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Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 21 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated at jacoblion@tutanota Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note of interest** All locations are accurate including mileage, it was more like he was just watching the screen. I interrupted with . . . “Hey wakeup Kori we are going on a trail ride adventure, no excuses lets go. Put on some play clothes and bring a light jacket or flannel shirt. We need to get the horses ready. We hitched the trailer to the truck and backed up to the gate. We loaded the saddles and tack then went to get the horses. Wow this is so easy. Kori brought Eric out and dropped the lead and he just walked right in. Kori went back in the barn and brought Dusty and it was the same thing, just drop the lead in he walked right in. I hooked the halters and went in to take Finley out and turn him loose in the upper pasture. When I got to the truck Kori had the ramp up and locked it was if Kori had been doing this for years. We jumped in the truck and headed out the drive. There was a beautiful trail off Raven Woods Road but I wasn’t going there. At the end of the drive we turned right and drove past Neil’s house to Crow Hill Road and went just about half mile to the trailhead that goes up into Holly Hill. Kori was in for a treat and I knew this would occupy his mind. We lowered the ramp and backed Dusty and Eric out and hitched them while we saddled them and got ready to ride. These horses are so great to work with. We were saddled and ready and best of all Kori looked happy. We started down the trail and it was just a great day for this. I let Kori take the lead and as we went further down the trail is became narrower and Kori was having a good time. I think it was about another half mike and the trail started to climb and just a little rocky. Kori pulled to the side and ask me to take the lead. I walked Dusty up beside Kori and said . . . “Kori you have been doing a great job just take your time and let Eric do all the work. You have a real good horse and he has been trained well he knows what he is doing. Just sit in the saddle and enjoy the scenery. You stay in front and I will keep the rear.” Kori just smiled and said . . . “Ok”. I wanted Kori to stay in front because of what was coming in another half mile. Just round the corner the trail opened up to this meadow and at the other end a beautiful waterfall dropping from a granite cliff about 30 feet into a wide shallow pool. I think the pool was about 150 feet wide and an almost perfect circle. The water was cold of course but only about 18 inches deep at the deepest spot. Kori stopped and just looked with amazement. I had my camera and it clicked continuously. Dusty and I walked up beside Kori and I asked . . . “Kori how is this for a great place for snacks?” Kori slid down from Eric and just looked. I got off Dusty and stood by Kori’s side with tears in his eyes he hugged me and told me he loved me. I said . . . “back on Eric they love the water.” I was not giving him a chance to cry. We walked the boys in the water they both had a good drink and were pawing at the pebbles in the water. We walked to the opposite side of the pool and hitched Dusty and Eric to some posts that were there. Kori and I sat in the warm afternoon sun and had our snacks. Kori was happy and being cute. We talked about summer and places we could ride. Then came this one question . . . “Jake in summer can we come here and can I just run around naked in the water and under the waterfall?” I had to laugh and I had to ask . . . “now Kori why would bursa escort you want to run around naked?” Kori actually had a logical answer. . . . “Jake I wouldn’t want my shorts wet and then sit in the saddle plus its fun to just run around naked, if no ones watching.” Kori has a point so I just said sure Kori it will be great fun. I think it is time for us to start back. As Kori was getting on Eric a shot a few more pics and then got on Dusty. Now we were in this open meadow and I told Kori the take the lead. When you look from the meadow to the woods it is not so easy to find the trail. To my surprise Kori had made a mental picture of where the trail was and trotted right to the entrance. The ride back to the truck was just as beautiful as the ride to the meadow. We arrived at the truck and loaded the horses and lifted the ramp. Kori stepped up to me and hugged me tightly and is his so very gentle voice said . . . “Jake I love you so much.” That was all he said and we went home. We drove in the driveway unloaded the horses and turned them out. Kori was hungry (what else is new) and needed a drink and more snacks. I went to the kitchen and cut some fruit while Kori changed into shorts like basketball shorts thin shorts. With the snacks made we sat on the couch and watched TV. He slid to my right put a small pillow on my lap and stretched out. I felt his hand reach up and pat me on the chest and heard the words again, “I love you” and he dozed off. The rest of the day was relaxed and soon it was time for dinner and evening chores. Kori was awake and in his room. I am so happy we had the time to make his room it is the place where he is going to grieve. X-box or not I know what he’s thinking and how his mind is processing all this. I wanted something simple for dinner so it was chili, garlic bread and ice-cream. Soon I heard footsteps running down the hall. Who else would it be but Kori saying . . . “Jake is that chili I smell? I love chili oh and you made garlic bread too. You know Jake maybe we could open a restaurant.” I laughed and messed with his hair, umm, partly because he makes believe he hates it when I do it and partly because he really loves it. One thing for sure is that I love that curly blond hair of his. The routine for tonight was the same as every other night, Dinner, chores, shower or bath, bed and sleep. Tonight was slightly different. Dinner was good and he wanted more chili and a little more ice-cream. Chores was simple we brought the three horses in made sure the water buckets were full and dropped hay and a quart of oats. The shower was the usual but no touching or teasing just shower. Then the change Kori hugged me and gave me a little kiss then told me he was sleeping in his room. I knew what would happen. I hugged Kori kissed the top of his head and he headed off to his room. I crawled into bed and waited to hear the footsteps running down the hall. I waited and waited I fell asleep and woke at 3 am and Kori was not in my bed. I quietly went to his room and there in his top bunk was Kori fast asleep. I think I over thought this. Kori wanted to be alone. He needed to deal with the grief by himself tonight. I went back to bed but it was strange to not have Kori by my side. In the morning Kori arrived in the kitchen hungry. Grocery bill has gone up. French toast and he was making it. We finished did chores and showered, together. Then it was off to school. All the teachers were notified about the passing of Kori’s mother. The kids were asked to go directly to their rooms as they arrived. It was much like a rainy or snowy day. Kori looked at me and I explained. Mr. Prince, the vice principle, came over and asked Kori to go with him so he could explain how the teachers were bursa escort bayan explaining to all the students. I went to class and explained to all my students and the explanation included what to say and what was not a good thing to say to Kori. The bell rang and we started our day. To be honest it was just a normal day. Recess bell rang and I had playground duty. When I was on the playground there was the “Mob” and they were just standing and talking. I watched the other kids and they were all playing just like any other day. I looked again at Kori and his gang and there was Peter hugging Kori. The other thing I noticed was that Liam was holding Kori’s hand, tightly. The whole group of boys was standing very close. The thing I may have expected to see was Peter hugging Kori what I did not expect was Liam holding Kori’s hand. The bell rang and it was back to class. We had been asked to ask students grade three and up if students wanted to go to the service on Wednesday I had turned in my list of names. Just as I started our math lesson Mr. Prince came to the door. I excused myself and stepped out to see him. Mr. Prince explained that there would be four busses and a large amount of teachers and teacher assistants attending. He thought it would be around three hundred plus. I was not thinking that number; I thought perhaps thirty or forty. The rest of the day was good and I knew I would have to talk with Kori I knew he would not be ready for that many people. At lunch and afternoon recess I watched carefully what was going on with Kori and other kids. It was obvious that a great number of kids came to Kori to say how sorry they were and I did see him wipe his eyes a few times. At one point he was near me and I asked him if he was Ok. Kori said . . . “Mr. Roberts I’m ok but I’ll be happy when school is over.” I told Kori we could go home if he wanted but he said no. As I continued to watch the kids what was so amazing was that Peter and Liam never left Kori’s side. It was so obvious that they were protecting him. Little Liam never let go of Kori’s hand, not once. The bell rang and the kids lined up to go in and I had just a second to motion to Peter. He ran over to me and I told him how much it meant to me that he was staying with Kori. Something happened then that is not permitted at school, Peter hugged me. Then returned to the line and all the kids went to class. The day ended and Kori was at my door. We walked around the room closed the blinds and locked the door. I had to stop at the office and turn in my badge but it was very difficult for Kori as both Mr. Prince and Edith Benson hugged him. Kori started to cry and turned and hugged me as if for protection. Everyone knew that I was Kori’s guardian now. I excused myself and took Kori quickly to the truck and went home. Kori went directly to my bedroom and crawled on the bed. The remainder of the day Kori stayed in the house. I did chores and made dinner. I sat with Kori we watched TV; I helped him with his homework. I went to the master bath and filled the tub and told Kori to go get in. I had poured bubble bath and it was filled with bubbles. There were no smiles, no laughs, no funny talking. I just bathed him dried him and put him to bed, mine. Tuesday and Wednesday morning went as usual. It was Peter and Liam at Kori’s side on the playground and again and again it was Liam with his hand in Kori’s hand, Kori never tried to let go of Liam’s hand either. At 1 pm there was an announcement and the busses had arrived. The routine is done every day with loading the busses so it takes ten minutes to load all the busses. Mr. Prince came to me and said . . . Mr. Roberts Peter and Liam wanted to ride with Kori will that be Ok? I said that would be escort bursa fine Kori needed the comfort. The busses and a number of cars departed for where Kori lived. We waited a few minutes before we left. I looked in the mirror and Peter and Liam were right against Kori. I asked them if the seatbelts were on they said yes and I knew it was a lie but I left it at that. There were so many cars and trucks we were protected all the way. Our parking place was reserved. Someone had been to the yard and it was completely raked and there were nice bows on the trees. The minister form the Congregational church greeted us and asked that we stand in front of him as he spoke. The minister stood on the first step with Kori, Peter, Liam, and I standing in front of him. Peter and Liam were at the Right and left of Kori. Neil was standing just off to the side. All the kids and teachers were facing the steps and porch. I could see that Kori was not feeling good and I stepped behind him and put my hands on his shoulders so he would know I was right there for him. The minister started with we were there to celebrate not the death but the life of Myrna Preydon. He only spoke a few minutes as it was Myrna’s wish. He then got to the part where he said . . . “Dear father we ask you to receive this child, our sister into your loving arms . . . . . . .” with that 50 white doves and 100 butterflies were released. Twenty or thirty butterflies clung to Kori and he collapsed. I tried to pick Kori up but Liam was holding him so tight and he would not let go. Neil and the DARE officer had to pry Liam from Kori. I picked Kori up, with his arms around my neck and Peter and Liam at my side both were crying. The service was over and people departed quickly. The kids went to the busses and Mr. Prince came to talk with me. I had Kori in the truck and Mr. Prince said . . . “Mr. Roberts this is very unusual but Peter and Liam want to go with Kori and neither will stop crying. If you think it will help Kori I will let them go with you and I will call their parents and let them know that either I or Miss Donley will take them home.” Of course I said it will be fine. Peter and Liam got in the back seat and we went down the road to my house. Helen followed in her car. We arrived at the house and I took Kori in the house and Peter and Liam were right behind. All three boys had stopped crying. I took Kori to his room he was a little better and at least standing on his own. Peter had never been to the house but Liam had. We told the boys that Helen and I would make some snacks and just bring them to the room so they could have them when they wanted. Helen and I went to the kitchen and talked. She told me how simple and beautiful the service was. Neil knocked at the door came in and I introduced Helen. Neil just wanted to say goodbye to Kori as he was leaving to go to his brothers. I said of course and Neil went to Kori’s room and said goodbye. Neil came back to the kitchen and said . . . “Jake, Kori and Liam belong together and it needs to happen before Liam gets hurt with those foster parents of his.” Neil said goodbye to Helen and asked me to step outside. We were on the back porch when Neil said . . . “Jake I am very serious that Kori and Liam belong together they are just like brothers. There is something else you need to know. Liam’s foster parents have no employment and are selling drugs. You can handle having another child and you’re good at it. It needs to be, I know there is a way.” Neil shook my hand and was off to see his brother. I went back inside and Helen had a plate of snacks ready and I asked if she would mind if I took them down to Kori’s room. I got to the room the door was open, all was quiet. I quietly walked in and all three boys were in Kori’s bed asleep. I put the snacks on the desk and returned to the kitchen. Chapter 22 Next Kori and Jake, A Story of Love Please let me know if you are enjoying the story, A Neglected ota

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