A Promise Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction.

I never got to know my dad because he died when I was about six months year old but my mum, Sara, always made sure that his memory wasn’t forgotten and for this she changed my name from James to my dad’s name which was Mark. They used to be treasure hunters, they dove for treasure on sunken ships, and in one of the dives something went wrong and a beam collapsed on him and crushed him, my mum was devastated and never went on another expedition. From that point on I was the center of her world, she loved dotting on me.

So it was just the two of us until I turned eight then two girls came to live with us. Connie was a year older than me while Liz was about the same age as me, 2 months older to be precise. My mum told me they were there to keep me company you know someone my age, but there was more to it than that when I tried to enquirer more about it she told me when I was of age all would be clear and that I should trust her, I didn’t have a reason not to anyway so I let it go.

A bit about the girls, for two girls who weren’t related they sure looked alike kind of like twins. Connie was the shy one and Liz was the feisty they made a very interesting duo. We got along from the get go which made it easy on everyone especially on my mum as she didn’t have to worry about breaking up fights, there were the occasional tiffs but nothing too serious. They settled in well into the new school, Liz joined me in the same grade and Connie being the oldest was placed a grade ahead. As we grew up our bond deepened we told each other everything, we preferred each others company and best of all they didn’t treat me like a kid but as an equal.

When I hit puberty I started noticing mine and the girls changes, this was a very interesting time for me but luckily I had three women to help me through it. Mum sat us all down and explained some of the changes that were to take place and how they were going to affect us. Then she took the girls aside and had a private chat with them. The girls blossomed into beautiful young women, naturally as a guy I was more interested in their developing boobs and to makes matters worse they were constantly teasing me, they loved wearing short skirts and tight tops which left little to the imagination.

We had always been free with expressing our love to each other by hugs and kissing. Since I didn’t really have a girlfriend I resorted to pleasuring myself, one day Liz walked in on me and shocked doesn’t come close to her reaction. Naturally mum found out and we had a little chat surprisingly she wasn’t angry. After that the teasing noticeably reduced but didn’t stop which was fine with me. When Connie turned 16, a package arrived which I wasn’t allowed to see. This peaked our curiosity off course but no matter how much prodding I did neither my mum nor Connie said anything, after a while I let it go.

Oddly enough the same thing happened the following year with Liz except she showed me the contents of her package and to my surprise it was only a dress, a beautiful one but still a dress which still didn’t answer why all the secrecy. Naturally she swore me to secrecy as for some reason I was yet to learn, explanations would come later for me. Our bond continued to get stronger as we grew and with it we were able to share secrets and if there was a problem we would try to solve it otherwise mum was the final go to person. When Connie turned 18, we took her out to celebrate. Mum gave her a gift box and when she opened it, she took out a custom bracelet with her name engraved on it and told her that it was meant to be given to the soul mate.

For her senior prom Connie asked me to be her date something which surprised me a lot. Apparently I was the only boy she could trust and since we lived in the same house she didn’t have to worry about getting a ride home at the end of the evening. Of course I accepted I would get to experience the prom twice and with the most beautiful young ladies I knew. I looked sharp in my tux and she wore a beautiful light blue evening gown which matched her eyes and found out was her 16th birthday present which explained the secrecy. The night progressed without a hitch, we danced some cheerleader won the homecoming Kızılay Escort crown and at the end of the night we shared a passionate kiss which was lasted a bit longer than the regular kisses we usually shared.

Of course Liz wanted to know what went on and when I told her that we had shared a kiss she appeared a little jealous, but I reassured her that if she wanted she could be my date to our prom as we were graduating at the same time. She didn’t give me an answer so I dropped it. For our, Liz and my, eighteenth birthday mum suggested we celebrate together and Liz didn’t mind waiting 2 months for me to be official. Again she received a gold bracelet but hers had slightly different engravings than Connie’s, as for me I received two gold bracelets.

Now this I had to know why and as usual mum gave me one of her cryptic answers but told me that in a few months we were all going on a ‘trip’ and this time all my questions would be answered, and boy did I have a whole bunch of them. But first I had to attend my prom and Liz to say the least didn’t disappoint, she asked me to be her date which was a relief as I had almost given up on her. She was dressed to kill in the dress she had shown me on her 16th birthday, it was a cream colored strapless sleeveless evening gown which elicited a lot of envious looks from the other girls. We danced and at the end of the evening we shares a kiss but this one lasted a bit longer just like with Connie and I almost reached up to fondle her but checked myself.

The day of our ‘trip’ came and for some reason the girls seemed a bit too excited than I which was kind of strange as I was the one who had been totally in the dark all this time. We were leaving for the Keys and for the first time since I was eight, mum seemed apprehensive and when I enquired she laughed it off. Anyway the journey was uneventful and to top it off we were picked up by a limo at the airport, this was going to be cool.

We arrived at a Spanish style home which seemed smaller than it looked but the inside was beautiful, it was like walking into the 18th century with all the furnishings and décor. We were directed to what I believe was the den, and after settling in a lady who seemed about mum’s age came in to welcome us. There was a sense of familiarity about her and when the girls saw her they ran up to her and shared a touching embrace. After the hugs and kisses she came towards me and despite her size, she was about 5’7 and I was 6’1, she grabbed me in bear hug and started crying, she held me in a tight embrace and for a moment I thought she wouldn’t let go but then she let go and stepped back to get a better look at me.

‘You’ve grown since I last saw you,’ she said.

‘Have we met because you look familiar but for some reason I can’t quite place you?’ I asked but instead of answering she turned to my mum and asked,

‘You never told him Sara, how could you not?’

‘That is why we are here so that you can explain everything to him,’ mum said.

‘Told me what?’ I was starting to get confused and it was apparent in my voice.

‘First of call me Mary and second I don’t believe your mum never told you about me. Sit down then because it seems we have quite a bit to talk about.’ She continued to tell me that after my dad’s death mum was so devastated that she stopped nursing me and as she was also nursing it was agreed that she would nurse me until mum put herself together. That explained the sense of familiarity I felt when we first met but what about the girls.

‘Liz is my daughter she was your other nursing partner.’ That also explained the resemblance between the two.

‘What about Connie who is her mum?’

‘You will meet her tomorrow her name is Maggie she’s a wonderful person you’ll love her. I know you have a lot more questions, tomorrow you will get your answers and more.’ We had super and after that mum and Mary retreated to the den and every now and then you could hear them laughing. When I asked Liz how come her mum never came to visit, she told me that it was an arrangement that had been made between the three mums and when we were all eighteen everything would be explained. Now all this secrecy was really Kolej Escort starting to get irritating, but one thing I had learnt from mum was that everything she did was planned so I didn’t have a reason not to trust her.

The next morning me and the girls decided to go for a little swim which was refreshing to say the least and when we got back there was a bit of commotion around a new house guest and as soon as we entered Connie let out a scream and ran towards her and gave her a big hug. The resemblance was uncanny and once again she felt familiar so naturally I assumed she had been around after my dad’s death. She gave me a hug then stepped back to examine me.

‘Mark you sure have grown and you look just like your dad. Did Mary tell you that I helped her nurse you?’ fortunately for you and her I was around because she couldn’t handle nursing two babies at the same time. That around the same time I was starting to introduce solid foods to Connie’s diet so I had extra milk to spare.’

‘I owe you and Mary a debt of gratitude for what you did for us.’

‘I understand you have a few questions that need answering?’ she asked.

‘Its more like a few holes that need filling.’

‘Well then let’s go in and you can get cleaned up.’ After taking a shower I had a nice breakfast and was summoned to the den where the three mums were waiting. Maggie started off by telling me how they all met in high school and became fast friends, this continued throughout college and into their married life, and they hoped us kids would end the same.

‘Is that why you sent Liz and Connie to live with us?’ I asked.

‘That was part of it,’ mum replied. ‘You see around the time they came to live with us, Mary and Maggie were going through some personal problems Mary’s husband had just died and Maggie’s had decided to seek greener pastures with some little slut. So it was decided that it was best they come live with us and have male influence even though you were their age.’

‘The arrangement was meant to last a few weeks, Mary added, ‘but after we heard how well you got along we decided to let them stay. We know you love them your mum sent us the prom pictures and I’m proud to say that I cried my eyes out. Who do you think sent the bracelets? We both got you one to show our appreciation of how you treated our girls. You know they love you and I understand Liz was a bit jealous after you kissed Connie on her prom night.’

‘How did you know that, I didn’t know she told anyone else?’

‘That’s what phones are for, what kind of mum would I be if I didn’t know what went on in my baby’s life? Why do you think your mum had you set up the web cam and net phone?

‘Well that explains some of the hushed phone call, but I always figured the girls were gossiping about boys and me with their girlfriends. Looks like I still have quite a bit to learn about you.’

‘If you choose to pursue a relationship with them you have our blessing’ Maggie added, ‘but it has to be with both for obvious reasons, I have reason to believe they wouldn’t mind sharing you. Just promise us that you won’t break their hearts ok.’

‘I promise, do the girls know about this?’

‘Yes, just don’t rush into anything and remember we love you Mark.’

We all hugged and there seemed to be a sense of relief from the women. After that the mood changed dramatically everyone seemed more festive. During lunch Liz kept teasing me by playing footsie under the table, of course during dinner I returned the favor and it was fun watching her squirm. The next few days were to say the least wonderful, the girls seemed to find an excuse to be around me especially when I took my morning walk on the beach they would each slide an arm under mine and take a stroll with me.

Every time we got back their mums would give me a knowing wink and I would blush as usual. One night I had trouble sleeping, and then someone softly knocked on my door and entered usually only two people knocked and never waited for an answer Connie and Liz, but since there wasn’t enough light I couldn’t tell which one it was because they were both built the same. When she was close enough I realized it was Connie, she wore a short Maltepe Escort almost see through night dress that barely covered her beautiful butt. She told me she had trouble sleeping and asked if she could squeeze in next to me. We got to talking about our current situation and what that meant for the three of us, and then in mid sentence she reached out and pulled me towards her and gave me a very passionate kiss. My nine inch dick responded immediately and since I slept naked it wasn’t hard to notice, she reached down and like a curious kid examined it.

‘Mark I’m still a virgin so if we do this you have to promise me that you’ll be gentle and wont break my heart, this really surprised me because I figured I was the only virgin among us, but who cares about that.

‘I’m a virgin to and I would rather die than break your heart. You know there is no turning back once we do this, so are you sure about this?’ I asked.

‘I have never been surer.’

Just because I was a virgin didn’t mean I didn’t know how to please a woman, it was time to put all the porn viewing sessions to the test. I laid her back and pushed up her night dress which exposed her naked and to my surprise shaved pussy. She was already wet which made it easy to slip a finger into her, a small moan escaped her lips as she arched her back in pleasure. I proceeded to lick her slit from bottom to top terminating at her excited clit at which point she grabbed my head and came hard, I continued finger fucking her causing her to experience several orgasms. After her spasms had subsided she pulled me towards her face and gave me a deep kiss despite her juices all over my face.

By now my dick was throbbing like hell and she didn’t disappoint as she pushed me on my back, grabbed it and massaged the head then inserted the head into her mouth. The feeling was intense she started inserting a bit at a time then suddenly she deep throated me which was amazing due to my size. She continued sucking me and pretty soon I could feel my balls tighten and warned her I was about to cum, to which she speeded up her sucking. Pretty soon I couldn’t hold it any more and I just erupted, to my surprise she was able to swallow almost all my cum but some of it dribbled down her lips and landed on her boobs. She used her finger to scoop it up and licked her finger clean.

‘Where did you learn how to suck dick like that?’ I asked.

‘Watching porn,’ then she giggled.

‘I thought I was the only one who did that.’

She continued caressing my dick and in a short while I was hard again. I laid her on her back and positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy. Then I slowly started to insert my dick inch by inch until I came up on a barrier. I asked her if she was ready and told her there’ll be a sharp pain initially but it will subside as she got accustomed to my dick. She motioned that she was ready then grabbed by butt and pulled me suddenly.

She let out a gasp as I penetrated her then held me tightly, after a while I started to pump her slowly at first then picked up the pace. This time it took me a little longer to cum but in the mean time she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm. Her pussy muscles were squeezing my dick and the feeling was sensational, so when I came it was so intense I thought I would pass out. It took her a little longer to recover from her multiple orgasms and when she did she snuggled up to me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

‘I love you Mark.’

‘And I love you Connie, now lets sleep we’ll talk more in the morning ok.’ With that she snuggled closer, rested her head on my shoulder and we slept. I woke up from a nice sensation on my dick and when I looked down I saw a head bobbing up and down, then the previous night’s events came flooding back.

‘It’s about time you woke up sleepy head.’ Then she continued sucking me and in short order I was blowing my load in her mouth. This time she was able to take my entire load without spilling. ‘Looks like I’m getting the hang of this.’

‘Now let me return the favor.’ And with that I laid her on her back and proceeded to lick her pussy, she had an orgasm almost immediately. Then I inserted a finger and started fingering her, this drove her over the edge and she had an intense orgasm.

‘I’m so sore from last night I hope I’ll be able to walk,’ she said then giggled. After recovering we took a shower and took our time cleaning each other up, and then we went down for breakfast.

To be continued…

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