A Night To Remember

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A Night To RememberSo I come over to stay the weekend. Your husband took the k**s on a weekend vacation. We hang out with some of your friends and have some drinks and laughs. It’s getting late and I’m exhausted from a long day at work followed by a few hour drive to your house. So I go upstairs and climb into your bed. After about an hour all of your friends are gone. You make your way upstairs and carefully tie me to your bed post. I don’t wake up. Next you take a ball gag that has a fat dildo on it and attach it to my head/mouth. This is when I wake up. It takes me a second to realize that I’m anchored to the bed and that I have a ball gag stuffed in my mouth. I look at you like, what in the hell is going on? You give me a small and simple smile and tell me that you had plans with me. That you had plans with a few of the guys at the party. But no no no… my little fag boi had to be tired… you whip me across my waist with a cat of 9 tails. 1/2 of the whip crossed my waist and the other 1//2 crossed my little limp clit. I jump and flinch then illegal bahis I start to struggle a little. You tell me that the more I try to escape the longer I’ll be tied up. So don’t try b/c you’ll never get loose anyhow. You whip me again and again in the same place but this time you lick my slightly hard little clit. When you reach the tip you wrap your lips around it and lightly suck on it for a moment. You then hold my now rock hard clit in your hand. You then run your tongue thru the slit in the head. You like that don’t you you little fag? Then you slap it. You straddle my waist making sure to run your open and wet pussy lips across my clit as you move your way up my body. You rub your breasts across my face. Then you start licking and sucking on the dildo. You sit up and place your hips over my face and sit down on the dildo. Your facing forward. Once you wrap your tight pussy lips around the fat dildo tied to my mouth you ease yourself slowly until you are sitting all of the way down on it. It’s so thick and just the right length that illegal bahis siteleri when you are all of the way down on it it is hitting a spot inside of you that you’ve never felt before. “O my god bitch! I’ve done it!!!” You yell as you squeeze my head. Then you quickly release a powerful orgasm!!! “O!!! My fucking G-Spot!!! It’s true what they say!!! This is amazing!!!!” Your beautiful body is trembling over me. Your pussy is leaking orgasm juice all over my face!!! The sweet flow of your juice and delicious cum and I can’t enjoy the taste of any of it!!! But the smell is amazing!!! You manage to get some control back and then you start to ride the dildo on my face. Riding it for a few minutes being careful not to sit all of the way down on it. You ride it for about 5 minutes then you get off and turn around. Now with your ass over my face you sit back down on the dildo. Only going about 1/2 way down it being careful not to hit your G-spot again. You continue to ride it like this for another few minutes. I’m just watching your gorgeous canlı bahis siteleri ass move up and down. You pussy spread wide open and completely filled with a fat dildo!!! A beautiful white and clear colored cream all over the dildo and your pussy lips. You’ve had enough and need another orgasm like before so you slowly ease all of the way back down on the dildo. As soon as you reach the base of the dildo you feel it hit your spot! You reach behind you and grab my head as another powerful orgasm explodes from your insides!!!!“Fuck bitch!!!! This is awesome!!!!” You yell as you leak and squirt orgasm juice all over me!!! You start grinding back and forth over the dildo causing multiple orgasms. Alls you can do is scream moan and scratch!!!You get me so worked up watching you and smelling all of your delicious orgasm juices that I explode and nut all over my belly and chest. You get up off of the dildo and as you do a bunch more cream leaks out of your gorgeous gaping pussy. You lean forward and smack my little sissy nuts hard. Then you lick up my sissy cum from my body. You swallow some and with cum still in your mouth you remove the ball gag from my mouth and kiss me. Feeding me my own sissy nut. You leave me naked, wet with cum juices and tied to your bed as you go and take a shower.

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