slipped in under the sheet next to her husband, and fought to go to sleep.

Five miles away in his penthouse, Jack Moreno lay sleepless and naked under his sheets replaying his rescue of Ned’s victim that day and the massage he had ministered to the Beautiful Emily. Remembering the feel of her shoulders and neck, her scent, and the way she seemed to lean back toward him made his stiff, thick eight-inch cock shudder along its full, erect length. He dared to imagine what it would be like to massage Emily’s entire body and to hold her in his strong arms, to slowly run his big hands down her naked back to softly cup those beautiful globes of her buttocks and to pull her against his strong thighs, his washer board abs, thick pecs…and to touch his sexy, puffy, soft lips to her…

It would never be. Jack lay under the sheet and fought to go to sleep.

Emily clawed out of her slumber to the smell of bacon. It was Saturday and Kirk was cooking as usual. She stretched her nude form under the sheet and climbed out of bed, her teardrop breasts jiggling as she moved about. She grabbed her old terrycloth robe and padded downstairs to find Kirk in his knit shirt, cargo shorts and apron at the Viking stove top. “Eggs, Baby! And bacon! Your favorite!” It was Ground Hog Day. He said that to her every day. He cooked eggs and bacon every day. He wore those tan cargo shorts, knit shirt and apron every day. It looked like he was gaining a few pounds. She noted some fairly soft marshmallow bulges in the waist area. “Good morning, My Handsome Man!” she chirped as she sat down at the island. “You seem happy this morning. What’s up?”

Kirk turned around brandishing his favorite spatula and replied, “I have a plan!” Kirk turned back to his culinary duties.

After a long silence, Emily asked, “Okay. (Long pause) And what plan is that, Sir?”

Big grin on Kirk’s unshaven face, “We’re going to get you pregnant!!!”

“Oh, really….?”

“Yup. I’ve decided to give you permission.”

“I see. To get pregnant.”

“No. To be inseminated! Duhhhh” he sang. Still that goofy dumb grin.

“What are you talking about?!?! You want me to get artificially inseminated with some unknown mass murderer donor’s sperm?!?!?”

Kirk looked at the wide-eyed, incredulous Emily and replied, “Babe, I know how important it is for you to have a child. You’re made for making babies!”

Visibly upset, Emily replied, “Kirk, I don’t want to talk about it!” They ate in silence and the subject didn’t come up again for another couple weeks. Life went on as usual. Evenings ended with Kirk under the covers in his t-shirt, underpants and PJs, Emily’s gorgeous nude body under the sheets. It had become a dry spell Escort Malatya with Kirk’s attention elsewhere. They rarely touched. She missed sex even if it was with the man she married; his thin, little 4-inch dick. It was never really satisfying when they fucked, she barely felt him inside her, the crown of his dick head was barely different from the pencil shaft as his penis slopped in and out of her. Her g-spot never received any stimulation and the all-too-brief absent-minded stimulation from his fingers was not up to the task. He’d cum quickly with a small dribble usually within two minutes, leaving no more than a half teaspoon of thin, almost clear semen inside her, then Kirk would give her a peck on the forehead, turn over, and go to sleep. At least there was very little to clean up afterwards and Emily would lie there on her back in tears until sleep eventually came. She couldn’t remember her last, restful deep sleep. She was becoming sexless and depressed as the weeks slipped by.

Jack noticed the change and grew concerned. “How ’bout lunch, Emily?”, Beautiful Mr. Office Warm Wonderful whycan’tKirkbemorelikehim Jack Moreno offered on a slow Friday.

Emily considered the offer for a moment, decided it wouldn’t hurt, and replied, “K…”

The little bistro around the corner was quiet as they ordered light and sipped their drinks — Emily with a Chardonnet and Jack with his Jack ‘n soda. Jack studied the beautiful woman across the table. Her wonderful blue eyes seemed less brilliant these days even though her body was still one he still fantasized about as he lay under his sheet naked at night. Imagining Emily naked next to him sharing a sweet love was the only thing that would calm him enough to slip into sleep every night.

Emily regarded the handsome male specimen opposite her. She could not fathom why Jack was alone. Anyone with his looks and personality should have beautiful women hanging all over him. She saw the sweetest, caring man sitting there with his warm brown eyes looking back at her, ears actively listening. A shiver grew and Emily felt goose bumps all over her body and a forgotten little itch between her thighs. She sensed something in his look she couldn’t explain at the moment.

“Emily…is everything okay with you and Kirk? I’m worried about you. You’re not the same Emily the last couple months.”

Emily dropped her gaze to the table and studied all the details of her hands. She noticed a slight tremble in her fingers so she brought the wine glass to her lips for a sip until she regained her composure. “It’s really nothing you can help me with, Jack. Everything’s okay. Really. Kirk and I have hit a rough patch lately. We’ve tried so hard this year to get me pregnant but it’s not working out. I want a baby in the worst way but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. Kirk loves me and we’re great partners but he has some issues and things have just sort of calmed down in the bedroom…I shouldn’t tell you this!!…I’m sorry!” Tears welled up in those beautiful blue eyes and Jack reach across to take both of Emily’s soft hands into his. Jack’s big warm hands felt wonderful to Emily, hers cold from nervous embarrassment she assumed. She should have never blurted out what she had; that she was in a sexless marriage with no hope of having a child.

“It’s okay, Emily…I’m here for you…anything you need…just say it…I love….uh, I love to think of us as great friends…you know?…”

“Thank you, Jack Moreno. You are indeed a good friend. Thank you for listening…I love…I love that you think of me as a friend.”

They ate in a little more comfortable silence, laughing a little at occasional quips, then wrapped up the week back at the office. The weekend began with the obligatory bacon and eggs cooked to perfection by the chef in cargo shorts and apron, sans knit shirt. Emily wished her husband would wear a shirt over those loose hairy man boobs but he had a mind of his own. Kirk seemed especially excited today. “Babe, I want to go shopping today! Let’s get you a new dress and stuff and maybe go out tonight!”

Emily stared back at her husband. “Why in God’s name do we want a new dress for me, Honey? I have a closet full.”

“Sure! But your closet is full of business attire, Babe! I’d like to see you in something that shows your body…something silky, soft and…fun! Maybe we could inject a little excitement into the marriage, huh Babe! I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer”, he admonished. “Get dressed and let’s hit the boutique!”

She didn’t feel sexy or think that a new dress would pull her out of the dumps but Kirk was so excited she couldn’t deny him.

“Babe, try this one,” pulling a hanger from the rack, Kirk handed it to a confused Emily. She held up the hanger to study the short, thin, silk wrap-around contraption on it. The cobalt blue silk dress crisscrossed in front and looked like it was almost sheer but not quite.

“You want me to try this on?? You’re kidding.”

“Just let me see what you look like in it, Babe! I know it’s not you…but humor me!”

With a look of faux disapproval, Emily took the flimsy garment to the dressing booth to humor Kirk. A few moments later, Kirk heard Emily calling to him, “Kirk, I can’t go out there like this. Come in and take a look.”

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