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This is my first story not only submitted, but also written. Please send feedback, negative or positive is gladly accepted.


I was just your normal 20 year old adult at the time. Shy and awkward at times, pretty smart in school, even funny with my friends and family. However, unlike most people, I had a long-distance relationship with a wonderful guy I met online. While he is 2 years younger than me, we’ve loved each other dearly for the years we’ve been talking. Another key difference is that while most online relationships are across the country or overseas, he lived all the way in Israel. And with us having no cash, we weren’t going to meet face to face for real in a long time. But, we decided to both enroll in a small experimental item being tested that involved partial teleportation of matter over a long distance. We knew that with our marks, we could wind up being matched together for the experiments so we had a chance to meet. We talked with cams to each other and some scientists and, upon signing a few documents, we were handed the new devices, a bit smaller than your average tablet.

They said that for the sake of privacy from our requests, we were allowed to come in and use them secretly if we wrote down results and had matching data. We were ecstatic! We both have been waiting for a moment like this for years, and it was finally here. I could feel his tender skin against mine, to caress his beautiful body, and finally pleasure him as lovers. I was blushing already as I walked through the building, hiding my growing erection as best I can as I past many labs and other employees. I walk into canlı bahis the office they have given me and close the blinds. I lock the door and take a deep breath. It’s time. I strip down to my underwear and sit on my chair, taking out my phone and contacting my boyfriend. I tell him I’m ready and he says he is just entering his room. Once he turns his device on, I do the same and look through.

“Hello? Are you ready?” I ask through it small portal, looking into a practically identical room in the different country. I see his handsome, blushing face enter my view, I blush hard and adjust my glasses.

“Yes, I am.”

We nod and sit back down, looking at each other and slowly admire our bodies. I blush more as he compliments my large, bear like body as he slowly stroked his growing erection. I do the same, admiring his slim and toned figure and tan skin. He moves closer to the device and looks away. “P-Please, my love, I want you to feel me.” He asks nervously, blushing brightly. I set my device on a stand and reach a hand through. I nervously press my finger tips to his stomach and hear a gasp. I softly massage and rub his beautiful form, my hand holding his sides lightly.

I reach up slowly and lightly pinch and roll his hardened nipples between my fingers and thumb. I hear him hold back his light moans and gaps as I play with his sensitive body. I feel him move the device and I caress his cheek. I move my hand back and move my face in and he does the same. Our lips finally embrace, letting us share our first loving kiss. Slowly, our lips part and let us move our tongues together. I move back a bit, a small bahis siteleri string of our spit connected to our tongues and he pants with a lustful energy.

“Please, I-I want to suck your thick cock.” He says blushing. I put the device back to the stand and move up, bringing my hips right to hips lips. He softly kisses my throbbing bulge and I take my underwear off. He suckles my swollen cockhead and eagerly swallows my precum, slowly taking my length into his hot mouth. I moan deeply and take a step forward, more of my cock going into him as he gags lightly. He moves back and wipes his lips. “Bring it through Hun~” He asks teasingly and sits down.

I do so, pushing my full cock and balls through. I feel my member throb against the hotter air and my balls, swollen with my pent up and thick load hang off the edge of his desk. He lips his lips and moves closer, slowly wrapping his fingers around his new treat and strokes me slowly. I moan deeply, holding back as best I could as he then fondles and holds my sack. He plants a few teasing kisses on my balls, lightly licking the taut skin and playing with them kindly. I bite my lip hard and grip my deck, trying not to make enough noise for someone to come in.

He decides to get to the main event and moves his tongue up slowly, trailing it over my throbbing member and he kisses my head. I feel his lips wrap around my tip and slowly moves down, taking my throbbing and thick cock inch my inch, stopping halfway and moving back up. He moves in a steady rhythm, taking a little move with each stroke. I moan deeply and I slowly hump, softly, pushing the last of it into him. bahis şirketleri I feel his tongue slide out and lick the top of my balls lewdly. I grit my teeth and, right in his tight and hot mouth, I let out my thick load.

I gasp with pleasure, my hot seed flooding his throat as I cum hard. My orgasm fries my brain and I moan out loud, filling the air in a sound of pure pleasure. I feel my love swallow every drop, eager to be taking my pent up lust for the first time. after around 30 second, my orgasm subsides and I fall back, sitting right down in my chair.

I chuckle softly and toss on my shirt. “That was incredible, Dearest.” I say kindly and he nods, his mouth still a bit full. He gulps the last of it and smiles tenderly.

“I love you So Much~” He says to me and moves in for a kiss. I smile and move in too, our lips connecting again in soft embrace. I hear a knock at my door and I jump back, hearing a co-worker working the knob.

“C-Come in!” I say, moving back so I am at least presentable with my naked legs under my desk. I hear him mumble something and uses his key to open the door. “Hey Gabriel, I was wondering what was that noise?” The older man asks, walking in concerned with a small folder in his hands.

I blush hard and scratch my neck. “O-Ohh, it was nothing Sir. I just, stubbed my toe.” He raises an eyebrow and looks around, noticing the device was on and I was fairly sweaty. He chuckles and smiles kindly. “I see. Don’t worry about it, many of us have ‘stubbed our toes’ using the device at times.” He winks and walks out. “Best to pay for some sound proofing though, young man.” I feel my face light up and both my device and my loves power off.

I take a deep breath and lean back. That was a life changing experience, I think to myself. I start to get dressed and my phone buzzes. “Hey Stud~ That was amazing~

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