A Night with the Girls

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1.30 am and I’m lying in my bed alone.

Gemma is out with the girls and I’m at a loose end so am idly surfing PornHub with a semi. It’s always fun to type random words into the search bar to see what it throws up. You’d be surprised at what’s on there.

My lazy lob is alternating between quarter and half mast and my heart’s not really in it tonight. I can’t even be bothered to have a wank. Gemma stormed out earlier following a blazing argument and I’m hoping we can have some fun when we clear the air when she returns.

At 2am I hear the door open and the sound of several giggling ladies.

So much for making up, by the sound of that. I hear them go into the front room and decide to stick my head round the door, say hi, and see if they want anything. I slip my dressing gown on and nip into the lounge to see Gemma and two of her mates, Sal and Beth.

Sals’s a good laugh but Beth and I really don’t hit it off. She continually looks at me like I’m something nasty that she’s stepped in.

“Hi Gem, hi girls. Good night?” They all looked at each other, and burst out laughing.

“Yeah, great thanks, and it’s still young” said Gemma, mysteriously. They all giggled again.

“Can I get you anything from the kitchen?” I said, looking around at them all with a smile.

“Oh, great, open that bottle of Prosecco and grab three glasses, there’s a love” said Gemma.

I went next door with my ears flapping to hear what they were saying.

“We should get him to do one of those naked butler things” said Sal. “That’d be a laugh”.

“Yeah, it’d be good to know he’s good for something” said Beth.

“Bitch” I muttered under my breath. I know, I thought, I’ll play them at their own game. I quickly lezbiyen seks hikayeleri grabbed a clean pair of boxers from the laundry pile, put them on, whipped off my dressing gown and pulled on an apron. This’ll be a laugh and might put me back in Gemma’s good books if we all have a giggle together.

I went back in with a tray, glasses and a chilled bottle from the fridge.

“Woah, hey hey” said Sal, “things are looking up!”

I went to the coffee table in front of them and put the tray down.

“What are you doing?” Said Gem.

“I heard you talking so just playing along”. I said.

Beth was smirking by now. “Well from what I can see, the bottle isn’t open yet and is that boxers you’ve got on under that apron?” she said.

I grabbed the bottle and started opening it when Gemma said “good point Beth, I think we need those shorts off, don’t we Steve. Thanks” she said as I handed her a glass.

“Thanks Steve,” said Sal, with a smile.

Beth just took her glass without a word. Double bitch, I thought.

“Steve, did you hear me? Boxers off, now please,” said Gem.

My mouth went dry. I was only winding them up but this was starting to get awkward. “I can’t, in front of these two,” I said quietly.

“Oh, after your outburst earlier, I think you’ll do as you’re told” she said.

Well, at least I still had the apron on, and if I’m honest, it sounded a little bit horny! I pulled them off and threw them behind me.

“Yay hay” said Gemma and Sal at the same time. “Good lad”.

Beth’s smirk became even more pointed as her left eyebrow lifted up.

“Give us a twirl”, said Sal.

I played along and spun around, momentarily forgetting that the apron had no back.

“You’re right, Gem, he does have a lovely arse” Sal breathed.

“Hmm, let’s see if his dick is as small as you said earlier” said Beth, the bitch.

“What the hell Gem? Have you been talking about my cock and how big it is with your mates?” I spluttered.

“Haha, don’t worry Steve, I told them you are a grower!” She threw straight back at me, standing up and moving behind me.

She pulled the bow loose and lifted the apron over my head.

“Yep, as I thought, tiny” said the bitch.

Strangely, it was a bit of a turn on having the three of them looking and I could feel myself starting to firm up.

“Hmm, what have we here?” said Sal, leaning forward and taking a large sip of her drink. “That’s not tiny. And those balls look just lovely to me. Can I have a closer look Gem?”

“Yeah, go for it” called my delightful girl.

Sal moved round the coffee table and knelt in front of me, examining me closely. “Mmmmm’ I heard her quietly murmur.

Despite being a bitch and taking the piss, I noticed that Beth also moved forward. Gem was stood to my side with her hand on my bum.

“See girls, just as I told you” said Gem. “Not so big when he’s a limp dick but a nice size when he gets going”.

By this time I was at my full 6 inches and standing straight up. I could feel Sal’s breath on the end of my knob, she was that close.

Beth moved in murmuring “I need to check this out myself”. Her hand reached out and cupped my balls. “I guess I can’t argue that these are a handful” she said to Gemma.

“Fill your boots babe” said my darling wife unexpectedly.

Beth seemed to take that as a challenge and her cupped hand closed and tightened around my boys. Beth obviously heard my sharp intake of breath and the smirk reappeared.

Sal also responded to Gem’s invitation and wrapped her hand around my shaft. “Yep, that’d do me”, she said. ‘Look how thick he is.’

Her hands were quite small and her fingers only just met around my cock. She started to move her hand up and down as Beth continued to apply pressure to my poor nuts.

I felt Gemma’s fingers slide over my arse and between my bum cheeks. She knows I like it when she plays with my hole and down under my balls and she hit the mark first time. With the attention I was getting from all three of them, my cock started pulsating.

“I can feel him getting harder” said Sal. “I don’t think he’s got long to go… look, it’s oozing”. Her thumb dipped into the drop of pre-cum that had appeared, and smeared it around my knob.

What a sensation. I looked down to see Beth staring me in the eye and then looking down to my throbbing cock. That bloody smirk never left her face as she looked back and forth between my dick and my face. Was she never happy?!

Sal was moving faster now, her hand twisting as it got to the wet end of my cock, and back down again. I groaned as Gemma’s finger slipped just inside my bum hole. Beth’s grip loosened… and then with a nasty laugh, tightened again.

That was it, I stood no chance. I actually shouted as the three of them all performed their separate tasks in unison. I absolutely erupted, cum flying from the end of my dick.

Beth never saw what hit her as the first spurt hit her splat on the forehead. I must have pumped five or six good sized spurts in her direction and over Sal’s hand. Beth’s smirk changed to shock as my cum started to drip down between her eyes.

Gem and Sal cheered and Beth just sat back, speechless. I suspect she won’t be smirking quite so much in the future.

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