A Promise Made

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I lived in the Coney Island section of New York with my mother and father when the world was a different place. It was like living within walking distance of Wonderland. The air was filled with the colors of the sideshows, the sounds of the rides, and the smells of the food stands. No matter how many times I was in the midst of it, I was always filled with awe. Even in the winter when everything was closed, the streets exuded excitement.

Another source of excitement I found at home. My mother had the most beautiful body in the world; at least that’s how it seemed to me when I was young. I used to tease her about how sexy she was. She always called me her ‘sweet liar’ but I knew she was pleased whenever I told her. She never dressed to call attention to herself but the graceful curves of her breasts and hips were hard to miss. She would prove to be the focus of my sexual awakening and focus of sexual ‘everything else’ in my life.

The first time I ever touched my mother in a way that made my heart seem like it would pound out of my chest, we were in the house of horrors. It actually was nothing more than a dark tunnel that had flashing lights on masked dummies. I pretended to be excited about the ride and as I playfully held her arm, I pushed the back of my hand into the side of her breast and kept it there. The soft sweater and rounded fullness gave me feelings I didn’t know what to do with. That was the trigger that shot my feelings for her in a direction most sons don’t go in.

A few years later I had her lovely flesh in my hand. My mother and father had just finished one of their frequent fights and he had slammed the screen door and left. She was crying audibly in their room and I walked in to find her sitting on the bed with her face in her hands. She must have been in the middle of getting dressed when their fight started. She was wearing a white cotton bra and panties. The only other thing she had on was a tan stocking.

I was overwhelmed by the sight and stood stark still until she felt my presence. She was too upset to concern herself with her state of undress and when she looked up she only said, “Oh Bobby…” as she kept on crying. I walked over to her to soothe her and stroked her soft blond hair.

I said, “Don’t cry mom…he’s a piece of shit.” By that time I hated my father for the way he treated us but this was the first time I had ever said anything like that to my mother. Her head was on my chest and I was looking at the full creamy cleavage that filled her bra. As I stroked her neck and shoulders I let my hand brush over the soft cotton bra. When I did it a few times and my mother didn’t seem to mind, I held one of her breasts and began fondling it. She was slow to react; then she covered my hand with hers and said, “Oh honey, you shouldn’t do that.” I told her I just wanted to touch her because she was so beautiful and she said, “No baby, I’m not beautiful any more, I’m just a used up woman that your father’s tired of.”

I was emboldened and said, “If he is, he’s an idiot. I would never get tired of you. Mom…If I wasn’t your son, I would want to be with you all the time…if I were the kind of person that you would want…”

“Of course you would be Bobby…”

“I wonder what it would be like mom…do you ever think…?”

“Oh Bobby…I…” She stopped talking and just stared off.

I said, “Would it be terrible if I just touched you here for a while?”

She hesitated a moment and said quietly, “No Bobby, it wouldn’t be terrible but…just for a minute.” I took the straps down and uncovered the full warm flesh. My mother closed her eyes. I had seen her breasts naked a few times before, in the dark when she thought I was asleep, but seeing the big pink nipples on her fair skin made my already hard dick press mercilessly against my fly. As I touched her she said, “Oh sweetheart…it feels so good…so good to be wanted again.”

For a long while, I followed the contours of her silky curves, thinking how beautiful the fine green veins looked under the translucent skin. I watched her nipples harden as I rolled them between my fingers. I wanted to do more but I was hesitant and not even sure what to do. My mother sat there for the first ten minutes not moving. Then I heard her breathing steadily deepen as she put her hand over her panties. I watched in fascination to see what she was doing but her hand hardly moved. She seemed to be flexing and circling gently with her fingers. I asked, “Mom, can I kiss you?”

She opened her eyes and gave me a sweet smile, “Yes baby…yes.” I tasted her lips for a long time and then moved to her nipples. I held both big cones in my hand and alternately suckled. As I pulled deeply on the elongated rubbery tips I felt her flinch. She began shaking a little and saying, “Oh God…what am I…Oh Bobby…oh Bobby, oh…OH…OH.” I didn’t know what was happening; I thought maybe I was hurting her.

I said “Mom, are you okay, should I get you some water?”

She took the hand that was not between her legs and drew my head back to her breast. “Don’t stop, Bobby…don’t stop sucking.” I sucked her nipples hard, almost expecting sweet fluid to konya seks hikayeleri fill my mouth. I lashed the rubbery tip with my tongue and her body twitched as she moaned. Finally her breathing calmed and she gave a long exhale. I must have looked at her with surprised naiveté because she then said to me as if she needed to explain, “You made me come Bobby.” She looked between my legs for a long moment and I was embarrassed by the evident bulge. Then as if she had decided something, she stood up. As she pulled up her bra she kissed me and said, “That was lovely Bobby, you made your momma feel good but promise me you won’t tell your father or anybody what happened.”

I said, “I promise mom; anyway, I wouldn’t tell that fuck if his hair was on fire.” I’d never said ‘fuck’ in front of her before but she just laughed and gave me a small kiss on the lips. I was ‘buzzing’ for hours after that and when I found one of her stockings in the bathroom; the intensity came back to me.

As I held the sheer nylon over my nose and mouth, I started rubbing my cock. I could smell her: her flesh, her legs, her sex. All my fantasies coalesced and I imagined myself between her creamy thighs. I was in her and she was smiling. I was in her and she was happy. I was in my mother’s pussy. I was fucking my mother…fucking her and fucking her. As cum exploded from the tip of my jerking cock, I didn’t even hear myself calling out, “Mom…mom…mom.” It wasn’t until my mother came to the door and asked if I was okay that I realized what had happened.

For days after that my mother gently rebuffed my attempts to touch her by saying “We shouldn’t honey,” or “your father will hear us.” Although I masturbated a lot, I was still so frustrated that I told my only close friend Lee about the episode with my mother. I guess I wanted to re-live it. Lee made me re-live it time after time. He couldn’t get enough no matter how many times or ways I told him the story. He made me describe every detail, every day, especially of my mother’s body.

It didn’t take long for it to come back and haunt me. Lee’s mother called mine. It turned out that Lee had tried to feel his mother up. Between the slaps he took he must have said something like, “Bobby’s mother let him.” My mom convinced her that it was just adolescent fantasy and it never happened. Boy was she pissed. She glared at me for two days without saying a word. When she finally did, we had a long talk and I really understood what I had done. Besides my apology, I determined never to go back on my word with her again; promises had to be kept. I told Lee that I had made it all up.

About a year later, I had sex with my mother. Things had gone from bad to worse with my father but mom felt she couldn’t leave because we had no place to go and she had never had a job. I always told her that when I finished school I would get a job and we would move out.

On the night it happened my father was passed out drunk on the couch. When I came in she was standing all disheveled with her hands on the back of a chair, looking at him shaking her head. When she saw me she gave me a look of resigned desperation. I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

We stood for a few moments and my cock hardened against her ass. She reached back over her shoulders and caressed my neck and put her fingers in my hair. I unbuttoned the dress and put one hand under her bra. There was no resistance. I lifted her dress and she stepped out of the panties I pulled down. I reached under her ass and held her soft cunt in my hand. There was only a fine silky covering over her pussy lips. My arm rested between the well-rounded globes of her ass as I stroked my mother’s humid center.

I took out my cock and attempted to insert it into my mother’s pussy from behind. Mom realized that I was having some difficulty so she helped by putting one foot up on the chair and that gave me easy access to her moist opening. She pressed the head of my cock into her waiting pussy. With each push I went deeper into her channel. It was a tight fit and my mother’s closed-mouth whimpers let me know that she liked what I was doing to her.

Our moans were hard to contain and my mother’s fierce whispers were strained as she turned her head to get close to my ear and say, “Yes baby…you want your momma’s pussy don’t you…you love your momma don’t you…you want to put your cock inside me don’t you baby?”

I put my mouth on her ear and said, “Yes mom … yes…yes… I want your pussy…I want you mom…I want you…” My father was only two feet from us and I knew she was looking at him with loathing and gloating as my cock moved up into her belly. Her son was fucking her as he lay there drunk and she was glad. I had never felt anything like it in my life. My mother’s pussy seemed to be sucking on my cock as the walls of her channel grabbed the shaft inside her. With each stab of my swollen manhood my mother caught her breath. When she couldn’t contain herself any longer she reached back and put her hand on me to stop me. She put her leg down and my cock came out of her.

Mom took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom upstairs. She took off her dress as I took off my jeans. She leaned over the vanity and used her hands to spread herself for me. My long shaft penetrated her pussy again and I started pumping harder as she grabbed the sink for balance. I pulled her bra under her breasts and took the globes I had longed for into my hands once again as I looked at her in the mirror. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman who was my mother was letting me fuck her, wanting me to fuck her, telling me too fuck her…fuck her forever. That was all I ever wanted to hear.

Each gliding stroke into her slippery cunt brought me closer to the edge. I didn’t know if my mother used anything to keep from getting pregnant but at that moment I didn’t care. She must have known that I was about to come because she stopped and said, “Wait baby…wait.” She turned and there was a fierce look in her eyes. She kissed me hard and was flushed. When she pulled back she was talking under her breath unintelligibly. She reached into the cabinet and took out the Vaseline. She slathered it on my cock. I almost came as she rubbed it on. “Now” she said, “Fuck me in the ass… fuck that bastard’s wife in the ass…fuck your mother in the ass …” I didn’t do it.

I wanted to have her any way I could but the way she was out of control was alarming and made me stop. I just felt that it wasn’t the right thing to do, not at that time. She was almost in tears, crazed and at the edge. She turned and looked at me with the pent up emotion of all the bad years on her face and slowly she dissolved. I’ve never seen tears that big or copious. She shook in my arms for ten minutes and when she finally calmed, she kissed me and said, “Thank you baby…thank you for loving me.” I stroked her and soothed her for a long time and when she calmed, she began touching me tentatively. She took my cock into her hand. She said with a raised eyebrow and a smile as I hardened, “You might have done some damage with this thing.” She kissed me deeply and as she rubbed along the shaft she said, “Let momma take care of you.”

In the space of one long kiss, my mother made me come. Her hands felt like velvet on my cock. She drew back and forth with her fist almost encircling the thickness of my shaft. I grabbed two handfuls of her hair as I felt my explosion approach. I moaned in her mouth as the first jet of cum made audible contact with her skin. I splashed on her belly and then on her thighs and I could feel her massaging the cum on her pussy while her tongue played in my mouth.

The next morning my worst fears were realized. I had spent the night anticipating my mother’s remorse even though I felt none of it. I was only filled with love and desire. As soon as we were alone, we had the inevitable ‘talk’. Through her tears mom said, “I’m so sorry baby…I’ve made such a mess of things…involving you…I was so angry and frustrated but it was selfish of me…it can’t be right…doing these things…”

I kissed her cheek and held her and said, “We only loved each other mom…was it so bad to have me in you…loving you?”

“No baby…no…I don’t mean that it didn’t feel good…it felt wonderful… but…oh honey, if you weren’t my son there’s no one I would rather have…loving me…”

“Mom, I can’t pretend that I don’t want you…are we just going to…mom, I love you…I love you”

“Oh sweetie…I love you more than…oh God…I don’t know…I…” As we talked I stroked her back and gently kissed her cheek and neck each time I told her I loved her – which I did…and wanted her more than I had ever imagined wanting anything. Her breathing deepened and the talk stopped. Everything hung in the air and remained unresolved. She kissed me on the lips and said, “You’d better get to school, it’s only a month to your graduation” but not before her tongue had sought out mine and caressed it.

We didn’t talk about what happened again but during the next weeks we spent every moment we could together. The more we found ourselves alone, the more kisses we shared. We walked every day on Surf Avenue amidst the crowds, sharing hot dogs and fries from Nathan’s between kisses. We followed the shore to Brighton where we would find a place to hold and touch and kiss.

The summer Sunday when we had kissed so much her pink lips were swollen, I was so hot for her I could have taken her right there on the street. We went home and my father was there. Mom said she was going to take a bath. I went up to my room and a few minutes later I whispered, “Mom…mom…as I tapped on the bathroom door. She opened the door a crack and then let me in. She stood in front me naked as the thudding water filled the tub. She came to my arms without a word and I kissed her as I fondled her breast. There was a patina of moisture covering her skin from the weather and the water and her heat. It wasn’t until the water on the floor reached her bare feet that we realized it had overflowed. She turned it off and came back to my arms. I undressed and when my cock was released it strained up as my mother’s open hand began stroking and petting it.

After about five minutes, we heard yelling from downstairs. It was my father yelling up, “What the fuck is this water on the kitchen floor…and why isn’t my supper ready?” My hand was on mother’s soft pussy as she called down to say that she would be down as soon as she was finished. I covered her mouth with mine as a wide smile broke out on it.

I sat on the closed toilet seat and mom straddled me. She impaled herself on my rod that was practically pointing to the ceiling. She raised and lowered herself on it as I watched her pink tipped tits undulate. I took one into my mouth and mom sat down fully with a little cry. I was speared completely into my mother’s pussy. She began grinding her hips. It must have been ninety degrees in there and the sweat was pouring off of us. I could feel my cock moving on the walls of her slippery channel as she said, “I love having you in me baby…my beautiful Bobby’s cock filling me…better than anyone…oh God it’s so big…always love me baby…always…”

She raised and lowered herself on my stiff pole over and over again. I watched as my shaft disappeared into her and I was driven by the thought that my mother’s creamy pussy was wrapping itself around her son’s cock…that my cock was filling my mother’s pussy…my mother was fucking her own son as I was fucking my own…beautiful…wonderful…wet…mother.

I held her tits as she held my shoulders. She said, “Oh God…I shouldn’t be doing this…” but she looked at me with love as she fucked me. A barely audible “I love you” escaped her open mouth each time she came down on me and my cock reached up into her belly. I looked down at the beautiful sight of my mother’s pussy engulfing my cock.

As she started to come, she bit her lips and dug her nails into me. As soon as she did that, cord after cord of my cum shot up into her. I felt like I would never stop coming. She bounced on me with her head flung back until she had coaxed every drop of cum from me into her womb. After a long sigh she buried her face in my neck and said, “Oh my God…oh my God.” I touched those red nail marks on my shoulders for two days with pleasure.

During the next week my mother seemed so conflicted I didn’t know how to approach her. Sometimes she was tender and accepting of my small kisses and hugs and at other times she was almost angry in her refusals. The pattern developed that if I waited long enough she would want me enough to let something happen.

It had been over a week since she had even touched me and finally after a few false starts we were kissing as lovers. I wanted so much to please her; I caressed and kissed each part of her body as I undressed her. We were in the den and mom was sitting on the couch with her legs spread.

It was the first time I had tasted her. I had worked my way along her tender thighs. My head was in between and she was telling me how to pleasure her with my mouth. I learned fast and I loved doing it. That was the afternoon we almost got caught. I was licking her clit with the flat of my tongue and using the tip to circle the edges of her wet button. My father came home earlier than expected. She was making crying sounds with each of my licks. We both jumped when a bang at the door almost made my heart pound out my chest. “What’s the matter with you?” He yelled. “You still feeling sorry for yourself?”

At least we were smart enough to have locked the door. My mother answered, “Just leave me alone.”

We heard, “Aah fuck you” as he walked away. I looked at mom as if to ask ‘what should we do?’ and she just directed me back to my unfinished business. I heard her muffled attempt to come quietly as I sucked the rubbery nub until she arched her back and pressed my head hard against her cunt. When she finished, I went out the window and came back through the front door a few minutes later.

At about two that morning mom came into my room and it was my turn to try and come without making any noise. She sat on my bed with her filmy nightgown on and leaned over my cock. For some reason, certain nights stay with you. That was one of those nights. For whatever combination of reasons, I was excited beyond the norm. Every lick of my mother’s tongue and suck of her lips was intensified. Her breasts felt softer and her nipples harder. Her fragrance filled the room. She whispered, “I want to suck you.” As she traced the length of me with the tip of her tongue from my balls up to the leaking tip she said, “The more I try to stay away the more I want you…oh Bobby…your cock in me…”

My mother filled her mouth with me and my cock was supercharged. I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept sucking me and rubbing me and licking me the way she was doing. She engulfed the head and kept flicking her tongue across it as her soft lips pressed the flesh they encircled. I thought of stopping her but I couldn’t and just let go. I still don’t know how I kept from yelling out as bolts of cum shot out of me into her mouth. There was so much cum and I was so far down her throat I thought it would choke her but she never stopped sucking as I came. As I sent the last of the spurts into her mouth, I saw some of the thick cream at the corners of her mouth. She took it in with her tongue and swallowed one last time. She touched my face with a sad smile and kissed me as she left me to drift off into exhausted sleep.

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