A Replacement for Susan Ch. 17

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The next morning everyone was in very high spirits. You’d think Susan had always lived with us the way she fitted in almost seamlessly. She’d lent some clothes off Anne as they had a similar build. As it was a warm spring morning we were sipping our coffee sat on the patio, Susan Diane and me. Susan could not get over the house or the way we lived, she asked after my dick and I told her it was to say the least, tender! I asked her more about her parents. The lottery win had not been mega but it’d been enough for them to buy a house for themselves, to start up the cleaning business and for the deposit on several houses which they were buying-to-rent.

We had a look at the swimming pool which was nearing completion. Everyone was really looking forward to using it and the gym which was also part of the building. Later we all walked to the pub which is half a mile or so along some quiet lanes and had a pleasant lunch of sandwiches. We’d been there a few times so the sight of us all wasn’t raising quite so many eyebrows as it did at first.

The afternoon drifted along how they should and at five I took Anne to the station and Susan to her flat where she changed ready for her shift at the restaurant. Whist I was with her it was almost like we’d never been a apart. She stripped off her things as we chatted, and put on a fresh outfit. As she got out of my car we kissed briefly and we looked into each other’s eyes. We both knew we were going to be seeing a lot more of each other.

At home I spent a couple of hours studying before joining everyone else in the main lounge to watch a film. Another of Lin’s… presents to us all was a projector and a huge screen.

Monday morning meant work for Lin my mother and Mary, college for Diane and uni for me which entailed a train ride of twenty minutes during which I usually read. But that morning I spent it all swapping texts with Susan and Simon.

The rest of the week drifted along like normal. I was home all Tuesday and had sex with Fiona in the kitchen after we’d had lunch. She’d been nude all morning and made sure I’d been able to watch her as she’d keep in my eye line most of the time.

On Friday evening I went to London with Lin to spend the weekend with Anne and J-Lin. By Sunday evening when we caught the train back I could hardly walk. As we were leaving the station we added up my total and figured it came to at least twelve times with the three of them.

The rest of the spring drifted along in a similar fashion. As I’d thought I saw a lot of Susan as she and Diane seemed to get on very well, she stayed at our place two or three nights a week. I didn’t always have sex with her but did at least once a week.

The pool was finished along with the gym by the end of the summer term although we’d been using the gym for a few weeks while the final work on the pool filtration system was installed. Susan got the Friday night off and J-Lin was with us for her last weekend in England before going to back to China for the summer.

As soon as everyone was there we headed for the pool. Most of us had barely been wearing anything, only Anne and J-Lin were fully clothed and as soon as we were in the pool building they like the rest of quickly removed everything.

Lin walked onto the spring board and with us all clapping she did a perfect dive into the deep end and didn’t surface until she’d reached the shallow end where we were standing. Her long held dream had become a reality and we all jumped in to swim and frolic like kids. Diane thought up the game, ‘See who can suck Paul’s cock!’ It was so humiliating bayan tuzla escort to have eight women all doing their best to get your dick into their mouth, at once! J-Lin’s size and swimming ability made it a one horse race until Anne strapped a buoyancy aid to her back. With J-Lin out of the running Diane and Lin were the next winners by which time we were all ready for our dinner.

Fiona laid on a fabulous meal which left me at least almost too stuffed to move. We scattered after it, I was in the lounge chatting with Anne Lin and J-Lin. Diane and Susan were in the gym toning up their already perfect physiques’ as well as burning off some of the excess calories they’d just consumed. Mom and Mary were sat with Fiona watching something on the telly in the other lounge.

We’d been sat in the lounge for maybe half an hour. J-Lin had been sitting with her legs open wide while Anne had almost absentmindedly played with clit as she’d been telling us something about her medical training. As J-Lin came with several quiet whimpers, Anne told her to stand and remove the thin shapeless dress she was wearing and then to sit on the erection she’d noticed I’d developed while watching J-Lin. As she made herself comfortable on my lap, Lin removed what she was wearing as did Anne. They then began discussing which of them was going next. As I’d not had sex since the previous evening it didn’t take J-Lin more than a few minutes with her super tight vagina to make me cum.

As it had been Lin I’d been with the night before they figured Anne would have the first shot! I didn’t go soft after J-Lin got off me and Anne quickly took her place and gently rocked herself to a satisfactory conclusion… for herself. As I still hadn’t finished Lin took her place to pleasure herself twice! Lin out of all the girls was the one who could get herself off the quickest. Something like two or three minutes for the first and every minute almost after.

Diane and Susan joined us as she was grunting her was though her second. Diane said she was next as Lin got off my lap. I’d still not cum after Diane and then Susan had also used me for their gratification. In the end it took a second ride from J-Lin to bring me off but only after she had cum herself. Her orgasms were always entertaining as the normally very quiet girl would let out a piercing scream whenever she came while my dick was inside her.

That evening I slept with my mother and Mary. I had sex with my mother as we were going to sleep and Mary as we were waking up. I think, no I’m sure as Mary had started to keep her hair quite short at the time whereas my mother’s was long enough to wear in a pony tail if she chose.

The summer had one or two memorable events. Lin and Anne also made the trip to china, ostensibly to visit Anne’s grandparents but they also managed to spent a few days with J-Lin and her family.

I had a week in Vienna with Mary and Diane which was for Diane to check out an academy she wanted to apply to. Diane spent three days at the academy which left Mary and me free to explore the city. During the three days we had a great time, not only sight-seeing but in the hotel room too. Being alone with Mary really was good fun, we took every opportunity to misbehave and as the weather was quite hot Mary never wore more than a thin dress. Although I’d been living with Mary and saw her constantly, we’d never actually spent too much time together just the two of us so the time we had in Vienna really was a getting to know each other experience. Which I have to say we both thoroughly pendik escort enjoyed.

At home Mary and Diane rarely interact, sexually, but while we were away they acted like lovers not mother and daughter. It was the happiest I’d ever seen Mary I remember thinking as we had breakfast on the last day of the trip.

Almost as soon as we got back I had a long weekend away with my mother. We’d headed for the coast and had several very relaxing days stretched out on a nudist beach. Several studs tried to chat up my mother as she sat on her blanket totally unconcerned when each inspected her pussy almost minutely.

I found it hard to believe, only a year ago she’d been a typical, repressed middle aged woman almost incapable of wearing a swimsuit in public let alone exposing herself to anyone who happened to look her way.

The sex in our hotel room and even in the dunes behind the beach was fantastic. My mother was insatiable almost the whole time we were away, a sexual appetite I have to add which matched my own!.

When we got back, Fiona asked if I’d like to make the trip up to Scotland with her to visit her parents who lived near Edinburgh. We debated over the car or train and in the end I drove which as it happened enabled us to indulge myself a little.

We had sex twice on the journey up, the first time was in a service station disabled loo. The second was after we’d left the motorway. We’d lunch in a pub and were stretching our legs along a path beside a stream when I spotted a derelict cottage. Fiona had her back against the wall and I was standing in front of her, a tuppenny upright I’ve heard it called.

Her parents were very pleasant. They knew Fiona lived with me and the others but exactly what they thought about the arrangement I never knew. Suffice to say they never asked if we had any objections to sharing a room. As we got into bed that night we both realised it was actually the first time we’d slept together.

We made love which was almost another first for us as our coupling usually revolved around me seemingly using her for my own amusement. I figured out right at the beginning, it was something Fiona enjoyed as much as I did.

When we got back I carried on abusing her as and when I felt like it but at least once a week, roughly, as I made a conscience effort never to adopt any routine, I slept with her and we’d do it with a hint of vanilla. As with all the girls I never asked and in the same casual fashion, neither did they.

At the start of the autumn term Susan moved in with us. She paid a rent of sorts which covered her meals! She shared a room and bed with Diane, who’s idea it had been to invite her to say with us. As with everyone else, the bed ownership was a laid back area. I guess I slept in the main bed three nights a week with whom ever felt like joining me. Once or twice with my mother and Mary in the bed they invariably shared together. Once or twice with Diane and Susan, once like I’ve said in Fiona’s room and otherwise as often as I could in Lin’s bed with her. I know the figures don’t add up but like I said we all did our best to keep things, fresh.

Before we knew it, Christmas had come around and the first anniversary of moving into the house. We had a fabulous party to which we invited almost everyone we knew. The guest list included Susan’s parents and her two brothers and their girlfriends. All of Lin’s partners one of whom one was single and two were with their wives. Simon came with his now very steady girl friend. J-Lin was spending the break with us any tuzla kendi evi olan escort way. Diane invited three very attractive girls from her course who were also budding musicians. I had a few close friends at uni who had a rough idea of how I lived. I invited them along but only after extracting solemn oaths of secrecy from them all. Needless to say they hooked up with Diane’s friends quicker than was decent. Kids!

Although we were all quite modestly dressed for us, we never wore anything while we were using the pool. All of our guests who used the pool seemed happy to do the same and that included all of our college friends along with Susan’s mother who I have to say had a cracking figure, a mirror image of Susan’s. Lin only joined in the fun after two of her partners and one’s wife had already removed their clothes. By the end of the evening just about everyone had taken the plunge, as it were! And I’m sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Most people drifted away after midnight but our college friends stayed the night, sleeping where ever they could find a space. I spent the night on a couch in the main living room spooned together with Susan. It was the first night we’d slept together alone. Anne and J-Lin were together on another couch though.

In the morning nothing much happened until after nine when Fiona made an appearance looking very cheerful… later I noticed one of Lin’s single partners, it wasn’t hard to make the connection.

My friends all looked very pleased with themselves and I can’t blame them as Diane’s friends were very easy on the eye. We didn’t see any of the girls until an hour or so later when they all came downstairs together, the mother’s included. The doctor had left by then and I don’t think Lin even knew he’d stayed over let alone hooked up with Fiona.

The rest of the weekend seemed to be one long party. We all made use of the pool and the gym, we watched a few of the latest DVDs. By ten on Saturday night we’d all scattered into various beds. I ended up the main room with Lin Anne Susan and J-Lin. I think Diane was in with her mom and my mom, while our college friends paired off into the other three rooms.

By Sunday morning our college friends we inseparable which was good to see. Diane and I went for a walk together as the day wasn’t so bad for mid December. We ended up in the pub and had a pleasant lunch after which we caught a bus to the shopping centre which predictably was heaving.

We hadn’t been there long when we bumped into our fathers. It was actually the first time I’d seen mine for a few months, not since they’d had to move to the small flat. They both looked like the whole world was on their shoulders. There’s a chain pub attached to the centre and which is where we went for a chat with them both. Diane still got along fine with her father although Mary wanted nothing to do with him.

Collin was quite cold towards me, about which I couldn’t care less. But for Diane’s sake I was polite. He made a couple of snide remarks about the way we lived, after the second Diane slapped him down with a short sharp comment. My dad asked after mom and how my course was going. They were both working again but neither volunteered anything about what they were actually doing which spoke volumes.

When a couple of gay lads came over to the table, we left them to it. We had a walk around the centre, got a few small presents and were on the way back to the bus terminus when we bumped into Simon who gave us a lift home. He hung around the house for most of the evening, watched a DVD with us as well as having a swim.

I was very pleased to see he had matured no end since the time he dropped in on us and the girls all took their tops off. While we were swimming four other women came into use the pool and all stripped off before diving in. He didn’t seem to ogle them, any more than I had.

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