A Restful Night

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It’s supposed to be a ‘rest’ night. We’re both exhausted and raw from being up late the previous night. We’ve said our ‘goodnights’ over IM and even though your body needs it, you still cant sleep…after an hour of tossing and turning, you get up, put on your clothes and stroll over to my house to see if I’m still awake, knowing that I’d love nothing more than a late night wake up call.

The house is dark save for the candlelit glow that you see emanating from the bedroom and as you walk up the steps to the house, you can hear my faint moaning, a sound that you usually hear up close…

You open and close the front door quietly and make your way upstairs, following the noise…as you get closer to the closed bedroom door, the moaning intensifies, I’m begging to cum and you can hear the frustration in my voice…

You have no idea what to expect…thoughts race through your head as you turn the door handle…your own blood pounding in your ears..

Her blonde hair is entangled in my fingers; my hands rise and fall with every head movement. I’m pulling her into me, desperately trying to position her tongue for the perfect orgasm. I open my eyes….I look startled at first to see you but then relax again, smiling at you and motioning with my finger for you to come in.

You close the door behind you and push the lock…you’re drinking up the entire scene with your eyes, watching her, watching me…I’m splayed out on the bed, legs parted widely…while she stands at the edge of the bed, bent at the waist, her lips, tongue and fingers buried in my pussy, completely intent on making me cum.

You get closer, standing right beside her now, within reach of me…I grab one of your hands, separating your fingers and take two of them into my mouth, slowly sucking and licking them while I look into your eyes. My other hand moves towards your pants, unbuttoning them, unzipping them…you help Escort Bayan me inch them off and as soon as they hit the floor, I see how hard you are…your cock is sticking straight out, begging to be sucked…you climb up on the bed, kneeling over me and move your cock over my lips, rubbing against my mouth as you watch another tongue circling my pussy up close.

I take your thick cock between my lips, tickling your balls with my other hand and grabbing your ass. You watch your entire cock disappear into my mouth, feel the head sliding down my throat…I pull away and get underneath you, making long hard strokes with my tongue over your shaft, sucking just the tip before starting at the base of your cock again.

You’re rock hard and dripping wet with my saliva when you stand up, move up behind her and rub your cock against the lips of her exposed pussy. You’re testing me, wondering what I’ll do, and hoping to punish me for almost letting you miss out on this.

Her ass sways back and forth, trying to chase your cock for what seems like an eternity…you’re looking into my eyes and smiling sweetly when you finally plunge into her, grabbing her hips. She gasps when she feels the full length of your cock and I can almost feel you myself …her expression and noises are so familiar.

I pull her head back down between my legs begging her not to stop…you’re fucking her hard and breaking her concentration…but then you start doing exactly what I had hoped you would. You’re telling her what to do…exactly where to put her tongue, when to pull away, when to push deep inside me, that her fingers should be holding the lips of my pussy open. You’re watching her mimic all of your moves…my legs are shaking, my hands are pulling at the sheets under me, and despite the fact that its not your tongue making me cum, I’m still moaning your name, panting, begging her not to stop.

Once Escort again, I’m on the brink of an intense mind blowing orgasm but she pulls away every time you make her cum and I lose my hold on it…

I get up from the bed that you have her bent over, make my way towards you, get behind you and whisper in your ear that it should be my pussy that you’re enjoying, that it should be my cum covering it, dripping off of it…you slam her hard with your cock one more time before pulling out and as much as I hate to take it away from her, I need it…I have needed it. I kneel down in front of you, licking off her juices and making your cock mine again, claiming it…I’m completely absorbed in you, memorizing every curve, every ridge, every vein and so don’t notice that she’s on her knees behind you, her hands on your ass and her tongue sinking into you. I can feel how tight you’re getting, how hard your cock is and I can taste drops of cum on my tongue. I’m tempted to make you cum hard and fast because I’m dying to see it but then selfishly, I remember that I still haven’t cum and that I didn’t get my turn with MY dick.

I stand up, turn around and reaching behind me, dig my hands into your ass and pull you into me…I’m begging to be fucked, pleading you to fuck me harder and at the same time, whimpering that it hurts. You know me well enough to know that I WANT you to ignore that, I want to be fucked harder, I want you to hurt me with your cock…you push me down on the bed and bend over me, leaving your ass wide open for her. And the second I hear you moan, I know what she’s doing…that her tongue is buried in your ass, one finger sinking into you, and moving her mouth over your balls, trying to keep up with you as you fuck me harder and faster…she’s pleading with you to pull out of me and cum in her mouth and you’re being so sweet and waiting for me because I’m finally going to Bayan Escort cum…the muscles in my pussy are completely clenched around you, my nipples are hard and I’m getting louder and louder as the seconds pass…your right hand pulls back and you land a hard smack on my ass…the second your hand connects, I explode…your cock is instantly covered and you feel a rush of warmth as my hot cum washes over your cock and drips down your balls.

You stand upright and we’re so wet that you slip out of me…I crouch down between your legs, running my hands over your chest, letting them rest on your hips. I grab them and pull your cock into my mouth, pulling you in and pushing you away…I want you to fuck my mouth on your own…picking up your hands, I show you where I want them…holding on to the back of my head. Now your fingers are entangled in MY hair, plunging your cock in and out of my mouth…I can taste you…drops of cum hit the taste buds on the back of my tongue and I’m dying for more…I want to drink you down and spend hours sucking out every last drop…

Your breathing is shallow when you whisper that you’re close…. I push your hands away from my head and start working over your cock with my wet hands and warm mouth…I’m fucking you slow but hard when I feel the cum start to rise out of you…she pushes her tongue deep into your ass one final time before joining me on the floor in front of you…both of us, on our knees, holding our tongues out, both begging for the first taste of the cum we’ve been after all night…. the sweetest moan escapes you and I know its coming…my tongue is right under the head, waiting for the first drop when I feel your sweet white cum shoot into my throat and coat my tongue…you’re still cumming when I hold your cock out to her, offering her a taste of the juice that belongs to me. Her tongue curls around the tip of your cock, lapping it up. She’s clearly enjoying the taste of you as I knew that she would…she’s still licking her fingers and her lips when I pull you down to the bed and lay you out…. I want to spend the rest of the night, licking you, sucking you and making sure that I got every drop …

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