A Reply to Aunt Jane

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Big Tits

Sweet Aunt Jane,

My fantasising never ceases.

At any time of the day my mind is liable to drift in to that wishful mode whereby you and I indulge in the most outrageous sexual acts imaginable. Take this morning in bed. There I was, my stiff cock pushing between Margaret’s bum cheeks through the thin sensual material of her nightdress, when my mind wandered to thoughts of you, and a lovely, erotic fantasy developed involving the three of us, and a lady called Toni that you had invited to visit.

The scenario and aspects of its content excited me to the point of losing my self-control, which in turn led to passionate and furious sex with my wife, and eventually her asking me what had made me so horny.

I hope you feel satisfied knowing that, not only are you giving me pleasure through your scurrilous and wanton pictures and emails, but that indirectly you also give pleasure to my wife, when I fuck away my frustrations on her!

Anyhow, back to my fantasy.

The scenario opens with you and Margaret chatting in the lounge over a glass of wine … and looking so, so sexy and desirable. You, Jane, are wearing a close fitting grey dress complemented by red stockings and red stiletto-heeled shoes, leading me to wonder if your lingerie beneath the dress is red, too, because you’ve told me many times that you love wearing this colour underwear.

My lovely wife Margaret is wearing a cream satin blouse with a very full green skirt; the muted sheen of the material is highlighted by glossy, seamed black stockings … stockings I want to run my fingers up and down.

The figure of a blonde-haired woman in her thirties appears. It is Toni. She is dressed in a tight pink skirt and jacket, the buttons undone far enough to display the cleavage of her eye catching breasts in their lacy black support. There is much hugging and kissing between the three of you and I’m introduced to Toni.

Within seconds of our meeting you all head for the stairs, and Toni, who seems to have taken charge of the gathering, orders me to follow on in a few minutes to join you all in the bedroom. Those few minutes waiting are agony and when I consider enough time has elapsed, I too head for the stairs, my hand stroking the erection which is forcing itself against my trousers.

I enter the room to find the three of you kneeling on the bed stripped to your lingerie, all outer clothes discarded haphazardly on the floor as if removed in a hurry. To my absolute delight I find that you are indeed wearing red lingerie, which contrasts sublimely to Toni’s all black satin and lace ensemble, the full-length slip clinging provocatively to her body. The delicate satin straps of the slip are disarranged from her shoulders and hang loosely down her arms, affording Toni a sluttish appearance.

But my eyes are drawn to her voluptuous breasts and the deep cleavage created by her bra, a valley dramatically enhanced by the accompanying twin orbs of her tits and in stark contrast to your own modest, but none the less beautiful, matronly proportions.

Then I’m aware of you and Margaret fondling Toni’s breasts, pulling her dark brown nipples away from their dark brown areolae. The nipples are aroused and have become rigid extending from each breast and demanding to be sucked. Toni has her head thrown back revelling in the Kuşadası Escort attention she’s receiving.

One of her hands is stroking the red lace covering your pussy depressing it between your labia; the material dampens and appears darker. This is obviously frustrating you because you yank aside the panties to allow Toni contact with the moist flesh of your pussy lips, a pussy free from pubic hair.

I watch transfixed and when Toni reaches up with her spare fingers to undo Margaret’s bra, my own hand automatically resumes stroking the bulge in my trousers.

Margaret has chosen mauve, silk lingerie to thrill me with, a colour that seems to add even more whorish promiscuity to the scene on the bed. She shakes the mauve bra free, leaving just a half-slip and those glossy stockings adorning her body.

“Don’t be shy, Peter,” Toni whispers to me. “Take off your clothes and join us. Margaret tells me you love dressing up to fuck her and that you look rather inviting in lingerie.” I don’t need telling twice. I relish any opportunity to indulge my fetish for wearing frivolous underwear and to feel the soft satin and nylon kissing my balls and cock.

So, searching out stockings and suspenders from my closet I pull them on, together with a satin slip but no panties; temporarily satisfying my erection, as it nestles achingly amongst the folds of soft material awaiting the touch of female fingers. But the more impassioned and aroused I feel watching your sensual activity, the more open and urgent my cock stroking becomes.

The seductive tableau taking place on the bed is accompanied by the background sounds of rustling lingerie and the rasping of nylon stockings, providing further stimulus for my aching cock, to say nothing of the bouquet from three different perfumes assaulting my nostrils.

Suddenly, Jane, your frustration becomes vocal and, crying out that you require deeper satisfaction, you fall onto your back, open your legs wide and demand that Margaret and Toni please your pussy. They do your bidding.

I move closer to the bed.

Margaret and Toni soon have your juicy labia spread wide and I watch as your pussy is teased and pulled by two sets of feminine fingers, fingers whose brightly painted nails flash hither and thither in their pursuit of your clitoris. Your cunt becomes wetter and wetter and the squelching sound emanating from it acts like an aphrodisiac, the pink flesh shimmering with moisture. Margaret looks up.

She fixes me with her eyes and motions me closer still.

“You’re always telling me how you want to taste Jane’s juicy pussy.” She says. “Well, now’s your chance, come and suck on her clit, fill your mouth with her honeyed juices.”

Margaret and Toni adjust their positions in order to accommodate me then resume sucking your nipples, as I scramble between your thighs and haul your red panties to one side.

My fingers hold open the tactile, fleshy labia that stand guard at the ambit to your exquisite tunnel and my tongue plunges deep in to the pink, yawning crevasse beyond them. I taste the excitement fizzing on my tongue making me desperate to feel my cock inside you.

Your clitoris is now fully aroused enabling me to nibble and suck on the excited nub of flesh. And, as my teeth gently rake the engorged prominence, Kuşadası Escort Bayan you utter a cry of protestation, which is ignored. Eventually, I feel myself becoming drunk on the sweetness from your vagina; the cloying, perfumed aroma being exuded is making my head spin.

“I need to fuck you, Jane.” I tell you this in no uncertain terms while i stroke my cock.

“Fuck me, eh? Which of my holes do you want to slip that cock in to, Peter? Do you want it in my pussy, in my arse or both?”

Decisions! Decisions!

“Sit astride me first, I want to play with your tits and suck your nipples.” I answer. “Then I’d like to slide it up your tight arse.” So there is more shuffling as we adopt our positions with you finally straddling my thighs. What joy there is in talking dirty to the woman you’re about to fuck!

Toni joins the action and, grasping my cock, slips it easily between the lips of your velvet labia while Margaret strokes my balls. I gasp with uncontrolled pleasure as your vaginal muscles clench on my shaft temporarily halting any movement. You lean forward and dangle your perfect round breasts in my face. I grab a nipple with my teeth and nip it hard making you cry out once more.

You release my cock and I begin to move in and out, slowly at first before upping the tempo to a steady rhythm, and while all this is happening, Margaret teases your rear passage and licks my cock.

We continue fucking in this manner for several minutes. But then I’m aware of something else happening. Toni is on her knees shuffling up to your rear. I try to concentrate on pleasing you, Jane, but your breasts are pushing into my face making it difficult for me to breathe and I’m also wondering what Toni is going to do.

Then, suddenly, I hear you gasp and straighten up. You swear.

“Fucking hell, Toni, that beast is never going to fit in there!”

“Oh, I think it will, sweetheart. There’s enough juice coming from your pussy to oil it for me.” I sense Toni’s fingers collecting your wetness from the base of my cock and, I presume, working it into your rear-end.

Now, I assume from your outburst that Toni is wearing a strap-on dildo and is trying to fill your arse with it. So I let my mind wander and try to picture the plastic cock working its magic on your rim in its attempt to push further.

Then the reality sets in and I receive the biggest surprise of my life.

Somewhere in the mists of my lust and desire I hear Margaret speaking to Toni.

“Before you fill Jane’s backside with that thing, I think we’d better let Peter in on our little secret.” She says.

“Yes, I agree. I suppose it’s time I revealed all.” Toni replied. “Move around the bed so he can see everything.”

So Margaret shuffles in to a position on her knees alongside my head. Then I am aware of Toni presence, still looking gorgeous, standing before Margaret and lifting the lacy hem of her slip to stocking top level. But there was something not quite right about the scene and then I realised it was the strap-on dildo standing proud beneath the shiny material.

Now, remember all this was taking place as I was fucking Jane, so my brain wasn’t too focussed on what Toni’s little secret was or how she and Margaret were going to reveal it. I surmised it was going to be Margaret Escort Kuşadası sucking the dildo, but as she ran her hands under Toni’s slip to lift it higher, the surprise was soon obvious!

Toni had a cock!

A hard, thick erect cock and my wife was about to take it in her mouth! Toni looked down at me and smiled.

“This wasn’t what you were expecting, was it? Nice black lingerie and lovely firm tits yes, but a chopper too? I can hear the cogs in your brain whirring, trying to figure out what to do.”

I was speechless, well you can imagine my shock, but it seemed you and Margaret already knew about Toni’s individuality. How many times before had the pair of you been acquainted with her thick cock, I wondered?

Naturally, this revelation had brought a halt to my endeavours with you, but you didn’t see it like that and swiftly resumed moving your pussy up and down my waning erection. I say waning, but within seconds it regained its former glory and was I swiftly picking up the tempo again and, strange as it might sound, the spectacle of Margaret devouring Toni’s cock added much spice and assistance.

“I had no idea.” I whimpered.

“Does it make any difference that Toni has a cock?” Margaret wanted to know between mouthfuls of cock. “That she’s a he and he’s a she, so to speak. That they can both fuck and be fucked.” To add emphasis to Margaret’s point of view, Toni removed her breasts from the black lingerie and proceeded to fondle them.

“I don’t think it does.” I reply.

“I’m pleased to hear that, Peter, so how about I shove my cock up Jane’s arse and we both give her something to remember? Jane has always boasted that double penetration is a fascination she wants to indulge in, so let’s satisfy her fascination! Let’s fill both passages for her!” Toni declared.

I look up at Jane, her mature tits bouncing with the effort of satisfying me. “I think she’s going to enjoy that, Toni,” I answer. “Aren’t you darling Jane, two hard cocks fucking in unison!”

Toni’s thick girth is eventually successful in pushing a path through your rim and filling your rear passage, making you squeal with delight. But her cock is dominant force making my pussy fucking heavy going, but we both do our best to please each orifice for you.

I watch your facial expressions and hope that what I’m seeing there is pure enjoyment and not pain. But it’s not until I hear you groan with satisfaction that my concern is happily laid to rest and take to fucking you with a vengeance.

The elation and thrill of our joint sexual endeavours begins to take its toll and when Toni announces her imminent climax and withdraws her cock, I turn my head to watch her ejaculate over Margaret’s face, positioned precisely for this moment.

The emotional frenzy of seeing this incenses me and a few strokes later I’m cumming in your pussy, filling you with my cream. You flop forward onto my chest panting hard, as I watch Margaret sucking and licking at the spunk on Toni’s cock.

But it appears that my wife isn’t satisfied with a single cum-load. She wants more. So pushing Toni aside she searches out your pussy from behind and, snuggling her face up to your vulva, begins to lap up my own hot, creamy cum oozing from within the folds of your cunt …

Jane, what do you think?

Should I feel disturbed?

Was it eroticism?

In reality I fucked Margaret with the urgency of a teenager!

It was such a powerful fantasy, full of colour and voices … and the thought of fucking you, darling xx.

Tell me what you think.

Please write soon, my darling xx

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