A Patriotic Act

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When Lisa walked into the bar she glanced around quickly to see if there were any attractive single men. At a table near the dance floor she saw 3 young soldiers. They had vacant and distant expressions on their faces. She walked over and sat in the 4th chair at the table.

“Hello boys…how about you let a lady buy you all a round of drinks?” Lisa asked.

“That’s alright.” Troy said.

“I insist. Bring us all a round of beers.” Lisa said.

The waitress went to get the beers.

“I’m Lisa by the way.” Lisa said.

“Troy.” Troy said.

“Mike.” Mike said.

“Dave.” Dave said.

“It’s nice to meet you guys. I couldn’t help but notice the looks on your faces. Young soldiers like you only look like that for two reasons. Number one your girl sends you a Dear John letter. Since there are 3 of you I doubt that’s the case. Number two is you got your orders and are heading overseas in the very near future. So when do you ship out?” Lisa asked.

“Tuesday.” Mike said.

“Tuesday…well…it is Friday night…no sense letting your last few days state side go to waste. Who wants to dance?” Lisa asked.

The 3 guys looked at Lisa…she was older than them…mid 30’s to their mid 20’s, but she was very attractive.

“I will.” Dave said.

“Great…let’s go.” Lisa said.

She took Dave’s hand and took him out on the dance floor. The music was fast and loud and it let Lisa rub up against Dave’s body and grind against his cock. He grabbed her ass a few times and she didn’t push his hand away. Mike and Troy watched and slowly drank their beers. When the song ended Lisa and Dave came back to the table.

“Anybody else?” Lisa asked.

“Sure…I’ll dance with you.” Troy said.

Lisa and Troy headed ordu escort out onto the dance floor.

“Damn dude…she sure was all over you out there.” Mike said.

“Yeah…and now she’s all over Troy too.” Dave said.

“That girl is fine as hell.” Mike said.

When the song ended Mike jumped up from the table and walked over to take his turn with Lisa on the dance floor before she even made it back to the table.

“God damn Lisa is hot.” Troy said.

“She’s definitely turning this night around.” Dave said.

When she was done dancing with Mike the two of them came over and sat down.

“Well…that was fun. So…do you guys want to sit here and drink some more? Or do you want to stay sober enough to come home with me for the night?” Lisa asked.

“Which one of us?” Dave asked.

“All 3 of you of course. It looked like you could all use a little boost in your morale before you head overseas. I figured I’d remind you just how grateful this country is for your service. So…who wants to get out of here?” Lisa asked.

All 3 guys stood up and threw money on the table for their drinks. Lisa smiled.

“Okay boys…let’s go.” Lisa said.

They walked out into the parking lot.

“I only live 3 blocks from here…did you 3 come together?” Lisa asked.

“We took a cab…we were figuring on getting pretty smashed.” Mike said.

“Then you can just ride with me.” Lisa said.

They all got in Lisa’s car and drove to her house. She led them inside and had them sit down on the couch. She put on some music.

“I haven’t done this since college so forgive me if I’m a little rusty.” Lisa said.

She started dancing and taking her clothes off. The guys all whistled and cheered as rize escort Lisa shed her skirt, her top, her bra, and finally her panties.

“Okay boys…don’t be shy…don’t make me be naked alone.” Lisa said.

Mike, Troy, and Dave jumped up off the couch and stripped off their clothes.

“My oh my we do get some fine men in the military don’t we?” Lisa asked playfully.

She walked over and kissed each of the guys one by one. They felt her breasts and her ass and she squeezed their cocks while they were kissing.

“Okay boys…you’re gonna have to play nice…you’ll all get your turn, but I only have one mouth.” Lisa said.

She knelt down and took Troy’s cock in her mouth. She started sucking and stroking it as Mike and Dave watched.

“Oh god…that feels great.” Troy said.

After only a few minutes Troy grunted and came in Lisa’s mouth. She swallowed his cum and licked her lips. She moved over to Mike next and started sucking and stroking his cock.

“Oh man…that’s incredible.” Mike said.

It only took a few minutes before Mike came in Lisa’s mouth. She swallowed every drop and then quickly moved to Dave and started sucking and stroking his cock.

“Lisa…you are absolutely amazing.” Dave said.

A few minutes later Dave came in her mouth. Lisa swallowed Dave’s cum and then stood up looking at the 3 young soldiers standing naked in her living room.

“Okay boys…there are 3 of you and 3 holes on me. As long as you’re gentle with me you can each fuck me in all 3 places…not including me sucking you off just now. So if you’re ready let’s go down the hall to the bedroom and get started.” Lisa said.

All 3 guys followed as Lisa walked down the hall and into the bedroom. She grabbed sakarya escort a bottle of lube out of her night stand.

“Whoever fucks my ass needs to use this…it is pretty tight back there and with cocks like yours it would hurt like hell without lube.” Lisa said.

Troy grabbed the lube and started lubing up his cock. Troy fucked Lisa in the ass while Dave fucked her pussy and she sucked Mike’s cock again.

When all 3 of them had cum they moved so that Troy was fucking her pussy, Mike was fucking her ass, and she was sucking Dave’s cock.

Finally they moved so that Dave was fucking her in the ass, Mike was fucking her pussy, and she was sucking Troy’s cock.

When they had finished the 3 guys lay side by side on the bed with Lisa lying across them.

“Well…you guys had probably better get back…it’s getting late.” Lisa said.

She moved off of the guys and they all got up. All 4 of them walked to the living room, they called for a cab, and the guys started putting on their clothes.

“Lisa…we can’t even begin to thank you for tonight.” Mike said.

“No kidding…it was awesome.” Troy said.

“It was a damn good reminder of what we’re fighting for.” Dave said.

Lisa smiled.

“Happy to do it boys. Good luck over there…I hope you all make it back safe.” Lisa said.

She gave each of them a kiss and they left. As they were walking out to their cab Lisa heard them talking.

“They’d have a lot more guys willing to go to Iraq if there were more women like Lisa out there.” Troy said.

“That’s no kidding…we were all sad and scared at the start of the night…now we’re well fucked and ready to go.” Mike said.

“That’s one hell of a patriotic woman.” Dave said.

They got in their cab and drove away. Lisa smiled to herself.

“It feels good to do my part for our country. It might have been good for their morale…but it was GREAT for mine.” Lisa said.

She walked back down the hall to her bedroom floating on air.

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