A Salemans Life. Part2,

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A Salemans Life. Part2,That night as I lay in bed next to my wife I couldnt help but think about what I had done in that toilet with that stranger and what he had done to me and the more I thought about it the harder my cock became and as I drifted off into a deep sleep I knew I had to do it again and I wasnt bother with who it was, colour, age it didnt bother me.I woke just after six that next morning and after showering and shaving went back through to the bedroom, I opened my underwear draw and took out a pair of white boxer shorts and slipped them on then as I glanced in the mirror I again thught of that stranger and again my cock started to rise, half an hour later fully dressed I went down stairs where I drank two cups of coffee before bidding and kissing my wife farewell telling her I would be late home as I was heading up north. I made my way to the garage and got into my car and as I sat there I thought how she hadnt even bothered to look up from the paper she was reading. Two hours later I was in Blackburn at one of my regular customers, John a nice young man he was tall well eductaed with blond hair and blue eyes and always smelt of Aramis aftershave he had worked hard to build his business up and it seemed to have paid off, after the usual frendly niceties John placed a good order with me then we sat chating and drinking turkish coffee for a short while until I knew it was time to go and with his order and a cheque for the payment in my case we shook hands and parted, but today it was different from other visits as we shook hands I noiced a sadness in his eyes and he himself seemed different he was canlı bahis not his usaul bright happy cheerful self and his hand shake was different today althouh it was warm his hands felt soft and womanly it was as though he didnt want me to leave or was I just imagining it. By a little afte twelve I was furter up north heading this time into Newcastle and another of my regular customers, luck was with me for as I drove into the carpark the man I was hoping to meet was just coming out of his office, Peter he cried out loud walking towards with a big booming smile on his face and a rugged hand held out, your just in time old boy for some lunch on me he said as he grabbed my arm and guided me towards his car an old Bentley which was in prestine condition, we went to his club where I must admit I enjoyed a rather spendid meal unfortunately without the wine and after dinner brandy but as I told him my licence is my dinner ticket and I dont have the luxury of a driver, Sir Malcom just laughed then back at his office made amends by giving another rather large order, as I was preparing to leave my cell phone rang and I looked at the face and saw it was John who I had visited earlier, Im so sory to bother you but wil you be coming back this way theres some more items I could do with John said, well I had no other calls that day so I decided to go that way back and was so pleased afterwards that I did so.When I arrived back at Johns in Blacburn he was waiting for me, Im so sorry about this Peter he said, but I have had a lot on my mind of late, as I took the order he siad let me change that cheque and I waited whlst John bahis siteleri wrote out a new one, he walked round the big desk and came up in front of me holding the cheue in hs hand, he stared at me as he handed me the cheque, there was something in his face something I couldnt yet read but would very shortly, I put the new order back in my case and as I looed up John as still staring a me and then it happened, it was so quick one moment he was just staring then his lips were on mine and his tongue was in my mouth, it was my first man kiss, Id always thought I would be sick if ever I kissed or was kissed by another men but no instead I put my hands around his waist and held him like I used to hold my wife, seconds later my hands dropped and started to caress his buttocks and I felt Johns on my trouser front carefully playing with my cock which was quickly rising to the occasion, I can remember how my wife loved having her nipples sucked as part of our foreplay prior to intercourse she said it really turned her on and as John sucked on mine I realisd what she meant, John had unbuttoned my shirt and was now sucking hard on my left nipple as he unzipped my trousers and slid his hand inside my boxers, my mind was racing as John caressed my cock rubbing it gently in his hand, then he looked up at me and I will always remember the words that came fom his mouth, Peter he said in a very low voice, let me fuck you, I felt my trousers fall to my ankles then John was on his knees my cock in his mouth, my mind was reeling this man wants to fuck me I kept thinking over and over again, John was sucking hard on my cock güvenilir bahis and as he did I came I couldnt stop myself I just let my cum flow from my balls into his mouth, after a minute or so John let my cock slip from his mouth and he stood up and said, let me get a condom, we we were both naked by now and as John started to kiss me again I was turned on like never before, I could taste my cum in his mouth and smell it on his breath, I could also feel a finger pushing gently into my ass, a few minutes later John took a condom from his pocket and worked it onto his cock then without another word I turned and bent myself over the big office desk and felt for the first time in my life a cock as it was poushed deep inside me, I thought it would be painful but no it was just wonderful, I dont know how long it lasted all I do know is that when John came I felt sorrow for I did not want it to end. As I drove home I had made my mind up to tell my wife that it was over and that I wanted a divorce, things had not been right between us for along time sex was something of the past, the only thing that turned me on these days was her underwear, she had taken to wearing items I never thought I would ever see her in, she had told me years before how she hated stockings but was now wearing them along with lacy suspender beltss, see through panties in the most provocative of colours and extremely low cut bras the type that hardly covered the nipples and another thing she had shaved herself inthe most intamate of places I nly knw tis because of the anties she as wearing they hid nohing, of course I never questioned her I thought who would ever want her, anyway if there was anything of our marriage left it was trust at least thats what I thought but I was wrong well and truly wrong and I will tell you all about it in the concluding episode.

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