A New Beginning Ch. 06

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This is a story about lesbian older-younger domination/submission. I strongly recommend to all readers to read previous chapters first. This chapter contains acts of watersports/urination, so if that is something you find repulsive, consider skipping it. All characters in the story are fictional and at least 18.

Chapter 6.

“Here I come!” Jenny exclaimed and jumped into the pool with a splash.

She swam towards Her Lady, full speed, like a shark in pursuit of her prey. Diana turned just in time to see Jenny collide with her, embracing her and biting her neck lightly.

“Ouch!” Diana said, laughing, as she splashed at Jenny and then returned the love bite.

They fought, splashed and laughed for a while, until Jenny dived down and pulled Diana’s feet up, getting between her legs and deciding to nurse on her favorite dish. Diana sighed with pleasure, floating in the water and relaxing completely, while her pet was giving her the usual first rate worship. Her incredible pet, her Jenny, would always come up with new ways to worship her, new ways to give her pleasure. As her body floated in the pool, and her mind floated in the clouds of pleasure, Diana thought of their amazing trip to Italy and the weeks following the trip.

“The trip has been amazing… in every way. We had such incredible time sightseeing and just enjoying the walks, the cafes, enjoying the feeling of being in a wonderful new place with the person you love… Ah yes, the love…”

Diana thought, recalling the moment when they proclaimed their mutual love, something they had been feeling for a while, but needed an incredibly romantic moment at the top of The Leaning Tower, to actually say it. It meant so much. It meant both of them knew how big those words were, what they meant, that they are not to be said lightly.

“Yes…” Diana mused, looking at Jenny’s devoted, adoring eyes, as she nursed on her pussy, giving her pleasure that only that incredible tongue was capable of giving.

“I was a bit afraid at first… It was a big step, and I was worried that it might mess with our roles, as love is such a slippery slope… But no, if anything, Jenny has become even more submissive and devoted to me. I am sure she would do anything I ask of her, anything… So I need to be the one to take care of our limits, as hard as that is… Yes… My desire to dominate her completely, to play with her, to tease her, has also increased somehow. I would never have expected it before, just the opposite, but here it is. Maybe I should write a paper one day about the dynamics of a loving dom/sub relationship… I have so much to share, and I got firsthand experience, unlike some of those purely academic papers…” Diana thought chuckling.

She squeezed Jenny’s face between her thighs, making her smile. Then she wrapped her legs around Jenny, and with a devious smile, started slowly pulling her under. Jenny understood right away and took a big breath in between her licks. Down Diana’s legs went, and down Jenny’s face went, but she continued her amazing worship under water. Ten, twenty, thirty seconds passed, and Jenny kept licking, fully submerged, her hands never moving in distress or signaling to Diana to let her come up to get some air.

“This incredible trust…” Diana thought, as she pulled Jenny up, letting her take some breaths, her worship never stopping.

“It scares me on some level, but it feels so amazing, and it arouses me so much… It hits every dominant atom in my body… I just need to be careful never to misuse it… No, this is my adorable pet, whom I love so much” Diana thought, looking at Jenny with love, and pulling her under once again.

“And our ‘equal’ time has changed also… The walks we take, the nights out, the plays, the concerts, are still just as great, but we are both somewhat bolder… We are still keeping it low, but we can’t help holding hands sometimes and stealing a kiss… We both want it and need it…. Ah, maybe one day…”

Diana thought, continuing her breath play with Jenny. It felt so arousing to have such control, to be worshipped while the other person released all control, even that of the most basic needs…

“Ahh, I am so close… This is just too good…”

Diana thought as Jenny took some breaths while still nursing on Diana’s tasty pussy. Diana started bucking, coming close to her peak, and watching that unrelenting tongue devour her.

“Ohhh, yesss, here it comes… I have to… I want to… She will just have to take it until I am done!”

Diana felt her mind being overwhelmed with pleasure, as a tremendous orgasm hit her and she pulled Jenny under once again. Diana trashed with her hips, as the loving tongue continued to stimulate her through her mind-numbing orgasm. Waves of pleasure hit her body as she trembled and shook her hips and legs, shaking Jenny as well. She couldn’t tell how much time had passed until she came down from her orgasm and remembered mersin escort that she was keeping Jenny under. She pulled her up quickly, seeing Jenny come up and take urgent breaths of air, but somehow still smiling her usual adoring smile.

“Oh Jenny, my pet, I am so sorry… Are you ok?” Diana asked, troubled.

“I am…. fine…. fine” Jenny said between breaths ” There are… more important things… than breathing” she concluded, placing a loving kiss on Diana’s pussy.

“What an incredible rush this was… This was beyond amazing, Jenny. What you do for me…” Diana said, moving forward and kissing her gently.

“I’d say you need some mouth to mouth to revive you properly”

Diana added and attacked Jenny’s lips and mouth with her tongue, embracing her and holding her small body so she could rest. They stayed like that, floating in the pool and kissing like first time lovers for a long time.

“Come on Diana, it will be fun!” a female voice said.

“But why do we have to go solo?” Diana replied.

“Oh, come on. Who wants our wives, husbands and secretaries around when we party!” a male voice said laughing.

Diana laughed. She was Skype-ing with about twenty of her colleagues and friends, while her feet were being pampered by her pet. She glanced beneath her table for a second, only to see the smile on her pet’s lovely face. She wiggled her toes, which were inside Jenny’s mouth, and almost sighed with pleasure. She had to control herself when she was in a video-call. Her pet, on the other hand, was perfectly silent in her ministrations.

“So what is the whole plan?” Diana asked.

“There isn’t one” a new female voice said, laughing.

“It’s a seminar in a resort of a sort. We do some work, but mostly we are going to have fun. Just us psychologists, no spouses or assistants.” A new male voice added.

“When, and how long would it last?” Diana asked again.

Jenny’s tongue on her feet had managed to arouse her, and she was starting to get ideas…. Bold ones.

She hiked her house dress up, slowly. She didn’t wear clothes in house generally, but this was a video call, so she had to keep up appearances. She didn’t have to wear panties though…

Jenny watched her with surprise. Did Her Lady want her to eat her pussy? That seemed crazy, as Her Lady could never stay quiet during Jenny’s pussy worship. Then she saw Diana lower her hand under the table and signal ‘Clamp’ while spreading her thighs invitingly. Jenny’s eyes went wide.

“She wants me to drink her pee while so many other people can see her face and hear everything… I will have to be perfect and quiet… Any sputtering would give everything away.” Jenny thought, moving between Her Lady’s legs.

“We got everything organized already, so the seminar is in a week, and we plan for it to last about a week” a male voice said again.

“What kind of clothes would I need to pack?” Diana said, releasing the smallest of grunts as she began peeing in Jenny’s mouth. The whole idea aroused her beyond reason. She also had absolute trust in Jenny’s abilities, otherwise she would never have risked something so crazy.

“You won’t need any warm clothes really, so pack lightly” a female voice said.

Several seconds of silence followed, disturbed only by the faint sounds of Jenny’s swallowing.

The callers were expecting an answer from Diana, and she was pretending to be thinking, while she was actually trying to pee comfortably.

“Ok, I am in. Send me the details then.” Diana said, smiling at the screen, as she finished emptying her bladder.

After she finished swallowing and cleaning Her Lady’s pussy, Jenny wanted to move back to Diana’s feet, but Diana stopped her, enveloping her with legs. Diana anticipated the imminent end of the video call, and she needed Jenny’s tongue badly. Peeing in her pet’s mouth while twenty of her colleagues watched her face has aroused her incredibly. She needed a couple of orgasms before she could function again. And Jenny was more than happy to oblige. As soon as the call ended, Jenny started the long worship session, making Diana moan with pleasure.

“Oh, yesss, my pet… How can I last a week without you I really don’t know…. Maybe I should smuggle you in a suitcase or something” Diana said, laughing, and running her hands through Jenny’s silky hair.

“I am so bored!” Jenny exclaimed as she got out of the pool.

It had been only a day since Her Lady went to the seminar, and she was already finding it hard to fill her time. She cleaned the house thoroughly, regardless of the fact that Diana wasn’t there to enjoy it. She even wore her usual work clothes in the house. She wasn’t gonna start slacking just because Her Lady was absent. Still, she found she had plenty of free time now, as she had become incredibly efficient in maintaining the house and yards. Usually her day would be filled with long hours of worship and some social activity with Her Lady – their mersin escort bayan ‘equal’ time as Diana liked calling it. But now she found she didn’t know what to do exactly… Maybe she should catch up on her fantasy reading… The trouble was she was pretty horny as well. It had been a week since she last had an orgasm, and now Her Lady was away so she won’t be having one for another week at least… That would be her longest chastity period to date.

Jenny got out of her wet bikini and then she put on the work clothes. She went to Her Lady’s room and started contemplating redoing all of Diana’s wardrobe… again, but then the sound of doorbell startled her. She turned to walk to the doors when she heard the sound of doors opening and closing.

“Who could it be? Is My Lady back already? Did something go wrong?” Jenny thought as she walked towards the entrance and then stopped, surprised by the sight.

In front of her, there were Vanessa and an unknown girl. Vanessa was dressed much more elegantly that usual. She wore a tight white dress and high heels. Jenny had to admit she looked stunning. The girl next to her was somewhere between Jenny and Vanessa in height, but curvier and just a bit plump, with short brunette hair. She was quite pretty in her own way.

Jenny watched them, dumbfounded, unable to react.

“Jenny!” exclaimed Vanessa with affection. “It is good to see you again.”

“What should I do? I am not sure where I stand with her… But this is still My Lady’s daughter. Can I really love My Lady with all my heart, yet disregard her only daughter? No, I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself, even if there is a stranger right there…” Jenny thought, finding some resolve.

“Miss Vanessa, welcome home!” Jenny said and knelt in front of Vanessa to remove her heels and put Diana’s mules, the ones she wore the last time she was here.

Vanessa was a bit surprised, but then she smiled her widest smile, showing approval. The other girl watched with surprise and curiosity.

“My Lady isn’t here, she went on a seminar… I believe she will be away for a whole week.” Jenny said, rising up again.

“Really? That is a shame… And I planned for us to stay here for almost a week…” Vanessa said, motioning to the other girl.

“Miss, this is your house, after all. If you wish to stay I will be at your disposal.” Jenny said with a brave smile.

“Oh, Jenny, you are such a gem. But where are my manners. This is Mary, my… girlfriend” Vanessa said, putting her arm around the girl possessively.

“Nice to meet you Mary”

“You too, Jenny” Mary replied timidly.

“Come Mary, you should see the pool” Vanessa said pulling Mary’s arm.

“Oh, the whole house looks amazing…” Mary said, looking around.

Jenny watched them go towards pool. She thought they should have come privacy.

“Girlfriend eh? She hesitated saying it… There is more going on there than it meets the eye… Somehow, I feel she planned to come with My Lady away…” Jenny thought, suddenly apprehensive. What was on Vanessa’s mind?

She tried to get busy in the kitchen, but soon she heard the clicking of heels.

“I can’t wait to try your cuisine again” Vanessa said, coming close.

“Where is Mary?” Jenny said, feeling the tension suddenly.

“She is up in my room, slipping in her bikini. She can’t wait to try the pool.”

“Is she really your girlfriend?” Jenny asked suddenly, turning towards Vanessa.

Vanessa watched her for a long moment, and then replied:

“Why would you ask that?”

“Well, I just feel there is more going on than you let on” Jenny said, looking her in the eyes. She was determined not to show fear.

Vanessa smiled.

“So, you are not just a sweet thing, you are a smart thing too” Vanessa said seductively.

“Damn, she looks so hot… No, I can’t be having such thoughts… This is the daughter of my love, My Lady… It is just so hard because I am so horny… But I need to be strong, otherwise I am unworthy of My Lady’s love.”

Jenny tried to stay calm and give Vanessa a flat look. She even managed to raise an eyebrow, the way Her Lady often did.

“Ok, sweet thing, you got me. I had an ulterior motive coming here… But it is not what you think. I actually need your help…”

“My help?”

“Yes… Look, Mary is my girlfriend… At least that is what she thinks we are… I want her to be something else… I want her to be my sub.”

“Does SHE know that?” Jenny asked, watching Vanessa intently.

“Not really… Well I tried to push her in that direction, but to be honest I am not very good at it… I only managed to accomplish some inequality with orgasms so far… She usually brings me off much more than I do her… but that’s it, really” Vanessa said, with a hint of desperation.

“So what exactly do you expect of me?” Jenny said, surprised by the turn of events. She expected something else, and she certainly didn’t expect Vanessa escort mersin to open up so fast.

“Well, you are a sub… and the most amazing one I have ever seen. So I was hoping… you know, for you to be a good influence on Mary… To really pamper me and show an example to her, maybe steer her in that direction…” Vanessa said with a hopeful expression on her face.

“What if she doesn’t want it?” Jenny asked, suddenly pensive.

“Well, if you can’t do it, then I will admit I misjudged her, so yeah it is all fine in that case… But I believe she is a sub, she is timid and follows my lead most of the time, I just don’t know how to nurture that mindset in her… Maybe I come on as too aggressive or something… Will you help me… please?” Vanessa said with a sad look on her face.

“This is weird… If I do this there might be some tricky situations… But by doing this I have an opportunity to build a better relationship with her. She would be grateful and it would probably improve our understanding and respect… This is My Lady’s daughter…”

“All right, I will help you… but under one condition. I will set the boundaries and I will initiate and decide about the nature of pampering you are getting. So no aggressive tries to push me into doing something, ok?”

“Ok!” Vanessa said, breathing out.

“I knew you would help me, sweet thing. You really are one of a kind.” Vanessa said, hugging Jenny and kissing her cheek.

Jenny blushed.

“Oh, it has been a while since the last time I blushed…”

“Let’s go hit the pool, shall we?” Vanessa said, walking away and swaying her ass in her tight white dress.

The afternoon sun shone brightly, sending its warm rays everywhere and revealing the world to any who dared to observe. Indeed, any bird lucky enough to fly over Diana Arnoult’s house would have a chance to see three good looking women lounging at the pool. Well, only two were lounging, the third one, the smallest one, was busy doing a massage.

“Ah, this is incredible…” Vanessa almost moaned, feeling Jenny’s hands massaging her feet.

“I have forgotten how good you were at this…” Vanessa said, sipping her Mojito, while Jenny massaged her feet, kneeling next to the sunbed.

Jenny was at it for almost half an hour now, sweating on the sun, and working her amazing hands on Vanessa’s feet.

“I could use another Mojito…” Vanessa said.

“Right away Miss” Jenny said, getting up and going to prepare the drink.

She returned promptly and resumed her massage while Vanessa sipped on her second Mojito. During all that time, Mary’s eyes were on them. It seemed that the girl was perplexed by this relationship her girlfriend and Jenny had. It felt so weird to her. She also noticed that Jenny’s subservience extended only to Vanessa, yet with Mary, Jenny was acting normal, if still courteous.

“Aren’t you hot, Jenny?” Mary asked, when she couldn’t resist it anymore.

“Oh, I am fine”

“But you have been sweating on the sun for so long, and you haven’t even taken a drink…”

“You haven’t seen anything yet” Jenny said, smiling at Mary.

“Why do you do it?” Mary blurted out finally, not being able to contain her curiosity anymore.

A brief smile passed on Vanessa’s face.

“Let’s see the sweet thing in action…” she thought, curious to see how Jenny would answer.

“Why do I do what?” Jenny asked innocently.

“That thing… all of that! I mean the shoes and the massage, bringing drinks, holding Vanessa’s towel, drying her body, putting mules on her feet… everything!” Mary said hastily.

“What is wrong with doing all that?” Jenny asked calmly.

“But, I mean, are you like a servant or a maid?”

“I am Vanessa’s mothers’ assistant and her girlfriend actually” Jenny said, smiling

“Really? So… So why do you do all these things…” Mary said, having trouble to find the words. She didn’t want to be demeaning or insulting.

“I do all this by choice, Mary” Jenny said with a friendly smile.

“You do?”

“Yes, there is no better feeling than doing things for the person you love and adore. I like doing things for Diana, it makes my heart full and it feels so liberating. Giving her comfort and pleasure gives me the greatest of satisfactions”

“But you work so much…” Mary said, not knowing how to express her questions anymore.

“It is not really work. It is so fulfilling and satisfying, giving out yourself to the person you care about, bringing her joy and pleasure… it is a unique feeling Mary… You should try it sometimes, you will be surprised if you do” Jenny said.

“Oh yes, she is really good…” Vanessa thought, trying to keep the smile from her face.

“Oh… But you mentioned Diana… Why do you do it for Vanessa?”

“She is her daughter, and I want to make her comfortable and happy as well. It is nowhere near the same, though” Jenny said, looking pointedly at Vanessa for a second.

“Ouch. Words can hurt, sweet thing…” Vanessa said, stifling a chuckle.

“Bear with me Mary, I will show you.” Jenny said, then paused as if thinking.

“Come here, please, I’d like to make a point” Jenny said, motioning to Mary.

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