A Night with the Mistress

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There I sat, mostly naked, in a large, comfortable bed. There was a lingering scent in the air that I couldn’t quite place. Something refreshing and relaxing. The lights were dimmed, so I couldn’t make out the details of the bedroom, but it really didn’t matter. My eyes were fixated.

She strode into the bedroom, confidently, arrogantly. I had been forced to sit on the bed, and wait while she “prepared.” There was a slight chill in the room, but I don’t think it was the temperature that brought a wave of goosebumps over my body.

She looked, in a word, devastating. Thick, luxurious auburn hair cascaded down her back and caressed her face, surrounding hazel eyes punctuated by eyeliner, light shadow, and long eyelashes. Her generous lips formed a bit of a smirk, painted in a deep, dark plum shade. Her face was so striking, so inviting and yet so intimidating that I’d forgotten to admire the rest of the show.

There she stood in front of me, and began to run her hands and manicured nails over her body, inviting my eyes to follow. The hands ran over the peaks of full breasts clad in a smooth, plunging black bra. My eyes lingered as she worked her way down, over her waist to rounded hips. She tilted them and flexed a leg, shifting the curves accentuated by small black panties and sheer thigh-high stockings. Black was such an excellent choice for her; it contrasted nicely with her alabaster skin and made her curves just look so damned good.

There she was, a vision of beauty, raw sexuality. I was already considerably aroused. The promises of delights to come, the teasing, the agonizing wait as she took her time primping and dressing. Even the slight chill in the air made me crave skin-to-skin contact. I wanted so desperately to jump up and throw her on the bed, but I had been expressly forbidden.

The Mistress was well aware of my predicament. She watched me squirm and giggled softly. She turned around, stepping about in sexy, thick-heeled black shoes and revealed that her little black panties were actually a little black thong. Hands ran over the curves of her luscious backside ever so slowly. I felt my breath catch in my throat as she leaned over slowly and turned her head, beaming a wicked grin at me.

“Oh god.” The words escaped my mouth unbidden.

“Shhh,” the Mistress admonished.

She walked over to the bed, next to me and reached out to where I was sitting Batumi Escort upright. I hesitantly extended my hands to her and she guided them over her body just as she had done. I felt the smooth skin with my fingertips, the softness of her breasts and her legs, and just a hint of the warmth coming from between her legs. I must have whimpered, or uttered a curse, or something of the sort, because she urged my silence again while I was touching her. It was maddening, the complete lack of control. I couldn’t even ask her for anything. All I was permitted was to sit, watch, and obey.

Perhaps I had done well, or perhaps her own urges had taken over, but at this point she finally climbed up onto me, and straddled my lap. I was already painfully hard, stretching even my loose underclothes. She pressed herself into me, warm and soft. I felt the smooth fabric of her stockings on my bare legs, her hands and nails on my bare chest. The combined sensations were overwhelming.

I moaned as she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine. I lost track of time as hands touched skin, tongues met each other, and the sound of her rapid breathing filled my ears. We moved on the bed, laying down, never breaking contact until I squeezed a covered breast with my hand.

She broke away. “Relax,” she said in a honeyed, voice. She removed my hands and placed them at my sides. Everything went a step backward, with just her hands on my body for some time. She caressed my hips and thighs, leaving me gasping for air and praying for her to grasp my rigid cock, but the tease continued.

My eyes closed, floating in a sea of sensation provided by my Mistress, I felt warm, wet lips press into my neck and nibble me slowly. After some time, lips and hot breath came closer to my ear.

“Do you like my body?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell me.”

“You are strikingly beautiful, Mistress. Curvy and soft. I love your body, and I am honored to share your bed.”

“Show me,” she whispered huskily into my ear before she pulled away and lay on the bed.

I began a journey with my lips, worshipping her body from head to toe. I kissed her neck, traced the lines of her cleavage with my tongue and told her how much I loved her breasts. I kissed and traced my hands slowly down her body to her waist, slipping fingers underneath the waistband of her thong and nuzzling my face between her legs.

“You Georgia Escort are so warm, Mistress.”

She giggled and writhed a bit before taking on her admonishing tone. “Keep going.”

I ran my hands down smooth legs, gently spreading them a bit and kissing the insides of her thighs. “Your legs feel so good, Mistress.”

She moaned her approval as I completed my circuit and returned to her side. I said, in genuine awe, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with.”

The Mistress smiled at me. “Good. I think you deserve more.”

I gasped loudly as I felt a hand slip under my waistband, teasing me with a pat and slow rubbing. Ever so briefly she tested my erection, grasping it in her hand.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “You are quite excited.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She leaned up and over me. “Remove my bra.” I reached for her backclasp, so excited to see her lovely breasts that I fumbled with it for a minute. She giggled and cooed in my ear,

“Relax. We have all night.”

I finally worked the stubborn clasp free and pulled the bra from her, taking in the sight. Rounded, firm breasts sat in front of me, with darkened nipples proudly extended. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I squeezed and kneaded, ran my fingertips about her nipples and the Mistress squealed in delight as I squeezed them between my fingers.

Now close enough, I started to kiss and lick a breast when she pushed me firmly away by the shoulder. “Not yet,” she said with a mischievous grin.

I sat back, with my hands to my sides as she waved and jiggled her lovely chest in front of me. My mouth stood agape as she brought a nipple close to my face and teased me with it, running it over my cheeks and lips.

She then put a hand around the back of my neck and commanded me. “Suck.”

I greedily brought the hardened bud into my mouth, and my eyes rolled back at the sensation. I muttered something about how good it felt, though by the sound of her giggle it probably came out indistinct as I licked and sucked away. Hungrily feeding for a couple of minutes before coming back down to earth, I realized she was smiling down at me and stroking my hair with a hand.

“Very good. Now it is time for you to please me further. Remove my thong.”

She raised up her hips and legs as I drew the thin, moist material down her legs and away.

“Lick Tbilisi Escort me,” she commanded.

All too eager, I dove in, pressing my face into her welcoming cleft, wrapping my arms around her thighs. I kissed and nibbled before briefly pulling away.

“You smell so good, Mistress. You taste so good.” A gentle hand on the back of my head pressed me back into her.

I relished in the sounds and sensations. The crude sounds of my lapping away at her and her cries of delight spurred me on further, as did the gentle squeezing of her thighs about me and the writhing of her whole body.

I looked up at her to see the look on her face, to see how well I was pleasing my Mistress. I grinned inwardly to myself as I saw her tugging on a nipple with a hand. She was getting close. I slid two fingers inside of her wet opening as her moans and writhing increased. She climaxed soon after, crying out while she grasped my fingers inside of her and pressed my head into her with a hand.

I lay there as my Mistress’ orgasm subsided, gently caressing her legs. Once her gasps slowed and her breathing came more back down to normal, she urged me to lay flat on the bed.

I gladly did as commanded, and she wasted no time in yanking my shorts off. She tested my cock in a hand, stroking it until she was satisfied with my arousal. She threw her legs over me, guided my throbbing cock inside her and slid down onto me effortlessly.

I cried out at the feeling. “It’s never felt so good, Mistress. You feel amazing!”

She did not respond except to grind her hips on me. I lay there in ecstasy, felt her slick walls about me, and watched her lovely breasts bounce as she rode me expertly.

The setup, the tease, the commands. It all meant I would not last long, and she knew it. She was wasting no time.

“Come for me,” she cried out. “Come for your Mistress!” For emphasis, she rose up on me and thrust down hard in a long stroke then tightened her grip on my cock.

I was trying to hold out as long as I could, but the command pushed me over the edge. I pressed my hips into her and unleashed waves of pleasure into her depths.

Utterly spent, I sat there, chest heaving, unable to move my arms and legs. My Mistress preened over me, clearly quite satisfied with herself.

“You are amazing, Mistress,” I muttered breathlessly.

She smiled and said confidently, “I know.”

We lay there in afterglow for a few minutes and then offered a breast to me. She began to stroke me as I sucked.

“It is time,” she said with a smile with a hard jerk of my cock, “to please your Mistress again.”

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