A Small Town Girls Wake Up Ch. 01

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Jessica looked at the clock for the third time in twenty minutes. “Damn the last hour always drags by,” she muttered under her breath. Jessica worked for a small town bank as the chief loan officer; there was bank holiday Friday so she was off for three days and that always made the clock move slower. She had no plans for the weekend but to do one of her favorite things: play video games with her friends. Though she was only 25 years old she still enjoyed gaming with her friends.

As the last hour of the work day ticked away, she moved around her office putting away paperwork. Her office was a 10×10 office with brown carpet and a window facing Main Street. Inside her office was nothing major, a small conference table, three small brown clothed chairs that matched the carpet were at the conference table, her modest cherry wood desk, two red clothed chairs that faced the desk normally, some pictures of her and her friends; Jessica was not married and had no family other than her parents and they lived two states away.

Jessica thought to herself about her life and where she was at. She was 5’8″ and 125 pounds, shoulder length blond hair, and her chest was a modest B cup. As she looked around the bank, making sure that everything was in order to close for the long weekend, she went to each of the other loan officers and told them they could call it a day. She was the youngest Chief Loan Officer in her banks history, and she was completely proud of that. She had started with the bank at only 22, had put in hard work and now held a very important position.

As she locked the office’s up for the weekend she told the tellers good bye and hugged her best friend Andy. Andy was the head teller and was more like a brother to her.

“See you tonight for drinks?” Andy asked as they hugged.

“Of course, same place and same booth as always.” She replied. She and Andy always meet on the last working day for drinks at the small bar in town to laugh about all the things that went on in the week at the bank.

“Remember that my gaming friend, Hikari, will be joining us tonight. I can’t wait to meet her for the first time instead of just over our games.”

“I look forward to meeting her as well; you have talked so much about her I feel I already know her some.”

As she made her way to the door she passed the bank manager’s office, James Knight, and noticed the door was open. James was a great manager, even though she was a little jealous of him. When the position came open Jessica had put in for the position and was the only one from the branch to do so. However, the district manager brought in James. To his credit he was better qualified, he had managed a bank, served as a chief loan officer, head teller, and had also been on the governor’s treasury committee. “Man to have been on the governor’s team must be great,” Jessica thought to herself.

“Hey Mr. Knight, I am heading out for the night.” Jessica stated.

“Jessica, how many times have I told you that it is just James? You know I am laid back like that.”

“Sorry James I was raised to respect my superior’s, it’s a sign of respect.”

“It’s ok Jess; I respect you a lot for it. You got plans this weekend?”

“Same as always, meeting Andy for our normal drinks before the weekend, may catch the local baseball game, and may play my video games. Other than that nothing big for the weekend, yeah I know I live some amazing great life.”

James couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “I fill you there my friend. I going to my son’s baseball game Saturday, and may do some yard work Friday, so yeah my life ranks right up there with yours.”

“James your life is so far from mine. I mean look at you, you have a family, you have worked in many places, and you have worked for the governor…..”

“That’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” James interrupted. “I won’t lie to you Jess, the six months or so was great. All the perks that came with the job all the power, man it was great. I had everything I wanted all I had to do was ask.”

“What happened James to wreck it all?”

James paused for a fikirtepe escort moment, wiped his eyes and said very softly, “I hit rock bottom, though I had everything and could do it all, I nearly lost my wife and kids. After eight months at the job my wife wanted a divorce and full custody of the kids. At that moment I said I am done. Two months later I stepped down and was hired here, and I have never been happier.”

“Wow James, that is, unbelievable. I would have never guessed that you were so unhappy. In the press conference’s that you were part of you seemed so professional and that nothing was bothering you.”

“it was it was killing me. Jess, enjoy what you got and while you got it ok. You seem happy here, never let a job change you like it did me it could cost you all that you have.”

“Sure thing James, have a great weekend. What time does your son play Saturday. If you don’t mind I might show up to the game. I love baseball.”

“Really, that would mean a lot to me Jess. He plays at Two O’clock on field 4. Enjoy your weekend.”

“You to boss.” Jessica said with a giggle.

“Hey….. and you enjoy yours like you have no more.”

Jessica smiled and nodded to Andy as she left the bank. She stopped only for a few moments to take in how clear the sky was and to look around her small town. Maybe this was all she need. She made her way to the car the words of her manager still fresh in her mind.

Andy was finishing his check off list for the night. All the other tellers were gone for the weekend. As he swept behind the five teller’s booth and the two drive thru teller’s spots, he couldn’t help but felling watched. He turned quickly know that all the tellers was gone, and jumped when he saw James. Andy stumbled backwards and almost fell over. James let out a laugh.

“Sorry Andy didn’t , mean to scare you. I need to talk to you before you leave today, okay?”

“It’s ok James I was just lost in thought vacuuming. Let me finish up here and I will be right in.”

“Thanks Andy no rush on your closing check list just before you leave.”

Andy nodded his head and went back to finishing of the closing check list lost deep in thought. “I wonder what’s up, where did I mess up.” Andy thought over and over again as he finished vacuuming and made sure all the computers were off. He turned off Sarah’s computer, “man she always forgets,” he thought. Then he thought it was odd that she was in a hurry to get out today, but then dismissed it as she was wanting to get started on the long weekend.

Andy made his way to James’s office and knocked on the open wood door. “You wanted to see me James?”

“Yes Andy please come in.” James stated as he turned back to Andy to get a file from his bookcase.

Andy walked in to the large office. Being the bank manager he had the largest office. His office was 15×20, the only office to have red carpet, an oak desk, two navy blue clothed chairs that face the desk, several book cases lined with notebooks, and tons of pictures of his family and others of him in his past jobs. Even with all the items in his office it seemed much larger.

As Andy took a seat, he was extremely scared. No matter what, every time Andy came in he was nervous. Even though James was just a bank branch manager, when you were called in to his office you had the feeling you were called to the president’s office. James just carried himself that way. When you looked at him you did nothing but say Sir to him, but James was a gentleman, he would give you the shirt off his back.

“Andy the reason I asked you in here today,” he gulped, “is about Sarah.”

“What about her James, she’s a ok teller.”

“You don’t count the fact that the past few nights she has been rushing out of her?”

“That has been strange I give you that James, but I never really thought about.”

“Andy just keep an eye on her, I know she’s been leaving her computer on, and I also know that she or someone attempted to log in to her account from a remote location. Just watch her ok something is not adding up.

“I will James thanks gebze escort for telling me. Sarah has been having money troubles as of late but I didn’t think she would do anything like this at all.”

“Money makes people do crazy things my friend. Anyways, I hear you and Jessica are close.”

Andy blushed “We are just friends that meets for drinks. It is our stress reliever we meet at Appleseeds and spend a few hours out there.”

James laughed “Okay just wondering. Have a great night and we will see you Monday morning.”

“Same to you James see you Monday. ” Andy stood and started towards the door.

“I may pop in on yall tonight my wife and kids are out of town.”

Andy stopped, “Please join us James.”

“I think I might”

With that Andy left out of the bank and closed the glass door and locked it.

As she settled into her car for her drive home she thought about her gaming friend Hikari. They meet playing on a role playing game over the computer. They shared life stories over a few games and quickly became good friends even though they were almost complete opposites. She let out a giggle as she thought of the old saying opposites attract.

Her and Hikari were to a point nothing alike, Jessica was doing very well in life. She had a very large condo on the river, wore very pricey clothing, had her dream car of a Chevy Camaro, and traveled around the world. Hikari was completely on the other side of the train tracks. She was former Army Special Ops, she had a medical discharge. She also worked as the animal control officer a few counties over. Jess had often picked on her for her job but Hikari told her she always had a soft spot for animals and that working there keep her spirits up as she was able to bring justice to ones that hurt animals.

When she got home she changed out of her dress suit and pulled on a pair of shorts and shirt to relax before going to Appleseeds. After she laid out her clothes for the night, a pair of gloss black leather pants and a V neck shirt, she studied her body in the mirror, “MAN I AM HOT!” she yelled with a giggle. As she moved around the condo she thought back on her life that brought her here.

All she ever wanted to do was live a full life. From an early age she wanted to join the Air Force. When she reached 18 she had two full ride scholarships, one sports and one on her grades. Her parents talked her out of going into the Air Force and to go to college instead. After she graduated collage with a degree in economics, she was hired by the bank as a teller at the age of 22. Now three years later she was the Chief Loan Officer. She had worked hard to achieve her position, but she had never had a chance to live the life she wanted. But, after her conversation with James she thought on that as she moved through the house. Was it worth it to but everything she ever owned or cared about on the line for some action in her life.

Jessica lay in bed as she thought about Andy. It seems strange to her that he came straight in as head teller. Her bank manager always promoted from within the bank, even when the district manager put pressure on him to bring in someone from a different branch. She thought on it for a minute then dismissed the thought with a wave, “Andy is pretty cool and kind of hot,” she muttered out loud. Andy was almost six feet tall black hair and hazel eyes; he was in great shape and had the voice that she thought belonged to a god. On that thought she got up and started to get ready for the night out.

Hikari set in her office at the animal shelter just getting back from court with a smile on her face. She had just busted the largest dog fighting ring that the county has ever seen and the subject she arrested got 30 years in jail. She flipped thru the rest of the cases coming over the next few days. “Thank heaven that this is a long weekend,” she muttered under her breath as she read the case for Monday. Being a government agency they were closing for the state holiday on Friday.

She kicked her feet up on the desk and laughed as she read an email from Jessica, Hey Hikari see içerenköy escort you tonight at Appleseeds. I can’t wait to meet you in real life. Andy will be joining us, don’t worry he is sweet but I not trying to set you up lol. See you at nine. Your friend: Jess. “She is silly, but she is a good RPer.” Hikari has always been an RPer and loved the second life she lived in the game.

Her day dreaming was cut short real quick as she jumped up real quick when she heard a loud howl. Spending most of her life around animals she knew that the howl was not normal. She sprinted to the kennels and ran outside to see the problem. The local cat had wondered into the area looking for food and upset some of the new dogs. “Come here little Queenie and we get you some food.” She picked the cat up and carried her to the office and feed her then went back to cleaning the office getting ready to head out.

The only thing that Hikari hated about her job was her uniform. Government uniforms sucked, even when she was in the Army the uniform sucked. Her tall frame of almost 6 feet tall didn’t fit in the shirt well, not the mention her 32 C breast. The best part of her body in her mind was her long legs. She never called herself “sexy” or even “hot” but she had caught guys and girls checking her out, but she ignored it.

Hikari relaxed as the last of the volunteer’s that clean the kennel’s left. She took a moment to think back on her life. She had spent 6 years in the Army. She was proud to say she held the rank of Sergeant First Class. For the last two and half years of her career she was in special ops. Serving and carrying out mission’s that she could never tell anyone about. Until the end she took great pride in all she did for the Army until the last mission. It went south due to the Army not having proper information and they hung her out to dry, blaming her for it. She did not renew her contract with them and took her honorable discharge.

“See you Monday Hikari?” asked David, he was the leader of the volunteers at the office and a close friend.

“Unless the aliens get me and take me to their planet.”

“You need a new line boss that one getting old.” He replied with a giggle

“I know I know but you know I don’t like a lot of change.”

“I know I will see you Monday morning bright and early.”

“As always my friend David, enjoy your long weekend. You have earned this week.”

“Thank you Hikari, you enjoy yours to and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” David said as he left and Hikari locked the door behind him to do her final check list to close the office.

She made sure that all the animals were feed and had water to get through the weekend. She had plans to be back Saturday but left enough food and water just in case she didn’t make it up there. She called and left a message for Jenn, the other animal control officer, to check on the animals this weekend because she had plans and was scared she might not get back on Saturday.

As she left the complex she stopped and spent and a few moments’ she stopped to play with the station dog. Dante was a husky that she rescued from a horder. She fell in love with him the moment she saw him. “I will see you later bud.” she whispered as she kissed his head. “Keep the place safe while I am gone, I going to meet a new friend. Don’t worry bud no one will replace you.” As she walked away Dante jump and knocked her to the couch and nuzzled under her hand. “OK OK!” she yelled as she petted him, “I will miss you to bud.”

As she climbed into her county vehicle for a drive home, she thought of what to tell Jessica tonight. She had not kept a lot of secrets from her, but she had keep one big one from her. Only a few knew this one secret, that she was a furry. She dreamed this was real. She felt drawn to her animal side. Did she want to be with animals, no, but she felt she was part animal. “Only if I see a opening to tell her will I” she thought as she pulled up at her house.

A phone rang on a table. When it is answered by a male he hears another male voice, “Son I didn’t secure you a position there for my health, you have a job to do what’s the hold up?”

“I am close father, it should be competed tonight. I have gotten close to one I think will do well. I will call you first thing in the morning. Trust me.”

“You have 24 hours, and I do trust you our employers don’t.”

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