A Night in the Park

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From a very young age I had always known I wanted kids. Back then I had always thought one of each a boy and a girl with the boy hopefully being born first so he could look out for his little sister. Didn’t work out that way though. I had met my then boyfriend at a young age and we had our first child a daughter. Some seven years later our second daughter was born and we finally married then two years after that I finally had the son I had always wanted.

As the years passed it was great watching the kids grow-up. The girls spoiled their little brother rotten and being an only boy he grew up sensitive to women’s needs. So at 18 Mark was a heartbreaker I watched and sometimes liked the cute young girls he brought home and bowled over with his charm. I admit though being the only woman in his eye for 16 years I sometimes suffered a bit of jealously over the attention he poured on them. It didn’t help much that my husband and I had drifted apart over the years. So nowadays all he seemed to do was annoy or irritate me. I hated the fact he never wanted to go out anymore. All he wanted to do is stay home and watch his DVDs or play his video games. Thankfully Mark was still living with us before going off to college like his sisters. When he wasn’t taking one of his girlfriends out on a date. He’d make time for me so we could catch a movie or go down to the local bar and shoot some pool.

Tonight wasn’t unlike any other night although a bit on the humid side as we left the bar for the short walk home. Mark was still shaking his head from all the stares I had gotten dressed in my low rider cutoffs, exposing the line of my red bikini bottoms and my matching red bikini top. “What?” I asked Mark smiling.

“Nothing,” he laughed but I heard him whisper under his breath, “you’re such a tease ma.”

Being a very open family it didn’t surprise me much when Mark asked, “Mom, I know you’re still considered young and still look it and very beautiful, but I also know you and dad have grown apart and don’t “do” it anymore, don’t you ever get urges or frustrated?”

Giving Mark a sideways glance and blushing a little as I said, “Simply put, yes I do get urges, but I love your father very much, and sometimes a woman just has to take care of herself.”

“Yeah I can understand that,” Mark said as we headed off the sidewalk to cut through the park. I noticed a couple of men walking towards us but didn’t think anything of it. As we passed them Mark and I resumed our conversation. lordbahis güvenilirmi

I gasped a little and was caught off guard as I felt strong arms wrap around me. I looked over at Mark as the unseen attacker placed his hand over my mouth. The other man was holding a handgun in the small of Mark’s back. “You won’t scream if I take my hand down will you?” the man holding me whispered gruffly in my ear as he pulled me and the other one followed with Mark towards one of the park’s dimly lit shelters. Nodding my head it was at a time like this I hated the way the park had been designed for privacy.

As we made our way off the path and past the hedges and trees to the inside of the shelter. I got a good look at the men, they looked to be only a bit older than Mark. So I thought I’d try for a plea “I know you boys aren’t bad, why are you doing this?”

The one that was holding Mark answered, “We wanted a little excitement tonight, and you and your boyfriend looked like prime candidates.”

“Yeah,” said the one that was holding me as he pushed me down onto my hands and knees.

Always the mother I whispered, “Please if you must not in front of my son.” They looked a little stunned by this admission, just what I was hoping for.

Then Mark always the protective son said, “Yeah leave my Mom alone.”

“No matter, we’re gonna have our fun anyway,” said the one behind me as he yanked my cutoffs down and ripped off my thong.

“Mm yeah do the sexy bitch, Mike,” The one holding Mark said as he sat down on a bench and tugged Mark down beside him. Mike turned me a bit sideways so his partner and Mark could see as he spread my ass checks and rubbed his big cock up and down my crack. I couldn’t help myself from getting extremely aroused as these two well built guys had their way with me.

“Ooh yeah she’s tight, Eric,” Mike said as he pushed the head of his dick into my asshole. I groaned a bit as his thick cock entered my tight little hole and glanced over at Mark and Eric and watched as Eric unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Slowly he stroked his swelling shaft as Mike pumped his throbbing dick in and out of my ass. I looked up at Mark who was watching quietly a look of anger in his deep blue eyes but also something else I couldn’t quite make out as Mike thrust his cock in faster over and over. I gasped a bit as I felt his huge cock swell and squirt his cum deep in my ass. Slowly he pulled out and went to sit on the other lordbahis yeni giriş side of Mark and took the gun from Eric.

Eric who had been jerking steadily got up and laid on the ground beside me his big throbbing dick standing straight up and shining with precum. “Ride it slut!” , he said hoarsely. I moaned a little as I straddled his waist and slide my now wet little cunt down onto his cock. Eric grabbed my hips and bucked his throbbing dick up into tight pussy meeting my rocking and grinding motions. My moans filling the shelter as I rode my pussy on his big cock.

Mike who had begun jerking his again hard cock said to Mark “Mmm damn your Mom sure can ride.” Then it looked as if an idea had just struck him. “Why don’t you go make your ma suck your dick,” he laughed. “Do it, I’m not joking,” Mike said roughly as he saw Mark’s look of indecision.

“Oh God no,” I thought to myself as I heard my son rise. “OOh shit!” ,I moaned out Eric’s big pulsating cock rubbing my walls pushing me over the edge. I opened my tightly shut eyes as I felt Mark rubbing the head of his cock along my lips. I dared a look up in his eyes thinking I’d see revulsion instead I saw only curiosity. “Mom,” he whispered as I realized I’d been pressing my lips together. I heard him groan as I parted my lips and he pushed his dick slowly in my mouth. Eric pulled out from underneath me as Mike positioned himself behind me again. It seemed hours passed like in a dream before I heard Mike growl from behind me as he slid he aching cock in my now, dripping with cum, little cunt, “Suck him off.”

Slowly I began to suck on Mark’s dick, rubbing and swirling my tongue over the tip as I tasted my son. “Bet’cha like to fuck her tight juicy little cunt wouldn’t ya?” Mike grunted as he thrust his cock in my pussy faster and faster as he watched me work Mark’s cock. I felt my walls tightening around Mike’s throbbing shaft rubbing against my walls. Sucking on Mark’s cock harder and faster as I feel him beginning to pump his dick in and out now.

“Oh godd!” I moaned out as I exploded all over Mike’s cock fucking my wet little cunt harder and harder.

“Yeah that’s it bitch!” Mike growled as his cock spasmed in my throbbing pussy. My moans sending vibrations along Mark’s cock as he grabs a fistful of my hair. He yanks my mouth on him deeper sending his dick down my throat as he explodes his seed.

“Oh yeah that’s it!” I heard Eric groan from beside Mark as he sprays my lordbahis giriş face just as my son cums down my throat.

Righting their clothes and sprinting off into the night as Mark and I slowly gather ourselves I hear him whisper, “Are you going to press charges?”

“How can I?” I said simply.

“Yeah, and ya know Mom I’m sorry, but I enjoyed that,” Mark said as he gave me a quick hug.

Sighing I said, “Yeah I know baby I did too, but I assume we just forget everything that happened here tonight.”

“All right,” Mark whispered as we let ourselves into the dark house some five minutes later.

“We better get to bed,” I said as I glanced at the clock on the wall.

“Dad is spending the night at grandma’s again this note says,” Mark said as he too glanced at the clock. I was a bit shocked and surprised as he pulled me into his strong embrace and kissed me deeply. Breaking the kiss he headed off towards his room saying over his shoulder “Yeah, Night ma.” I shook my head and headed towards my own bedroom. Once inside I pulled off my clothes and jumped in the shower for a nice long wash. I couldn’t get the night out of my head as I crawled between the cool satin sheets some thirty minutes later. I spent two hours twisting and turning as I tried to make my wet hot body go to sleep.

Just as I was slipping off into oblivion I felt strong familiar arms wrap around me from behind. “Please, don’t” I whispered out as I felt his hot hard cock pressing against my naked ass as his hand drifts down my abdomen to tangle in the silky curls between my legs.

“Please ma, just this once,” Mark whispers as he parts my swollen pussy lips and rubs his finger up and down my wet slit as his cock shoves into my crack.

“OOh God yes!” I moaned out as his finger found my aching little nub and rubbed circles faster and faster around it. “OK, just this once,” I moaned out hoarsely.

Suddenly he stopped rubbing “Noo,” I whimpered as I thrust my hips pumping my pussy at his finger and my ass at his cock.

“The way I want,” Mark said as he rolled me over and pinned me on my back and moved between my legs.

“Fuck me hard!” I yelled out as I watched him grab his throbbing dick and shove it in my dripping hole.

“Oh yeah,” He groaned as he spread my legs wider and pumped his pulsing shaft faster and faster inside me.

“YES YES!” I screamed out as my cunt exploded around his cock fucking me deeper and deeper.

“Ahhhh God!” Mark yelled out as his cock hit deep in my pussy and erupted splashing me full of his cum. “Mmmm damn Mom!” he moaned as he pulled out and rolled over onto his side and pulled me into his body. “Sleep now, we’ll forget everything in the morning” he whispered as we were already drifting off into oblivion again.

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