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On a warm summers eve, I’ve returned home late from working. It was a hard day at the office with complaining clients and other lawyers running around looking like they hadn’t a clue. IM so exhausted from the day. I grab the key on my key chain and go into the house. I place my keys and purse on the table next to the door. I slip of my shoes, and sit down on the couch in the living room, although I’m exhausted I’m not tired in the least. I decide a swim would be absolutely fantastic. I get up and walk up stairs to my bedroom. I take off my stockings (one at a time first releasing the stocking from the retrains that hold them there). I pull my shirt from skirt. I unbutton it slowly. I have a habit of standing near a mirror all the time when I undress. I slip off my shirt and admire how my breasts look in the bra IM wearing. I just bought it this past weekend. I truly needed the bigger size of 38c. I run my hands over my breasts slowly cupping them. My hands travel downward to my belly. Not an inch of fat. My hands move down to my hips, and I stand there another second admiring my good looks. I reach behind and undo the clasp to my skirt. I unzip it and let it fall to the floor. I kick it to the other side of the room. I reach behind again and undo my bra and toss it on the bed. I hook my thumbs in my panties and pull them off. I look in the mirror again, admiring my naked body. My full firm breasts, all the way down to my pussy. I run my hand over my pussy hairs. A take a few steps back and fall onto the bed.

I lay on the bed with my knees up caressing my breasts. I run my left hand down my tummy, to my pussy hairs. I like the feeling of touching my hairs right on my lips. I turnover onto my belly and continue playing with the hairs. I slip a finger inside and play with the inside of my lips. MMM that does feel so nice. My middle finger searches out my clit. I move it slowly up and down, very slowly at first, rubbing over my hot pussy hole every once and a while. oooh!!! God IM getting so hot and aroused. IM so wet. I cant stand it much longer. I dip my finger into my hole, just a little teasing. I can feel my self pulsating.not yet I don’t wanna come just yet. I move my finger back to my lit and begin small circular motion on it, still touching the even more growing wet hole.. ooooooh!!!!. IM breathing heavier and heavier. My hips are bucking toward my finger. I can’t stand it any longer.. ooooooh ooooooooooh!!! I stick my finger into my pussy. I push it in as far as I can possible get it to go. I then begin to move my hips, rubbing my clit on my hand as my finger moves in and out. oooooooh ooooooooh!!!! God IM fucking my hand and it feels so fucking incredible. All of a sudden I thrust my hips downward on to my finger taking even more of it in. IM frozen I cant move ooooooooooh MY GOD!!! IM cumming.my body is shuddering from the incredible climax I had. My cum is running into my hand. WOW!! what a feeling.

I roll over on the bed, now laying face up. I look over at the door and I just notice you standing there. You were so amazed at my show that you became incredible aroused. You had unzipped you pants and pushed them off.you were stroking your Hugh cock. Before even one word could be spoken, you moved to the end of the bed grabbed my thighs and pulled me to the edge. You stuck you face between my legs and ran you tongue right down the center of my pussy. You sucked at each of the lips briefly and burrowed you tongue straight for my clit. Instantly you found it. You began teasing it slightly then grabbed hold of it with you lips and began sucking on it… OOOOOOOO my GOD!!! oooooooooooh!!!! That feels sooo good I said. You began attacking my clit again with you tongue. Up and down, back and forth. OOOOOHHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! You new how excited you were getting me you slowed your pace so not to make me cum right away. You can smell the sweet perfume of my first cum. You stick Kıbrıs Escort your finger into my pussy and begin fucking it as you suck my clit again…OOOOH MY GOD!!! IM gonna cum you keep this up. That’s when you removed you finger, and slid it gently into my hot ass. Still licking, and sucking my pussy. You stick you tongue in the entrance to my hole and begin fuck me with you tongue.. OH MY GOD!!! IM going to cum. My body is about to convulse with pleasure and you stop. You give me a few seconds to recover slightly. You place your cock at the entrance to my hole and thrust in. Back and forth you fuck me. You push my legs up to my chest and while in a standing potion you drive your cock yet further into my pussy, again and again, you fuck me hard. We’re both moaning hard. You release my legs and I wrap them around you waist as we both cum together.

You clasp on the bed next to me. I move quietly to the end and between you legs. I tell you quickly your not done yet. I wrap my lips around your cock. It springs back to life. I slowly take all of it in. Its in my throat now. I fuck your hard swollen cock with my mouth. In and out being sure to lick the head. Your moaning wildly and your fingers are digging into the bed spread. You grab my hair and push your cock even deeper into my throat. Your hips are bucking wildly with each trust. Your fucking my mouth wildly. IM getting very aroused again and IM fingering my pussy. You grab my hair again and trust again and again, OOOOOHHHHHHH SHIT you say. One more thrust and you shoot you hot cum deep into my throat. I push you back onto the bed to ride you, taking you still hard cock deep into my throbbing pussy. I squeeze it hard with my pussy muscles. My hips buck wildly at you being inside me. OOOOOOHHHHH GOD!!! You Feel Soo FUCKING GOOD OOOOOHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!! I say. We’re fucking wildly as we both start to reach our next climax together. I grind my pussy down hard onto your cock and you thrust with all your might. We both cum together.

Now defiantly exhausted and tired from today and tonight’s evens I roll off you and lay next to you. You put you arms around me and hold me close. we lay there for a while until we both fall asleep.

I wake the next morning and hear you in the shower. Mmm I here myself think. Maybe ill go join you for a shower. I walk into the bathroom and climb into the shower. You hadn’t noticed me yet because you’ve had you back to the door and you head under the shower. I run my hand up your back and down your side, I run my other hand from your back to the front of your chest. I bring both my hands down until I rest them on your thighs. You bring your arm over my head as you turn around. You bend over and gentle kiss my lips. My hands are now resting on you ass cheeks. I give a little squeeze. You back me up a little and rest both hand on the wall behind me and continue kissing me. More passionately, you’ve slipped your tongue in my mouth and were kissing so wildly. My hands are roaming over your body from 1 place to another as you kiss me.

I place my hands on your chest and push you back a smidgen. I look at you with a devilish grin as I come closer to you and start kissing your neck. Small sucking kisses. I kiss the left side of your neck working my way down to you chest. I run my hands over your chest feeling the muscles as I kiss you slowly everywhere.

I begin sucking on you right nipple, while I play with the left in my finger tips. I stroke it gentle with my tongue then I flick it and suck on it some more before moving over to the other. I do the same kissing, licking, flicking and sucking with the other nipple.

My hand travels downwards to you hard cock. I run my hand down the length of it to you balls, where I give you a squeeze. I run my hand back up the length of your cock to the tip. I play with the tip with my fingers getting you even more excited. my lips Kıbrıs Escort Bayan and tongue begin traveling towards to your belly. I trace small patterns in your belly with my tongue. IM kissing and sucking as I go.

Still further down my mouth travels until I get to your cock. I stick out my tongue and trace small circles on the tip. I stop and continue kissing and sucking the top part of you thigh. I move towards the inside and suck and kiss and trace with my tongue I move my hand to the opposite side of your other thigh. IM caressing it with my hand. My other hand has traveled to you ass and is gentle caressing and stroking your ass cheek. I move my mouth upwards to the tip of your cock and trace a small circle over it again. I stop, I start down the other thigh, working my way inside teasing you. I run my hand from you ass to the front of your belly.

I caress downwards towards the base of your cock. I wrap my hand around you balls again teasing you even more. I work my tongue back up to the tip of you cock. I trace it again with my tongue, this time take just the tip into my wet mouth. You let out a moan of pleasure. I circle the tip of your cock with my tongue while its in my mouth.you try to push it in deeper but I wont let you. I suck just the tip before I take it out of my mouth and run my tongue along the shaft of you cock, down to the base. I suck on the base of your cock and continue downward to you balls.

I take 1 into my mouth and suck on it gently, I then suck on the other before I continue to head back up. I place the tip of you cock in my mouth and suck on just the tip again teasing you relentlessly. Finally when you cant stand much more. I slowly take a little more in and take it back out. in a little more and back out. Finally I take it in again and I slide it all the way into the back of my throat. I suck on your cock for a while and encircle the tip kissing and sucking. I take your cock all the way in and you shoot your hot cum deep into my throat as I swallow it all. You moan with tremendous pleasure.

You stand me up and begin kissing me, while you right hand begins to explore my breast.you caress the outside of it. down to the nipple.you gentle caress the nipple growing harder and harder in your finger tips.You start kissing my neck and running your tongue down the side.you bring you mouth back up toward my ear and say,” its your turn”, I moan with pleasure.you pick me up and carry me into the bedroom.You stand me up next to the bed. Your hand going straight to my breast and continuing from where it had left off. You bring your mouth down on my nipple sucking it in gently while in your mouth you run your tongue around it teasing it to full erection. You stop sucking and stick out your tongue flicking it back and forth over and over again until you wrap your lips back around it sucking it in again. Mmmmmmmm God your driving me nuts. You bring your other hand down and begin caressing my other breast. playing with my nipple between your fingers teasing it. My head rolls back and I moan with pleasure.

You stop sucking and teasing my nipple with your mouth and run your tongue along the inside of my breast. With your other hand you push them both together. and begin licking the cleavage. You bring your tongue down to my other nipple and begin teasing and sucking it like you did with the first. Mmmmmmmmmmmm I moan again with pleasure. Still holding them both against each other you suck them both back and forth switching frequently. You stop sucking and pinch my nipples gently while your tongue travel south.

You bring you tongue just above my pubic hair and linger there sucking and caressing with your mouth, all the while still rolling my nipples in your fingers. You kneel on the floor still playing right above my pubic hairs. You bring your hands down along the outside of my body slowly.you run them down the Escort Kıbrıs length of my long legs and back up again stopping on my ass. You begin sucking on my inner thigh just below my pussy. You hands trace the outline of my ass, and you give a gentle squeeze. You part my ass and trace along the outer edge towards my pussy. Ooohhhh God your driving me wild. You tease my hairs sending shivers through out my body. IM dripping wet thinking and feeling what you are doing to me.

You continue teasing my hairs very gentle as not to actually touch them. You bring you hands around the front of me again and place them on the inside of my thighs. You spread them wider apart.you bring your fingers up close to my dripping pussy and touch the hairs ever so slightly sending more shivers through out my body. With a little more pressure you gently run your fingers on the outside of my pussy tracing it. You begin to retrace it back the way your fingers came this time a little more pressure your fingers dip into the folds brushing past my hard clit.

I moan with tons of pleasure begging you to suck on my clit and make me cum. You say “soon baby soon.” You run your fingers back threw my pussy stopping at the entrance to my existence ooooooohh yes please baby fuck me with your finger I say. Slowly you inch it all the way in. Then take it out. IM shaking from the pleasures your teasing me with. You stand up and turn me around. You tell me to bend over and put my hands on the bed. I do as you’ve requested. You rub you hands alone my back, and back up. then down my sides and hips until the stop at my ass. You kneel down again behind me. Using your thumb you begin teasing my pussy hairs again. You gently stick your thumb into the folds of my pussy. You begin rubbing my clit in small circles teasing it.you take both your thumbs and spread my pussy lips far apart.

You stick out your tongue and begin gently licking my pussy, until it comes into contact with my clit. You flick it a little sending shivers again through my body. You wrap your lips around my clit and begin sucking. Oooooohhhhh God your driving me mad. Suddenly you stop. You take your finger and push it deep inside me, pulling it back out slow. Your thumb rubbing my clit as you push it deep inside me again. I push back on you finger taking more in. You take it out and push two fingers deep inside. While your fingers are deep inside my pussy you sick your tongue out and flick it against my clit. You take your fingers all the way out, and stop flicking my pussy. You place your middle finger on the entrance to my ass, and rub a little. You push your finger into my tight ass and begin sucking on my pussy again. You take you thumb and push it into my pussy. oohhhhhh my God!!! Your finger fucking my ass and my pussy the pleasure is so unbearable. I push myself back to take more of your fingers inside.The pleasure ooh, ooh im gonna cum I say. You stop and tell me not yet.

You push me onto the bed and place me on my hands and knees. You position your self at the end of the bed standing, placing the head of your cock at the entrance of my pussy. You thrust deep and hard into me, pulling it out and thrusting in again and again. You pull your rock hard cock out and tell me your gonna fuck my tight hot ass. You place the head of you cock at the entrance of my ass hole and gentle ease it inside.you take it back out and goto the night stand. You grab my rubber dildo and return to the end of the bed.you place you cock at the entrance of my ass again and push it inside. You place the dildo at the entrance of my pussy and push it deep inside.

You pull the dildo out and thrust it hard into my pussy. Then you pull you cock out and push it back in.you fucking my ass and pussy and how this feels so fucking good. Back and forth you rotate from push and pulling you hard cock to pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of me. I hear you moaning with pleasure as you fuck my ass. Oh God I say IM gonna cum, yes baby you say cum all over this dildo for me as I cum deep inside you tight ass. We cum together nearly at the same time. Both shaking from the incredible bliss. We fall onto the bed, moaning with the pleasure we both shared.

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