A Special Treat

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One brisk spring afternoon Darcie was anticipating the arrival of her friend Heather. The two had planned an afternoon of trying out her grandmother’s fudge recipe and watching some sexy movies. After a few hours had passed while Darcie washed her dishes and did a load of her intimates in the wash, she heard the ding-donging of the door bell.

Expecting only her friend, Darcie didn’t bother to change out of her short shorts or put on a shirt to cover her bra clad breast. She daintily jogged to the door while her large breasts jiggled up and down in her 38E cup bra. The bra had been a perfect fit about a year ago, but it was begging to get just a tad bit tighter and the feeling of her breasts bulging out and fighting to get free from their confines reminded Darcie she needed to get herself resized in the near future. She was guessing she growing up to an F cup, but wasn’t entirely sure. Anyway, that should be reserved for another day because today was reserved for Heather and that scrumptious fudge!

Once Darcie had reached the door, she barely noticed her dark areolas contrasting with her light olive skin had popped just a bit above the bra hemline. On the contrary, half of her nipple on her left breast could plainly be seen, but she shook off the notion and opened the door. That was the moment when Darcie received quite a shock.

Heather stood at Darcie’s door dressed in her usual flip-flops, little short shorts and cute little halter top with her beautiful red hair tied back in a pony tail. Darcie could sense something was different about her friend. She’d known Heather since grade school. These two girls would sleep over at each other’s houses and did all the things that young, curious girls do. Hence, Darcie knew every inch of Heather’s body and she knew Heather’s C cup breasts never popped out on the sides of her halter tops or showed off so much creamy white cleavage at the neck line.

Darcie just stood in the door way mouth agape until Heather brought her down from her trance. “Darc? Can I come in,” she said.

The redheaded vixen could tell her friend noticed the change not only from her jaw falling to the floor, but from the wrinkled hardness her nipples changed into. Maybe it was also because of the slight breeze, but Heather had a feeling her new look had excited her good friend in more ways than one.

Trying to act like nothing had happened, Darcie lead Heather into the kitchen where she offered her a drink. The two went through a bit of small talk before Darcie got on the subject of the tasty fudge. Heather’s mind was on her own large breasts so much that she forgot about making the sweets, but giggled as she recalled the recipe and retrieved it from her purse.

After checking over the list of ingredients from the recipe card, Darcie began to fetch everything they would need to make their sweet delights. She couldn’t help but notice how Heather followed her around the kitchen very closely. There were some moments when Darcie would turn around to ask Heather about certain measurements and Heather’s face was right next to Darcie’s while Darcie thought her friend was at the other end of the kitchen. When they’d notice what had happened, both girls would giggle and quickly get back to what the task at had was.

After much preparation of the ingredients, it was soon time to mix the batter. Heather volunteered to mix everything up. So, Darcie hefted the huge mixing bowl over to her friend and set the temperature for the oven. Heather began mixing the batter and just a bit of the chocolaty substance splashed up at her and onto her breasts. Well, it was kinda hard to prevent that from happening because Heather’s breasts were so large that they hung over the bowl while she bent over the table to mix everything. Just as the brown stuff flew up at Heather, she let out a hearty laugh.

Darcie flung herself around to see what the joviality was all about. “What happened,” ejaculated Darcie. Just as she said those words, she noticed her friend’s fingers wipe up the gooey mess that had dabbled onto her porcelain breasts. “Oh…” Darcie said softly.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. I can get it,” Heather giggled back. “Hey, I’m surprised you of all people didn’t notice.”

“Didn’t notice what,” Darcie said acting bewildered, but knew exactly what her friend was talking about.

In response to her friend’s comment, Heather hastily cupped her heavy breasts up and jiggled them in an attempt to get Darcie’s attention. Needless to say it worked. Darcie felt relief that her friend wanted her to notice the obvious endowment of her breasts. She was afraid of hurting the feelings of one of her best friends and didn’t want to say anything to avoid a fight.

“Oh yeah…” Darcie said coolly. “Did you get implants? If so, that’s cool. They look great, but your breasts were perky as hell and you hardly ever wore a bra because of it. Heather, you were a C cup and most guys think that is pretty big.”

“I know,” answered Heather still holding and rubbing Anadolu Yakası Escort her large mammaries. “But, you know how I’ve always been just a little bit jealous of you and the other girls because all of you have great big titties. I didn’t exactly want to get implants because of the health risks and the scarring and everything. Sure, I wanted bigger boobs, but I wasn’t going to have them looking all ugly and unnatural.”

“What happened? Are you having an uber-period or something?”

“No silly,” Heather laughed back. “I went to my doctor for my monthly check up and asked her what kinds of alternatives there were to implants. Well, she told me about these pills that haven’t been approved by the FDA that her pharmacist friend had tons of samples of.” Heather pulled the prescription bottle out of her purse. “He was even nice enough to pop the pills out of their blister packs and bottle them up for me.”

“Are you sure that’s safe?” Darcie seemed cautious and raised a concerned eye towards Heather’s full breasts.

“I’m not sure, but it isn’t that bad. She gave me a thirty day supply and this is what has happened in a week. It’s much faster than some of the other shit I’ve seen advertised on the Internet. Well, there are a couple of drawbacks. One, these pills are so fucking nasty! If I wasn’t so bound and determined to get bigger tits, I’d have probably already chucked these things by now. Just the taste alone made me throw one up.”

Darcie was obviously puzzled. “If they taste that bad and make you react that way, how the hell are you able to take them then?”

“Well, I called my doctor about it,” Heather continued. “She said that I could take them with food and the taste and nausea wouldn’t be so bad. It’s kinda like putting ketchup on something you don’t like. It doesn’t take all of the taste away, but it helps. As far as the nausea, it subsides after an hour or so.”

“Oh, so what are the others? You said that was one. What else is there?”

“Obviously these,” Heather giggled while pinching her hardened nipples through her white halter top. “But, it’s also like my libido has kicked itself up a notch or two, and my titties feel really…”

“What?” Darcie was holding her breath to hear all about her friend’s amazing new boobs.

“Alive! I don’t mean something is going to pop out of them like in an alien movie, but they just feel like they do when I get my monthly girl, but without all the cramps and mood swings. On top of all that, I just feel so much sexier.”

Darcie’s nipples were diamonds from just listening to her friend talk about her titties and watching her rub them to hardness. It wasn’t just rubbing. It was as if Heather was near the brink of worshipping her own milk mounds. After watching her friend’s sexy scene for a moment, Darcie piped up, “yeah, I really do like the way my titties feel when I’m on the rag. They seem to fill out just a bit more. I swear it sometimes feels like I gain almost a full cup size…”

“Uh-huh…” Heather was groping her massive jugs more with desire.

“It’s not enough to make me look forward to my period. God knows I don’t look forward to that, but it’s a nice pay off for dealing with that bullshit every month.”

Heather stopped for a moment. An idea lit up her demeanor and she quickly grabbed her prescription bottle. “Hey Darc, how would you like your titties to feel like that right now?”

“Oh no, I’m not going to take one of those pills if it’ll make me throw up and then lose my appetite for this fudge…”

“No, I’m not suggesting we take it alone. Let’s put it in the fudge!” Heather seemed very giddy and started to skip a little bit while clutching her bottle.

“I don’t know,” Darcie shrugged. I mean, I wear a 38E. It’s fine for me, but I think my boobies are growing again. I mean…” Darcie gasped and started to giggle uncomfortably. “Oh god! I didn’t know my nipples were slipping out of my bra!”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before, Darc. Sheesh!” Heather shook her head. “Look, these girls gradually came to after like five days. I’m telling you. This stuff is great!”

Darcie felt her inhibitions leaving her for some reason. It might’ve been because she got so turned on by her friend feeling herself up, but she didn’t give a fuck anymore. “Okay, go ahead and put a few pills in. Hell, if I’m going to have to get a new bra I might as well go for broke, huh?”

With that said, Heather opened the bottle and was only able to shake one pill into the mixture as Darcie quickly mixed it all up. The pills kept being stubborn as Heather tried fruitlessly to shake a few more out. The frustration built up more inside Heather until she shook so much and dumped the whole thing into the mixing bowl. Darcie had mixed most the pills up into the chocolate batter. Once the both realized what they had done they each gave the other a puzzled look and asked one another what should be done. After quite a bit of deliberating, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the girls decided to just cook the fudge and eat it any way. Besides, it’s not like they weren’t able to sue Heather’s doctor if anything went wrong in the first place.

The two ladies decided to sit and talk while waiting on their fudge to cook for the next half hour. Mostly the topic of discussion revolved around their breasts.

“So,” said an inquisitive Heather. “You’re outgrowing your E cups, huh?”

“Yeah. Well, it’s not that bad… but it feels like this bra has gradually been getting tighter for the past month. I probably just need to get resized. Maybe my ribcage has expanded or something. Who knows?”

“Do you mind if I try your bra on since I haven’t been fitted yet,” Heather asked sheepishly. Darcie compared her breasts with Heather’s and figured they were close to the same size. She still couldn’t get over the fact that her smaller breasted friend of all this time was seriously asking to try on her bra. Hell, she was still amazed at seeing her friend with a hug pair of tits. Not that Darcie was upset because she thought her friend looked ten times hotter with her gigantic jugs.

Without saying a word, Darcie brought her hands around her back and undid the clasps. She shrugged her shoulders out of the bra and Heather took the bra by the under wires. Darcie could feel her friend’s nails gently drag along her soft titflesh. It made Darcie’s clit jump at being touched like that by another woman. Upon her breasts’ release from their prison, Darcie instinctively brought her hands up to cup her heavy mounds, but not to hide; to pleasure herself. For being a bigger girl with breasts as large as hers, Darcie was fortunate to have quite a bit of perkiness with her endowment. There was definitely a bit of hang to her girls, but not too much. Heather carefully put her friend’s brassiere on and brought the clasps back around to fit. Both girls stared at her bra-clad breasts.

“What do you think?” Darcie was smiling as if she were in a sorority and her best friend had just been initiated.

“Oh, my titties fill out these cups for sure,” Heather squealed. “But, the band might be just a bit too loose. Of course, my rib cage is quite a bit smaller than yours, hun.”

“Shut up, you whore,” Darcie teased.

“You’re just jealous because I make your bra look better than you do,” Heather laughed.

“Well, at least my man loves my curviness and doesn’t mind me having a bit of a tummy.” Darcie stuck out her tongue at Heather and proceeded to raspberry at her friend.

“Shit. Don’t even bring him up; he was such a fucking psycho! Dating him was like dating Richard Simmons on crack or something. I later found out that he didn’t like the little bit of pudge I had on my tummy and he wasn’t going to have sex with me until he was satisfied with my abs and all.”

Darcie gasped out of disbelief. “You mean that’s why he made you do all those crunches before you guys started making out all hardcore?”

“Totally. It wasn’t because of the endorphins going to my brain like he said. Sure, that was a boost and it really did work, but he had a fucking ulterior motive the whole time.”

“Honey, I would kill to have your figure; especially now! But before, just because you had a tad bit of fat on your skinny butt didn’t mean you needed to be on a strict fucking diet and exercise program.”

“Yeah, but that’s what you get when you date a health nut. Sure, he had a great body and was really cute, but I think he was insecure about the possibility of having a fat and ugly girlfriend.” Heather quickly felt the need to correct herself. “Not that I’m saying you are…”

Darcie shrugged. “It’s okay. My man has told me plenty of times that he likes a woman with some meat on her bones. The only thing I need to lose is my bit of a gut. Too bad I couldn’t have dated your ex for a while.”

Both girls howled with laughter at the thought. Then, the oven timer went off. The ladies snapped their attention to the appliance. Darcie grabbed an oven mitt while Heather opened the oven door. Both girls marveled at the sight of their freshly baked treats. Normally, a batch of fudge would look somewhat hardened and candied, but this batch looked like some very moist brownies without the frosting. In fact, the chocolate dessert had raised just a hair above the pan.

“Whoa, grandma’s fudge never looked like this,” Heather whispered intensely.

“Your grandma’s fudge didn’t have your titty pills in it either,” Darcie answered. “I just hope they weren’t wasted by the heat of the oven.”

“Look at it this way: if you can cook weed and not have it lose its effect, this shouldn’t be a problem.” Darcie grabbed a knife and cut the fudge into squares. The dessert easily lifted out of the pan with hardly any sticking.

“Why don’t you go put the movie on and I’ll finish cutting the rest of these. Here’s a piece.” Heather turned Escort Anadolu Yakası and rounded the corner to the living room and then pooped back into the kitchen topless.

“Here,” she said tossing Darcie’s bra to her. “I’m sorry I didn’t think about giving this back to you earlier.”

Darcie caught her garment and flashed her friend a sexy smile. Heather walked back into the living room as Darcie stuffed a freshly cut piece of fudge into her mouth and began cutting. Once she was finished, she grabbed a plate to place the fudge squares on for serving. While placing the candy on the plate, Darcie helped herself to another piece. Then, just when she was about to walk into the living room with the candy, Darcie remembered that she had just left her bra on the counter. She instinctively turned to get it and put it on. She wondered why she was doing such a thing. It wasn’t like Heather was going to be uncomfortable with Darcie being topless. Both of them being topless seemed like second nature since they were always flashing their tits when they were drunk at parties with all of their other busty friends. Still, Darcie felt it was best to put the garment back on. Besides, the slightly constrictive support was better than no support. After Darcie put her bra back on, she grabbed another piece of fudge and took a bite. Just as she was walking towards the threshold between the kitchen and the living room, Darcie’s breasts started feeling a little bit heavier and the bra seemed to get tighter. Darcie just ignored it and attributed it to the bra’s tightness before.

Just when Darcie walked into the living room, she was greeted with a somewhat surprising sight. She could’ve sworn she saw Heather pinching and rubbing her nipples through her white halter top and then quickly put her hands down once Darcie came into the room. Upon registering Darcie’s presence, Heather bounded up off the couch and went for the plate of fudge. Darcie also couldn’t’ help but notice what seemed to be a wet spot on the crotch of Heather’s shorts. But she said nothing.

“It’s about time you got that stuff cut. I started the movie!”

The ladies sat down on the couch and fixed their eyes on the television. Darcie had rented Embrace of the Vampire. Both Heather and Darcie were huge fans of the show “Charmed” and they had girl crushes on all three of the female leads. Darcie’s boyfriend had seen Embrace of the Vampire before and told her all about the nude scenes with Alyssa Milano. Naturally, Darcie wanted to see it and figured Heather might enjoy it also. Both girls were involuntarily grabbing the fudge and eating almost habitually. After a few moments, the film got to the part where Alyssa is changing her shirt and asks her boyfriend to turn away.

“Her tits are so fake!” Heather chomped on her mouthful of fudge.

“They still seem nice. I think it’s because of the puffiness of her nipples that still makes them look sexy,” Darcie stated while grabbing for another piece of fudge.

At that moment, Heather turned to look at Darcie. Her eyes bugged out at the sight of her friend. She and Darcie knew each other’s bodies very well, and she noticed a slight change in her friend. While Darcie’s breasts were perky for their size, her nipples did seem to droop down just a bit compared to women with smaller breasts. Now, her tan nipples weren’t hidden or barely hidden by the bra anymore. They had come up above the upper hem of her brassiere. Her breasts were practically pushing her bra cups below them to get free.

“Uh Darcie, hunny…,” Heather stammered.

“What…,” Darcie turned to her friend and got quite an eyeful as well. Heather’s white halter was the proverbial man moving a mountain and straining to keep her pale-skinned orbs restrained. Heather’s nipples were stretching the material out towards Darcie while the sides of her tits were spilling out even more near her arm pits from the halter top. “Oh my god, Heather!”

Heather reeled back in shock from her friend’s sudden outburst and then traveled to where her friend’s sight was fixed. She almost jumped out of her seat at the sight of her babies. “Wow, I hardly could notice. That’s amazing! But, look at yours…”

Darcie didn’t need to be told and had already seen the mammoth swelling that had taken place in her breasts. She brought her fingers up to touch her puffy nipples poking out of the tops of her bra cups.

“This is so fucking weird, but so fucking cool! I can understand what you mean by your breasts feeling alive. Oh god, it is almost like when I’m on my period, but more intense.”

“Yeah, and no bleeding down there. Your boyfriend sure is going to fuck the shit out of you tonight!”

Darcie gave Heather a sly look. “He’d better! If he doesn’t maul my big titties, I’m going to have to take him to the emergency room. I might any way because he might die of a heart attack!” Both girls laughed at the thought. “Oh my god! This is un-fucking-believable! I am starting to get a bit hornier, too. Just the sight of these new tits is making me wet…”

“Yeah, me too,” squealed Heather. “Do you mind if I touch them?”

Darcie shook her head no and raised her chest up to the delight of her friend. “Go right ahead, but if they feel really sensitive right now, I don’t know how they’ll feel with someone else’s hands on them.”

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