A Night Outside Ch. 02

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***Author’s note: This is the second chapter of A Night Outside. This follows and introduces the second main character for the series as well as another couple of friends who will be important later. It is not necessary to read the first chapter to understand the second. This story takes place at the same time from a female point of view of Derek’s night outside.***


Samantha practically slammed the front door, waiting until it was closed to flip an obscene gesture at the departing Uber driver. It had taken nearly 45 minutes to find one while leaving the downtown bar district, then the driver got lost on the drive home. How does someone get lost following GPS on their phone? A twenty minute drive to the outskirts of town took another 45 minutes. She had asked her two other friends if they wanted to come in and wait for another. They declined, saying they didn’t want to wait another 30 minutes to wait on a new Uber. Besides they had each other, and the girls wanted to get home to celebrate their engagement.

She was happy for the pair, but a tinge of jealously of the situation tried invade her thoughts. A few months ago she too had been engaged, but her asshole boyfriend had to go and have sex with an ex-girlfriend. She broke off the engagement as soon as she found out. It was probably for the best as there were certain things about how she lived of which he did not approve. Fights about it might have pushed him into his ex’s wait arms. He was still a lying piece of shit.

She longed for a real partner, a serial monogamous since she had her first real relationship. She had promised herself to stay single for at least six months. It didn’t mean she long for contact though, the only guys she met out tonight didn’t even rate high enough in her book for a night of fun. Even with her tiny bit of lowered standards from four months without sexual contact. She would have to handle her own fun this evening.

She fumbled for the light switch in the unfamiliar home, her light buzz didn’t help her in the grace department. She was house sitting for her aunt and her family while they spent a couple weeks on vacation in Japan. It was an improvement from her tiny apartment she was renting while she finished her MBA. One more semester and the completion of her internship this summer and she would graduate. Her old firm had promised her a position when she graduated, although she wasn’t certain as her ex-fiance still worked there. At least she would be in a different department and would hardly ever have to see him.

With the lights finally turned on she kicked off her shoes and walked up the short staircase up out of the entry way. She quickly scanned the state of the thick curtains, intended to keep light out of the home theater that her uncle had turned the front room into. She was almost certain they had been closed when she left. Sometimes she did like to let the sunshine in when she knew it was light enough outside not to be easily seen as she walked around the house. Feeling confident that she couldn’t be seen, She lifted her light blue sundress off over her head. Now only her bra stood in her way of her natural, at home state, wearing nothing but tan lines during the summer.

She reached behind her back and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor in a pile with her dress. It felt amazing to relieve the pressure from the wires that dug into the bottom side of her breasts. It had taken her a couple of days to be comfortable going nude in her aunt’s house, but she wasn’t going to go a full two weeks without being a home nudist.

This was the thing he did not not like about her. She still couldn’t believe that having a cute naked girl at home at all times was a thing to argue against. He always brought up what if the neighbors saw or his parents dropped by unannounced. She argued that she had been a home nudist since she went to college, and she had never been caught. She took precautions, like keeping the blinds and curtains closed, and keeping tops and bottoms with her she could quickly shimmy into. At least she was never caught by anyone that wasn’t in on it. Even when she lived with roommates, she hadn’t been caught. Well excepting by Sara and Alison, but they had known about her proclivities. Hell they even participated. It had been a little awkward when the girls had come out to her and made their dating public. She took a couple of week break from the home nudism, at least while they were in the apartment, before she grew comfortable again.

She scooped up her dress, walking it to the bathroom where she had her clothes hamper during her stay. She scanned the windows in rooms in the hallway just to assure herself that no one could see her activities. She flipped on the light in the bathroom and tossed her clothes in the hamper basketball style.

It had been awhile since she had played basketball, she had the height for it, and did well in high school. That is where she met Alison and Sara, rivals on the court that eventual went to the same university topkapı escort and became friends. When she went off to college her grades were good enough to get her a full ride scholarship, and she felt that she would not have the time to keep up her grades, play ball and have a social life. Basketball was the thing she let slip to the wayside, but not the friends she made while playing.

She walked over to the sink and grabbed a hair tie, pulling her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail. She took a long look at herself in the mirror. Toned abs created a crease pointing down her lightly tanned body. The rest of her was sleek, athletic and toned. She worked hard on her body, it was a great stress reliever for her classes and internship. She felt that her breasts were a little small for her six foot frame, but they were perky and capped with small pink nipples. Right now they had pressure marks on their undersides from the push up bra she wore out for the night. Her shoulders and upper ribs also bore pressure marks from her undergarment. Her waist bore no such marks, as she hardly ever wore underwear in long enough dresses. She felt like she brought a little of her nudity with her when she went out without them.

Her vagina was smoothly waxed, the lips of her labia showing only the faintest of slits, clit peeking through the uppermost folds, in her current, unexcited state. Her legs beneath were those of a runner and sported a thigh gap between her sex and muscular thighs. This was advantageous as it allowed her to run bottomless on her treadmill without her legs rubbing together. She would wear only a sports bra to keep her boobs from painfully flopping around, and a pair of running shoes.

She had pulled her hair back to prevent it from getting wet with her next activity, she planned to take a long, stress relieving soak in the hot tub on her aunts covered deck. She walked down the hall to the small guest bedroom. Her aunt had told her she could sleep on the king size bed in the master bedroom, but she did not feel comfortable sleeping nude in someone else’s bed. The full size bed did not quite fit her tall frame, but she felt better there. She grabbed her beach towel that was hanging on a hook behind the door, it felt dry enough since her soak last evening. She threw it over right shoulder. The towel caressed her right nipple and pussy, lightly but not unnoticed. From the end table beside the bed she picked up her waterproof e-reader, a romance novel would be a nice stress relief.

She paused a second internally debating, although she felt comfortable naked in the house she did not know if she felt comfortable masturbating in her aunt’s hot tub. She shook off the discomfort, almost sure that her college age cousins had done worse. The boys had to have gotten off in every room in this house. She would have preferred to find an actual dick for the night, but a little artificial penetration would relieve some pressure. She shook off the lingering unease and opened the drawer on the end table grabbing her hot pink, six inch, vibrating dildo. Made of smooth silicone, it looked like a smooth rocket and not the veiny artificial phallus that was also popular. The vibration it could provide on her clitoris would get her close to a great orgasm, but a little penetration would kick it up a little.

Almost absent mindedly her right index and middle finger traced an arc across her either side of her labia, sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine. She could feel her nipples harden as she brushed against herself. Before she turned to leave the room she reopened the drawer and picked up the toy safe lube. Normally she had no problem providing her own moisture, but the chlorinated water in the hot tub could make her feel dry. She glanced at the time glowing out from the cable box beneath her television. 2:45 am, she knew she had a day to recover tomorrow before returning to her internship on Monday.

She flipped off the bedroom light and walked back down the hall toward the enclosed back deck. As she reached down to open the door she paused again. She had the hot tub, a book, and her vibrator, but felt she could relax a little more if she grabbed the white wine from the fridge. Opening the door to the enclosed deck she peeked out, ensuring she hadn’t left open any of the dark tinted windows that surrounded the deck. She loved to be naked, but had no desire to put herself on display to the world. She draped her towel over the chair closest to the door, and set her e-reader and toy on top of the towel. Hands empty she lifted the cover off the hot tub that took up most of the room in the deck. And set it down to the right of the tub. She felt the warm water with her finger tips, warm but not too hot to enjoy a long comforting soak.

She turned and walked back in feeling the cool tile on her feet felt good after a night in pretty, but not entirely comfortable shoes. She withdrew the small bottle of white wine left over from early that etiler escort night before she, Sara and Alison went out for the evening. She also saw that the girls had left a small bottle of champagne, no morning mimosas for them. From the cabinet she selected a plastic wine glass. Adhering to her aunt’s waterside drink ware rules even as she was doing something else of which she knew her aunt would not approve. Glass was to never be used around the hot tub as broken pieces would be nearly impossible to find. She turned off lights as she headed back to the deck. Although the windows were tinted, it was a moonless night and if she had back light her silhouette could be seen in the yards beyond.

She picked back up her e-reader and toy and placed them along with the glass of wine on the hot tub lip. She clicked the door closed behind her and made certain it was dark on the deck, almost too dark, she couldn’t see the hot tub controls as she fumbled to turn on the bubbles and jets. The room lit up briefly when she grazed the tub lighting controls before turning them back off in a panic. The tubs massaging features were almost all water jets, that lacked the loud noise and frothing water one would associate with a hotel hot tub.

She let her eyes adjust, just enough light to see her surroundings silhouetted the major features of the room, blue light spilling out of a digital clock on the wall in a corner nearest the house. She used the steps beside the tub and stepped into the warm water. Water swirled around and titillated her naked body. She scooped up her book and wine, crossing the tub toward a jet embedded seat that faced out toward the backyard and her neighbor’s closed pool beyond. As she settled into the seat, one of the jets oscillated water across her clit and lips. The sensation was exhilarating, perhaps she wouldn’t need her toy at all. A devious smirk crossed her face, like nearly every girl she had experience the pleasure of a pool jet on her vagina, but she had never brought herself to orgasm using only a jet.

That would be a little later, she needed a little mental stimulation to get things going. She did like to watch porn at times to get her juices flowing, but this was her aunt’s house, and the slow build of a tawdry romance novella sounded like a great way to spend her night. Her e-reader’s backlit screen spilled out just enough light to read. She took a sip of wine and got back to the tale of a duchess in a loveless marriage, whose husband did not return from the great war.

That was all in the prologue, the main story covered a number of suitors that the duchess would test out before they proposed marriage. The current vignette was about a fiery Scotsman that had taken the duchess to his manor to impress her. A sudden snow storm had left them snowed in and he had insisted in showing of his masculine qualities. He was splitting wood in the back of the manor. She was enjoying the view. Her left hand massaged her right nipple as the scene heated up. The Scotsman was persuaded to remove his cold, wet clothing. Fire started to stir in the duchess as she looked on the man’s battle hardened body. As a show of solidarity with her potential suitor she stripped down to a bodice, panties, and thigh-high stockings. Samantha let her imagination take it from there.

Samantha’s left hand released her nipple and descended further underwater. Her thumb pressed into her clit, fingers traced slow circles gently across her inner labia. She began to probe into herself, first with a single finger, checking to see how slick she felt under the water. Satisfied with her lubrication she slid a second finger in. She moved her fingers slowly in and out of her vagina, stimulating herself with small circles around her clit with her thumb. She closed her eyes and started to fantasize about being the duchess.

If she was the duchess she would pull the lord of the manner in for a kiss, then let him get a good long look at her fit body. She would untie her bodice and slide out of it. Her eyes would stay locked on the Scotsman. She would beckon him close to her and the warmth of the fire and encourage him to loose his last undergarment. She would be curious to see if his red hair was as vibrantly colored over his crotch. She would respond in kind, leaving her only wearing her stockings. She would lean in for a long kiss, allowing her finger tips to brush against his cock hoping to stir it to life. He no longer be able to contain himself. Hands would wander over one another.

She sat the e-reader down on the lip of the tub, allowing her right hand to start to stroking her breasts. Her mind flashed back to the boyfriend before last, who teased and manipulated her nipples causing her to orgasm without any touching of her vagina or clit. Her nipples had hardened into peaks at the memory. She quickly inhaled as a wave of pleasure passed through her body. Her left hand quickened its pace in and out of her. Her hips bucked forward as her pelvis pushed into her hand. ataköy escort She felt herself getting closer and closer to her first orgasm.

She stopped her hands movement and sat up onto her knees. She used her right hand to feel out the find the jets pulsing out of the hot tub. Finding the best candidate jet she positioned herself so that the jet’s torrent of water was parallel to her slit. She closed her eyes tight as as she pushed herself into the jet and felt the water vibrate into her lips. She gasped and pulled back a little as the feeling was overwhelming on clit. She slowly lowered herself back toward the jet, allowing the intense stream to go from staggering to pleasurable.

“Oh”, quietly escaped her lips. She felt a little embarrassed by her sounds at first, stemming from trying the keep roommates to overhearing her pleasurable outbursts. Her right hand balanced herself with the rim of the hot tub. Her left hand concentrated on pressing circles around her swollen nipples. “Gah, unn, gah”, this time louder and more confident. She slid herself in and out of the stream of water, feeling the building of an intense orgasm. Each time she brought her vagina into the stream she would push her clit a little closer to the jet, and stay in the pressure zone a little longer, intensifying the feeling. “Ohhhh God” She exclaimed as pleasure pulsed through her body. She could feel the walls of her vagina convulse and contract, sending heat rushing through her veins. Her vision blurred and she closed her eyes tight, seeing waves of scarlet ripple across her closed eyelids. She leaned back and allowed herself to sink a little, body convulsing with euphoric waves cascading around her. Her left hand wandered down to her vagina, pressing into herself and elongating the sense of intense pleasure. Her right hand barely managed to keep her ponytail out of the water.

“Wow”, her senses started to return. She slowed left hand on her vagina. She tried to decide if a single orgasm would be sufficient for the night, or if she wanted to push herself to a higher plateau of ecstasy. The clock shown out 3:05 am, in the darkness. She glanced back at the far hot tub rail and saw her toy standing straight up, looking a little sad and unused. She couldn’t help but notice the interior of the room was starting to steam up a little, maybe she should crack open one of the tinted windows.

She stood up on to the seat, the jet that brought her screaming across the orgasm line swirled around her right foot. From her position the waterline lapped languidly around her knees. She glanced down at her swollen labia and clitoris. Instead of being a narrow slit, it now beckoned entry from a willing phallus. It had been four months since she had a penis thrust into her, and the absence was starting to make her libido go wild.

Her right hand explored her excited sex, beyond the wetness from the hot tub she could feel the incredible slickness of her own juices coating fingers. Don’t think I will need the lube. She stepped out of the tub, careful not to fall on the slick fake wood beneath fer feet. She toweled off the excess water dripping off her naked skin. She picked up her toy and took a step toward the southern window. Her left hand brushed the tip of the dildo across herself, applying light pressure and letting her juices coat the silicone vibrator.

She debated momentarily between the left window and the one that faced her neighbor’s pool. The deck next door looked in directly on the left, bad news if her neighbor’s dog needed out in the middle of the night. The southern window was a better bet, the neighbor’s deck all the way passed the pool. She quietly unlocked and slowly slid the the window open, allowing some of the humidity to escape the room.

As she started to turn around and walk the couple steps back to the tub she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She crouched down in a panic and peered out the screened window, heartbeat pounding in her ears. Something pale was moving out of her neighbor’s back door. What the fuck?

A young man was steeping out of his house, nearly completely nude, wearing only a pair of black sneakers. The man was at least her age, and a good three inches taller than her. He was thin and athletic. Muscle tone showing all around his body, she couldn’t help admire his muscular ass as he turned to the south preparing to head down the stairs. His body was just her type. Before he got to the stairs he turned around and dashed to the outdoor sofa threw himself down on it as a cop car rolled by. She had gotten a good view of his groin as he turned toward the lounger, hairless.

She had never been with a man that wore the same pubic hairstyle as her, they had always been well groomed but never hairless. She personally tried the full wax routine in college, and loved the look and feel. Even when she was between lovers she kept it up as she enjoyed the feel as she walked around her own living space. She had tried to get the last couple of boyfriends to join her in hairlessness but they both refused, saying it made them feel less manly. Their loss it probably would have meant more blowjobs for them. She was curious about how two smooth groins would feel as they came together. She let her finger tips feel her own smooth skin.

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