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 “Almost there guys,” I said as I looked into the back seat. My two Malamute dogs looked back at me. I hated seeing them like this, cooped up in the back seat of my SUV. “I’m sorry,” I said as a single tear traced down my face. I wiped it away and shook my head. “Enough of that,” I cursed myself. I had cried enough on this long drive. Texas was a long way behind me now, so was a great life that I had left behind. Georgia was going to my new home, a small town I had never heard about until I contacted my brother. It had been years since we had spoken to each other, shortly after our mum passed away we both went our separate ways. Mom was the glue that held our family together after she was gone, everything fell apart, old memories surfaced, as well as many other things. The GPS told me to get off the highway. “Only thirty minutes,” I said looking back at the two of them. Both of them acknowledged me with their ears perking up for a few seconds then falling back down. Marco and Polo were all I had left of my life, as well as two suitcases and four boxes. I had it made a great job, a loving wife and a house that was in a good neighborhood. It fell apart quickly, again I felt tears start to muster in my eyes. “No,” I shook my head. “Just keep moving forward,” I nodded trying to keep myself from thinking about the events that led to my picking up and leaving everything behind. “Shit,” I said looking at the phone. It was Olivia, my soon to be ex-wife. “Don’t answer it.” Whom was I kidding? “Hello,” I said as I hit the answer button. “You really left this time,” Olivia said. “I didn’t think you would do it.” “I told you I would,” I said mustering up the courage. “Good for you,” Olivia replied. “You took the dogs too, good.” “You never liked them,” I replied. “Bullshit, I loved those dogs, and you know it, stop acting like I am the villain,” Olivia shouted back. “Things happen and correct me if I am wrong, your the one that put me on this path. Right or wrong?” I cursed her. “I didn’t mean to…” I stopped myself. “You went too far.” “No, I saw an opportunity, and I took it,” Olivia replied. “If you hadn’t started this roller coaster, then everything would have been just like it was before.” I shook my head. She was right, and I knew it. I did this to myself, and that was the worst part of it. “Bye Olivia,” I said hanging up. Marco and Polo barked as they saw me tearing up again. “I’m okay,” I smiled. Olivia was completely right. I had started this roller coaster. It began as something to renew our relationship but spiraled into a complete mess. I met Olivia nine years ago. We both loved to work out, and it was on one fortunate night when we were at the gym. A simple smile and a few drinks later at a bar turned into the both of us saying “I do,” a year after. We got a small house and started our lives together. Olivia was a nurse at the local hospital. I worked as a graphic designer. We eventually graduated from that little house to a much larger one, that was when we got Marco and Polo. I wasn’t able to have kids on the base that my swimmers were sterile. It never bothered Olivia as she didn’t want to ruin her perfect body. No matter how many times her friends had said that it would go back, Olivia didn’t want to risk it. Olivia is a knockout, she has the body that most men drool over. Standing at 5’6 she has perfect long golden blonde hair, a facial structure that looks like it was molded from clay. A nice set of tits just a little more than a handful, but not too big. A tight stomach with defined ab muscles. One of Ümraniye Escort my male friends said her ass looked like the perfect peach especially when she wore her gym shorts. Her long legs were defined by both their muscles and the way they went up to her waist. I had spent many nights in bed with her wondering how I had got so lucky. I, on the other hand, was your regular gym guy. Short dark black hair, gray, blue eyes and spent too much time looking in the mirror than actually working out. I still looked good, but everyone always said I was Olivia’s boyfriend, hardly ever calling me by my name. It was one night after another round of our second favorite activity. I lied next to her trying to catch my breath when I brought it up one more time. Olivia turned to me and shook her head. She hated me trying to convince her to videotape our sexual escapades. I couldn’t help it. She was as good at fucking then any of the videos had looked up. There were things she could do with her mouth that brought me to cum within seconds. Then when she got on top, she rode me so hard it felt like she was going to rip my dick off. I shook my head as I remembered what happened after she got up to go to the bathroom. “It’s my birthday next week,” I said. Olivia turned around and said those fatal words. “Fine, but it stays between us,” she said as she went to the bathroom. That was it. That was the moment that sealed my fate. One recording led to another, then another. Olivia loved the way she looked. I got greedy and put it online. I wanted to boast about the woman that I had in my bed. The comments and view went through the roof. Olivia couldn’t believe I had done it, at first she was so mad at me that she didn’t talk to me for days. Then when she saw the comments and the requests she went crazy.We were an amateur porn sensation, we did it in public, outdoors even with people watching. Olivia was out of control. I tried to stop her, but she created a channel, then a website. I had turned her into a sexual lioness, she wanted it every minute of every day, even going so far to quit her job. It was a few months ago that I came home to see her being fucked by three guys all at once, while a film crew taped it. Olivia had signed with a porn studio behind my back. She laughed at me as I stood there. I tried to convince her that I could be the man she wanted. She laughed harder. As the months went by Oliva fucked her way to the top. She was voted best newcomer by some porn awards. I didn’t even know they existed. There wasn’t a position our act she wouldn’t do on camera. At home, she barely touched me. I wanted to be the man that could be married to a porn star, but in the end, I couldn’t. I made threats to leave many times, hoping it would change her mind, but she always laughed. When I saw her latest video of her being ganged banged by fourteen guys it was the last straw. “Your destination will be two miles on your right,” the GPS chimed bringing me back to reality. “Wow Eddie,” I said as pulled up to a large house. It made my house look small in comparison. Slowly putting the vehicle in park, I got out and stretched my legs. Eddie came out of the house. “You made it,” he smiled. We hugged, and he looked inside to see my dogs. “You weren’t joking when you said they were big.” “Yeah, I hope it won’t…” I began to say. “Nonsense,” a female’s voice said from behind my brother. “Yulia,” I smiled as I hugged my sister in law. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know I had a sister in law, or a nephew, Ümraniye Escort Bayan with a niece on the way. Yulia looked all of her six months pregnant. “Come in,” Yulia said, “Get out of the cold,” she said as she held her arms around her. “Mind if I let them out, they have been cooped up for a while now,” I said as I reached for the passenger door. “Of course, the poor puppies,” Yulia said. I opened the door, and the two large dogs leaped out. “Wow, they look like bears,” Eddie said as he watched them run around his front yard. “If they make a mess, I will clean it up,” I said as I looked at them. When we got inside, we talked about everything and anything. I left out many of the sordid details. They showed me to my room and the room where the dogs could stay. I put them down on the large makeshift beds. “It won’t be long,” I said as I knelt and said to both of them as they hung their tongues out at me. “We will get our place, and you can come and sleep with me again,” as I got up to leave they both got up. “No, you guys stay here. I will be back in the morning.”  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Six months had passed, and I had moved out of my brother’s place. It didn’t take long for the past to be brought up, and as much as we could hide our differences, it was just a matter of time before we couldn’t live in the same house. We still got along, and we went out to eat and watch a game, but living together wasn’t working out. I had got a smaller apartment which was terrible for my dogs. My job paid me less than half than what I was making before. The market for my kind of work was only in the big city. It took one drive through Atlanta to convince me that I would never get a job down there.I sat in a small coffee place looking up other jobs. Also, it was the best place for a fast wi-fi connection. With what I was getting paid I didn’t have enough to splurge on the fastest connection speed. Olivia had paid for the divorce, which happened faster than I would have liked, apparently, she wanted to be single. I didn’t keep track of her new career, but it was evident by many of my online friends that she had made a considerable name for herself. I looked up one of her online interviews one night. I listened to my ex-wife say how proud she was of her accomplishments so far. Even going as far as saying that she always wanted to be in porn. I laughed as she said that, when I first met her she hated going down on me, her favorite position when we first was the missionary position, and she took a shower after each session. Now she had videos of her taking two dicks in her ass, and being bathed in cum. A loud commotion brought me back to the present I looked up as someone was causing a problem at the counter. I shook my head and went back to work. “Sorry about that,” a voice said next to me. “No worries,” I replied. “Haven’t seen you around here much,” she said. She was cleaning two of the tables next to me. I looked up to see a dark-skinned woman with a gorgeous smile. “No,” I said with a smile. I didn’t know why I was smiling, but her face and that smile just brought it out of me. “I just move into the apartments around the corner two months ago.” “Ah, Bethany,” she said as she held out her hand. “Brad,” I replied. “Nice to meet you, Brad,” Bethany said as she walked away. I watched her as she went back behind the counter. She waved at me as she went back to work. I smiled and nodded again at her. For the rest of the day, all I could think about was Bethany and her smile. I remembered Escort Ümraniye a saying my mom used to say a smile could change your whole day. It seemed like it was true. Two days later I went back into the coffee place. I saw a different lady behind the counter. I ordered my usual and sat down at my usual table. Again I looked for other jobs as well as finishing up some work I had to get done. “Hi again,” Bethany said as she got close. “Hi,” I said as I looked up. “I didn’t see you there.” “Yeah, I just got in,” Bethany replied. “How is it going?” she asked as she looked at my screen. “Another dead end,” I said as I looked away from my keyboard. “If I don’t find something soon I might have to go into a fast food chain.” The thought of flipping burgers did not appeal to me, but I needed a second source of income, not a lot but enough to help me get ahead. “You could always help out around here,” Bethany said with her usual smile. “We need someone to bus the tables and load the washer.” “That’s it?” I asked hoping I didn’t have to take the orders or prepare the food. “That’s it,” Bethany shrugged. “You interested?””Yes,” I nodded enthusiastically. “Good,” Bethany said, “Let me show you a few things.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The weeks turned into months. The job began to turn around as I got more clients that wanted work done. I didn’t tell Bethany that I no longer needed the second job. I still couldn’t put a finger on the reason why I liked being in her presence. I doubted that I had feelings for her as we knew nothing about each other. All I knew about her was that she lived with someone named Gary and she drove a luxury sports car that she both loved and hated. We had no personal conversations. Anything and everything we talked about was about work and what we thought of certain things like movies or music. One day as I was coming out of the back room I saw her sitting at one of the tables, with a tall man. They were both smiling and chatting. It was the first time I had seen her talk to another guy that wasn’t a customer. I felt it in my chest at first a slight pang of fear. “No,” I said to myself as I walked back into the back room. I couldn’t. It wasn’t in me. However, it was unmistakable that I was feeling jealous. I looked out through the small opening in the door. Bethany was laughing harder than she had ever done. It could be her brother, a friend, an ex-coworker. I began thinking to myself. “Brad!” Bethany called for me. I took a deep breath and applied my best smile. “What’s up?” I said as I walked out. “This is Nathan,” Bethany said. “Hi,” I replied shaking the man’s hand. “He helped me finance this place, and is looking forward to helping renovate,” Bethany said with her usual smile. “Renovate huh?” I asked. I knew Bethany had been thinking about putting a modern flair to the place especially since the competition had gone through some changes and taken some of our customers. “Yeah, just a little,” Nathan said. A little turned into a lot, which included buying the space next to us and tearing down the wall. We closed the shop temporarily as the contractors worked their magic. In that time Nathan and Bethany were always seen with each other, laughing and talking. It was too much for me to take. “Hey,” I said peering in Bethany’s office. “Oh hey,” Bethany said smiling back at me. “Can we talk?” I asked as I walked into her office. “Of course, don’t ask such a silly question,” Bethany said turning off her computer and looking at me. “I don’t know how to say this, so I will just rip the band-aid off,” I said nodding my head. “I am putting in my two-week notice.” Bethany looked back at me shocked. “Is everything alright?” “Yes, I got new clients and splitting time between the two jobs is causing me to fall back on some projects,” I said, I wasn’t lying I had fallen back on one or two projects.  

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