A Nurse’s Day

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I want to thank Jerry Olsen AKA jlo24601 for helping me edit Nurse’s Night and Nurse’s Day. He is wonderful and easy to work with. Lord knows I never could spell or punctuate properly. I’ll have to work out a payment plan for him.


Wade, the nurse anesthetists walked onto the unit to check on one of his patients who had just had a hernia repair. The patient had not done well under anesthesia earlier today but now he was doing fine and recovery was back on track. After satisfying himself that there were no longer any worries with his patient Wade started down the hall on his way off the unit. He felt a tingle on the back of his neck; he knew even before he looked that it was she; Joanne was watching his every move. A little over a week ago they had gone out after work and things had gotten hot and heavy; in truth it was a wild alcohol fuelled fucking like no other. They had not worked together since and had only seen each other in passing. She walked right up to him.

“Hey what’s up with you Wade? I haven’t heard from you since breakfast the other morning.”

“I’m sorry Joanne; I meant to call but I wasn’t sure how to reach you and I just couldn’t show up at your door now could I?” He was alluding to the fact that she was married.

“Wade you made me feel so damned good! I sure hope that was not all your going to give me. Besides my husband you’re the only guy I have been with in 10 years; I have got to have some more of that. I am just getting over the soreness from that last fucking. You should see the bruise you left on my lower back. That was my favorite panty you ripped off me so you owe me. I have 30 minuets to burn; why don’t you follow me up to the isolation room in about three minuets? Nobody has used it in months. We don’t have any contagious respiratory or TB patients; in fact we are using it as kind of a storage area with extra beds and equipment. Nobody ever goes in there.”

“What the heck are you trying to do Joanne, get us fired, ruin our careers?”

“No, I am Isparta Escort trying to get my rocks off. Come on. It will be Ok Wade. Trust me.”

With that she turned and walked away. Joanne told one of the other nurses to watch her patients she was going to lunch. Wade was not going to risk his job for any pussy even good pussy but he didn’t want to piss her off by not showing up and at least begging off for a later time. He waited the three or four minutes and went up the back stairs and down the hall slipping unnoticed into the isolation room. It was dark and crowded with too many beds and chairs. The bathroom door was cracked slightly. He opened it to find Joanne sitting in a chair, pants down around her ankles fingering herself, her fingers running gently over her lips and clitoris.

“Oh My God Joanne! You can’t be serious.”

“Yes I can come on loosen up, Wade. Go down on me.”

“Sure as hell were going to get caught. Let’s do this after work. Come on be reasonable.”

“No! Quit bellyaching and go down on me now. If you would just get to it we would be done before anyone realizes we’re gone. Come on Wade where is the wild sex partner I had last week? I know you have it in you. So drop and give me what I need.” Her fingers spread the lips of her pussy wide as an invitation to him.

He remembered how warm and juicy her hot cunt is, how fantastic it felt to be inside her, how she desired him and took him so completely inside of her. He had never been wanted so completely by a woman. There she was spread eagle at the hospital during working hours.

The fear of being caught was intoxicating and arousing. He felt his knees get weak and instinctively he went down between her begging thighs. His tongue obeyed her wishes. He placed it slowly between her lips and fingers. Her fingers withdrew leaving his tongue alone to fill her and fulfill her. He pushed it hard into her; the tip of his nose brushed her clit and made her jump slightly.

He could smell her body Isparta Escort Bayan wash mixed with her sweat and sweet juices. She was clean-shaven as before and it turned him on, her smooth mons rubbing against his chin. The closeness of the room started to fade away. The sounds of the hospital dissipated and all he could see or feel was this wanting pussy in front of him. It was pink and wet; its wings open, inviting his mouth to devour it.

He found the head of her clit and explored it with the edges of his tongue then wrapped his lips around it lightly masturbating it with his mouth. She must have been pleased. He heard light moans of pleasure coming from above him and a light clear trickle of juices appeared between her pussy lips. He eagerly lapped the salty liquid up. He continued to explore her inner reaches with his mouth kissing and nibbling as he went.

Just then they heard someone enter the room right outside the bathroom door. He was frozen his tongue deep inside a half-naked woman. The room came back into view with amazing clarity in a split second. If the person in the room made another few steps toward the open cracked bathroom door he/she would be greeted by a site not often seen at work.

Wade had an over whelming urge to jump up but he knew that any movement would alert the person outside to their presence. Neither of them breathed. Then after an agonizing few seconds they heard someone dragging a chair out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Joanne took a deep breath and giggled softly. Wade started to remove his tongue from her crotch but she said, “Oh no you don’t!”

With that she firmly shoved his head back into position. His mouth was full so he didn’t bother to try and complain. He pulled out no stops and started to torture her clit with his lips and hard tongue flicking and nibbling with all he had. He figured that if he pleased her quickly she would let this dangerous game end.

He brought in a finger to help tease her clit Escort Isparta ;and that was all she could stand. She released; her body going limp. He lapped the last bits of flow up and licked her from his lips as she lay there breathing deep and looking so vulnerable. She gathered herself in a moment and pulled up her pants and sat straight up in the chair.

“Your turn,” she boldly stated. The intrusion into the room had done nothing to stiffen his manhood, if you know what I mean. She grabbed his pants and underwear and with one swift pull he was before her, semi-soft and vulnerable. Her warm mouth wasted no time teasing his cock into the hard muscle she desired.

Joanne worked his rod with the same smooth skills she had shown last time. Over and over her mouth was stroking his length. He began having a burning desire to fuck her cunt, to come deep inside of her again, to fill that wet warm pink pussy with his sperm. She must have known his need. She stopped what she was doing with her mouth but kept a firm and steady grip on his cock. She ordered him to sit in the chair.

He obeyed and like a flash she had her pants off and was over him positioning herself above his hard and throbbing penis. She impaled herself on him and started a piston motion that would have made any motor envious. She was getting more and more wet and he could feel drops of her fluids dripping onto his balls. She was pounding and pounding him over and over again with no mercy. How could she keep this up? Her legs were shaking from the exertion. She had to have him; she had to please him. She had to feel him cum inside her. She whimpered, “Cum for me.” Please Cum in me.”

His nuts heard her and blew their full load deep in her begging body. He didn’t want to pull out of her. He didn’t want to move. She sat on him a while kissing his lips tenderly. Whispering, Thank you,” in his ear.

After a brief rest, she lifted her body from his over-sensitive cock sending tingles up his spine with each inch that retracted from her body. She dressed and with a hug she quickly left the room leaving him to collect himself. He knew there would be much more fun in store with Joanne. She was fun and sexually open; he wondered what fantasy he could bring to life with this woman. He wondered how she felt about ropes.

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