A Spanking Good Time Ch. 03

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Big Tits

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and my secret visitors entered the house accompanied by Stan and Bill. There were five others and none of them had much to say when Stan went through the introductions. I was becoming more and more nervous and felt the lustful penetrating eyes of the men burning into me.

Going through the motions a hostess usually carries out I offered and poured drinks for my guests. I wasn’t prepared for the sudden change of manner, or the aggression that went with it. Hands came round me from behind and held my breasts. I was in the middle of the room and was turned to be displayed like the star of a sex show. I heard the unzipping of trousers as some men already felt the need to release their penises from the constraints of their clothing.

With glass and bottle still in my hands I felt helpless as fingers popped open the buttons of my dress. A man stood and walking in front of me raised my clothing and holding my apparel bunched in one hand he rubbed between my legs along the crack of my vagina.

For a long two minutes this carried on in silence and I found my own gaze couldn’t keep from focusing on the stiff pricks being masturbated in front of me. I was beginning to feel very scared but aroused by the bizarre and unusual manner of this group of sinister looking elderly men. The doorbell rang again and to my horror and surprise in walked two more men, younger men, big jet black men. My heart thumped when they grinned at the sight of me being made to show my underwear. The realisation that they were here to fuck me made me let out a muffled shriek. These men had come knowing I was prepared to be spanked and chastised with a whip – what else, and how much did they intend to test my sexual excesses?

Letting a few old men indulge their fetish of spanking my bum was quite different to what this group seemed to want. Somehow the presence of these younger men put things in a different light.

The bottle and glass were taken from my hand and still with silent and slow movements I felt my panties being peeled down my legs. I began to whimper quietly which caused some of the men to smile in a smug and evil way. Glancing at the two black men I noticed bulges appear in the front of their pants as they watched my underwear fall to uncover my sex organs. My bra was lifted above my breasts and the top of my dress was pulled down to trap my arms.

My attention was drawn back to the man in front of me as I realised that now he had removed his lower garments and was holding his erect penis against my slit. There was going to be no build up or any form of erotic foreplay – I was right away and without further ado going to be fucked! In his penis went and though I gritted my teeth expecting discomfort I realised with surprise how wet I was – the organ slid in and filled me completely. Now the man behind moved away and without warning I heard the first crack. The sound of the whip reached my ears before a split second later a searing stinging pain burned across my buttocks. I yelled as another stroke found its mark and made my body rise and fall while being held impaled on the other man’s very stiff penis.

The crowd was delighted as I managed through the tears and screams to see their increased hand action on their cocks and leering smiles cover their faces. The gentle build up of spanking and gradual arousal that I had known before and had expected this time was not to be – this was real sadism.

Time again the lash landed across my raw buttocks and each time it made contact I bucked against the cock in my vagina. For a time I was lost in my tears and pain until suddenly I became aware that I was writhing against the intruding penis more often than the whip was cracking against my bottom. The man was merely stood still holding me – it was I who was doing all the movements.

Looking me straight in the eye I saw the man smile as though he was more aware than I just how much I was aroused. Without thinking I let out a strange laugh like I was telling myself that really I was enjoying this and wanted more. My bottom burned and throbbed and then the lash was replaced by the flat of the hand of the man holding me. I knew he wanted me to fuck harder and with a manic smile I obliged him moving my hips to his slaps. So sore was my bottom that what would normally have been a gentle slap was intensified ten fold.

Now I didn’t mind my audience, now I wanted to please them. I amasya seks hikayeleri felt my own passion rising and tried desperately to hold back from orgasm. It was no use, some men laughed as they knew what was happening to me, I couldn’t hold back. When the man shot his load inside me I too burst into a screaming climax.

Now I was allowed to fall and lie along the length of the couch. My thoughts ran riot – it was all too soon – why had they brought me to those dizzy heights so quickly? I wanted more – I saw through half closed eyes all the other stiff cocks and wondered just what the point of the other men being there was? What had happened to that talent Stan and Bill had for prolonging and sexually teasing me until I willingly took their penis in mouth or cunt?

Lying still I felt my legs being gently spread, then felt a tickle around my wet slit. It happened again and I wriggled then tried to close my thighs. Hands prevented me and the tickling sensation became more intense making me writhe more. I tried to raise myself but found to my shock that I was pushed back down and forcibly held by my arms. I had caught a glimpse of the tickling implement – a large feather, gently teasing my cunt. First it was teasingly run from my anus to that little place that hides my clitoris then back again. I writhed as I waited for its next journey but when it came unexpectedly – or didn’t come at all – the torture was just as bad as the whip.

The men delighted in watching my pussy open and close as I wriggled and rose then lowered my hips. The torment became unbearable and I moaned loudly and begged for mercy. I felt fingers part my labia then the little folds covering my button – the feather touched the sensitive but small protruding piece of flesh that makes a woman unique – that little area that is there purely for sexual pleasure.

Once again a strange response overcame me – in spite of the torture and anguish I began to feel incredibly aroused. I delighted in seeing the reactions of the men as they followed every movement of my squirming body. I wanted to scream out and beg – beg for cock – my cunt ached to be filled and fucked. Still the feather worked on my clit then my arse making me moan and squeal. Finally I gave in and begged – it didn’t sound like my own voice – it sounded deranged and insane – I asked to be fucked – I begged for a cock inside me.

Opening my eyes I saw a thin short leather strap – it was poised in the air between my thighs. The moment I figured out its purpose coincided with its first contact on my cunt lips. It wasn’t a hard or vicious blow but the tenderness of my swollen blood filled pussy made me gasp for breath. Quickly my dress was yanked over my head and once more my arms were restrained. As the thin strap punished my cunt the feather was brought to play on my nipples, stroking slowly from one breast to the other.

When I felt my legs being lifted high into the air I was past caring what was going to happen. I was still begging for cock and ignored the implication of something cold and greasy being smeared on my bum-hole. My arse was whipped again but now I didn’t care as the burning crossed that narrow dividing line between pain and pleasure. When the unknown penis began to push and coax its way into my arse I had a moment of sanity and thought how easy and relatively painlessly it entered my forbidden hole. Of course the pain was there – but I now knew very little difference between feelings of torment and ecstasy. I was being fucked in my arse and enjoying it – I was indulging and experiencing yet another fetish from those magazines.

I took in the sight of me lying on my back with legs raised and spread wide in the air while a cock was busy fucking my arse. The fact that a whole gang of men were quietly watching made it all the more sexually wanton. When a penis was offered to my mouth I almost laughed with delight and opened wide to suck on it. Through the gaps of bodies something else had caught my eye – the naked forms of the two black men – their magnificent huge and glossy penises standing proud – and, eventually, it would be my job to pleasure them!

The delights of spanking had moved on to other things – I knew that these men were here to sample the pleasures of the other fetishes I had read about. I also knew that I was quite willing to let them use me for whatever sexual kinks they chose to indulge in – and that I would probably gain as much pleasure from it as they did! With a cock in my arse and one in my mouth I ached to feel another in my cunt – so I asked for one.

How they managed to manipulate their bodies around me I neither know nor care – but I purred like a cat when I felt my hole being filled with a very thick and hard penis. Now I had all three holes filled someone found a use for my spare hand – it was made to close round a hot cock and eagerly I pulled on it wanting to feel its sticky liquid when it erupted. I had a thirst – but not for water.

After several minutes of delightfully forbidden lust each man reached his climax. Who was first or last I cared not but remember the feel and taste of salty white jism hit the back of my throat. Slowly they withdrew their weapons and I was pulled to my feet only to be guided down to the floor again in front of one of the black men. For a minute I was allowed to caress and admire the length and girth of his magnificent cock and cup his ball bag weighing it carefully in the palm of my hand. Drawing back the foreskin I licked and sucked on the helmet and teased the pee-hole with my tongue.

My bottom was raised and knees spread, once again I felt the pressure of a male sex spear push forward to penetrate my anus. An audible crack rang out as the flat of a hand slapped my arse cheeks and caused my posterior to rise and fall. Slap followed slap until a warm feeling enveloped both rear cheeks then suddenly I was entered. I cried out in pain but quickly learned to relax and accept the intrusion. While I sucked and played with the black specimen I was furiously arse fucked while intermittently a punishing hand landed a slap randomly on my derrière.

Maybe it was two or maybe three cocks that shot their sperm into my arse. My mind was telling me I wanted the black dicks to do the work. Then I was lifted up and taking in the scene before me I saw the second black man sitting on the edge of a seat with penis stiff and pointing to the ceiling. I was positioned over him – straddling him facing forward – then while my arse cheeks were parted I was slowly lowered to be impaled on his black tree trunk. I moaned scared that my hole would not take such a thick and long appendage – I knew it was going to go into my arse.

I let out a scream as I felt the lance push into my intestines and I was gently bounced. My attempts of trying to protest were instantly muffled when the black twin of the invader was pushed into my mouth. Now I had got what I had wished for- – both black dicks. Like pistons they thrust back and forth and I hung on to the big black man’s hips for balance. From the corner of my eye I saw the pleasure my audience was deriving from my lewd sex acts and noticed both Stan and Bill smiling whilst naked they pulled on their cocks.

The sight of my friends made me think of the magazines that had started all this off and the filthy pictures that had made me wonder what it would be like to experience such depravity. Would tonight be my chance to taste more of the perverse sexual practises that until recently I had never even known existed?

When my bottom was filled with the hot spunk of the sitting man I was made to kneel down on my knees. For the first time I became aware that it was not my own carpet that I was knelt on but a rubber sheet! My heart pounded when I realised what was expected of me next – it could only be for one thing – I knew from the books!

Conscious that the man who had just ejaculated in my arse was now standing next to me I was told to finish off the man fucking my mouth. Full of apprehension I obeyed sucking and licking hard on his dick but frightened of what was coming after. Without warning he spurted forth and I marvelled at the contrast between the black of his skin and the white of his sperm. Slowly I licked the shaft after swallowing the contents of my mouth and felt the other man step nearer lifting his now semi flaccid dick toward my face.

As they both dangled their penises in front of me I watched them loose the rigidity that had allowed them to pierce my orifices. I was told to lick each one – the taste and smell of my own bodily fluids invaded my senses. I waited with a racing pulse for the intended deed and worried whether or not I dared or wanted to participate. Then eventually it came, first dripping on to my tongue then with increased flow in short spurts. I tasted the acrid and bitter flavour of the golden shower that was about to soak my body and fill my mouth.

Fill my mouth because in spite of my forebodings I was knelt with jaw agape waiting to catch the flow of piss from these two black strangers. Closing my throat I let my mouth fill up then let the pee spill over running down my body and over my tits. For the pleasure of the masturbating men the performers controlled their streaming fluids prolonging the enjoyment of the perverted act. Without being instructed I found myself holding the cocks and adjusting the turn of my head to catch the flow of first one stream then the other.

The revulsion of where the cock of the man on my left had been disappeared and I willingly, to the men’s delight took it into my mouth and drank his piss. For an unusually long time this event went on until both bladders of these men became empty. Still I licked and sucked greedily at the flaccid members until my audience bored with observing and wanting relief lifted me once more and draped me forward over the arm of a chair. Some cocks fucked my arse while others entered my cunt and to finish off I was laid across a man whose cock filled my pussy while another struggled to position himself to enter my anus. Doubly entered like this it was decided to imitate pictures from porn books and another offered his penis to my mouth. The laughed as my hands were made to hold and masturbate even two more dicks and I happily obliged.

The sexual arousal now that my cunt was filled with cock instead of my arse or mouth made me buck furiously in an attempt to reach my own orgasm. This, I decided was just what I needed – to be fucked properly – as many times as they liked.

On and on it went – with short rests to drink and recover – they continually took turns to fuck me. For short periods I was allowed to rest with them and quench my thirst with a drink. The occasional visit to the bathroom didn’t always give me privacy as two of the men particularly wanted to enjoy the reverse of what they had witnessed earlier and sank before me while I peed on them. One delighted in sucking the liquid from my cunt and cupping his mouth to drink my urine. Once I felt an amazing sense of wicked power as I held his head to my crotch and let the full force of piss splash on his face and into his mouth. Now it was my turn to tell him to swallow – and was amazed on the intensity of my resulting orgasm.

Others took me with them to sit on the basin while they emptied their bladders on me. If they had erections I would willingly suck them off enabling them to relax enough to piss. When the night was nearly over and people showered before leaving others raided the kitchen for snacks and suddenly I was transformed back into hostess. Having myself washed with two men I had thrown on a dress and was returning to normality – but not all appetites had been satisfied.

While my guests ate their refreshments and relaxed the black men returned from the shower – naked and glistening – with cocks erect. Now, back in the real world I felt both fascination and excitement at this unexpected sight. Without words I submissively let each in turn lift my dress and standing against the kitchen worktop I watched with an intense sexual pleasure their cocks slip in and out of me as they subjected me to two very slow but powerful fucks. The others quietly observed as they ate and drank which somehow made it all the more erotic. I was lifted onto the worktop surface and in comfort and with a smile on my face experienced what was probably the most intense and enjoyable but slowest, two fucks I was ever going to have.

The night ended in a strange way, Stan and Bill stayed behind to bring the house back to normal and clear up after our orgy. Now it was well into the early hours and exhausted I wanted my bed. When Stan followed me into the bedroom and insisted on staying I hadn’t the energy to argue. He wanted to spend the night sleeping with me and I had no reason to object. So incredibly I snuggled up naked to this man old enough to be my father and felt his cock press against my tummy. I hadn’t given thought to Bill who then to my surprise slipped into bed sandwiching me in the middle.

They didn’t pester me for more sex and gratefully I succumbed to my tiredness and slipped into a deep sleep.

In the morning after checking the house didn’t give away any secrets I made breakfast for three and before leaving both men enjoyed the pleasure of my mouth around their cocks.

Nowadays I always look forward to my husbands business trips – I always find plenty things to occupy my mind!

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