A Slow Seduction of Jasmine Pilcher Ch. 05

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(If you’re just joining this story, you really should read at least the first chapter to understand what’s going on. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on my name to view earlier chapters)


Amazingly, it started snowing again later that day.

It wasn’t a hard snow like the storm that had inspired all the recent cummings and goings. It was kind of gentle and just barely covered my car, then the windows and, finally, my automobile was just a white hump. I smiled.

I watched the snow fall a long time. It was so gentle. Naturally it made me think of Jasmine who had remained in her bedroom all day. Like Jasmine, I liked the easy way the snow wrapped itself around my car. It reminded me of the way Jasmine grabbed my hard cock in her soft, fat hand and later enveloped it between those two huge, delicious tits.

Ah, Jasmine! Where are you?

I thought I heard a gentle snoring coming from her room once. I decided the events of recent hours must have taken an emotional and physical toll and that she was resting. Sweet Jasmine. If she only knew. I was just getting started.

This was my house now – at least as long as the snow kept us in isolation. I checked with my home and work. Everyone was fine. No business being done. Storm of the century. Blah blah blah.

I didn’t care about any of it. I had made Jasmine my own as much as if I had already fucked her. I had to smile. So much energy. So much cum happily splashed around the house and I still hadn’t put the meat to her. I laced my fingers behind my head after stripping down to my boxers. Yep, this house was mine just like she was.

I would have her when I was in the mood – and had recovered some from my enthusiastic cum explosions. We both needed a rest and I was glad to have her in the other room while I was recuperating.

I found a beer in the fridge and made myself a ham and cheese sandwich. Before long I was able to watch a bad soap opera on television while a boner sprung out my shorts in anticipation of future pleasures with my fat fuck whore, Jasmine Pilcher.

I looked over my shoulder. Still snowing. Life is good. All I had to do was wait.

It was almost dark when Jasmine finally came out of her bedroom in a robe. She went into the bathroom and when she came out she looked, well, almost Casibom attractive. She was wearing a just too-tight sweater and a pretty pink skirt that flicked at her fat knees. It was when I saw her showing herself in this most un-Jasmine way that I knew there would be no more coy game playing. My hardon sprung into view again but I willed it away. I didn’t want to spoil things.

“Did you get anything to eat?” she asked, smiling over at me and completely unconcerned by my simple attire.

“A sandwich,” I said. “Are you hungry?”

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ll fix myself something. You sure you don’t want anything?” She had a mischievous little smile for a moment but it went away so quickly I wasn’t sure if it meant anything. It didn’t matter. I definitely wanted something.

“Would you like a beer?” she asked.

“I had one earlier but I didn’t see another. I’m okay, Jaz.”

“They’re in the back. I don’t need to get to them too often . . .” and Jasmine bent over and reached waa—yy in the back of the bottom of the refrigerator and waved that incredibly huge and round ass directly in my face while the skirt hiked up mid-thigh, then higher . . .

I walked over to her and lifted her up, then kissed her full on the mouth and tasted the freshness and eagerness there. Her eyes closed as she held me at the waist and I took a hand, ran it along her fat face cheeks, then boldly began stroking her bra-covered breasts oh-so gently until she moaned and reached into my boxers.

I simply had to touch that fat ass she had tempted me with. While my left hand kneaded her tits, my right dove under the waist of the pink skirt and I felt her bare skin. No panties! It took every bit of willpower I had to keep from shooting my load right there while her pudgy fingers worked my prick like a flute and her tongue seemed ready to consume me from the inside out.

I broke the kiss and backed away. Her lips were red from our long kiss and she was breathing heavily. I pulled her into the living room. The snow was still falling and the evening news was reporting another storm coming into the area.

Jasmine made no attempt to adjust her skirt or sweater. She just looked at me. Hungry.

“On your knees,” I said as gently and insistently as I could. She obeyed after leaning against Casibom Giriş an end table and easing herself down. Now she was at my feet, looking up at my face. Pleading. For what?

I pulled off my boxers and tossed them on the couch. My erection was full and almost pointing to the ceiling. Jasmine gasped and reached out looking up at me briefly (for what? permission?) before lovingly taking my balls into her two hands and stroking them.

“Such wonderful balls,” she said in a throaty, otherworldly kind of way. “They are huge balls and so soft. You can’t help but produce sons with great balls like this. . .”

“Take me in your mouth, Jasmine. Suck on my cock now.”

I’m not sure she had ever done this before. For a moment she looked almost apprehensive but grateful someone had ordered the deed to be done. I didn’t want her to think about it too long.

Grabbing the back of her head, I forced her lips on my knob. At first she just flicked at it, a little unsure, it seemed. Sweet old Jasmine. She didn’t know how to give a decent blowjob.

Frankly, I wasn’t interested right now in giving her lessons but I knew enough about Jaz to realize that all she needed was a little inspiration. The woman was a passion furnace if someone just stoked the flames. Fortunately, I knew just how to do that.

She was massaging my balls and flicking at my cock. I reached down and pulled up her sweater, than unhooked the bra and flung it over on my boxer shorts. Then I lifted her sweater up over her tits. They were so huge, even though somewhat droopy, that the sweater stayed around her neck like a scarf.

I started working her tits while she licked my dick and her nipples immediately became hard. She moaned and grabbed my ass, pulling my cock more fully into her mouth. She sucked half the length of it with her lips and ran her hands all over my ass and legs while I pulled and squeezed and rubbed her mighty mammaries until I thought she was gagging on my prick then realized it was only moaning.

Jasmine started making little whelping noises that grew higher and higher in pitch and increased with the frequency of her sucking. She was almost ready to cum.

“Enough,” I said with some difficulty. I realized I was breathing pretty hard myself. Jasmine was quite a sight. She Casibom Yeni Giriş looked up at me with sad eyes, her huge breasts heaving with the passion she was feeling and a pink rose bud had formed on her bulbous cheeks. “Lay down.”

She did as she was told and lay on her back in front of the TV. I mounted her 69-style and pulled up her skirt, then dove into her sex with my face.

Jasmine was shocked and almost screamed in protest but I would hear none of it. I pushed my face past her fat, veined legs to the soft and surprisingly young-looking upper thighs. In the glow of the nightly weather report I could see the modest bush hiding my prize.

My god she was fat! I actually had to move a huge roll of belly to get to her cunt but this act and the smell or her arousal brought me to an animal-like ferocity. I forced my whole face onto her cunt and began lapping away like a puppy slurping milk.

In the meantime, Jasmine had found my cock and was taking it into her mouth, this time all the way. Yes, she was on fire now – and she didn’t last long. I practically had my chin between her vaginal folds and my tongue was deep in her womb when she came and pulled my cock even further into her while holding tight onto my ass. She was bouncing up and down like a bronco and I had a hard time keeping my mouth on her fat, sloppy twat throughout — but I did.

Smells of her arousal, my sticky precum, our sweat, the old beer on the end table seemed abnormally intense as were the sounds of – honest-to-god – the falling snow outside.

She screamed something, I think it was “oh, jesus, god!” but I’m not sure and then the bucking stopped. Now she was breathing very hard and fast, her breasts splayed across her naked chest, rising with each inhalation. I quickly jammed three fingers in her cunt and she grunted, then I wiped my fingers on her skirt and turned around, sticking my still hard and un-expended prick in her mouth.

By straddling her face I was able to watch her take every stroke. At first she looked at me hungrily, then her eyes closed but finally she opened them and in a feral and almost frightening manner, her eyes went to the top of her head like a shark ready to consume its prey and that did it for me.

I shot my load with even greater force than earlier ejaculations. She kept my cock in her mouth for a moment, then pulled it out and spread the cum on her cheeks, eyes and hair and rocked her head from side to side sticking my dick in every hole of her face, painting herself with me until the brush, finally, was dry.

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