A Special Lunch

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(Author’s note: This tale is not of fiction, but a recollection of a recent encounter between myself and a colleague. It was a special event and I thought that I would share with any who read it. I would appreciate any comments or feedback. Enjoy the story.)

I work in sales for a large company in the West. Our office consists of several men and women intermingling and interacting with one another. Some of the women of somewhat attractive, judging by certain features that catch my eye: like breasts, legs, ass, face, eyes (in no particular order). In any office like ours, there is always a little flirting, suggestive comments (yes, even in the age of sexual harassment), and general playfulness among the colleagues. I tend to be a little more up front and bold about it, but I do it in a more complimentary display that would be appreciated, not creep them out. We have a nice rapport in the office, and there’s nothing wrong if it gets a little spicy from time to time, just to break up the tension.

There is one woman that really stands out to me. She is beautiful. She is older than me, but has a body of a woman ten years younger than me. Age becomes a non-factor in my desire for her, just as well as the fact that we work together, for which some would see as taboo. She has a beautiful, caring face; warm, loving eyes; and an extremely sexy body. It is always difficult for me to pass by her desk and not say hi, or for me to put my hand on her shoulder and see how her day is going. She usually accepts my attention by giving my hand a soft stroke or by pressing it against her cheek. Thoughts have always crossed my mind as to what the future would hold if the sexual vibe that exists between us becomes acted upon.

As the days have gone by, I have felt that my intentions may be a mutual idea. She would come over to my desk, telling me how handsome I look and how much she likes my eyes. I would and still do look forward to seeing her in the morning, to see her smile at me and give me that “look” that shows me that she is also happy to see me. As my own mind would wander, so would my imagination and fantasies. There were many of days that I would start the day in the shower, thinking about her, thinking about how sexy she is. Then my thoughts would wander by thinking about what I would like to do to her, how I would touch her, how I would kiss her, how would I make love to her.

I would start out my fantasy vision by feeling her body against mine, her sultriness pressed against me. Her eyes closed as she feels my hands wander all over her body. Naturally, as I am in a full mindset of desire, my hand slides down to my ever increasing erection, and begin to stroke it. The whole event imbedded in my imagination is driving the pumping and stroking of my ever growing hard cock. My hand slides up and down my shaft as I think of touching and caressing my fantasy lover. My constant desire for my colleague controls the actions of my hand on my cock. I think about reaching around from behind her, holding her, caressing her, kissing her neck, making her hot, making her want me, because that is my fantasy. I know my orgasm is approaching, so I think about sliding my hard, thick, cock deep inside her, pounding her deeper, as I shoot my cum, pumping it out hard on to the rushing water, cleaning my mess as I make it. I slump from my self-workout, fully engaged in the possibilities that someday I will make love to her.

Throughout the following weeks, the closeness between us, had increased. Once what was purely innocent banter and playful touching, had changed for the better. The banter and playful touching became up close whispers and kissing. She would come to my desk, look into my eyes, and then lower her lips to mine in a short, but knowing kiss. Soft, very nice pecks on the lips, followed by that “look” that says, “Someday.” We became more emboldened as our stolen smooches came more often through the day. Then, the kisses had a little extra to them, as our tongues would slide together in a very sexy kiss. I thoroughly enjoy her attentions, why wouldn’t I? She is absolutely adorable and now that she’s getting me worked up, I’m going to have to have her.

So as time went on, we would look for opportunities to be together. We would go out Escort Sincan to lunch together, which usually ended up in a hot and spicy make-out session for dessert. I was rather cautious with my wandering hands to her body, for I did not want to disrupt such beautiful moments by the possibility of an unwanted gesture. As difficult as it was to resist my temptations, I wanted that moment to be right, to a place where the passion will guide us to our special desires, and when our sharing will be at the most opportune time.

Things were looking up, when we were able to schedule ourselves together to visit some of her clients out in the field. I was her trainer for this activity, and naturally, it was a nice chance to have some alone time with her, so we could talk, have lunch together, exchange some kisses, and really to just enjoy each other’s company. I cherish the times when it’s just the two of us doing things together for I truly do enjoy being with her, maybe it’s just my feelings for her that were beginning to blossom. I ask myself at this point, “Am I falling in love with her? Or am I totally infatuated with her? Is it because I’m getting closer and closer to her? Or am I just longing to make love to her after the lengthy courting period that we have had? I know that it’s more than just sex; because if it was just that, it would really cheapen all the build up that has taken place to this point. I think we have been going at it the right way, it does feel special.

We went out and did our thing with the clients, attempting to get new business, as well as to extend the repeat business. It was a very routine adventure in that regards, since our business with these people is pretty solid, we just went through the motions. However, when there was an opportunity to kiss her, I rightfully and diligently performed to the best of my abilities, and for that I was rewarded with many kisses in return. We stopped and had a nice lunch, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, soaking in some wonderful potential that seems to be lurking somewhere within us, trying to get out.

She told me of some remodeling that she did at her house and wanted me to come over and take a look at it, which is a natural thing to show it off. My heart started beating a little faster and my mind started to conjure up all kinds of scenarios. I know I wasn’t the only one with these thoughts pounding away in the head. She must have felt the same way as she led me into her house. She showed me some of the tile work in the living room and halls, and then showed me her new plasma television, all very impressive, but I had other things in mind in the privacy of her home. We embraced and began kissing some more, lots of tongue, as my hands wandered over her breasts through her clothing. It was a welcomed advancement as her kisses gained passion as she pressed into me. Our kisses continued as we started getting pretty hot, but she decided that maybe we’d better get back to the office. I reluctantly withdrew, playing it safe, knowing that there would be other moments to share….in time.

As I was preparing to head for the door, she told me to wait a minute. She reached down onto my crotch and grabbed my cock through my pants and gave it a nice squeeze and a stroke. “I was just curious and I wanted to know,” she said. “Oh yeah? What about my curiosities?” I responded. “And what would that be?” I pulled her towards me and lifted up her shirt over her breasts, followed by the release of her breasts as I lifted her bra off them. They were spectacular. Surprisingly firm with rock hard nipples. I immediately wasted no time and lowered my head to her nipples. I licked and sucked each one. They were so hard, I couldn’t resist sucking on them. She let out a very sexy moan as I tended to her nipples. She tried to pull away and made a half-hearted attempt to stop where we are and get back to the office. I decided that I would be more persuasive, as I went for the gusto, kissing her hard, lots of tongue, heavy petting. Her moans had increased as she started rubbing me through my pants again, squeezing the length of my cock. Her hands felt nice through my pants, as my cock grew to full attention.

Our kissing picked up with lots of groping. Our hands were Sincan Escort all over each other, caressing, fondling, and stroking. My hands were all over her breasts as I kissed her lips. Her moans were extremely sexy and turning me on something fierce. Our passion continued to increase as well as our movements. My hands slid lower as I kissed her neck. I undid her pants and slid my hand inside. She responded by wrapping her arms around me and kissing me hard on my mouth, neck, and ears. Her moans picked up another notch as my fingers danced through her wetness, fingering her, playing with her clit. She was so hot and wet, and believe me, the seductiveness by her moans went beyond all desire. I continued on in her wetness and she gripped me tight as her body stiffened up, holding onto me hard, letting out a loud moan, and then came hard, flooding my hand in her juices. She slumped back into me, a little surprised, slightly overwhelmed, and very satisfied. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, pressing her body into me, covering her body with my arms, and keeping her there soaking in the moment of a wonderful afternoon of lust, and a wonderful afternoon of love.

As time went by in the next couple of weeks, there was some uncertainty of what we were to make of the little session we had. Are there some feelings we need to explore or do we dismiss it as a heat of the moment type of fling? We tried to dismiss it, however, the passion was there, and I don’t think we wanted to stop exploring…there was more to do and we both knew it. There is too much heat between us to stop it now, way to early for that. So perhaps there are some feelings or are we just so turned on by each other that we need to continue? I never have looked at our relationship as some tawdry affair, or some backdoor slam and go, I always looked at this relationship as something pretty special, with a little danger, but the desire had set the course, so we sail on.

After some stolen moments of kissing and a little fondling throughout the next few weeks, I asked her out to lunch. As we were driving away, I asked her where she would like to go eat, and she told me that it didn’t matter where we go. So I asked what she was hungry for, Italian, Mexican, or anything? She then said that I should make the decision, followed with a certain look that said so much more. I love that look she gives me when she does that, mmmm, even as I’m writing this, I still feel it – damn she’s hot! I leaned over and gave her a nice soft kiss, looked into her eyes, and basically let her know that the restaurants are going to be light two people, because we are going to be needing some private time – now I need to find a place where we can have our privacy.

We didn’t have time for a hotel room or anything, so we drove around looking for a little seclusion where we can enjoy each other. After a few attempts at certain locations, I was able to find a street in an industrial area with little or no traffic on it. I pulled over to the side of the road, along a fence protected by a high growth of oleander, that gave us enough cover. I put up the center console dividing us on the front seat, and placed the sunscreen windshield thingy for added obscurity. We were all set and pretty safe from any oncoming traffic views.

She immediately came over to me and we started kissing right away. First they were soft and slow, with us looking into each other’s eyes, feeling it…feeling it a lot. The heat came right away as we did some serious groping. I immediately lifted her shirt and released her breasts from her bra and began to give them my full attention. Her moaning that familiar sound was like sweet music to my ears. Her nipples responded to my tongue nicely as I wrapped my lips around them and sucked them gently, running my tongue all over them. She held my head to her chest as pushed out her beautiful breasts to me. As we continued, I reached down to her pants and undid her top button and pulled down her zipper. She, in turn, helped me along as she pushed her pants down and removed them off her legs. I was pleasantly surprised that she took them off, but when she leaned back against the seat giving me some room in the truck, I knew what to do next.

I spread her legs Sincan Escort Bayan apart as I moved myself down in between them. She was very wet, very hot, and very ready. I ran my fingers over her wetness and slid a finger inside her, much to her delight, pushing it in and out of her. She would push back against my hand taking me in. I have never seen her this worked up before, but I’ll say this, I liked it, I liked it a lot. I knew we were short on time, so after I removed my finger from inside her, I replaced it with my tongue. I slid my tongue right inside her, getting myself a nice taste of this sexy woman. As expected, her taste was very nice, the sweet nectar of her pussy. I looked up at her as she had her head back, totally giving herself to me, made me pause a little so I could admire what a beautiful body she has, and that I wanted to give her the most pleasure that I possibly could.

I parted her lips, and gave her a nice long lick, from her opening to just shy of her clit. She opened a little wider for me giving me more room. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, making my way to her nice, big, swollen clit. She moan loudly as I ran my tongue all over her clit, flicking my tongue all around, swirling over and over, then eventually wrapping my lips around it. I could feel her body respond by the way she move her hips to my tongue, feeling me licking her. Her clit is nice and big, just the way I like it, so I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck on it. Her movements picked up as her orgasm was approaching. She was moaning louder now as I kept sucking on her clit. My tongue kept flicking on her clit as I sucked on it. I sucked on it faster and faster, trying to be gentle for a little while, but began to pull it into my mouth, bathing it with my tongue. She cried out my name as I pulled on it once more, making her tighten up hard, then releasing as she came hard from my mouth on her pussy. Her wetness flowed as she pulsated to her hard orgasm, and I was there to lick it all up. And it was good – very good.

She sat up and immediately kissing me hard, kissing me deep, kissing me with the full passion of a woman so switched on. I returned her kisses with the same passion as I felt her hand reach for my hardness. Her fingers undid my pants, as she reached inside and felt me growing. Her hand felt nice stroking me, as it was the first time she had actually touched me there. I leaned back so I could enjoy her actions. She reached down and released my member from my pants, lowered her mouth onto me, and slid my hard cock into her mouth. It felt so good feeling her warm, wet mouth sliding up and down on me. I channeled my voyeuristic instincts as I watched her mouth slide up and down, sucking me – the feeling was incredible. Her welcomed ambition was very inspiring to me, for this was so unexpected, but who am I to complain?

She lifted her head up towards me and kissed me some more. I was so enjoying her heat. She moved herself over me and straddled me. We had some close quarters being in the front seat of my truck, but I don’t think it mattered whatsoever where we were, the time was now. I feel her warmth cover me as she lowered herself on me. I held on to hips to guide her up and down on my shaft, pushing in the best I could, considering the circumstances. It felt so good feeling her wet pussy riding me. She held on to wherever she could for leverage, and considering her feeling a steering wheel against her ass, I could really admire her tenacity. I watched her ride me, this so very hot and sexy woman, fucking me with all her might. She was fully in control, and her orgasms began to appear. She started cumming over and over as she fucked me. Her pussy covering my hard cock in her cum. I could feel it dripping down my legs. My cock was swelling inside her as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me hard making her feel my hard cock shoot my cum deep into her pussy. She shuddered as she came as I shot into her. Her body collapsed onto me in heap of sweat, totally spent from our hard and passionate session of love.

We gathered ourselves together and got ready to go back to work. It was amazing that we didn’t look like we just fucked through lunch, although our wobbly knees and pounding hearts said otherwise. To some, this might had seen as something that two over forty adults should not be doing, fucking in a car, but to me, it was a wonderful way of sharing a want that we both had to have. We sealed our afternoon of adventure with a long passionate kiss. Now it’s back to work.

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