A New Life for Debbie Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Public Exhibition For Debbie

A few short stories I put together here. They could have become full fledge chapters but I decided otherwise.

As Abbie had expected it, Debbie and her daughters were given a six weeks sick leave to recover from the abuse they had suffered in Archie and Carol’s clutches. Debbie’s daughters were young and the superficial lacerations healed easily and swiftly. The traces disappeared in two or three weeks and the girls were allowed to receive their first customers to their intense relief. They now could no longer envision normal life without servicing men and occasionally women. They were whores by trade and now by choice. None of them would agree to return to their former life. The rewards they collected were so much more enjoyable and they loved their mates so deeply they couldn’t envision life far from Abbie and his gang.

Debbie’s wounds healed as fast as her daughters’ but the internal bruises left her some souvenirs such as pain whenever she was moving and especially when she was fucked by a stranger. Curiously, there was no pain when she was servicing Abbie himself or one of his team members. Each time, her trials to return to the brothel work force were thwarted by this lingering pain. The MD in charge of the whore house did everything he could, then, in despair, he sent her to a local specialist just a few blocks from the establishment.

Although they were theoretically still cloistered prisoner whores, Debbie had been given many privileges, the first of them was the liberty of wandering in the city without supervision, in fact just as if she was a free woman again. She often asked Abbie to accompany her whenever he was available and she loved parading in the commercial malls, her arm under his, chatting gaily, totally oblivious of the present situation or her usual occupation. This time, Abbie’s presence was mandatory as he knew her destination while she didn’t and he could have a discussion with the specialist in Mandarin, the only language he spoke. Abbie had learned it when he worked in Chinatown in San Francisco when he was a young thug.

Debbie was wearing a white leather patent skirt and a red top closely hugging her voluptuous curves. She was perched on matching low – with regard to her habits – heel sandals. She wasn’t wearing any knickers : it would have been difficult as she had presented to Abbie the last gift she had offered him : a very short leash, barely more than a loop and a snaplink. It was meant to be attached to her cunt rings for her to be led very closely. As her skirt this morning was even shorter, she had told her master to attach it to her clit hood ring. The loop was safely hidden and all the weight of the braided leather hung on her sensitive bud.

It was somewhat painful and Debbie welcomed that ineffable pain : she felt deliciously obscene, walking in the overcrowded pedestrian ways with that weight on her most intimate part. She felt really owned at that moment. She remembered fondly Tyrone’s words during the ceremony of her ownership : “I declare you, Debbie, the totally owned property of Abbie Whitaker”. That had been her secret wish for years, to be the obedient slave slut of some strict master. The fact that he was black enhanced the weirdness of her situation, making it even more enjoyable for her. That was one of the reasons why she hadn’t opposed even token resistance to him : Abbie was fulfilling one of her dearest dreams. Since then, she had remained on her sweet cloud. Her daughters must have shared the same longing as they submitted quite as easily : like mother, like daughters!

The shop was old fashioned with curtains and traditional Chinese wood decorations. Even the entrance door was a seven feet circle, quite unusual for Europeans! There was a small veranda with bamboos and other asian plants The man who greeted them was old but alert, not an ounce of fat. He bent down as a welcome salutation.

– Ni hao (Good morning)! How can I help you!

– My wife has had a car accident, a few weeks ago. The bruises are all healed now but she feels excruciating pain whenever she moves or when we have intercourse. Could you help her?

– You mean, when you make love, isn’t it? We may try, at least. Post traumatic acupuncture often helps patients!

The acupuncturist placed needles, two on each foot between toes, two on her ankles and several on her arms. Debbie cried each time the long and fine needles pierced her skin. Abbie had accompanied her in the shop and held her hand as the old Chinese man performed his art. He allowed her to relax before pushing the needles deeper and stimulate them by a small rotation. That wasn’t really painful, she felt just something like an electric shock during stimulation. Debbie relaxed, clutching Abbie’s hand as if her life depended on it!

– These needles are meant to help you relax and gain energy but it seems that you have also a sexual problem in your relations with your man. I can help you also there and do it at the same time.

The acupuncturist produced about eight inches long needles, ending Zonguldak Escort with a copper mesh handle. These ones, he put them on her forehead, on her temples, on her upper lips and on her breasts. He avoided the rings that were adorning her nipples. He placed the last one on her clit hood. The ring there permanently stimulated her clit, making it swollen at any time. Debbie screamed a lot when he drove the needle in. Abbie’s help was never more necessary. She would have fled the booth and the tortures the old man was inflicting her. But the atmosphere in the shop was magical and she could feel that something was happening inside her. The pain had vanished, replaced by a calmness she had never felt.

The additional needles were so long that they bent down in the middle, pulling her breasts down a bit although they were very light. God what was happening to her? She felt heat developing in her breasts and invading her cunt and her belly. Sweat was running down her temples and armpits in rivulets. The feeling was incredible. No one was touching her in any sexual places but there was no possible mistake : she was experimenting the first waves of a memorable climax. Her cunt was spasming helplessly, oozing fluids as if Abbie was fucking her but the black man was sitting on a stool nearby, holding her hand with eyes full of love for her. She moaned but refrained to move at all. The old Chinese man had told her that any moves would make muscles contract and induce pain.

Self restraint wasn’t usual for her but with the help of Abbie’s soothing hand, Debbie managed to remain still. Waves of pleasure were cascading throughout her body. Her breath was getting shallow, her moans more urgent. At the moment, she was about to abandon her fight, the old man appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to remove all the needles, massaging the places to prevent blood to drop out. The old Chinese man disappeared as mysteriously as he had entered, leaving Abbie and the pretty woman alone.

She was breathing deeply, unable to move at all. Her need for release was climbing to mountainous peaks. She would die if Abbie didn’t fuck her immediately. She whispered to him her urgent need. Abbie wasn’t the man to deceive his partner in need even in public places. He drew her to him on the doctor’s table and presented his eager cock to her already open and dripping cunt. She reached for his buttocks and drew him in with the force of a desperate woman. He couldn’t do anything but sheath his huge cock in the liquid filled crevice. Debbie let him impale her in a single thrust. She exhaled a deep moan of satisfaction when he reached her cervix. He was in to the hilt and it was sufficient for her that day.

They fucked a long time like lovers but were they anything else? They maintained from time to time the fiction of the owner and the owned property. It was extraordinary pleasant for both of them. Quite reluctantly, Abbie abandoned his mate on the bed and went to the reception desk to pay the doctor. There was no receptionist there. The doctor took Abbie’s money and commented with a broad smile.

– Your wife is exceedingly beautiful. I hope my treatment helped her somewhat. Did you notice some improvement already?

How that old shrewd man could have known he had been in position to detect any improvement at all. Was there some hidden camera or was the mirror a two way one? Abbie had an immediate answer :

– There never has been a problem with me! My wife has problems only with strangers. She works at the Chinese brothel.

– Oh my god! A whore and an expensive one!

– Yes, Doc. If you want to test the efficiency of your medical treatment, I suggest you to put on a condom and test her immediately. She is in the adequate mood, ready to be enjoyed!

– But she is my patient! How. . .

– You’ll just be testing her reactions! You won’t have to pay for it!

– No! It wasn’t my problem. Won’t she buckle?

Abbie handed the old man a white leather braided leash from his bag.

– If you fear her reaction, take this and attach it to her nose ring. You’ll tie it tight to a bedpost. She’ll understand that I want her completely submissive and she’ll let you have your way with her!

– Xie Xie (Thank you!)

The acupuncturist didn’t need further encouragement and he left for the examination room. Debbie was still on her back, totally naked. The doctor pulled up her nose ring and, without a word clipped to it the leash. She knew instantly the man was now in charge. He was her master and she had to obey his commands. He tied the extremity of the leash to a bed post as Abbie had told him. Surely Abbie wanted to ensure her total obedience that way. She slid down the table until the leash became taut and her buttocks were hanging freely on the edge of the table. She would have to lift her buttocks up to offer the man the choice of her cunt or her buttocks. She opened wide her mouth to indicate it was another possible way of enjoying her. She was a pro whore and any of her holes could be used!

– What was the most painful way Zonguldak Escort Bayan to use you, girl?

God, he was just another sadist : he wanted to hurt her and Abbie wasn’t there! As she was in submissive role, she answered dutifully.

– When I’m ass fucked, Master, it really hurts but also when the master rams me up seriously. It’s almost unbearable then!

– Then I’ll opt for your back passage, slut! Just as a starter!

So she had been right : he wanted to inflict as much pain as he could. But Debbie was a professional whore : she placed her feet on the couch and lifted her buttocks as high as she could, trying to open herself wide to facilitate his movements. He placed a condom on his cock, lubed it thoroughly, aimed and pushed in. He may have been old but he was as hard as stone when he rammed his cock into her. She screamed in surprise, expecting to be stabbed by the pain and she was totally surprised not to feel anything unpleasant. She turned toward him, amazed :

– I’ve felt no pain, master! Do it again and harder if you can!

The old man complied immediately. He pulled out completely. Then she felt him plunging mercilessly into her wide open ass hole but again there was no pain.

– Master, could I be presumptuous in asking you to let me suck your glorious member clean. You could then fuck my pussy as hard as you could?

– By all means, little cunt! But I’m pretty sure that the needles have already done their job. You’ll be able to get back to work this very afternoon!

Debbie was so glad to be healed that she wanted to make a perfect job for the old acupuncturist. She let him have rest only when she felt she had milked him completely of the last ounces of his semen, drained his balls dry.

– Just as a precaution, you’ll have better have two more needles sessions. Don’t bother to come for your visit. I’ll go to the Chinese brothel. I never went there since its opening. I’m pretty sure you are in high demand and it’ll reduce the inconvenience for your customers.

– Thank you, Master. I’ll be always free for you. I’ll also recommend you to my daughters!

– Your daughters! Are they also whores in the same brothel?

– Sure! We were hired together and we love our new job!

– It seems so! Don’t forget to call for me if I can be of any help.

When Debbie’s daughters met the old man, they smiled discreetly as he looked too decrepit to be of any use to a woman : imagine he was forty years older than Janet! When they extracted his erect pole from the depth of his trousers, even Samantha gasped : the cock in her hand was not very meaty but long and sinewy, hard as rock, harder than what most of their customers had in their trousers! They remembered a discussion with friends in Guilford : Emily had with the voice of an expert, told them that black men’s cocks were long, big and soft and Asian people had only a short cock. God! She should have met Abbie and this old acupuncturist. They would have proven her completely wrong! Debbie and especially her daughters made good use of that more than adequate joy stick afterwards.

Debbie resumed her normal activities just after lunch. There was a long back list then, dates she hadn’t been able to carry out. To absorb it, her only solution was to work up to twelve hours a day, six days a week, a harsh diet but she emerged from that, leaner, fitter and thereby sexier than she had been previously. Abbie marveled when he witnessed her new found energy. When he was in Singapore and she wasn’t booked by customers for the wholeday, she was pretty sure he would fuck her in the early morning, during the lunch pause, pushing aside the plates to prepare a small place on which he laid her down. It was very enjoyable to feel some bread crumbs poking against the skin of her back as he hammered her with all his strength. Abbie was really in love with her mate. She remembered once, as he was giving her a particularly pleasant treatment, his declarations during her ownership ceremony :

” So, now, will you learn to undress in style to offer me a nice strip tease? Will you dance for me without a bra to make your big bouncers jiggle for my pleasure? Will you wander in the commercial hall in the most outrageously indecent outfit I’ll pick for you? Will you wiggle your breasts, hips and ass to arouse men there? Will you service them, if they are interested, in a booth, or any secluded place for a fee? “

Debbie had previously told him she would never perform such shameful deeds for him but, after the ceremony, she had been quite eager and proud to beg to be forgiven, promising she would do her best for him.

Debbie had abided to her vows to the most important man in her life, now : she had dutifully learned all the intricacies of a good strip tease, she often danced without a bra or even topless for Abbie, for her master’s friends and less frequently for customers but she never had worn really indecent clothes in a commercial mall and tried to lure men into fucking her in some discreet place or in a shop. She felt it was now Escort Zonguldak the proper time for her to realize her promises.

Abbie had found for Debbie and her daughters in a sexshop in Guilford the most slutty outfits he thought possible to wear outdoors : it was a tartan school girl skirt that would have been too short for a six years old girl. Worn by a mature woman with no undies underneath, the effect was simply staggering. He had completed the uniform by a cropped top that wasn’t long enough to cover completely her tits, the lower part of which appeared in full view and six inches red patent stiletto plateau shoes. Abbie, at the time couldn’t imagine more indecent clothes. Debbie’s profession could have been painted on her forehead.

Abbie had wanted to be accompanied by the other members of his team, just to watch Debbie perform, add if possible to her shame and maybe give them ideas for even sluttier garments for their own mates. They parked their cars in the basement parking under the commercial mall they had chosen during Debbie’s next day off. Abbie had decided that this day off would be a very busy one for her, just out of the comfort of the whore house. Debbie was forbidden to use the lift and had to take the stairs, a not so easy mission with such high heels.

When she reached the commercial hall, around 09 AM, all of the men could see Debbie’s gait changing suddenly : She seemed to get assurance, hollowed out her belly, pushed forward her luscious breasts and she rocked her hips and breasts in the most sensual way. She was walking sinuously, trying to attract men’s attention. Abbie whistled discreetly but approvingly :

– The lioness is out. The chase has just begun! She is here to kill!

He was right. Debbie was using all her physical advantages, from her very heavy make up to her skimpy outfit with wide expanses of naked skin and obscene gait. Few men failed to glue their eyes on her unbelievable figure. The first ones just asked her in a whisper :

– How much and where?

Abbie had previously searched the mall to have the answer for that. He had found a former rest room with two cots. It hadn’t been used for years. Debbie’s first task two days before had been to clean it completely, change the window drapes and add a few accessories to make the booth appearing more welcoming.

– One hundred for my mouth, two for my cunt and three for my ass, master! You’ve only one choice but you can still fall back into the queue if you want more.

Each time, she put back on her minimal uniform, accompanied the previous customer and came back with the next one. The man felt he was honored to be picked up by the gorgeous whore who had proposed him so lewdly her services.

Around 07 PM, Abbie declared the day off. Dee had been working non stop for ten hours with just a few glasses of orange juice sipped in haste while she accompanied her previous customer. Abbie offered her a big sandwich she ate quite fast : she was really hungry! While she ate, he counted her earnings : sixty men, most of them used her cunt or her mouth. She had netted around ten thousand dollars, a nice day, indeed! Abbie handed her the banknotes.

– Congratulations, Debbie, you fulfilled your vows. We’ll do it on occasion!

– Why not, luv? I really enjoyed it but you forgot to take your share?

– The twenty percent? Nay! It applies just to your earnings in the brothel. You aren’t on duty, lass!

– You’re right, Master, but I want to keep the same ratio with you, even if the Organization doesn’t expect its share. It wasn’t gratuities. I want you to take two thirds of what I earned, that is around 6500 US Dollars. Let’s round up the numbers to pay for the refreshments, the clothes and this sandwich. Just give me three thousand bucks and everything will be settled, Abbie, my love!

– Uhh, as you want, lass! I’ll have to offer something fancy for your next birthday. Just, your work day is far from finished : I have a reservation at the Crocodile for this evening.

– The crocodile, the most select new Restaurant in town! I love you, Abbie!

– Now have a rest : I announced our arrival around 09:30 PM.

Abbie had another surprise for Debbie : she couldn’t enter in the select restaurant in her naughty school girl outfit. She may have been rather pretty and pretty girls can be forbidden many things but it was too much. Abbie had prepared her a superb red silk dress, with a coat in white silk that had cost him two thousand dollars at least! Debbie was simply fantastic in this new outfit. She had put on gala make up to fit with the dress and the coat.

The maitre d’h bowed deeply in front of them and quite elegantly, helped Debbie out of her coat. The pretty girl appeared in her red silk dress. The maitre d’h gasped and froze. Debbie was really gorgeous in that obviously very expensive silk dress, but what the maitre d’h had not envisioned was that the dress was so flimsy that it was almost completely transparent, delineating in the most obscene way the curves of her thighs and the lithe form of her belly but the man had never seen a girl wearing such a daring outfit : She wasn’t wearing a stitch underneath! If the diners could see her navel quite plainly, they could also see the glorious orbs of her breasts and the protruding cones of her nipples she had painted in the most flashy red color.

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