A pastoral tale

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A pastoral taleholiday, anal Cycling holiday turns out for the bestLast summer I cycled through Britain, sticking to the less traveledroutes. Overall the weather was kind, in fact, even when it poured itturned out for the best.I was laboring through some hilly but very open farming countryside, apatchwork quilt of green fields separated by winding hedgerows, when theskies opened up. Now, I don’t mind a little rain and it does keep thecountryside pretty, but this was coming down in buckets and the wind wasroaring over hill and through valley and I was starting to shiver.Coming down a hill at a breakneck pace, I could hardly see it wasraining so hard, I saw a heavenly sanctuary in the form of a smallcountry church, rectory attached, with a small covered porch entrance.I pulled over, leaned my bike up against the stone wall and got myselfout of the rain under the small porch roof. I was still shivering thoughas the winds seemed gale force strong and I was dripping. I nearlyjumped out of my skin when the door behind me opened. I turned, heartstill racing, to see a woman there.I’m not sure who was more startled though, as she obviously wasn’texpecting me. We laughed a bit with nervousness and I only had togesture to the weather for understanding to dawn on her face. It was alovely face, a lived-in face with a peaches and cream type complexionwith dark hair, a nice contrast. She was younger than me, I’m 51, andI’d guess she was in her forties. She was a bit taller too, but not toomuch more than my five foot eight, and seemed well built. I was, Ithought, circumspect in my inspection as the church location seemed toeschew lewd thoughts.When I shivered again, a look of concern crossed her face, and sheinsisted I come in to dry off. She told me to just leave my bike whereit was.I followed her, the minister’s housekeeper as it turned out, through thesmall chapel, my bike shoe cleats echoing in the empty stone room, andout the back to the adjoining rectory. The small quarters were neat, ifa little on the small side. I slipped off my shoes and she led me to thebathroom. In a no-nonsense but cheerful voice she told me to strip offand hop in the shower while she dried my clothes.Shivering with cold, I agreed readily enough. I was surprised when shestayed while I undressed. Although a bit nervous, I did make an effortto turn around but I could feel my cock stirring a little as I wrung outmy jersey and shorts before handing them over. No way I could stop itfrom rising, we were very close in that small, white tiled, bathroom, türkçe bahis itcouldn’t have been much more that five by five with the tub and showerat the end. By the time I turned toward her I was fully erect. Shedidn’t look down but she did take my clothes with a grin and left me there.With a rueful little shrug, I stepped over the high tub side and drewthe shower curtain across. I fiddled with the controls until thetemperature was right and then luxuriated in the pounding of the hotwater. My cock continued to yearn for my new found friend and wasn’t inany mood to subside. I figured I should take care of it so I didn’tembarrass myself again. I began to run soapy hands over the shaft,moving from base to slippery tip when a voice sounded close by.“How’s it going, ” she asked.“Fine, thanks.” I managed to stammer , embarrassed once more.“Need any help?”“Um, pardon, ” I asked, not believing my ears.“Do you want a hand in there?” she asked while pulling back the flimsycurtain.She was completely naked, with a thick bush of black pubic hair and darkbrown nipples that topped full soft breasts. They were mature, hangingdown like ripe fruit.My engorged cock was bobbing in time to my heartbeat it was so hard. Isuppose that’s all the answer she needed as she stepped inside.The first kiss was a breathless affair as our bodies came together. Icould feel her sturdy body slide up to mine until we were pressed righttogether. We kissed for a long time under the hot streaming shower,running soapy hands over each other. Her legs were strong and herstomach flat. Her ass was fine, tight and muscular. I explored her anuswith a soapy finger as I sunk to my knees in the tub to slide my tongueinside her nether lips. The first taste was delicious. Her arousal wasevident in the thick secretion that flowed from her luxuriant bush. Herhands wrapped in my hair and she urged me on with gentle pressure. Islid my lips down until my explorations covered her sex from end to endand back again.She sighed with pleasure.I redoubled my efforts, with water cascading over my head, I probed herwith my eager tongue, over and over while gently fucking her with twofingers imbedded in her anus while my thumb slid inside her pussy. Icould feel her tight little ring fluttering around my fingers as shetensed and then she came, hot and sweet and salty, a wash of fluid. I’dnever encountered a squirter before and I tried to swallow it all butsome still trickled from the corner of my mouth. She pulled back from mylips and tongue to sink down beside me, youwin giriş kissing away the remnants of herfluid that dotted my lips.The shower started to cool and so we toweled each other dry. She wasplayful and tender, kissing every inch of me as she dried me off. Herlips and teeth found my nipples and she sucked them, nibbling gently inbetween. By now I was aching with need. Her hands found by cock and shewrapped both of them around the shaft stacked.“So big, ” she murmured. She relinquished hold of only one hand and usedthe other to lead me to a bed. It was a huge, oaken affair with a broadquilt covered expanse. Opening a bedside drawer she pulled out a tube oflube. Taking her time, humming softly to herself she coated my shaftuntil all eight inches glistened. I was hard enough that the foreskinwouldn’t stay forward and most of my bulbous head was uncovered.Leaning over the bed she simply said, “Bugger me.”Although startled by the starkly worded request, I was more than readyto comply. Still, I wanted to spend a moment drinking it all in. Hermature, but surprisingly lean, body was facing away from me and shestood on the floor, legs spread, her torso bent over the bed, herbreasts hanging down. Her legs were lean and muscular and I could seeher calf muscles quivering a little with either the strain of herposition or the excitement she was feeling. Her back was broad, taperingto a narrow waist. Her thick, wet mop of black hair was in sharpcontrast to the relative paleness of her body. Although aching for her,I didn’t enter yet.“Turn over, ” I said, “I want to see you when I’m inside.”Blue eyes, the color of the storm torn sky outside, looked into mine asshe wordlessly complied. She lay back on the bed and I pulled her towardme by grasping her firm thighs. I dragged her over the white sheetsuntil her behind was right at the edge of the mattress and then Ipositioned my cock at the entrance to her bottom . It seemed to twitchunder me as I pushed against it. Looking into her eyes I sodomized her,sliding inside, ever so slowly. Her mouth opened with a soft moan as thehead of my shaft slid past her tight ring. I could feel my foreskinbeing dragged back by her tightness and it engorged the head of my cocklike a cock ring, trapping the blood inside the swollen tip.It went in easier after that and I kept a steady forward pressure untilmy balls were laying against her smooth round bottom. I loved thefeeling of my balls slapping against her and so I started to thrust andwithdraw, each stroke a bit youwin güvenilir mi more forceful. I slid two fingers past herpussy lips into her tunnel and let my thumb slide over the hard nub ofher clitoris. The feeling was magical, and like magic, her body startedto tremble, for all the world as if each plunge of mine was somehowpumping an electrical charge through her. My fingers and thumb, wellcoated with her juices kept a punctuation counterpoint.I pumped inside her anus, riding her hard, as I stroked her near-liquidcunt with my busy fingers. She was wonderfully tight and eager, pushingback against me, urging me to penetrate all the way on each hard thrust.By now my thighs were starting to tremble and my breathing was ragged.With one final thrust I buried my spurting cock to the hilt while Imasturbated her with all the speed I could muster. In seconds she joinedme with her secretions arching high out of her cunt to cover my shaftand coat my belly. Moaning, out of control, I ground my cock into herstriving to be one with this wonderful woman. As my shuddering stoppedand I slipped out of her now, stretched-wide bottom, I lowered my headto her soaken pussy and licked her clean. We stretched out on the bed,side by side, and fell into a light afternoon slumber.When I awoke, she was staring at me, her hand wrapped lightly around mystiffening cock.“Good, you’re awake, ” she murmured with a wide smile as she swung a legover me.I inhaled sharply as with one motion she buried my rampant cock insideher warmth. Seeing her breasts move as she rode was fascinating. I hadto reach up to capture them even as she leaned back slightly to grasp myballs. She kneaded my sack gently as she rocked on my hardness, impaledon my cock. I played lightly with her nipples. In no time her oncesmall, careful movements grew frantic and became large. She raised upuntil my cock nearly fell out, only to crash down again until her hipsbottomed out against me. I felt my cock head banging against her cervixwith every down-thrust.Breathing hard I reached to fondle her clitoris as she began to lose herrhythm, running my fingers over it, pressing my palm against it. With asuddenness that surprised me she leaned forward to press herself fulllength against my torso. I wrapped my arms around her and held her sotightly that she couldn’t move while I moved my hips wildly. I drovemyself into her as she shuddered, driving up as hard and fast as I couldmove. I didn’t stop even when I felt my orgasm begin, cum traveled up myshaft, such an intense sensation that it felt as if a golf ball wastrying to get passage. That seemed to be all for her too as a flood ofwarmth wet my balls and the sheets under me.She didn’t move and neither did I until long after my softening cockslid from her warmth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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