A Summer School Course in Sex Ch. 02

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Jim: A couple of notes before we submit the second part of our Summer School for Sex.

1. We received an email from a reader congratulating us for part one being such a “raunchy story.” This isn’t a story and it isn’t fantasy. It’s our truth, every words of it. If it seems dry and technical that’s because it is dry and technical. You have to supply the romance and the spontaneity. We’re trying to inform, not excite, hoping that we can make the sexual relations between men and women more meaningful and happier. As Celeste often says when I do something truly petty that annoys her,

2. None of what follows is meant for casual sexual encounters, although we aren’t so naive as to think it won’t be used that way. It’s written for committed couples in long-term relationships based on trust in and love for each other. If these elements aren’t present, love-making is just mechanics.

3. There are numbers after the various sex acts we describe. They are a rating system we’ve established measuring Celeste’s pleasure. We have a list of almost 100 items whose scores range from 0 (lowest) to 100. Here’s a sample of the lower range:

Deep throating (40)

Vaginal bottoming out, missionary position (60)

Anal bottoming out, legs over the shoulders (65)

Eating out (cunnilingus) (68)

Vaginal, doggy style (80)

Vaginal, woman on top (80)

Any sex in the house but not in the bedroom (84)

Non-exhibitionist sex out of doors (86)

Vaginal, woman on top with finger stimulating anus (89)

Summer School for Sex II

Celeste: Well, class, it seems that many of you enjoyed August and certainly did your homework. We heard from many women about their favorite sex acts. Your answers ranged from the bizarre (ice cubes in the vagina??) to the more straight forward. Many dealt with positions. There, preferences clustered around doggy style and woman on top. This interested us because these are first cousins to our own answer that follows. Depending upon the shape (not size) of her lover’s penis they can produce incidental contact with the g-spot for a woman. But this contact comes and goes with thrusting and at a bad angle. As we go on, remember that this is all about personal preferences. There is not right or wrong answer, only what is best for you. These are my personal preferences.

Before beginning, we have to admit that we, Jimmy and I, had a long discussion about whether rimming and clit stroking at the same time (96/97) was the prize winner. It had the appeal of not involving anal penetration for lovers reluctant to take that step and does lead to a spectacular orgasm. But the result, however stunning, is always the same. It finished second. We decided on g-spot massage as the champion, mainly because it leads to three very different experiences, each beyond description and only somewhat under my control.

Here’s how Jimmy massages bahis firmaları my g-spot. Read this carefully if you want to to have the same experiences and do exactly what he does.

We’re lying on our sides comfortably in a king-sized bed with pillows arranged for me to be comfortable and relaxed. Jimmy is behind me, wearing a nubbed sleeve on his penis. Think of it as doggy style lying on your sides with anal entry. He places the head of his “magic dick” (that’s what I call his penis. He also has a “magic tongue.” I love the competition between them to give me pleasure.) against my hole and presses gently. This is frottage and can lead to a very gentle orgasm with either clothes on (85) or off (89) if I stroke my clit. He waits for what we call “fuck me” (actually the contractions of my sphincters) to begin. When they do, he gently and slowly pushes into my ass going no further than two or three inches as we search for my g-spot. One of your homework assignments was to search for your g-spot until you find it. If you haven’t, you should. Don’t be ashamed to do it. Think of it as a magic button, your body’s gift to your mind. Knowing where it is will change your sex life forever. Since I know exactly where it is, it’s my responsibility to help him find it. I take the lead and move around on him until that slight jolt occurs that means he’s hit it.

This is the position that could change what you think sexual ecstasy is and it has three parts to it. Jimmy has about half his magic dick in my ass pressing against my g-spot through the membrane that separates the anal canal from the vagina. It’s the part of his penis that runs from the piss slit to the frenulum that’s in contact. At the same time, the nubs of his sleeve and lodged between my out and inner sphincters and my entire clit is wide open for me to stroke, or not stroke, as I want. One, two, three equals can’t miss sexual ecstasy.

Once we’ve linked up, I flex my butt cheeks to lock him into position. Then comes the most important step. FOR THE NEXT TEN TO FIFTEEN MINUTES JIMMY SCARCELY MOVES. If you were videotaping us and we were covered by a sheet you would think that we were asleep or statues . In truth, he’s moving just a bit, sometimes rotating his hips in a clock-wise and then counter-clockwise way, sometimes just moving up and down across my g-spot, but never breaking contact with it. Your clit needs to be stroked; your g-spot needs to be continually pressed against. The combination of the two leads to fantastic orgasms and maybe an ejaculation. (J.: Besides staying in contact, there are two things I do to heighten Celeste’s pleasure. If she bends her back, I can trail my fingertips up and down her spine. (90) If she arches her back, so that her head is close to mine, I tongue fuck her in the ear. (82-because it’s too intense a sensation for Celeste most of the time).

It’s hard to describe these ten to fifteen kaçak iddaa minutes, but I feel relaxed and safe, as if my body was melting into Jimmy’s. There’s a growing dampness, a sense of fullness, and serious heat. (J: Celeste is not exaggerating about heat. At times, it feels as if the tip of my penis is being scalded.) After this massage in complete silence (so I can focus on enjoying the sensations, we move on to options I or III, depending upon my mood. Option II is something over which I have no control and has already occurred if it’s going to. Here are the three options in order of my preference.

I. The magic dick helps me to a throw-your-head-back-and-scream orgasm

Jimmy moves my hand toward my clit. If I don’t want to have an orgasm I pull back; if I do I begin to stroke myself. It’s my choice and that’s important.

I run my fingers along the arms of my clit and eventually start to rub the nub. Then I begin to thrust up and down just barely on the magic dick, never losing complete contact with my g-spot but moving just enough to feel the nibs on Jimmy’s sleeve teasing my hole. The feeling is so good, and so different from the thrusting you think of with pornography’s vision of bottoming out. If you do this right you have the magic combination of g-spot massage, clit stroking, and anal stimulation-perfection.

The feeling is so intense that it can’t last long, and it doesn’t. (Jimmy: I can always tell how close Celeste is to an orgasm by listening to her breathing. When it becomes irregular gasps, the o is very close.) If I want to have only one orgasm, I flex my butt cheeks (non-verbal communication) to let Jimmy know. Then I ride him as he Kegels (J: this really isn’t hard to do, but you have to practice) until just before my o becomes inevitable when I flex my cheeks again. That’s the sign for him to turn the magic dick loose. It’s the feeling of the first warm spurt that sends me over the top. That causes my first huge contraction, another spurt, contraction, spurt, and so on. (92) If cumming simultaneously with you lover isn’t on your bucket list of things to experience, it should be.

II. Jimmy’s magic dick as the world’s best sleeping pill

If someone can explain to me how the very same massaging of my g-spot can lead not only to orgasmic ecstasy but also to the completely opposite result my falling into a deep sleep, I’d like to hear it. But it’s absolutely true, that my body seems to make a choice between intense arousal or totally relaxed falling away, a decision and over which I don’t have great deal of control. At night, sleep the default result of g-spot massage, but it can also occur in the morning, even if I’ve just woken up. When Jimmy moves my hand, I just pull back to enjoy the sensations. That feels good, that feels really good, my mind says as I drift way into an absolutely beautiful sleep. (96)

When Jimmy described what happens to me, kaçak bahis I didn’t believe him, so he taped it several times to prove that he was right. He was. I’m normally a very quiet sleeper, but not when my g-spot is being massaged. First there is a series of wispy gasps as I relax, then snoring, and finally something that sounds like a growl coming from somewhere deep in my body. Then you hear a click and the cycle, which takes about two minutes, restarts: gasps, snores, growls. (J: From long experience, I can tell you that five cycles at night, or ten minutes, means that Celeste won’t move for eight hours and when she wakes up, she’ll feel terrific.)

III. The best of the best: Jimmy’s magic dick floats me out of my body

Although it’s splitting hairs to say that one of these three exquisite experiences is the best, the answer to the quiz/test is this third option. (98) We follow option I, but I don’t flex my butt cheeks. This tells Jimmy that I don’t want him to cum so he Kegels through my first orgasm. I know this sounds stupid, but once that’s out of the way, the real pleasure begins.

As I fall into post-orgasmic bliss, he continues the message. My body feels as if it’s melting into his. I can only describe this as a trance where I feel like I’m floating above my own body, looking down on it. Everything is beautiful, calm, and so peaceful. Happy memories from child and adulthood flash in front of my eyes. I do have a recurring vision. It is of me floating naked in a warm lake with the sun beating down directly on my nipples, spreading warmth everywhere in my body. (J. If your lover is anything like Celeste there’s physical evidence of this trance. In a triangle from her shoulder blades to the rise of her breasts her skin has turned bright pink.) The hardest thing to do is break the trance. Eventually, Jimmy pulls out, but I can’t move, I just can’t. I don’t know how long I would lie there in stunned silence watching little birds circle over my body if we hadn’t discovered a way to return to this world. Jimmy gives my butt a sharp slap that shatters the glass cacoon I’ve been living it.

If you take either the first or third journey, you’ll probably be missing the best part of the trip if you jump out of bed and try to get on with life immediately. The sensations are so overwhelmingly beautiful that you need to linger over them. I do one of two things. Sometimes I roll Jimmy over on his tummy and straddle a butt cheek. If I’ve had an orgasm, I just cum on him, glueing myself to him. If I haven’t and want one, I drive my clit into him until boom.(92) Other times, I do the same thing on his thigh. (93)

(J. When Celeste is wrapped around my thigh, I can take her pulse through her clit.)

Jimmy and Celeste: We agreed to end this posting by telling of something that happened a couple of years ago. Celeste was lying on my thigh, cumming gently. Suddenly, she burst into tears. Concerned, I asked “What’s the matter, darling?” “Nothing’s the matter, Silly,” she sobbed. “It’s just that I’m so happy.”

We hope that the results of this “test” contribute to your happiness.

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