A new mistress 6

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I walked into Mistress Natasha’s foyer and was startled by a beautiful blond standing there. She was about six feet tall, dressed in a black corset, black fishnets, and black high heels. Her alabaster skin made for a dick-hardening sight.

“I am Mistress Darla.” She cooed and handed me a note. It was from Natasha and simply stated do as you are told.

Darla wickedly smiled at me: “Strip bitch, then kneel before me.”

I nodded my head, “Yes Mistress….” Then obeyed. I dropped my clothes in a heap and knelt before her. She raised her left foot to my mouth, “Greet me bitch Nikki.” I kissed the top of her shoe and kept my mouth glued to it as she lowered her foot. I kissed her right shoe and waited. “You will get hard when I say so or be punished.”

Great…here comes punishment.

“Keep your head to the floor, reach up and pull down my panties.’ I obeyed and pulled her black panties to her ankles. She spread her feet shoulder length apart. “Raise your head bitch….” I raised my head and stared at her warm, hanging big balls and semi-hard cock. She put her hands on her hips, “Lick my girl-balls slut….”

I began licking the underside of her balls with long, slow stokes of my tongue, I licked across the top of her balls until they glistened with my saliva, and then wiggled my tongue all over them. “Suck them bitch….”

I slowly sucked her left nut into my mouth then slowly let it slide out then did the same with her right nut. I repeated this for several minutes, my dick became rock hard, she reached down and pulled her balls together; “Open….”

I opened my mouth wide and she stuffed both her balls inside and moaned. I ran my tongue, as best as I could, all over her girl-balls. Her nine inch dick twitched and bounced against my face. She had one of those surprise dicks; the dickhead less wide than the shaft. I could fell her sticky pre-cum on my forehead. She pulled her balls out and shoved half her dick in my mouth. I began sucking it lick a straw.

“What is that pathetic little thing trying to grow between your legs?” She jerked my head back and glared down at me: “N-n-no-nothing Mistress….”

“What did I tell you?!? Stand up!”

I jumped to my feet; she ordered me to spread my legs. She shoved my balls inside me and yanked my dick between my ass-check, I winched with pain at my hard dick being bent and tucked between my checks. She slapped my ass hard and ordered my legs back together, she pulled my ball sack on each side and I gasped the pussy lips I had just acquired. She knelt and sucked hard on each of my pussy lips causing me to groan. She then ordered me to wear the gaff she handed me.

“Make sure that pussy doesn’t disappear slut; and if I see the pathetic little penis again….”

I nodded that I understood. She pushed me to my knees and forced her girl-cock into my mouth. She began humping my face, I sucked her as best as I could but, I knew her intent. It didn’t take long until she let loose a satisfied groan and shot her load into my mouth. I swallowed all I could and felt some of her cum roll down my chin. Her cock throbbed and twitched against my tongue; she reached down and squeezed every drop into my mouth. She threw me to my hands and knees.

“Wait for me in the living room cunt….”

I crawled to the living room and an unfamiliar voice beckoned me, “Come to me bitch.”

I glanced up at the voice and saw her on the couch; she was naked except for a white lace bra and panties. She was dark brown and bewitching.

“I am Mistress Lynne.” She was stretched out and I crawled to her feet. She ordered me to stand.

“Ooooh, look at the sweet pussy lips. Walk to the wall and back.” I obeyed her and found I had to walk with my thighs together in order to keep my pussy lips. It made me walk like a street whore.

“What is a bitch?”

“Ummm…I…I am Mistress….”

She reached out and pinched my pussy lips making me groan. I hadn’t notice Darla had come in and my ass suddenly stung from the slap of her hand, “Not WHO silly little cunt…WHAT!”

“A dog Mistress’s…a female dog!”

Lynne twisted my pussy lips between her fingers, “Good girl…good girl! Now, be a good little bitch and act the way you should. Get down there and sniff my feet!”

I fell to my knees and began sniffing Mistress Lynne’s feet; “Lick them….”

I used long strokes and started at the heel of her right foot and licked to her toes and back down again. Her feet were gorgeous, size 10 with long toes and kinda wide.

“Suck them!”

I began sucking her toes; first one at a time then several together then all at once. My dick ached from being shoved between my cheeks and being hard and needing to cum.
“Come here.” I stopped sucking and raised my head to her. She pulled her 10 inch cock from her panties; “You know what to do bitch.”

Her cockhead was wider than her shaft; she grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and popped her mushroom into my mouth and moaned while I sucked it. I began sucking her while Mistress Darla tortured my imprisoned dick; yanking it and pulling it and laughing at me. It almost seemed my aching balls were laughing at me.

Mistress Lynne jerked my head up and down until my nose pressed against her belly. She held me there a moment while I gagged on her cock then drew my head back until just the head remained in my mouth then pushed me back down again. She repeated this until her hips began to jerk, her cock twitched, and she emptied her load down my throat. I sucked and slurped until I had swallowed her last drop.

She threw me to the floor; “Get up bitch and go to the dining room.”

I walked, like a whore (keeping my pussy lips visible) to the dining room. A beautiful red head was there, about 5′ 6″ tall, legs spread, she was toying with her 11 inch girl-cock: “Come here you slutty little bitch and get to work.”

“Yes Mistress….” Dear God! How much cum can I eat before I get sick?!?!!

I dropped to my knees and began giving her a blow job. “I am Mistress Stephanie and YOU are quite the little whore aren’t you?!?”

I nodded yes for I dare not stop sucking her. She humped my mouth; my saliva ran down her cock and my chin. My gurgling, gagging sounds filled the room. “What would Mistress Natasha say about your whorish behavior?”

I tried to say something about the note Darla had but Stephanie humped her hips faster and faster so that my only reply was gurgling. She pinched my nostrils together and bucked and began spewing her cum into my mouth. I sucked her dry and she let me collapse to the floor. I was exhausted.

“Bedroom little cunt.”

I followed the three of them to the bedroom and there was Mistress Natasha. She was naked and kneeling on the bed with her ass high in the air.

“My little pet…. Have you behaved yourself little bitch?”

“Ye-yes Mistress….”

“Really? Full of cum?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Who am I?”

“My Mistress Natasha.”


“Mom-Mommy Natasha….”

“Mmmmm…and is this your Mommy’s ass?”

“Yes Mommy….” I knelt and kissed her ass-checks all over. Darla spread Natasha’s cheeks and I sniffed her asshole; “Is that Mommy’s asshole?”

“Yes Mommy….”

I kissed it and licked it and sucked it and stuck my tongue up her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass. “Good girl….”

She gaziantep escort stood and pinched my left nipple and pulled on it until I rose to my feet. She pinched my scrotum pussy lips and smiled: “My little bitch has a cute pussy….” She nodded at Darla who the released me from my cock and balls prison.

“On the bed and on your back my little pet….”

I scampered to the bed and lay on my back as she ordered. She tied my hands behind my back and tied my ankles to my thighs. Darla sat on my chest and stuck her cock into my mouth. Someone grabbed my balls and started to roll them between her hands while Darla’s cock grew rock hard.

Darla got off of me and Lynne straddled my head and shoved her cock in my mouth. Darla rubbed spit on my ass and I went limp all over. I was going to become a giant fuck hole; I prayed not to die here! Darla rammed her cock up my ass and I screamed into Lynne’s cock. They were both humping me in rhythm and I could swear their cocks were meeting inside me.

Darla dug her fingers into my hips and was pounding my ass while Lynne had moved to a 69 position and was shoving her cock balls deep down my throat. Darla clenched me and rammed her cock up my ass and I could feel it filling with her cum while she let out a satisfied moan.

She pulled her limp cock out of me and Lynne moved around and jammed her hard cock up my ass while Stephanie 69’d me; humping my face like I was a fuck doll. Stephanie’s balls bounced against my nose, my ass felt stretched enough for a truck to fuck me, my eyes rolled back into my head.

I was a fuck hole. I heard Mistress Natasha coo: “Good, good girl….make Mommy proud of you…little slut…make Mommy feel good….”
Lynne bucked her hips and filled my ass with her cum. Stephanie replaced her immediately, jamming her cock up my swollen, sore, cum dripping ass. Natasha 69’d me and fucked my face as though the world was about to end. My eyes watered, my throat bulged from her giant cock. I faintly heard their squeals of glee and delight. An eternity passed and finally Stephanie shot her load up my ass while Natasha sent ropes of cum down my throat.

“Ahhhhh….sweet girl…! Eat Mommy’s cum! Yes! Drink it all! Suck Mommy dry!”

Stephanie pulled out and Natasha cooed into my ear, “We’re just getting started sweetie. Remember, we have all day and night….”

I had forgotten my wife had gone out of town and I had the day off. I was gonna die; smiling, but gonna die…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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