A Mother’s Secret Needs Ch. 5

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The golden fingers of the morning sun crept slowly across Jack’s pillow until they touched his face, making him squint and rousing him from a deep sleep. He yawned and stretched like a big cat, his joints popping, and scratched his beard stubble. Then he cranked open an eye to look at the clock radio: 8:34. He noticed that we was in his parents’ bed and his sleep-befogged brain was momentarily confused; then the memory of the world-shattering acts of the night before came rushing back: the fight with his enraged father; then triumphantly screwing his mother, right in front of him…

He saw the sheet, streaked & stiff with his and his mom’s dried sex juices. Christ, I can’t believe we actually did that… he thought, shaking his head. Well, there’s no turning back now, no matter what. Time to face the fuckin’ music…

Jack flapped the blanket off his naked form and got up. He went into his room to get his old robe then cautiously headed downstairs. He thought he’d probably have to fight his old man again, and in the cold light of the morning after, he didn’t relish the prospect. When he reached the foot of the staircase, he stood still for a moment, looking around and listening, expecting anything. But the house was silent, except for the quiet sound of rustling paper coming from the kitchen. He walked in cautiously. Suzy was seated at the table. She looked up at him.

“Where is he?” Jack asked quietly.

Suzy just handed him the paper, saying nothing. Jack’s brow furrowed as he began to read: “Dear incestuous whore: I laid awake all last night, trying to keep from losing my mind due to your betrayal of me. I somehow managed to, but only just. You both shamed me, just took my manhood and shit all over it. For that I will never forgive you – just as I will never forgive myself for actually enjoying it.


I imagined killing you both, about how sweet it would be to watch your heads rolling on the floor; but I thought better of it. Why should I throw away what little remains of my life by snuffing you bastards? You’re just not worth it.

The very thought of continuing to live in the same house and breathing the same air as such traitorous scum as you makes me want to puke, so I’m getting the hell out, right now. I’ll be back for the rest of my stuff later, when I get settled somewhere.

You can have the fucking house. I’m beyond caring. Tell your family and friends we’re getting a divorce – somehow I don’t think you’ll tell them the real reason why. I don’t want to see you or hear from you. You’re dead to me now. May you both burn in hell for all eternity.” “Wow…” was all Jack could say.


Suzy got up, went to the counter and poured 2 cups of coffee. She gave him one and sat back down heavily, taking a gulp. They were silent for a long while. Suddenly Suzy pounded her little fist on the table, causing Jack to flinch:

“Oh, why the shit did you have to come barging into our bedroom last night?!” she blurted out angrily. “If you’d just stayed in your room and minded your own business, I’d have calmed him down after a while – and he’d never have found out!”

“Look, I couldn’t stand listening to him scream at you like that for another second! Yeah, maybe the smart thing would’ve been to just lie there like a pussy as he abused you, but the adrenaline was pumpin’ so damn hard it literally forced me to get my ass out of the bed and defend my woman! I ain’t sorry I did it, either!” he said defiantly. “Anyway, what’s done is done. There’s no point in agonizing over it now,” he said. “And hey – look at the bright side -“

” ‘The bright side’? Have you gone completely insane, or have I?” Suzy said incredulously.

“Hell no! The bright side is this: it’s all out in the open now. There’s no more need for secrecy, no more terror of him finding out – that’s all behind us! Sure, he knows – and he won’t dare open his mouth. The public humiliation really would send him off the deep end.” Jack took his mother’s hand. “We’re free!”

A tiny glimmer of a smile came over Suzy’s pretty face. “Do you really think so?” she asked hopefully, desperately needing reassurance.

“Absolutely! No problems from here on. Now we can fuck any damn time we want, baby…” he said, slipping his hand into her silken robe to cup her lovely breast.

“God, how I want it to be that easy! But things never are…”

“This will be. Trust me,” Jack murmured, gently rolling her huge puffy nipple in his practiced fingers.

“Ya know, he never would’ve found out if he hadn’t been such a mean, selfish asshole last night…”

“That’s right…”

“Yelling at me like that…”

“Yes, awful…” He loosened her belt with his free hand.

“I mean, um, it’s not really my fault when you think about it…”

“No, no…” Jack eased the robe off her slim shoulders, exposing his mother’s nude glory yet again. He lowered his head and eagerly sucked the fat pink nip deep into his mouth, moaning at the heavenly feeling of the delectible kırklareli seks hikayeleri teat trapped in his jaws once more.

“Ohhhh, I’ve sacrificed so much for this…so very much…” Suzy whispered, closing her eyes as the delicious tingly waves of pleasure flowed from her tit.

Jack pressed her thick, rubbery areola to the roof of his mouth with his tongue, causing goosebumps all over Suzy’s body. He pulled on her cone-shaped titty, in no hurry, nursing like a contented baby. He gently pressed his face into the breast, moving it slowly from side to side, reveling in her marvelous softness. At length he released the nipple and appraised it. He blew on the livid, swollen ladyflesh, wet with his saliva, making his mom shiver all over. Then he turned his attention to the other nipple, fluttering the tip of his tongue against it ever so lightly, like a butterfly’s wings, eliciting a gasp from her. Jack slid his hand down Suzy’s smooth, curved tummy, twining his fingers deep in her lush pubic hair, loving the texture of the silken strands. Suzy whimpered as he peeled back the protective hood of her clit, exposing the thick, inch-long nubbin, turgid with blood. He tweaked it with his fingertip, making Suzy inhale sharply through gritted teeth, then began stroking it between thumb & forefinger like a miniature penis.

“Ohhhh Jesus!” Suzy squealed, involuntarily bucking her crotch in a fucking motion.

Jack could see her pussy juices pouring out, forming a puddle on the kitchen chair. The sight made his cock jump. He slid 3 fingers into Suzy’s sopping vagina and began to fuck it vigorously; one moment corkscrewing the digits, the next splaying them, making his mother’s luscious pink snatch gape obscenely. He found the spongy G-spot and started rubbing it urgently as he sucked Suzy’s titty hard, watching her.

“Ohhhh! Don’t stoppp! Please! I’m soooo close! Uh! UHHH!”

Jack stretched her tit to the limit, working his jaws on it and shaking his fingers in her nookie like a vibrator with fresh batteries.

That did it.

“Uhhhhmmmgd! Ohhhh my Goddd! I-I…my pussyyy!” Suzy shouted as her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning. Her soft belly & buttocks clenched tightly as wonderful sensations swept through her. Jack drilled his fingers into her even faster, wanting to give her the most intense cum possible. He sucked her nipple deep and began shaking his head, making his mom squeal. Pussy juice surged out of her, dripping through his fingers onto the floor.

At length, the orgasmic waves ebbed, leaving Suzy momentarily breathless. “Oh, shit, baby…” she croaked out when she could speak, rolling her eyes.

Jack’s big cock was painfully swollen now. He quickly opened his robe, exposing the red-headed beast. A syrupy string of pre-cum oozed out of the piss hole, swinging like a pendulum.

“Let’s go over to the couch – I need your sweet pussy right now…” he rasped.

“No – do me here! Fuck me like a whore on the kitchen floor!” Suzy said wickedly. She quickly laid down on the tiles and drew her knees up to her titties, shamelessly exposing her juicy womanhood to her son.

“Goddamn, you are unbelieveable!” he exclaimed, getting between her wide-spread thighs. He slapped her pussy with his mighty penis, making her squeak with delight. He pressed the underside of the shaft against her crotch and moved his hips rearward, causing a flood of his precum to pour out, soaking her luxuriant chestnut bush.

“Put it in me now, darling – I just can’t wait another second! And screw me harder than you ever have before!”

“You got it, baby!”

Jack put the huge blood-engorged knob between the pink nether lips of his mother’s sodden vagina and thrust all the way into her at once, making her cry out. He immediately began hammering away, not giving her the usual moment to become accustomed to his massive pole. She’d asked for it hard, and that was just the way he was gonna give it to her.

“Yesssss! That’s how Mommy needs itttt!” Suzy bawled.

Jack slammed his shlong into her furiously, his big balls slapping her wet, exposed asshole with fleshy “plaps!” with every urgent thrust. Suzy mewled helplessly, feeling his awesome shaft stretching the honeyed walls of her succulent little pussy exquisitely, his relentless battering-ram lurching so far into her womb it seemed sure to burst through into her tummy at any time. She stroked his chest and strong shoulders, her little pink-nailed fingers feeling every muscle & sinew. Suzy absolutely loved having this magnificent young stallion on her, in her, plundering her secret treasure. She’d come not merely to accept the fact that she had an insatiable need to submit to Jack, but to glory in it. This was the feminine wholeness and fulfillment she’d ached in vain for all her life, never for a moment dreaming that one day the man to provide it for her would be her own son…

“Ooooo, fuck me, my darling! Fuck me, fuck me! Never stop!”

With a bestial growl, Jack redoubled his efforts. Suzy looked down between ther quivering white thighs, seeing his glistening piston pumping in & out of her body. Their frothy sex fluids surged out of her vagina with every frantic thrust, pouring down over her gorgeous asshole like a waterfall, and forming an ever-spreading pool of thick fuck juices on the floor tiles.

Their bodies were covered in sweat now. Jack leaned his head down to catch a wildly-jiggling nipple with his hungry mouth as he rode his mom like the conqueror he was. Suzy wrapped her legs around Jack’s waist, pressing her little feet to his bobbing ass and making those sweet, ultra-feminine squeaks & whines that every man has lived to hear since the dawn of time.

“You my nasty li’l mommy-whore now – ain’t ya?” he huffed, nearing the finale.

“Oooooo! Yessss! I am! FUCK your whore!” Suzy squealed.

“And I’m the only man who will ever own this juicy pussy? That right?” he demanded, swiveling his hips, reaming her buttery box.

“Yes! I was BORN to be owned by you! I am your pussy! Your wife! Godddd!”

The utter sincerity of her replies set his loins on fire. “You hot, dirty little bitch…” he rasped through gritted teeth as he pounded away at her with all his power.

“Gimme your sperm, darling! I need your seed!” she begged, beginning to sob.

That put him over the top…

“Aghhh, Jesu…Uhhg, shit! Fuckk!” Jack roared as his penis erupted inside his mother’s womb like an H-bomb, blowing them both to blissful oblivion. Suzy shrieked as blast after endless blast of rich, potent incest semen flooded her holy sanctuary. Never before had he cum quite like this. Jack buried every last fraction of an inch of his cock in her, his emptying testicles pressed tightly to her orgasmically-spasming asshole. Finally, he stopped ejaculating and collapsed onto her sweaty flesh, panting, totally exhausted.

“My wife…mine…” he murmured as tears of ecstasy rolled down Suzy’s flushed cheeks…

Part 2

The departure of Mike sparked a veritable sexual inferno. For the next several weeks Suzy & Jack fucked like they had when Mike was in Zimbabwe: furiously, and in every conceivable fashion. Jack’s cock was buried in his mother’s various holes 4, 5, even 7 times a day. They were, quite simply, insatiable.

Then one afternoon Suzy came into the house and slowly sank into the living room chair, setting her bag of groceries on the floor absentmindedly, causing it to tip over. Oranges and a can of potato soup rolled out.

“Hey, watch what your doin’!” Jack said with a laugh as he gathered up the stuff and put it back in the bag.

“Hmm?” He saw her blank stare.

“Well, it’s obvious that something’s up. What’s the matter?”

She looked up at him, coming out of her reverie. “I’ve just been to see Dr. Anderson. I’m pregnant.”

“You – you’re preg-” Jack started in disbelief, his eyes bugging comically. “You’re PREGNANT?? No joke?” A huge beaming grin split his face. “Holy shit – I’m gonna be a daddy!! Hahahahaha!!” He danced a goofy little joy-jig, then wrapped his arms around her, smothering her face with kisses.

“Pregnant!” Suzy exclaimed disbelievingly. “I knew it was bound to happen – hell, it’s obvious! – but now that I’m actually…” She looked at him wide-eyed. “Oh, Christ, baby – you’ve knocked me up!”

“Yes, I have! And I’m the happiest son of a bitch in the world! My own beautiful little mother is gonna have MY baby! God, I’ve never felt more like a man!” He kissed her hard on the mouth.

Suzy pushed against his chest. “Ho-hold it a minute! Stop! We need to discuss this seriously, honey!”

Jack forced himself to calm down. “There’s really nothing to discuss, Mom. You’re pregnant, and we’re going to have an adorable, perfectly healthy child that we’ll love to pieces. And they lived happily ever after, the end…” he laughed.

“Oh, come on! Do you have any idea what a heavy responsibility it is to raise a kid? There are a ton of messy chores and so many aggravations: the baby screaming to be fed at 3 a.m.; shitty, radioactive diapers that stink so bad you’ll pray for death…”

“Hell, don’t worry about me. I look forward to it…” he said somewhat less than convincingly.

“Ha! We’ll see how quickly you change your tune the first time the baby pukes his strained peas in your face like Linda Blair in The Exorcist!”

“Or her peas!” he admonished, raising a finger.

“Yes, or hers!” They both broke down laughing. Jack swept Suzy up and swung her around. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him, and lifted her little feet prettily. All the difficulties of child-rearing that lay ahead were temporarily forgotten as they reveled in the joy of the moment…

Jack would quickly prove himself a very attentive father-to-be. He signed them up for childbirth classes in a town 30 miles away, where nobody knew them. And he busied himself turning his old bedroom into a nursery. He was a skilled woodworker, so he made both the cradle and the mobile that would dangle over the baby himself, both featuring beautifully rendered characters from traditional fairy tales.

“I’ll hold off painting the room until we know whether to use pink or blue.”

Jack watched with awe as Suzy’s body underwent a slow transformation. Her already huge puffy nipples became truly flabbergasting. They darkened from their usual luscious bubblegum pink to a deep, rich plum red, and swelled to even greater proportions as her breasts became heavy with milk. Her tummy began to swell, too – slowly but noticably with each passing week. Even her buttocks & thighs became curvier. Suzy took to wearing nothing but lingerie around the house. As a surprise, she added cut-out bras to her wardrobe, in addition to his favorite combo of sheer babydolls & satin bedroom flats. This, of course, had an effect similar to throwing gasoline on a raging fire.

“Shee-it!” he gasped when she first put on the one of the bras. Her glorious nipples thrust out proudly through the holes in the white lace – like nuclear warheads, and just as devastating. Jack’s penis jumped as if he’d stuck it in a light socket, hardening at once. There was something incredibly erotic and strangely obscene about seeing his Mom’s tits like this.

“So, you like it, then…” she said quietly, with a seductive smile

“God, I…” He could barely speak, his lust choking him. “G-get over here…” he muttered, quickly shucking his clothes. He sat down in the chair, his massive cock pointing straight up. Suzy sat in his lap, impaling herself carefully on his rod of steel, gasping with pleasure as always. Her over-ripe, ultra-sensitive nipples were in his face. He began to flutter his tongue over them ever so lightly, switching from nip to nip, eliciting sighs from her. Next he circled them slowly, swabbing first one areola in its entirety with his saliva, and then the other. He blew on them, making them as hard as diamonds. Suzy cooed. He felt her vagina contract on his pole in reaction to his skillful ministrations. He gently took them in his teeth, tugging on them and watching his Mother’s reaction closely. Suzy closed her eyes tightly & pursed her pretty lips in pain-pleasure. Her vaginal glands began to secrete copious amounts of slippery oil. Jack brushed his lips against the throbbing buttons, the abrasive stubble on his upper lip making her inhale sharply.

“Ohhhhhh, babyyy! Please don’t torture me any longer! Suck Mommy’s titties! Pleeeese!” Suzy whined.

With a deep chuckle, Jack complied with the lady’s request. He drew a livid pap deep into his hungry maw. They both moaned with satisfaction. His cheeks sank as he inhaled her teat with long, slow pulls. He reached around to caress her fanny as he nursed, gently kneading the soft, white flesh, and spreading her butt cheeks wide, exposing her gorgeous pink asshole. Jack placed his hand between Suzy’s buttocks, reveling in their warmth, sliding it up & down her sweaty ass crack. Then he began to tickle her anus with his fingertips. He released the well-sucked nipple with rubbery snap, but started rolling it in the fingers of his free hand, giving the poor little thing not even a moment’s peace. He sucked the other one in, working his jaws on it with vigor as he slipped 2 fingers into his Mom’s hot, tight rectum. Suzy squealed with illicit delight. Jack slowly circled his probing digits in her asshole, reaming it. Then he began fucking them in & out rapidly.

“Eeeeeee! Ohhhh, yesss! That’s it!! Oh, baby, that feels sooo good…” she puled.

Jack’s cock was pulsating with every rapid heartbeat now. Precum flooded out of him with every contraction of Suzy’s vagina. He didn’t thrust into her as usual, since they both were concerned about the baby’s safety at this point in her pregnancy. He fought the urge to pound her pussy into jelly, but they both enjoyed the sweet torture of this almost Tantric style of coupling.

“Oh God – I, I’m so very close…” Suzy breathed.

“Do you know how gorgeous you are, little one?” Jack asked quietly.


“And how much I love fucking you?”


“Feel my cock buried so deep inside you – in your womb with our baby…” Jack felt his own moment of truth approaching.

“Oh my lord!”

“This magnificent womb is mine, and so are these succulent torpedo nipples. Did you know?”

“YES! I belong to you! You are my king!” Suzy crooned, arching her back and putting her hands behind her head in open-mouthed ecstasy. Her glorious tits thrust forward proudly.

Jack’s fingers went wild in his Mother’s butt; shaking, corkscrewing, stretching the twitching muscles of her most forbidden hole.

“Ohgod… omigod…I’m – I-I…c-c-cummm! CUMMINGGGG!!” Suzy squealed as the orgasm burst upon her.

“Uh!! Aw, godda – yeahhh! Argggh!” Jack howled as the semen erupted from his cockhead, drenching her quivering, conquered ladyflesh with his sticky balm once more.

Suzy suddenly started crying like a little girl, tears of joy flowing down her crimson cheeks. She hugged him tightly as the the last ropes of his seed spewed into her.

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