A New Light Ch. 02

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Ever since the first encounter I had with Maria, I spent more time at Tim’s than ever before. Maria and I never missed an opportunity to be together. At first we made sure that Tim was not home whenever we got together, to ensure he would not find out. It became increasingly difficult as we increased the risks by venturing out of the bedroom into other rooms of the house. To keep Tim out of the house, Maria had a friend give Tim a job to keep him busy.

Like many Saturdays before, I headed to Tim’s house but I was not going to spend time with TIm. I opened the front door and walked in the house. There seemed to be no one home, so I called out

“Anyone home?”

At first, no sound. Then Maria came around a corner. “Well hello there, how may I help you?”

She was wearing a chemise which clung to her body, showing off her curves. It pronounced her breasts and hid the little bit of fat she has around her stomach. I had an instant hard-on. Playing along with her teasing, I said,

“Well, it looks like your dress could be difficult to take off. I think you might need some help removing it.”

Giggling, she walked towards me slowly, seductively. When she was within a foot of me, she whispered “Yes, I could use a hand with this dress.” She turned her back to me, showing me the dress’s zipper. I pressed my body against hers and slowly started to undo her zipper. As I did so I leaned in and kissed her neck slowly and passionately. Maria let out a deep moan of pleasure.

Once the zipper was undone I slid the dress straps off her shoulders and while I continued to kiss her body I slid bursa escort the dress downwards, to the ground. She turned her head towards me, her eyes were full of lust, she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me eagerly. While we kissed hard and long, I explored her naked body with my hands. One of my hands massaged her breasts back and forth between the two while the other hand made its way down to her vagina. Once I reached it, I gently teased her outside lips causing Maria to brake our kiss to let out a moan, before she resumed our kissing. I soon found her clit and rubbed it hard. I did not think it was possible but Maria still to kiss me harder. It was like she was going to eat my face. This did not last long before she broke the kiss to let out the moans she was holding in.

“Ohhhh, I like that, keep it up.” She managed to say, encouraging me to continue. I increased the pace and Maria moved her body against my hand, matching my pace. As i continued, her moans started to become louder and her body increased the pace against my hand, begging me to match it. I followed suit to cause Maria’s sweaty body to shake with ecstasy so much she nearly fell down.

Panting hard Maria continued to kiss me, but it did not last long. She stripped me out of my clothes so we were naked together. She led me over to the couch and motioned for me to sit. I did as she commended and showed off my hard erect dick, eagerly waiting for her. She knelt down, never taking her eyes off of it and leaned in to put her mouth on my cock. It felt incredible, she sucked on it like her life depended on it.

“OOOOoooooooohhhhh” bursa escort bayan I moaned and I could feel my balls start to tighten. In response, Maria took her mouth away, slightly disappointing me but surprising me when she replaced it with her breasts. The feeling of my dick between her large fleshy boobs was even more incredible than her mouth. She moved them up and down my shaft and I started to match her pace. Sooner than I hoped for, I felt my balls tighten and pressure start to buid in my dick.


At that Maria started to blow me again while my dick was still between her breasts. The feeling of both her mouth and breasts was too much for me and I shot my load in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop like a pro and eventually removed my dick from her mouth and between her boobs. She lay next to me and we held each other while lightly making out.

As we made out, I heard the house back door open and Tim shout “Hi Mom.” We broke our kiss and looked at each other in terror. All Tim had to do was walk around the corner and see his Mom and best friend lying naked together. Quickly and quietly we got up, kicked our clothes under the couch and threw ourselves into the main floor bathroom while shutting the door behind us just as Tim walked around the corner.

“Mom, you home?”

I motioned to Maria to answer. “Yes sweetie, I’m in here. Off work early?”

“Yeah, they sent me home early” Tim answered. “I’m just gonna go downstairs and watch some TV until Austin comes over.”

“O.k, sweetie, sounds good. I might join escort bursa you once I’m done in here”

We heard Tim go down the stairs to the TV room and soon heard the murmur of voices from the TV.

“Well I guess I gotta go now” I said.

“Who says? I don’t know about you, but I think the idea of fucking you in the bathroom having to keep quiet is very sexy.”

I didn’t have much time to process what she just said before she was on top of my dick. She pounded me hard on top of the toilet seat wanting me to moan out loud. Maria could tell what I wanted to do, so she put my mouth to her right breast, wanting me to suck on it. When she started to utter soft moans herself, I took my mouth off her breast and kissed her hard on the lips. She continued to hump my dick as we kissed. The sound of our naked bodies hitting each other was so loud I am surprised Tim did not hear us. The excitement of having to keep quiet to avoid detection made us both so horny that it did not take us long to cum. I shot my load as Maria’s vaginal muscles contracted around my cock and we moaned loud into each other’s mouths.

We sat together on the toilet seat, humping/holding each other until Maria stood up, removing my dick from her insides. With one final kiss, she left the bathroom and I heard her go upstairs to her bedroom. I tip toed out of the bathroom into the living room, retrieved my clothes from under the couch and put them back on. Once I was done I opened the front door and shut it as if I had just walked in. I ventured downstairs to join Tim in front of the TV. Soon enough Maria came down the stairs fully dressed. She sat down next to me, rubbing her body against mine quickly enough so Tim would not see it. She gave me a quick wink and I smiled back at her.

“Hey Tim, when do you work again?”

I could not wait.

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