A New Chapter in Her Life

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Double Penetration

Finished with high school and starting the summer, her job was part time and she still lived her parents. It was an easy life, but one without a future, nothing to look forward to. She was unsure what to do with her life, her direction was not up, or down.

Jenny lived in a nudist camp, her parents managed most of the facility, it was the size of five golf courses, it had a few hundred duplex houses, all were occupied. It had movies, a few restaurants, a swimming pool, every convenience and a grocery store. One of Jen’s duties was to meet vendors when they made deliveries and repairs.

She broke off with her boyfriend three months ago, it was mutual, they just got bored with each other. Their sex was boring, even though she enjoyed it. He was her second lover and she was his first.

They still saw each other, last time they went to the movies, Jenny gave him a hand job, it was easy in the dark without clothes.

He was a perfect gentleman, always nice to her, he held her hand during the movie. The beginning of the movie showed a couple making love, he quickly started getting hard, she was used to it and looked down, it looked like a mushroom growing in a field. She whispered to him, “hope we don’t have to leave in a hurry.”

He told her to quiet down, she put her hand on his thigh, he tried to push it off. She giggled and moved it to the inside of his thigh. He said nothing.

Her hand moved up his thigh and was soon at the base of his dick, she wrapped her hand around the hard cock and squeezed it. She had never jerked him off, she played with him before they had sex just to get him hard and sometimes to get him hard after sex, if she did not have an orgasm.

She slowly started stroking him, squeezing and stroking. She stared at his cock, she had never seen him cum, she felt him cum in her and felt him cum in her mouth, she kept stroking. She was stroking the full length of his cock, very gently and slowly.

He must not have sex in a while, he tensed up, she stared at the cock, the first spurt was a big one, it went a foot in the air and hit the floor, she was really surprised, the next one on went a few inches and landed on her hand, the rest did the same. She held on to it until it was soft. Her hand was a mess, she left her hand on his dick, she looked up at him, “surprise!”

She asked, “Do you have a napkin?” He laughed. She reached in her purse, all she had was a gum wrapper, she did the best she could and cleaned up. He looked down at her, she was always full of surprise’s, this one was over the top.

She laid her head on his arm and watched the movie. He was puzzled, he’s not sure what brought the hand job on. Jenny smiled, she was glad she made him happy.

The movie was good, they enjoyed it, Jenny wondered how many guys got a hand job that night. They left the movie and began the walk home, they normally walked every where. They arrived at Jen’s house, she said thank you and wrapped her arms around him, they kissed a long kiss like lovers would, she was horny, they said good night.

Jenny woke up early, she had to meet a truck for a food delivery. She had to take the call at the warehouse and talk to the guard so they could let the delivery through the gate.

There were two fences, guards were at both, the warehouse was on the road to the second gate, it helped with privacy and kept the nudist away from peering eyes. Jenny wore a plain house dress on, the normal outfit for greeting outsiders.

She rode her bicycle over and waited in front of the building. The truck pulled up, she had seen him before, he was a nice guy, she opened the big door and he backed the truck in. His delivery was canned food and juices. The driver knew they rotated stock, he took his hand truck and moved the old stock out of the way, there wasn’t much. He unloaded the boxes and moved them in place, using his hand truck.

The warehouse was hot, it didn’t bother Jenny, but the black driver was sweating, she went to the frig and got him a cold water, she reached in and pulled out a bottle. She brought It over to him, “sorry it’s so hot in here, we need to get ceiling fans.

He laughed, “not a problem, I enjoy the heat, I just sweat, thank you for the water.”

He reached for the water and looked at her, her nipples were hard from the cold refrigerator, he looked away and almost missed the bottle of water. She looked down and saw her nipples sticking from her dress, she laughed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know my high beams were on.”

He laughed, “I didn’t want to stare.”

She laughed, “this is a nudist camp, there’s all kind of things that pop up or stick out on their own, we get used to it.”

He looked at her and laughed.

“My name is Jenny,” she said, “I’ve seen you a couple of times.” She looked at him, he was a well muscled, black man with dark smooth skin, he was a nice guy and she enjoyed talking to him. She looked at his shirt and said, you’re Bob, he looked down at his shirt and smiled.

“The first time I saw you, erzincan escort I thought what cute little girl, you were so shy.”

She said, “I’m eighteen and out of high school, I’ll be going to college in the fall,”

“That’s smart,” he said, “hopefully you won’t have to unload trucks for a living,” she looked at him and smiled.

I hope I can get a job with a company that will trust me as much as your company. Jenny looked at her arms, “I better use my mind, I don’t have much else going for me.

Bob said, “Keep it moving forward, you’re doing great.”

She smiled, “my mom and dad manage the park, I’m cheap labor,” they both laughed.

Bob went back to unloading the truck, Jenny was sweating, she sat on a stack of boxes and watched, she directed him and watched him, he moved the boxes and she wrote the date on them. She grabbed his arm, it was a rock, she kept her hand on it, it felt good. She stared at him, she’d never been near this much muscle.

He backed up, she didn’t move, she was knocked backwards, flat on her butt. He turned, he reached for her, her legs were open and her dress was up, he lifted her by the under arms, her arms went around him, she hung from his neck.

It felt good against him, she looked up, “thank you,” she kissed him, his hands went to her waist, she held the kiss. She had never felt anything so good, her body was responding. She pulled back then kissed him again, his hands slid to her ass, he pulled her against him.

Her legs opened, he was pressing their crotches together, she tilted her hips and started grinding.

Jenny hung on, her legs went around him, she looked up at him, “this feels good,” she loosened her arms and slid to the floor, her hands went to his chest, he bent and kissed her again.

Jenny could feel her body responding, Bob was sweating, her hands were moving over his chest and back.

She pulled him to the stack of boxes and sat down, her hands went to his belt and started unbuckling. He looked down at her, his pants were opened, she pulled them down.

She reached into his underpants and grabbed his cock, her hand barely wrapped around it, she pulled it out. This was a big, black dick, she looked up at him, all she said was, “Wow.”

She squeezed, it was very firm, she kissed it and wrapped her other hand around it, she opened her mouth and sucked the head in, her tongue teased the tip.

Jenny looked up, Bob pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, he put his hands on her shoulders and started fucking, Jenny’s mouth, he jolted her head every time his dick hit the back of her throat,

He pulled her up, “we can’t do this here,” she looked over at the small office, he stepped out of his pants and shorts, picked them up. She led him to the office. Jenny slid off her dress and let it drop to the floor, she backed up to the table and sat her ass on it. She reached for his neck and pulled him down.

Her legs wrapped around him, his cock was between her legs, he pushed against her pussy lips, it felt good. Jenny said, “you have to be careful, you’re really big,” she reached down, she smiled and wrapped her hand around the head, she rubbed it between her lips. He pushed into her, she tilted her hips, but he didn’t penetrate very far. She pulled him down and kissed him, then she pulled him down on top of her.

He leaned forward and pushed his cock into her, she grunted, “it’s big,” she squeezed him with her legs. She laid there and let him fuck into her, he pushed her knees towards her chest, this gave him better access. His strokes were short but deep, Jenny started to orgasm, she couldn’t talk, she just moaned.

He fucked into her hard, her body shook when there crotches met, he kept plowing into her, she just laid there.

It started, her orgasm made her tense up, he felt her pussy walls tighten, he kept fucking her, harder and deeper. She finished, it was long. She relaxed, he fucked deeper. “Go slow, it hurts.” He pulled half of his cock out of her, “that’s good, now go slow.” He started again with slow strokes, she was tight and wet, his cock was enjoying her wet warmth.

He was ready to cum, he pulled out of her, “no, I want you in me,” he pushed into her and finished fucking her. He was cumming, he went deep and fucked her hard. She felt his long squirts, she tried to pump her hips and get him deeper. He finished and relaxed, she squeezed him with her arms and legs, Jenny looked up at Bob, “that was good, don’t pull out, stay in me.”

Bob stayed between her legs and in her, “I can still feel your soft dick in me, it feels good.

Bob leaned over and kissed her, “this was a surprise, why did it happen?” Jenny just smiled, “I like you, you’re sexy, and I was very horny. Do you know you have a very big dick? I just hope I can still walk when you finish with me.”

Bob looked down at her, “I’m pretty sure I’m finished.”

Jenny reached down and wrapped her hand around the base of the soft cock that was in her, “I think you’re still erzurum escort in me,” she squeezed him with her legs and started squeezing her muscles. Bob pushed into her, his dick was semi-hard, he looked down at her, she smiled.

“Let me up,” he backed away, she slid off the table, turned and bent over. She reached behind and found his wet cock, she pulled it towards her lips, Bob pushed into her. He grabbed her hips and started fucking, she was sloppy from his cum and his stretching.

His dick was getting hard, her pussy was stretching, she felt sore but still wanted to fuck. Bob was hard again and pumping into her, Jenny was groaning, he was deep and starting to hurt her. Jenny said, “it hurts,” he slowly pulled out of her.

She slid off the table and went to her knees, she couldn’t let his hardon go to waste. Her mouth went straight to his black cock, it was messy, she sucked off her juices and his cum.

Jenny used her mouth and both hands, stroking and sucking, Bob was fucking her mouth. Jenny wanted him to cum, his cock was in her throat. He was driving harder and deeper. Jenny was choking she liked him in her mouth, her head was jolted each time he hit the back of her throat.

Jenny wanted to make Bob cum, but her mouth and throat were sore, she pulled her mouth off his cock, “I have to stop,” Bob looked down at her, he lifted her up and hugged her, “that’s okay, I’ve had enough.” Jenny smiled, “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.”

Bob laughed, “this was the best day I’ve had in a long time, you’re really hot.” Bob found his clothes and dressed, he handed Jenny her dress, “don’t you like my nude body?” Bob stared and smiled, it was a thin body with pear shaped breast, she really had big nipples. Jenny left her dress off. Bob went back unloading the truck.

Jenny stayed close to Bob, he kept looking at her body, nice ass and tits, it was hard to look away. It took most of an hour to finish, Jenny could see the bulge in Bob’s pants, his dick never went soft, she smiled, her nude body was appealing to Bob. Jenny was a mess, his cum was still dripping out of her and running down her thighs. She stared at his crotch and wondered if she could take his dick again, she hated to have Bob leave with a hardon.

Jenny called Bob to the office, he brought his clip board. Jenny stopped at the table and bent over. She looked over her shoulder, if you take it slow I’ll let you try again, Bob could see her red pussy lips. Bob stared, “I think we can wait.”

Jenny looked over her shoulder, “I want you in me and I don’t want you leaving hard. Bob walked up behind her and unbuckled his belt, he pulled down his pants and his shorts and grabbed his cock, she reached between her legs, she helped guided the big head to her lips.

She was a slippery mess, Bob sure does shoot big loads. He pushed into her, she laid her head on the table and smiled, she really wanted this, she was going to get fucked.

He went slow and easy, his hands were on her hips, she tiptoed to give him a better angle. The head popped in, she liked it, she pushed back and was enjoying his long slow strokes, she squeezed the muscles in her pussy, she was trying to make Bob cum. She kept pushing back, the tempo increased, her grunting got louder. Her hands held on to the edge of the table.

Her orgasm started, it surprised her, she didn’t think she could cum again, but Bob’s long strokes were having an effect on her, she was tensing up, he was fucking her harder, he started cumming , Jenny felts his spurts and had a shattering orgasm. Bob came in her again, he pulled his dick out of her, he was limp.

Jenny laid on the table panting, she lifted herself off the table, turned and hugged Bob, “Thank you, that was really a great fuck, actually two.”

Bob hugged her naked body, Jenny’s legs were weak, they kissed. Bob dressed, Jenny took paper towels and was cleaning herself, “Bob, that dick is like a firehose, look at the mess you made in me.”

They finished dressing, Jenny asked Bob for his cell number, he called her, she saved his number. Jenny locked up, and peddled home, her bicycle seat irritated her, she was already sore from fucking Bob. She got home and showered, she smelled like sex, cum and sweat. She napped after she showered, her pussy and mouth were sore, she slept with her legs open.

Jenny walked funny for two days, she had sent a few text to Bob, he always answered her. She knew that he would be fucking her again. Jenny asked Bob if he wanted to meet for lunch, Bob was 20 minutes away, she drove to meet him. They had a quick lunch, Jenny told Bob how sore he made her pussy and pussy lips, He laughed and asked her, “so you don’t want my black dick again,” Jenny looked up, “I didn’t say that, I’ll bend over the desk any time you want me.” Bob smiled, “is that’s a promise?”

They finished lunch, Jenny walked to the truck with Bob, “let me see the inside of the truck,” asked Jenny. Bob opened the door and said, “pretty nice huh! As he laughed.

Jenny bursa escort hopped in and shut the door, “Bob said, “no riders.” Jenny said, “just get in.”

Bob jumped in the drivers side, Jenny looked at Bob and asked him if he was horny, Bob said, “you wore me out, I’m still recovering from the last delivery.”

Jenny knelt on the bench seat, she bent over and placed her hands on his lap, “I want to be sure that big black dick remembers me,” she started to unbuckle his belt, when she finished she reached into his underpants. She pulled the soft, black dick out of his underwear, again she was amazed at the length and thickness and the beautiful black color. She rubbed it against her cheek, “hello” she said and kissed it. She kissed the length up to the head, she opened her mouth and guided it in. Her lips slid over the tip, her tongue rubbed the underside.

She looked up, Bob smiled at her, she went to work, Jenny wanted to taste cum. Both her hands and her hot mouth went to work, sucking and stroking, she was glad that her mouth had fully recovered from the last encounter.

Jenny was enjoying herself, Bob wasn’t fucking her mouth, he couldn’t move his hips, he had his hands on her shoulders, trying to get deeper in to her mouth.

Jenny’s hands were stroking the thick dick, one hand was around the base, gently squeezing. She allowed her spit to run down his cock, it was becoming a slippery mess.

Bob’s hand moved to the back of her head, he pushed her head down, when his dick hit the back of her throat she started to gag but didn’t pull back. This is what Jenny wanted, she stroked faster, her head bobbed up and down, the big head slide into her throat.

When Jenny called, Bob was ecstatic to hear from her, she surprised him by fucking him when they last met. He had never been with a white girl, and never with such a cute, aggressive lover, she used him like a new toy.

Jenny moved her head, she was trying to get a better angle, his hard dick was not bending and she wanted more of him down her throat.

Her hands never stopped, she squeezed and stroking, hoping to coax an orgasm from Bob.

She felt Bob tensing, his hand was squeezing her shoulder, the other was pushing harder on the back of her head. Jenny was ready. She sucked harder, her hand squeezing the base felt the first spurt, her eyes were watering and shut tight. She felt the first load shoot down her throat, she didn’t choke, she heard Bob gasp, she pulled her mouth off big cock and caught his cum in her mouth.

Her lips circled his cock, she felt him cum in her mouth, her mouth filled with his cum. she sucked on the head of his cock. He finished cumming in her mouth, she pulled mouth off of him, she couldn’t swallow, her mouth was too full. She turned towards the door and opened it, she coughed and spit. It took her a few minutes to empty her mouth and throat.

Jenny turned and laughed, “did I get it all?” She looked at Bob’s shrinking cock, cum was still leaking from the slit, she bent down and put the head in her mouth, she hummed on his cock and finished sucking off the cum. She took the napkins she brought from the restaurant and wiped her mouth, then the base of his cock. Bob finally was able to talk, “how did I get so lucky and how did you make me cum so fast?”

“Maybe it’s the sight of you black dick in my mouth, or maybe my tongue rubbing it, shut your eyes next time and we can time it”. Jenny laughed, “time for you to get to work, can I call you tonite?” She slid of the seat and out the door. Bob said, “I’ll be off at 6:00.”

Bob still wasn’t sure what had happened, he felt like he was living a dream.

Jenny drove back to the camp, she was happy, the taste in her mouth was Bob’s cum, she just smiled. She wasn’t sure what Bob thought of their hookup, she knew he enjoyed their sex but she wasn’t sure what he thought about her, she decided it didn’t matter, she was enjoying his black cock.

Jenny drove through the gate, the first guard her gave her a message from the manager of the pool, maintenance needed a decision and approval to buy a new pump. She drove over, made a few calls and decided a rebuilt pump was cheaper and could be installed that night. She made all the arrangements and waited for the pump to arrive, at 6:15 the gate called, she drove up and they transferred the pump to her pickup truck.

The two pool guys were cute, it would have been easier to have them drive it to the pool and install it, but it would have taken them a couple of extra hours, they would have trouble focusing with all the naked bodies around the pool.

Jenny finished at the pool, it was 8:00 O’clock, she was hungry and went to the restaurant on campus, she saw her old boyfriend, and sat next to him. In a nudist camp when you see someone you can tell by their reaction and especially their genitals and breast what they are thinking. He remembered their last meeting, “keep your hands above the table,”

Jenny looked under the table, “it’s alive, I guess you remember the movie.” She stood up and went to another table, he didn’t follow her, probably because he was getting hard. Jenny remembered Bob, it was well past 6:00, she put the phone under the table and took a selfie, she texted it to Bob, with the caption, “guess who.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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