A Mother Who Didn’t Know

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Danni Alexandra was up against the wall between the kitchen and the front sitting room, in her left hand was a 50 year old unopened bottle of wine she had bought to share with her husband. She had bought to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. In her left, was two of the antique set of eight wine lead crystal glasses, given to her as a wedding present from her grandmother. The glasses had been in the family for years and years and had been given to her grandmother by her own.

Each hand was being held up and out to the side, and she was beside herself with fear, in case she happened to drop either of the precious items. She was desperate to put them down but there was nothing nearby so she could. She was up against the wall, her skirt was up around her waist, her panties were around one ankle, having been torn away. Her neck was being kissed, as too was her face and lips, her nipples were hardening.

He gripped one and twisted it beautifully, it was just how she liked it, “Does he know?” she wondered. She also was full to the brim of hard cock, cock that wasn’t her husband’s. Danni couldn’t get away, she wasn’t allowed to even shuffle to one side, she had tried, but was just held still by the body weight leaning against her. He had one arm around her waist, the other on her hip as he fucked her half to death.

She had pleaded in vain, now she had stopped begging, she knew that he wasn’t going to stop until he had had her completely, and the cock in her was making her know it. It was much bigger than her husbands, it wasn’t the biggest she had ever had, but it was big enough to damage, and challenge her resistance to it. Resistance she knew as waning, and would dissipate if he didn’t finish soon. Then Danni knew she would cum, no matter how she tried not to, he would make her.

Her knees had gradually spread, her feet were firmly planted, knees slightly forward, her body was giving itself it best position to receive the mammoth cock now secured in her. Her arms were lowering through weakness, her beautiful blond haired head was coming to rest face down on his shoulder, as her mind and body began to respond and accept her capture, and forced seduction.

Soon the flames of passion began to lick at her nipples, her stomach, and more, at her pussy. She made one last valiant attempt to get free, to rid herself of the murderous invader, and Danni failed, then she came. “Oh, oh, oh, Ooooh, oh,ohhhh…” The gorgeous 40 year old mother, was preparing for an early evening drink with her husband with the vintage wine when he returned from the sudden departure he had had to make. He had called and told her he would be hone in about 45 minutes, traffic allowing.

Danni was still beautiful, and turned men’s heads wherever she went, dressed up or not. Danni was what you would call voluptuous, full bodied, her shape was as it was in her heyday, just a few pounds, 10 or 15. But it never detracted anything from how she appeared to the outside world. There were many men who would have given all to have the chance for some bed time with her.

Then fate took a hand, she was a person who didn’t believe in coincidences, but what happed had to be in that sphere. The chain of events that followed, couldn’t have been more exact in occurrence. She had put some washing into the machine in the garage, and because it was damp outside, she had put it into the drier to finish off. As this was happening, she popped upstairs for a quick shower and put on the skirt, skimpy panties, no bra, and the wrap around blouse, tied off at the bottom with just two buttons holding her large still firm and sensitive breasts in them, her husband liked to see her dressed this way.

Her hair was tied up in a small pony tail normally it hung down to her shoulders, she kept it this way because she felt that at 40, she might be a little old for really long hair. Although she could carry long hair off easily, because of the way she still looked, it was easy to mistake her for about 30 to 35 years old.

Danni got the ice bucket out, half filled it with ice from the freezer, and took it into the front sitting room. The wine was cooling in the wine cooler, and the glasses were ready. Then suddenly there was a calamitous sound from the garage. She rushed in to see the drier trying to dance across the garage floor. She thought one of the wheels or legs had maybe broken or fell off.

She dashed in and grabbed it, but it still jiggled away, then she sat on it, this helped a little, but not much, she got off and pressed her knees to it, reached across it, grabbed the opposite corner, tightened her muscles, then laid down on it, this almost stopped it. The trouble was, the corner at her legs was pressing right into her pussy, the sometimes ignored pussy by her husband. It vibrated away and soon Danni’s lovely head drooped, it was exciting.

Her pussy was being treated to an unasked for treat, one that she hadn’t bargained for nor expected. She responded to it, closing her eyes, kilis seks hikayeleri she hadn’t had a good orgasm in quite a while, her husband had tailed off lately in the love making stakes. She did look over her shoulder to start with to make sure Jack their teenage son wasn’t around.

He had been getting more and more touchy feely just lately with her, it had made her laugh at first, but now after about two months he was getting serious. Danni had to admit that in times of a drought from Henry her husband, Jack’s attention, though it was not encouraged, was a welcome diversion, and sometimes, a relief.

Time had moved on, and Jack hadn’t received an outright rejection from his lovely mother. Though she had remonstrated and given him looks of disapproval, he had got a bit braver, a little more daring. Danni wasn’t able to fall out with him about his incorrect behaviour, he was her son, she loved him to distraction, and more than any mother had a right to love him.

He had, much to her surprise, not only by what he did, but by her own reaction to what he did, find herself releasing some of her hormonal love for him. Just two days ago copped a feel of her pussy, he had given her a hugging love, a kiss on the cheek. Sometimes he ha snagged her lips for an illicit kiss. Then accidently on purpose, his hand had somehow found its way between her legs. He hadn’t had the courage to actually grasp it, but his finger had, unknowingly to him, stroked her pussy, and it made his mother yelp, he had let go and wandered away, as if nothing had happened.

Now, as she had looked over her shoulder to make sure he wasn’t there, she went back to what the washing machine was doing for her. It felt so unreal, so unusual, that she stayed there letting the vibration tease her to almost the point of having a small orgasm. What she didn’t know was that as soon as she had looked away from the door Jack appeared and watched her, it took him a moment to realise what was happening, and to get as huge erection.

He watched for as long as he dared, then the cycle on the drier ended, it was winding down, he saw his mother lift herself up, and stand there, her head shaking. He didn’t know, but his gorgeous mother was in the grip of desperation for sex. Her pussy and body was on fire, and if she had had the time, she would have raced upstairs for her vibrator.

Jack left the doorway and went into the sitting room where the ice bucket was, he wondered wildly about his mother, what should he do, if anything? He was of the opinion that she might be up for an approach. His young powerful cock was ruling his brain, deciding his thoughts, and he had could have had no idea how much his thoughts were right on the button. Then the chain of events went to the next level.

Danni shook her head, and said to herself, “Oh boy what wouldn’t I give for Henry to walk in, grab me and fuck me where he found me.” But she knew that wasn’t going to happen, it had been nearly a month since he had been near her. She actually thought that he didn’t know himself that he was neglecting her this way. While he was innocent in one way, she had reasoned, he was also ignorant of her growing needs.

She picked up the two eons old, to her, wine glasses, fixed them into the fingers of her left hand, and using a piece of paper towel around the neck of the cooled wine, she turned and walked to her sitting room. As she left the kitchen, Jack, at that very moment left the sitting room. His thoughts were on his rampant cock, he was going to go up stairs and jack off over his mother.

He had jacked off about two hours ago, but his youth kept constantly up for fun with his young and needful cock. As he opened the door, they were in exactly the same places, he in one doorway, his mother in the other. He again looked at the way she was dressed, she looked fabulous, so fucking sexy, her lovely soft angelic face was a mask of glowing love, her high cheekbones were red blotched,his cock nearly burst from his trousers and shot her. And that was when Jack threw caution to the wind, his mind devoid of any thoughts of consequences for his actions.

Danni approached her son with a bright loving smile on her ever beautiful loving face. The chain of unfolding events were about to grow to fruition, for him anyway. Instead of turning to go up the stairs, he turned towards his mother, he closed the gap, and put one arm around her waist. Jack turned her so she had her back to the wall, and pressed her into it with his own body weight.

This brought her pussy into direct contact with his fully erect and very hard cock. His mother gasped, not only because of what he had just done, but because of his cock was where it was. She squealed, “Jack, Oh, Ooooh, what are you…” Jack kissed her neck. It stopped all sound coming from his mother, he automatically rubbed his aching weapon across his mother’s pussy. He didn’t know he was doing that for, and to her, and the effect it would, and was having.

Danni deliberately spread her arms, she already knew that dropping what was in her hands wasn’t an option, but it also gave her son carte blanche to do, and carry on doing, what he was.

“Jack, please, you mustn…” he licked her ear and poked the tip of his tongue in, this action again prevented her from speaking. His cock was already seducing her, she could feel the urgency and the hardness of him, and unbelievably, a thought jumped into her mind. “Wow his thing feels big, very big!”

Jack’s free hand went inside of her wrap around top and captured, a grown to full size, and super sensitive nipple. That was the moment that neither knew, her seduction was completed, it was a forced seduction, she would not have willingly gone here. But her own body, which was still on a high from the vibrating of the drier in the garage, was now it was being irretrievably given the sexually treat that his mother was craving from her husband.

Jack let go briefly, but only to grab the bottom of her skirt and pull it up to her waist. Danni felt it and mumbled incoherently, her head was dropping on to her son’s shoulder, she couldn’t resist this, her son was becoming her alpha male. She knew he loved her, she knew he wanted her, that he was desperate for her. He was rabid for her sexually, or otherwise, and this was what Danni couldn’t now refuse him.

Her love for him wouldn’t allow any other thoughts to detract her from what he wanted, needed and was going to get. She had to let him, and the cock creating havoc on her pussy made it so. Then he gripped her panties and she heard the rip as he tore them away, he could feel the heat and the dampness of them, then let them go. Danni felt them slide down her leg to her ankle. She felt and heard the definite Thhhhh of his zip, followed by a fumble ensued from him. Jack was getting his cock out ready to screw his beautiful mother.

His knees were pushing in between hers, her feet shuffled sideways for him, her own knees bent slightly, her back tight to the wall, her body was presenting itself, although Danni wasn’t aware of it just yet, to its new owner. Jack felt her pussy, his finger dipped into the warm wetness of her love cave, What Jack and his mother didn’t yet know was, his cock was bigger than his dads.

He held it in, what he hoped was, the right direction, the correct angle, and pushed up, he hit gold and slid in. “Arggggh, Ooooh, Oh Jack, Oh Jack, please Urggggh ohhhhhh.” He forced himself all the way up, until he felt his loins touch hers. He pulled back and shoved up again, now he was where his heart wanted him to be, deep in his own mother hot burnig wet pussy.

Danni had not been this full for as long as she could remember, her son dropped and rose, dropped and rose and Danni floundered, her face turned into his neck, it was her way of admitting her surrender to her own son, he had now.

“Darling, I’m going to drop the wine bottle!” she moaned. Looking down he saw where it was, he took it from her, stuck his foot out, lowered his arm and dropped it on to his toes where it gently rolled off and safely on to the hall carpet.

Jack began to fuck his mother in earnest, her now free arm went around his neck, and she held herself to him while he did. “Oh darling, oh Jack, Hmmmm, oh baby, oh you beautiful bad beautiful boy,” she mewled, as she blindly kissed his neck and face. “Argggggh,” she cried out, and his mother came.

Jack continued screwing his helpless mother against the wall, she came again for him. He was going to cum now too, “Oh mum, oh mum,” he moaned. Danni knew he was going to cum, and she waited with her breath tight in her lungs, she couldn’t breathe. Then Jack gave one huge forceful thump up, he lifted her off her feet momentarily, and he spewed his hot cum right into his waiting mothers hot demanding pussy, he felt her sucking it up, her pussy muscles were clamping and releasing in quick succession.

In the few seconds after he had blown his load into his mother, and Danni had cum two or three times for him, they looked at each other in a sort of wondrous eye balling stare. Jack leaned away and his cock dropped out, then he leaned back in and kissed her properly on the mouth, it was his first real kiss. Danni had to kiss him back, after what he had just done to her, and unknowingly given her the very love she was dying for, kissing him this wasn’t a problem.

Then amazingly, he became Jack again, he bent down, picked up the bottle, looked at his mother with more love than she had ever seen in her life, and said. “I’ll see to this mom, you had better get ready hadn’t you? Dad will be home soon.” Then he went into the sitting room with the bottle, leaving her stranded against the wall with her torn panties around her ankle.

His cum, and hers, was running down her bare legs, she shook her head to try and clear it. She heard her son screwing the bottle into the ice in the wine bucket, then she unsteadily stepped to the stairs and shakily walk up them. She headed for the bathroom and sat on the bidet. There she washed her thighs and pussy, reached for her body spray, and perfumed herself once more.

Finding new panties, she put them on in her bedroom, and she heard Jack coming up the stairs, she waited, uncertain as to the chance he might come for her again. Then Danni heard his bedroom door close, gathering herself, breathing deeply, she went back down. She looked at the spot on the floor where their feet had been, she could see the indentations in the carpet, but she couldn’t make herself rubbed them out with her foot. This place would forever be a shrine to her.

Her husband’s car made its customary noise in the drive and she opened the door to greet him, she was a great actress. She kissed him, hugged him, led him by the hand into the room, where she poured the wine and they toasted each other. They celebrated, chatted and talked the evening away. And all that evening, Danni couldn’t remove the feel of her son’s cock in her pussy. It didn’t matter if she stood, sat or walked, it was there. Even as they went upstairs to bed she could feel the hot thickness of him within her expanded pussy walls.

They went to bed, where nothing happened, Henry kissed her cheek, said goodnight and turned over to go to sleep. And in Danni’s head she was saying to him. “Tonight Henry, I was screwed out of my head by your son, my son, our son. And it was so good and fabulous too, but it was something you should be doing, not him!”

If it hadn’t been for the wine she would not have slept a lot, but as it was she did have serious guilt pangs. She told herself that it had to be a one off, an aberration, not to be repeated. She would talk to him tomorrow, discuss it with her son. He would understand, she would tell him this, she would tell him that, show him the she knew how he was feeling, and that she loved him as much, if not more than any mother could. He would agree she was sure, and go back to being Jack, her beautiful baby.

The next day was Saturday, Henry grunted when Danni got up, it was just after 9am. Danni went into the shower, but as she had got out of bed Jack’s cock re-entered her pussy in her mind. It nearly bent her in half, the sudden memory, not that she had forgotten scorched her mind. Every step to and into the shower, was a blinding searing recall of his thick cock making her cum. By the time she got under the water she was fingering herself. Danni had a huge orgasm, not with Jack in her mind, but the feel of his cock in her pussy.

She recovered after nearly sliding down the wall. “Phew,” she said out loud, but to no one, “that was a cracker!” and she laughed. “Behave yourself Danni,” she said in her lovely head, “you’re turning in to a wanton slut!” Danni felt so unbelievably alive and vital, her face was glowing with health, her hair shone brightly, her whole body tingled.

The fact that her body and erogenous zones were remembering yesterday’s fantastic forced seduction, the mammoth cock, creating pandemonium in her pussy, the wonderful sex, her orgasms, these things never dawned on the 40 year old beauty, that her life may have been changed by her young son forever. Danni was starving, she had intended going back to bed, but decided to leave her snoring husband and go down for a bowl of cereals.

She popped on a thong, it was an old one that she only wore in the house, her white, above the knee silk dressing gown got tied in a bow around her still gorgeous waist, and she headed off. Bare footed she went down. Her thoughts were mixed, she was still having her head conversation with Jack, and her pussy was tingling from his cock’s ravaging of her, but she was also deciding what cereals to have too.

As she got to the kitchen her wonderful blue eyes dropped to take in the still present indentations on the carpet, she smiled a secret smile. Her body recognised the significance too and made her aware of it.

“Danni I’ve warned you, behave yourself,” she told her, “it’s done with, it’s over, finished, shouldn’t have happened, it won’t happen again, kaput.” She walked into the kitchen feeling as good as she ever had, Jack had put a huge spring into his mother’s graceful step. She stopped in her tracks, Jack was sat at the table with his own bowl of cereal.

“Mom,” he said, brightly but hesitantly, “good morning, how are you, mom?” This made Danni tongue tied, all of her reasoned arguments flew out of her beautiful head.

Inexplicably her whole body tightened, her nipples crackled, her pussy was a tinder box of unreasonable emotions.

“Jack,” she said, “good er, erm, morning to you er too darling. I’m fine, you?” she spluttered slightly.

“Great mom,” he replied getting up from the table, he was bare chested, and all he was wearing were his pyjama bottoms. This action put the fear of God into his mother. She wanted to talk about yesterday, but she just didn’t have the words somehow. And the reason for that was simple, his cock was sticking out of his pyjamas, it was hard, thick and long. Jack had decided the second her had heard his mother that rond two was a goer.

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