A Strong Alliance: Elzira (Ch. One)

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The Orc King, Titus sat upon his mount on the battle field, awaiting the Elven King’s army. The Elves were out numbered, Titus was not worried about this battle. His army was ready for blood shed and the pillaging of the villages. Finally he spotted The Elf King riding up on his mount, but he had no men riding at his back, instead a young girl-child rode in front of him on the saddle. Titus was confused but had his archers stand down to allow their approach.
As the Elf King drew nearer he saw the beauty of the child, she was an Elf to be sure, her large eyes, tiny frame, and ears set in a point acknowledged that, but her beauty was in her innocent look, the small curve of her still developing frame, the way her body bounced atop the horse as they approached. Titus also noticed what she wore, it was no finely made Elven gown, but a simple sheer shift. Her feet bare as if taken straight from bed. Titus eyed the girl, and then glared at the King.
“Where is your army Regen?” Titus doomed
“Back at our camps. King Titus, our Kingdoms have fought one another for years now, my people have been beaten back, but your men are also tired, and a long way from home.”
Titus beat his fist against his chest twice.
“And we shall return home with your blood upon our axes!”
The King raised a hand in patience.
“I do not doubt that, which is why, I offer you a treaty of peace.”
Titus continued to glare, unsure at this new development.
“And what would be the details of this treaty?”
“You Orcs cannot procreate amongst one another, your women are infertile, and humans are unable to bare your children due to their limited strength. This leaves you to having to turn to Elves to continue your races line. Elves and wild beasts. But Elves are scarce in your land, you find you must pillage our outer villages, and because of this, you are without an heir Titus.”
Titus snorted and gnashed his tusked teeth in anger.
“Get on with it Regen! Before I lose my patience!”
King Regen gestured to the small girl upon his lap.
“I however have an abundance of heirs. My second oldest defeated your western fleet ten to one. Their sister is the youngest of thirteen. My wife still has years of producing me heirs. I offer you Titus, my youngest daughter, Princess Elzira as my peace treaty to you. Specifically to you, so you also may produce an heir.”
Titus was stunned, and suspicious. Never had there been a high born Elf offered as an alliance with with the Orcs. Never had there been any Elf offered to the Orcs.
“She must be too young to bare an heir.” He said, eyeing the princess’s small frame. She was only about 4 feet high to his burly 7 and a half feet.
“I assure you she is fertile. Elves are not like the human race, they mature much more quickly as to be efficient, and we live much longer as well.”
Titus re-adjusted in his saddle. The idea of a young Elven wife to produce his heirs was a tantalizing thought, and this Elf child was beautiful. Even now, with her eyes averted, dark thick lashes lay softly on high cheek bones and delicate porcelain features. A doll ready to be played with.
“How do I know she will not break? I have taken a human that young once in pillaging, and the second thrust slain her.” Titus demanded
King Regen paused a moment before dismounting. Titus’s guards rose their battle axes, but Titus waved them down. Regen then pulled the small child from the mount Ankara bayan escort as well, she obeyed limply, fear had seemed to seize her some time ago, leaving her in a state of petrified obedience.
“Our laws dictate,” Regen began, “That anyone of the royal line must be chaste until wed.” Grasping the princess by the wrist he lifted her, straining her lithe taunt body to rise to its tiptoes as he spoke.
“However, in times of war, sacrifices must be made. If you so wish, you may test her durability yourself. I shall return in the morning to hear your reply. But Titus, I warn you. If you betray me and attack regardless, I shall not detail the second benefit of my treaty to you.”
Titus dismounted as well, he towered over Regen by more than a foot, his body heavy and muscled to the other King’s wiry frame.
“A deal has been struck” Titus boomed. And beat his chest once with his fist in a sign of respect. Regen still holding the girl by the wrist gestured her forward, Titus grasped the Elf girl in his fist, and she winced away from his hold.
“Come girl. You shall have to get use to me, if you are to be my wife.”
With that, both Kings remounted, Princess Elzira now on Titus’ saddle, and went separate ways back to their individual camps for the night.
Once back at camp a huge bonfire was held in celebration of victory for the Orcs. Titus sat on his throne, placing Elzira on his knee. She tugged and pulled away from him as he held her down with a single hand that grasped and pinched at her small firm breasts, budding the nipples in their irritation. Titus was glad that she fought him. What a boring wife she would have made if she had remained the simple meek doll she had been first presented as.
She even bit him once, but he did not mind, her pain was soon to come. The fire blazed and the army drank and beat war drums as slave humans carried trays, their naked bodies causing a ruckus amongst the Orc soldiers. Titus’ general grabbed a dark hair dark skinned human by her braid, plunging his erection into her, she dropped the wine goblets she carried and cried out as others gathered around to jeer and splash wine on the union. The human woman screamed in agony as blood dripped down her legs from the annihilation of her now swollen hole. The too large beast of an Orc jerking inside her before letting her drop to the dirt floor.
Elzira turned in fright, tears in her large eyes, that Titus only just noticed now were a dark green.
“Let us hope you last longer.” Titus said in her ear, pressing his fingers against the fabric of her sheer shift, dragging them to go between her legs forcibly spread by his thigh. She squirmed, and a few soldiers took notice.
“Take her here Titus! Let us have a turn too!”
Titus snarled, “Back off! She’ll produce my heirs only, not some usurper’s!”
The Orcs backed down, but Titus smiled, “But I’ll give you a look at what you’ll be missing.” He said cruelly, then ripped at Elzira’s dress, tearing it easily away to reveal her fragile naked form.
Instantly the soldiers cheered, parting their loin cloths to bare their large genitals. Titus saw Elzira stare in horror at the large pulsing members. Each were eight to nine inches in length, the girth the size of a full grown man’s fist.
“They’re small compared to what you must bare tonight.” Titus sneered in her ear. Then he snapped his fingers and a slave woman came forward bowing Escort bayan Ankara amongst her many chains.
“Prepare her for my bed tonight.”
With that he flung her naked body to the slave woman’s and both were removed from the festivities.
Titus drank wine, fought in a few brawls, and killed one of his own for taking a slave girl he had been eyeing. Looking at the slave girl’s broken body he spit and decided it was time to for the main event.
Entering his tent he found Princess Elzira tied to his bed pallet by steaks dug into the ground. Her body naked and stretched. She lay motionless in exhausted sleep, and she did not wake as Titus removed his weapons and de-robed.
His large muscled flesh shivered with aroused pleasure as he crawled on top of the girl. His long tongue licking up her neck, causing her to shutter and wake.
Good, he thought, he wanted her awake for this.
Grasping his throbbing 10 inch cock in his fist, he placed the head at the based on her naked hairless slit. She gasped out as he began to enter her, forcing her to stretch and contract as he pressed into her. She let out a scream, his too large cock gradually going deeper with each thrust.
He grasped her tiny hips and heaved, grunting with the force as her screams turned to guttural gasps. Her delicate features etched with pain.
For a moment Titus was seized with anger, this small Elven girl wouldn’t last another inch, he would split her in half before even finishing.
In his anger he jerked into her with furious thrusts. But although she cried out, she continued to take him in, her tight slit squeezing his thick hard rod like any beast in heat.
He reached a barrier, and dragged her body forward to force his way past it. Elzira cried out in agony as he destroyed her virginity, laying claim to her body.
His cock was so huge inside her, her breaths came out in shallow gasps as her stomach contracted to try and make room for his entry.
He began pumping wildly, the beat of the drums outside no match for his fast pace. Her rasping breaths turning to rapidly beating moans as he fucked her body raw.
He was impressed by her durability, it was just as King Regen had said, her body was resilient to the stretch and violent pounding of his manhood.
Her restraints dug into her wrists and ankles creating a friction as her body was pumped while being bound in place.
Eventually his body shuttered and he felt heat rise and pulse from his shaft as he spurted his seed inside of her. She filled and over flowed with hot sticky semen, at first appearing unconscious, but Titus soon realized she had simply submitted to her fate after an hour of him ravaging her body.
Grunting, he cut her bindings and pulled her small frame on top of him, one arm pressing her to him like a rag doll in a sleeping child’s arms. With one last shuttering breath, he fell asleep satisfied.
When Titus awoke it was very early dawn. He realized he had awoken because of movement, and too late he had his own knife to his throat. Elzira knelt before him, green eyes somehow both enraged and frightened. Her breathing heavy she began to move the muscles in her arm to slay him when he grabbed her by the throat, cutting off her air until she dropped her weapon. Rising, he held her up. She grabbed at his fist that choked her, trying to free herself from him.
He smiled.
“Finally, a little fight from you. I was beginning Bayan escort Ankara to wonder if you were all bite, no fight.”
She spit at him and he dropped her, she heaved and gasped on the ground trying to regain air, but he was on top of her before she had fully recovered.
“Lets see how well you fight me now, Princess.” He mocked, dragging her by her ankle toward him.
She lunged forward but it was no use. In seconds he had mounted her, grabbing her from behind and holding her firmly against his, once again, fully erect cock.
“Noooo!” She screamed, the first words she had ever uttered in his presence. He laughed as her little body squirmed beneath him and her firm round ass was pressed onto him.
The sounds that escaped as he entered her were indescribable. Throaty groans made soft by her high pitched voice. Her body lurched as he began pounding into her tight puckered hole. Her arms dragging as she tried to escape the unescapable. Grabbing her shoulder he was able to gain more leverage still and filled her with his cock, her body shuttering with the pounding as he glided in and out of her, gaining speed as he became for rigid. Sweat built up on his chest as he laid waste to her. He dragged himself out of her ass only to penetrate her slit once more, loading her again with his seed.
He remained inside of her as her body collapsed unconscious.
He exited his tent bare showing his manhood and approached one of his generals.
“Command back our troops. We ride for home by noon.”
King Regen once again approached on horseback, this time a caravan at his back.
“King Titus. I see your men have fell back. Does this mean we are no longer at war?”
King Titus hated Regen’s smug tone but could not deny it. Regen had come through.
“We are not.”
King Regen smiled at this.
“Then I take it my daughter shall suffice?”
“She shall.”
“Good. And now that you have seen what even our youngest is capable of, the other benefit of our treaty.”
Now King Regen gestured towards the caravan. The door opened and three young women stepped out. Each one just as beautiful as the last, all three clearly royalty, and clearly Elves. One stood apart from the rest however, her hair was a glossy black that fell passed her lower back, her eyes a light green where Elzira’s were dark. She wore female body armor and a sword at her side, though her hands were bound in front of her so she could not use it. Those emerald eyes showed a dignified fury.
“My other three daughters. Myren, Vira, and Shazia.” Shazia was the one Titus had been eyeing. Her body was sharply curved where Elzira had been willowy. Breast plaits emphasized her womanly figure all the more. She spit on the ground, fire showing in her features.
“Shazia is my second born, a commander in my western fleet. This makes up in total all of my female heirs. A gift to you, as our sign of alliance and peace.”
“Traitor!” Shazia cried out at her father ferociously, but Regen seemed unbothered.
“Shazia does not know her place, but she shall do as she must for her Kingdom. As is her duty.” He said this sternly.
“Use any as you wish. Once Elzira is with child it can be dangerous for a creature of your…endowment to enter her safely. To prevent you from pillaging our lands to keep yourself satisfied, I present to you some alternatives. Their sacrifice, for the greater good our our Kingdom.”
Titus beat his chest firmly with his fist.
“A treaty has been made.”
His eyes never left Shazia as he spoke. He would not wait till Elzira was with child to enjoy the spoils of war.

To Be Continued (Maybe)

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