A New Beginning

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In late part of November I found a new beginning for myself in a sleepy Arkansas town. I had just gotten out of the military, was working with a new band that had just gotten started and was recently (I say recently, but it was more like half a year) single. I was really doubting a lot about myself and was suffering not just musically, but psychologically as well. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jacob Schwartz and I am a 25 year old former US Marine. I know there is no such thing as a former Marine, but for the sake of the story and to help me explain myself a bit better I use that term.

After separating from the Marine Corps I had found work during the day at a factory not far from my small house in central Arkansas and had a night gig as a guitarist for a band here in town. We all got along well and we wrote a few small hits that were known locally. I had heard a kid humming and mumbling the lyrics to one of our songs recently in a coffee shop and smiled. Shortly there after I got hit with the biggest bombshell in my life. Nothing could have prepared me for Julie leaving me. Nothing. I had spent all my savings on building a life with her and it tore me apart. I had moved to central Arkansas just so we could be together. When I found out it was for another man, it killed me inside. I couldn’t write anymore. For a guitarist that’s a big loss. Losing my creativity killed me. I had no idea what to do next.

One night after a band practice our drummer introduced me to Mallorie. She was alright. Smart, cute, had a dry sense of humor that takes a while to get used to, and she had just moved into town and was staying with family of hers. She really wanted to get out from under her aunt and uncle so I offered to let her use the spare bedroom in my house. Our drummer (Steve) seemed to like the idea but Mallorie seemed hesitant. After all, she had just met me. After some reassurance from Steve and Jeff (our Bassist) she decided to take me up on the offer.

The first few nights were slow and easy. No flirting or anything and it was almost professional our relationship. We didn’t hit on one another, the small talk was almost like something one would expect at an office water fountain instead of a home. I didn’t view her as a woman as I had just lost the “Love of my life” to some scumbag that I didn’t even know. I knew I would recover eventually and that I would be out looking for someone to fill the void in my life but I just didn’t know if I was ready or not. In early August we landed a gig at a local fairground and we did fairly well. We had the crowd standing after the show and we all considered it to be a success. That being said, one of the guys pulled me aside and asked me what was wrong. They knew I was suffering and so did I. Mallorie was waiting off a ways so I smiled and faked myself into believing that it was all okay. I told them that I just didn’t seem to have the same creativity and that it would all come back to me soon, but for now I just didn’t know what to do musically but that it would be over soon and I would be back to my old strange quirky self soon enough.

Mallorie was smiling ear to ear as I walked off with my gear on my little tug along cart. My amps, part of my stack, and my guitar in its gig bag on my back. “Hey Jake, great show tonight… You know I never heard you guys before. I really liked it!”

“Thanks, I really need to write some new stuff though.” I replied, “We can’t live off of the old stuff forever and the band will get annoyed at me soon enough if I don’t give them some new riffs to work with.”

To this she smacked me on the back of the head and said that I just needed to calm down. We loaded up the gear onto the truck and headed out to the local coffee shop. I got my usual, black with a handful of sugar packets. I bought her a frappe and we went on home. I usually sit there and hang out with the band after a show but tonight I was tired and worn out and just wanted to sleep. Truth be told I had lost my love for being in the band and did this more as a way to act like I was okay. I was in a bad spot and needed help but didn’t know where to turn to get it…

Mallorie must have sensed something was wrong and when we got in the house she wouldn’t even let me go to my room to put my stuff away without stopping me to ask what was up.

“Jake, I haven’t seen you like this before. What’s bugging you?” She said, her face full of concern.

“Nothing, why does everyone ask that?”

“Maybe because you show it on your face all too clearly… You don’t look like nothing is wrong, you look like someone kicked your puppy and ran off with your woman!” She stated.

There it was… The one thing bahis firmaları that drove me over the edge. I noticed the tears falling into my hands before I even knew I was sobbing. I had held back all these months all the pain and suffering about Julie leaving me right after I got out of the military. She had been the one stable thing in my life for the entire enlistment and she left me because she knew I was going to find out about her and her new love.

“Jake, what is it? What’s wrong talk to me.” I felt her hands but it didn’t register that she had taken my coffee and had started hugging me until I heard her voice again. “Jake, tell me… What is it?”

“Julie… She left me with nothing… I gave her four years of my life and she left me for some scumbag… I don’t even know what to think anymore, I can’t write, I can’t play half the damn songs I already know.” I was sobbing hard and held onto her like my life depended on it. At that point it did. I really needed someone stronger than me at that point to keep me from becoming a total recluse.

“Jakey, it will be okay. Let it out…” She said… She held me there as I fell to my knees and rocked in her arms crying like a girl like I had nothing left. “It’s alright, it’s gonna be alright hun…” I could her the softness of her voice and smell her hair, she had used a coconut and vanilla bean shampoo… I loved the smell. I don’t know why, but right then that’s all that mattered to me. That someone with a touch that only a female could have to soothe someone who was hurting was there.

“Mallorie I wanna go to bed… I need to be up for work in the morning and you have that interview early in the day so let’s call it a night… Thank you though, I don’t know what I would do without you here.” There had been some other small chat but it was mostly my rambling before I was able to convince myself it was time for bed.

I awoke the next day with the first sense of reality around me in a long time… I was a single man who was giving someone else who was living me my spare room for free. Normally that would be unheard of. I had let someone stay with me rent free for the past few months and hadn’t even thought about it. No wonder I was broke. I had every intention of telling Mallorie she needed to help out with rent when I walked out to the kitchen that morning until I saw her and took a minute to examine her.

Here was this woman who had brown hair, dark full brown her down just past her shoulders and pair of pj’s in my kitchen. She was maybe 5’4 not too much taller if so… She had full hips, a gorgeous smile, a little button nose that perked up a bit when she smiled. Then I saw her chest… I immediately stopped thinking with all reason and logic and the male in me took over… This woman was never paying rent as long as she lived with me. She had the greatest set of D Cup tits I had ever laid my eyes on.

“So uhm, what’s for breakfast?” I asked in a kind of daze.

“Eggs okay?” She had replied quickly.

“Yeah…” I had no control over my usual professional and militaristic self at this point.

We ate our breakfast and at this point I was almost blatantly staring at her chest… I had a hardon that was going no where anytime soon. “Jake… Is there something on my shirt that I’m unaware of?” There it was, she had caught me…

“No! Sorry, I shouldn’t have been staring, I just…” I trailed off and she finished the sentence.

“First time you really checked me out?” She smiled and I knew I was toast. “It’s okay. I know. I have a great rack, you want to use them as bongos, you want to play with them, you want to go motorboating… Don’t worry I’ve heard them all.” She was making fun of me and picking on me.

“Sorry haha, I hadn’t really paid any attention to you like that until this morning. Last night was kind of new to me. I hadn’t let go of my ex really so it helped and now I’m having a hard time not staring. Sorry I don’t mean to stare and all that. I’ll stop.” I was blushing, I was embarrassed, mostly though I was hard.

“It’s okay. First bit of attention I’ve had from you so far. I was wondering if you were gay or something there for a while. Not many men can stop staring at my chest long enough to hold a conversation. I had almost given up hope…” She stopped immediately and went to get more coffee.

“What!? Given up hope on what?” I asked genuinely interested at this point.

“Let it go Jake. No need to talk about that right now… Especially after all that you’ve been through the past few months. You need someone to be supportive and not be in your face about anything. What time do you have to be at work?” She cut off the topic kaçak iddaa quickly but I had no plans on relenting. I had just heard something hopeful in our convo.

“No way! Not fair, cheating, not cool!!!” She shrugged her head and rolled her eyes at me at this statement. “You are not getting out of this house until you tell me what you were going to say!”

“That so? Okay fine, I was going to tell you that I was giving up hope that you were going to ask me out or something. After all I have been staying here how long now, always trying to put on a bit of a show. God you men can be so blind at times…” She seemed upset that I had pushed the issue so far.

“Offer still on the table?” I asked in my most professional “Business man” impersonation.

“This offer has expired but we can counter offer with a minimum of three dates a week until further notice if you are still interested in taking this brunette anywhere. Coffee doesn’t count as I can provide that for myself and this client of yours is not interested in Chucky Cheese or McDonalds. You’ll have to play hardball to interest me!” She was still interested in picking on me at this point so I threw my hands up in the air in mock frustration.

“Fine… Looks like I have to go gay at this point. I have seen the best rack in town and it is unavailable to me as it doesn’t want to be seen in Chucky Cheese or McDonalds… However… If the offer does come back on the table I will throw in free back rubs!” I laughed and sipped on my coffee knowing that back rubs were her weakness.

“Deal. Daily backrubs! You get the whole package if I get daily backrubs!” She said and smiled.

“Works for me. On skin, or on shirt? I do my best work on skin.”

“Duh, on skin. Men are so stupid.” She laughed and walked over and gave me a hug.

Professionalism… Who knew it could pay off so well. I guess me not checking out her tits for so long had gotten me more than just a hug when I was sad. “So when do these start?” I asked her.

“As soon as you get home from work, now go get dressed or you’ll be late Jake!” I laughed and I knew she was right. Oh well, when are women ever wrong…

We headed our separate directions for the day and I had actually smiled for the first time in a while at work. Someone must have noticed because my boss came over and thanked me for keeping morale high for the day. Said that it was nice to see me not down in the dumps now in then. He also asked what her name was fully well knowing that only a woman could put this kinda smile on my face. I laughed and brushed the question off. “You’ll see soon enough I’m sure!” Was all I offered up.

I hurried home and smiled as I saw Mallorie’s car in the parking spot. I had come to just expect it to be there but for once I was actually happy that there was someone in my dwelling. I walked through door and noticed my house for the first time in ages. I actually looked around at things and decided it was time to start over completely. I grabbed a trash bag from the kitchen. “Mallorie you awake?” I hollered out into the house.

“In the bedroom Jake, you know where to find me, or you should by now!” I smiled… She was right, I should know her routine by heart by now. At this point she was sitting on her laptop looking up jobs in the area that hadn’t been filled yet. “What is that racket Jake?” She came out of her hidey hole to see me throwing out some of the stuff I no longer wanted to see. Relics of a time gone by. Some pictures of me and Julie and some of her friends. Some stuff she had gotten me for my room when I was in the military. Random odds and ends that I had picked up for myself through the years.

“I am redecorating. Wanted to get rid of some of this stuff. Not like I want or need her things here anymore! I have a question. Do you like more of a country feel, or more of a modern feel in the house?” I had already filled up two trash bags and the living room was nearly barren at this point.

“Country I guess, why?” She said, obviously in complete and utter shock at what all I had tossed out.

“Redecorating! This is fun, haven’t had a reason to just go through and throw things away in a while. Now I have one. You!” I smiled and hugged her. I picked up the last of the random junk I had planned on tossing and threw it out. “Want to do me a favor? I need someone to pick up some stuff for the house. I figure you know enough about me to know what I like. If I give you the card will you pick it up?” I asked.

“Sure, I guess? You sure about this?” She seemed shocked still. “I mean you don’t need to change your life for me you know.” I confirmed that I was cool with what was going on and she kaçak bahis took my card and headed out the door.

“Wait, take the truck, more space!” I smiled and tossed her the keys to my old beater.

As she went out picking things up for the house I smiled and worked on cleaning up the place. It had been a while. I noticed cobwebs in a corner… God I had slipped on the house bad. I hadn’t cleaned it or anything really in a major way. Time to get out the bleach. I had swept, mopped, vacuumed and dusted the place and she still wasn’t back. I checked the phone and had no missed calls or texts so I just assumed that she was out working on finding new things. I was right as she pulled in about 20 minutes after I got done cleaning the place.

“Find everything okay?” I asked practically floating around the house.

“Yeah, can I get a hand?” Mallorie never asked for help lifting or bringing in the groceries so I knew she had picked up probably more than was necessary. That’s when I saw the amount of stuff…

“Uhm Mallorie… How much did you get?” I asked.

“Too much I think, but it will look nice I promise!” She said sheepishly.

We unloaded the truck bed and back seat. After what seemed like hours of work we had the house put together. She had done well. I was shocked at the transformation of the house from a barren empty place to a house that actually looked like it was a home. “Nicely done hun, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten half of this stuff. I like it.” She smiled and went back to her room.

“Mallorie come out here real quick. Got something I want to talk about.” She came out and looked concerned.

“Yeah?” She asked, I knew she was worried but I didn’t want her to be upset or concerned.

“I know we just started dating or whatever today, but I want you to know if you want you can move your things in my room. I don’t mind splitting a bed and besides it will be nice. After all, we have lived together for a few months now.” I smiled as she quickly agreed and she brought over some stuff from her room. It wasn’t like she had a lot to move. She hadn’t bought much more than an outfit or two since she had moved here.

I looked around at everything and realized just how much of a change had been made as I laid down for bed and felt her cuddle up next to me. I felt her kiss on my cheek and heard the same soft voice that only a night ago was soothing my tears. “Good night Jake, sleep well…” I had cut off the end of her sentence by rolling over and kissing her lips.

Apparently that awoke something inside of her. Maybe it was the touch of my lips on hers, maybe it was the days events, maybe it was the fact that she had been single at least as long as I had. Her reaction was to throw her arms around me and straddle me, pushing me down into the bed and kissing me hard and passionately. I returned her kiss and my hands scratched lightly down her back. I felt her moan into my mouth and heard a sigh as she broke the kiss. I pulled her down to me and kissed the sides of her neck. My hands exploring every inch of her body. Running up her sides, slowly working up and down her body, until I came to her stomach and then up her body, gently squeezing her D cup tits. I felt her nipples stiffen under her shirt. I rolled us over so she was on her back and I was on top. I kissed down her neck and pushed her shirt up her body, removing it and taking a second to really take in her tits. I leaned down and kissed from her collar bone first to her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth and gently biting down on it. Then to her right nipple, sucking on it and teasing it. I ran my hands lower. Teasing her pussy over her pants. Hearing her moan out at this. I slid a hand under her waist band and over her pussy. I teased her clit softly and parted her lips, my finger working slowly in and out of her. It wasn’t long until she pulled her pants down and pushed me onto my back, pulling my shirt up over my head and then working her way down my body. She kissed and teased my dick until I was hard enough that I could cut diamonds. I didn’t know how much longer I would last until she climbed back on top of me and gently slid my throbbing member inside of her. I sighed and moaned as she gently worked up and down on my shaft. I felt her pussy clench down on my shaft as we both started breathing heavily. I pulled her down harder on my shaft and heard her crying out. I moaned in response and started thrusting as hard as I could. I felt us both getting closer and closer….

I heard her moan out one last time before cumming and I knew I didn’t have long before I came. I came and after filling her she rolled off of me and smiled. “I guess that’s your way of saying goodnight?” She breathed out heavily.

“Hell… I didn’t know that’s how you kissed goodnight!” I laughed and laid my head into the pillow. We kissed one last time and passed out in eachothers arms…

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