A Sudden Affinity for Camping

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A Sudden Affinity for CampingSeveral years ago, a young couple at work were going camping for the Canada Day weekend and they invited me along. Now, my idea of camping is a three star motel, but this couple were so hot and nubile, I just had to take them up on the invite. Though they knew I was gay, I had a feeling we might be doing more than just camping. Even if nothing happened, her boyfriend Mitchell was so hot, it would be worth just being able to ogle him for three days. The morning we left on our trip was sunny and warm. We threw the gear into their SUV and took off to a secluded lake where Jamie’s parents owned land. Arriving at the lake, we hiked along the trail. I brought up the rear, which gave me the opportunity to stare at Mitchell’s tight ass. He in turn walked in behind Jamie and he basically followed her cute butt and slim, yet muscular legs all the way to the shore of the lake.We pitched the tent, took off our boots, crawled inside the tent and busied ourselves with arranging the sleeping bags. Mitchell was furthest in, Jamie in the middle with me on her other side. There were only a few inches separating us. It had warmed up considerably since we had left the city. Very abruptly, indicating she wanted to get changed, Jamie peeled off her sweat shirt. I just stared at the outline of her beautiful firm breasts as they bounced playfully in her white satiny bra.Jamie promptly unzipped her cutoffs and started to yank them down. She crawled to the tent flap and poking her head out, she reached for her backpack in search of her two piece bathing suit. As her sweet ass protruded back at us, I noticed the outline of a nice looking erection making a thick bulge in Mitchell’s hiking shorts. It was time for me to excuse myself and leave the two of them alone, so I mentioned I would go and gather some firewood.I went out and actually looked for some wood, the whole time thinking about the wooden firmness of Mitchell’s hard-on. Within five minutes, I had tiptoed back to the tent, knelt down and looked inside the open flap. I just love to watch other people having sex, almost as much as I enjoy being watched. Mitchell and Jamie lay beside each other, kissing passionately as his hands explored her body. When Mitchell took off his shirt, I sucked in my breath. He had a tight chest and washboard abs with little patches of short curly hair around his hot nipples. When he took off Jamie’s bra, he was beside himself as he cupped her breasts in his hands. He continued to caress her belly and the top of her panties with soft strokes. bursa escort He moved his hand down to her knee and then worked his way slowly back up to her groin.My cute little friend spread her legs and began to moan and thrust her hips. Mitchell teased her to the edge. With each of her thrusts, he pulled his hand back so that it just grazed the thin wet surface of her panties. Jamie was almost sobbing with lust. I had been rubbing my own cock through my shorts to the point of near explosion. Removing my shorts, I grabbed my hard cock with one hand as I moistened my fingers and played with my ass. I inserted a finger into my chute just as Mitchell put his hand into Jamie’s panties and started rubbing her clitoris. Jamie began to cum within seconds. I was so aroused that it was difficult to concentrate on watching this fantastic scene while stifling my own heavy breathing. Fortunately, Jamie was a very vocal cummer so she drowned out my own moans.When her orgasm had subsided, Jamie removed Mitchell’s shorts revealing a most beautiful, full seven inch, hard, uncut cock. When she began to flick her tongue over his knob, it became too much for me and I cried out. Mitchell glanced up. Those eyes that had been glazed over as Jamie worked his pole, focused on the tent flap. A mischievous grin broke out on both of their faces.“Look who’s back!” He said.With neither of them of them making any attempt to hide their nudity, I entered the tent. It smelled of sex. As I crawled across Jamie’s shins, I couldn’t help but stare at Mitchell’s meat. I reached for him. Wrapping my hand around his stiff cock, I leaned in and quickly had his organ engorged. I wrapped my lips around his cock and grasping the base of his shaft, I slowly took him all the way to the back of my throat. As I began to bob up and down on his cock, I felt the familiar sensation in my own loins. Jamie had taken my cock in her mouth and was swabbing my knob with her tongue. Mitchell had lay back down and buried his face into Jamie’s mound.The three of us sucked each other. I had Mitchell all the way to the base and using a swallowing motion, I was massaging his cock with my throat. Jamie was bobbing her head up and down quite quickly on the top part of my cock. Mitchell was tonguing Jamie’s pussy. He was obviously an expert. My cock fell from her mouth as she stiffened under the lapping and sucking he was giving her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head pulling him to her. She was kicking her legs in the air and crying with joy as she went over the edge. escort bursa Mitchell pushed his face into her snatch and kept chewing while she came.His ass muscles tightened and his cock stiffened as he threw his head back. His nuts exploded and he pumped a steady stream of jizz down my throat. As he pumped into me, Jamie returned to my cock. It was too much for me. I held my breath and tried to hold off. I erupted with such force that I nearly fainted. Jamie captured some of my cum, but the rest of it flew all over the place.The three of us collapsed where we were. We rested for a little while, but no one was ready to call it quits. Mitchell started kissing Jamie, nibbling on her lips. They played like that while I watched. Mitchell lowered his face and licked and suckled Jamie’s nipples. I noticed he started to harden again just as her nipples stiffened up. I reached for my own cock which was showing signs of life again. Jamie reached over and replaced my hand with hers, slowly pulling my foreskin back and forth over my swollen knob. As Mitchell sucked on Jamie’s one tit, I found myself reaching over and gently rubbing my finger around her other nipple making it fully erect. Jamie’s other hand reached down and grabbed Mitchell’s. She pumped the two of us in unison.As the three of us lay there entwined, Jamie asked me if it would be okay if Mitchell sucked my cock. I think I grew another inch at the thought of it. As I rolled onto my back, Mitchell crawled between my legs. Jamie sat up on her heels and “coached” Mitchell. He stared down at my 71/2 inches. Grabbing it around the base, he tentatively placed his lips on my knob. Clearly, he was tasting his first cock. He was so tentative. He stuck his tongue out and licked my piss slit, which still had traces of cum but was oozing precum again. Slowly, he took a little more of my cock into his mouth. I could feel his teeth as they sc****d over my cock, but I wasn’t going to do anything but encourage him. I reached up and grabbed him gently by the sides of his head. As he bobbed up and down on my cock, I gently guided him, not forcing him to try and take more than he could. I wanted his first time to be good for him.Mitchell was doing his best. Though Jamie was “coaching” him, she wasn’t that great of a cocksucker herself, so I just lay back and enjoyed the sensation. I spread my legs as far as I could, hoping he might be interested in trying some ass, but he didn’t take the signal. As he bobbed on me, getting about four and a half inches in, I moistened my own finger. bursa escort bayan Reaching around his face, I began to play with my pucker. At the rate Mitchell was going, I probably wouldn’t cum for another hour, so after about fifteen more minutes, I broached the subject of fucking. Mitchell released my cock and literally sat upright.“We didn’t bring any lube!” He said.“We can use saliva.” I offered. “You could try eating my ass. It’s just like eating Jamie’s pussy.”Mitchell’s eyes seemed to light up. I raised my legs over his shoulders. Tentatively at first, Mitchell poked his tongue on the outer recesses of my crevice. I moaned for him as his tongue barely touched me, but as encouragement for him. Little by little, he became braver and braver. When his tongue flicked into my pucker for the first time, my cock twitched. Jamie noticed it and encouraged him.“That’s the spot baby. I think you found the spot.”As Mitchell burrowed further and further into me, he instinctively stuck a finger in me. Again, I just about blew my load. Jamie had grabbed my cock and was slowly pumping me. Mitchell alternated between his tongue and his fingers. I lay there thrashing my head from side to side.“Fuck me!” I screamed.Mitchell pulled himself right up to me. Grabbing his cock, he placed the knob at my pucker and plunged it right into me. It hurt like you wouldn’t believe, but the pain passed quickly. Mitchell was pounding away as only a young buck does.“Slow down,” I encouraged him. But it fell on deaf ears. He thrust in and out of me with abandon. Sitting back on the heels of her feet, Jamie was massaging her own clit. I was doing all I could to push back on Mitchell’s cock, but the position he had me in did not have a lot of give to it. Mitchell continued to piston in and out of me fast and hard. I didn’t know how long he would last, but his eyes were kind of glazing over. I broke the trance.“Fuck Jamie,” I said. As we stopped and traded places, Jamie pushed her trimmed mound up to meet his cock. He entered her and pounded away. I stood up and stepping over top of Jamie, I grabbed the sides of his head and fed him my cock. We had a great rhythm going. Jamie’s dam burst first. Her self-stimulation while Mitchell fucked me, combined with his hard cock rubbing against her clitoris while I fucked his face was too much for her. She whimpered with pleasure as her convulsions overtook her. Mitchell was next, exploding into her pussy with his load. He thrust away as he unleashed a torrent of cum into her. All too much for me, I shot a load into Mitchell’s face. I expected him to release me, but he sucked and swallowed as I unloaded a decent sized load. He never spilled a drop. As the three of us came back down to earth, we collapsed in a heap on the sleeping bags and dozed off.

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