A Night at My Brother’s

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My brother is ten years older than me. Our father got divorced and married my mother. They had three more daughters and I’m the youngest. Gonzalo and I were always very close. We liked to do everything together; we cooked together, played video games together and even slept together in the same bed from time to time.

It all started when I was 18. The things he did, stuff he commented, and the way he looked at me made me feel nervous whenever I was around him. I tried to ignore it and laughed, shaking away the naughty thoughts.

My brother was considered a very good looking guy: tall, dirty blond hair, green eyes, and a very confident personality. My girlfriends in college were always excited to see him whenever he came around to pick me up or have lunch with me. They were always chit chatting about him.

He got married when I turned 20, so we didn’t see each other as often as we used to. Our relationship began to decay and neither of us tried to prevent it. We only saw each other in family reunions and during the holidays.

We spent two years barely seeing each other, but Christmas eve finally came. My mother, my sisters, their boyfriends and I drove to my brother’s house for Christmas dinner. The night was chili and there was a faint breeze. I wore a flannel skirt and a long sleeve black sweater with some boots. When we arrived, and were waiting for my brother to receive us outside, I was feeling anxious and I must admit… a bit hot.

He finally opened the garage door and we all said hello and started walking towards the house. The driveway was long so we had to walk for a bit. My family went on ahead, laughing and talking as they walked in front of me, and my brother walked right behind me.

“I really want to lift up your skirt.”

I blushed and looked back laughing nervously.

‘Geez… Is he going to start with those weird comments again?’ kocaeli seks hikayeleri I thought.

We kept walking when I suddenly felt a tug on my skirt and then a cold breeze grazing my panties. I immediately threw my arms back to hold my skirt down as I stopped walking and looked back in embarrassment and a bit surprised.

“What is it little sis?”

“Y-You shouldn’t lift up my skirt,” I said in a trembling voice.

“Oh, but I told you that I really wanted to do it. I warned you and you didn’t say anything.”

I stuttered a little as I tried to make up an answer.

“Come on Tami, let’s go or you’ll catch a cold,” he said as he placed his arm around my shoulders and allowed his hand to fall, grazing one of my breasts with his fingers as we walked.

We went straight into the living room, which felt warm and cozy with the chimney fire. Soft music was playing. Gonzalo offered us some wine which we all accepted and sipped as we spoke and laughed about everyday stories.

A few minutes later, Gonzalo’s wife came downstairs looking lovely as always. She wore a white, silky shirt and some black pants. Her charisma was contagious and everyone was having a good time.

In between conversations Gonzalo whispered to my ear, “Come on, help me roll up the sushi.”

I nodded and placed my glass down on a nearby table. We headed to the kitchen and the others kept chatting.

“I have everything ready, we only need to roll them up and cut.”

I looked around and everything was perfectly sliced and divided. The avocado, cream cheese, rice, chicken, salmon, green onion, sesame seeds, and mushrooms were sliced and had individual plates.

“Wow, you really planned this, didn’t you?” I said giggling and a bit tipsy from the wine.

He smiled and began assembling the first roll. I just copied what he did.

While placing down mushrooms, he “accidentally” dropped one of them to the ground and crouched to pick it up.

His big, warm hand touched my thigh and began sliding up my leg. I froze for an instant and looked down at him, “Gonzalo… don’t touch me there, please.”

“You want me to touch your crotch then?” he asked as his hand teasingly pulled the elastic of my black panties and his fingers sliding underneath my underwear, getting closer, and closer to my groin.

In between breaths and gasps I answered, “Y-you know I d…”

“Sweety, where are you? I need you to open another bottle of wine for our guests,” his wife interrupted as she entered the kitchen.

My brother calmly stood up and said, “I dropped a mushroom. I’ll open that bottle for you in a second darling.” His erection was slightly grinding against my body.

She smiled and left. My face felt boiling hot and my heart pounded as hard as it could.

Gonzalo opened the bottle and took it into the living room. I kept rolling up the sushi and was done before he was back. He then sliced up the pieces and plated them nicely. We both took the sushi into the living room where it delighted everyone. We ended up opening two more red wine bottles.

We were all having a great time but my body was tense and my mind kept drifting away to the kitchen scenario. Gonzalo took part of every conversation, laughing, and drinking as if nothing had happened.

‘How can he be so casual?’ I thought.

“Come on sis, I want to talk with you for a while,” he interrupted.

I looked up in surprise and said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea; everyone is here and we’re having a good time.

My sister in law laughed and said, “Don’t worry dear, go speak to your big brother. He misses you a ton whenever you’re not around. We’ll be here when you’re back.”

Gonzalo smiled at me as he gently took hold of my upper arm and walked to the door. We stepped outside and strolled through the property, chatting and laughing.

“Do you want to have sex with me Tami?” he asked abruptly.

“Why are you asking me that? I’m your sister remember?”

My brother halted and so did I. He then grasped my arm firmly and said very close to my face with a little anger in his eyes, “I’m tired of thinking of you as fantasy. It’s been four years and I can’t wait any longer; all I think about is you, your smell, your skin, your voice…” I looked away only for him to grasp my chin with his other hand and turn my head to meet his eyes, “I want to fuck you hard.”

I stood there, shocked, scared, anxious. I wanted to run away, I knew that incest was socially unacceptable but…


“Come on, say it. I know you want it, I need to hear it.”

I couldn’t control my words, “I-I also want it…”

“What do you want Tami.”

“I-I want you to f…”

“Sweet heart! I need you to help me out with the beds! Our guests are going to stay over for the night!” Gonzalo’s wife yelled from a distance.

He frowned and seemed annoyed. Before leaving he said, “That means you’ll stay here tonight little sis.”

He seized my arm and headed back to the house.

I stood out in the dark for about a minute or so before going back to the house. When I entered the living room, my mother told me that we all had been drinking alcohol and driving was out of the question.

I nodded and sat on the couch. It was already 10:00pm and I was feeling a bit tired.

“Tami! Come help me out!” my brother yelled from upstairs.

I stood up and headed to one of the two guest rooms. I helped my brother with the beds and we were done in no time.

“I’m going to take a shower now”, I said with a tired voice.

Gonzalo walked up to me in silence, making me stumble back until I hit the wall. His back was facing the door. Without saying a word he quickly placed his hand on my crotch, underneath my skirt and I had just begun to feel his fingers stroking my wet panties when his wife entered the room and said, “Honey, are you done with the beds?”

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