A “modern woman’s” guide in male oral servitude

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A “modern woman’s” guide in male oral servitudeForeword: When talking about oral sex most men automatically think first about fellatio, blow jobs etc. and only later on maybe about cunnilingus or eating pussy. It is such a common male attitude and unfortunately as well a widespread image in magazines, films and groups/communities on the net. A picture of a naked girl on her knees sucking a guy’s cock doesn’t raise an eyebrow anymore, but a naked guy on his knees eating out a girl always stirs the emotions, especially when the girl is still fully dressed …apart from maybe her panties.This little difference doesn’t bother anybody in case of a guy receiving a blow job with his flies barely open, cock out and the rest of him still fully clothed while the girl is fully naked on her knees in front of him?WHY? Well times have changed and women have become much more self assured (still nowhere near enough though!!). They are not putting up with this attitude anymore. In fact most “modern women” do not hesitate to demand oral stimulation from a man and tell him as well how they want it. Finally!In this sense I definitely consider myself a “modern woman”, but being a as well a dominant wife (not a dominatrix!) with a sub hubby, I am of course lucky enough to get a lot more than just an occasional quick lick for which I am supposed to give a blow job in return or even open my legs to be penetrated! I want and get memorable, mind blowing, extended, passionate and willing male oral service and satisfaction – nothing less will do!I have read the several guides to good cunnilingus in this group and enjoyed them very much. I think they are quite sweet and definitely a good start for every man, who is truly willing to give his lady a good treat and show his love and adoration for her. Equally I really enjoy most of the pictures and it is very nice to see that at least some men these days are willing to perform orally for their ladies. However we are still far away from an equal balance let alone a situation where cunnilingus is more common than fellatio.A fair balance is reached once we have a female American president, who will still stay in charge after she has sexually abused one of her male secretaries by forcing him to orally satisfy her! Ever thought about it this way round?? This thought makes it obvious how far away we still are from a well balanced society.I think it is really time to find groups and communities that deal with topics such as cunnilingus, analingus and male oral servitude in general. As usual you can find plenty of clubs and sites dealing with cock sucking, cum covered female faces or cum filled female mouth. There seems to be no limit to exploit this form of oral servitude to the maximum. Why not the other way round?What about all us ladies who enjoy being orally serviced… – and I mean properly, passionately and devotedly? This group is at last a fine start, congratulations!However I would love to see this form of oral servitude being exploited and presented with equal passion, hard core display and explicit reality than all the fellatio scenes. It seems nearly impossible to find e.g. a picture of a man’s face covered in pussy juice or a humbly presented open male mouth full of vaginal discharge or female cum, a male tongue with female slime dripping of it. Why not?I would love to see pictures of male faces fiery red hot resulting from a grinding, rubbing pussy or a good, hard face ride!The technique to picture the moment of a man ejaculating onto a woman’s face or into her willingly opened mouth has been refined no end. Why can’t we see pics of women climaxing and pumping their juices onto their partner’s face or into his lovingly presented open mouth?I don’t know and it is surely not because women can’t ejaculate or produce a good load of love juices. This prejudice has hopefully been eradicated, even tough I can imagine that there are still quite a few men that don’t know that women ejaculate as well, probably because they were never “down there” with their tongue and mouth !!! Just because it is not male spunk it doesn’t make it any less spectacular. As a matter of fact most women can even discharge a lot more than men do, so where’s the problem?You can find these Japanese sites that basically celebrate male ejaculation, particularly women having to eat it… in large amounts ( bukkake )! Not enough, the women have to lick it off plates, drink it out of cups after they have been filled to the rim by a string of males ejaculating in it etc.!All no problem – obviously very popular to boost the poor Japanese male ego!Fine! What about celebrating males eating their own spunk after they have been wanked off, i.e. milked by their ladies?What about pics of women ejaculating into a glass – after a good session of cunnilingus or masturbation – and make their man drink it… and lick it clean!!??What about lots of more pics of male tongues cleaning cum filled pussies (cream pies!) or dripping, slimy wet vaginas?What about pics of males performing orally on a string of ladies or being queened by a group of ladies and then showing lovely pics of their slime covered, red hot and sweaty faces? As you can see my idea of cunnilingus goes quite a bit further than just a bit of licking, obviously of course due to my dominant nature, but as well due to being a “modern woman”, who would like to enjoy the same pleasures, amusements and liberties as men can.I consider cunnilingus and anilingus much more than just a sexual act!For me it is as well an act of being worshipped, adored, and loved and …..Respected!Furthermore I consider cunnilingus and anilingus excellent ways for a man to prove to a woman how much he is willing to unselfishly please, serve and satisfy her and how much he is willing to swallow his macho pride for HER pleasure and amusement, ignoring his own benefit.I mean there is of course a good dose of male humiliation (and sometimes suffering) in it, depending on the way the oral service is performed or demanded…. – AND? – So there should be as this is a major part of the fun!! When I look at the fellatio sites and groups, the sexual act of cock sucking is not predominant, but it is the actual act of subduing and humiliating the woman at the same time. It is basically all about male power and male domination.It is a power game – no doubt about that! The only problem is that the female aspect of it is hardly exploited at all compared to the male side.That is the reason why I want to encourage women to demand much more from their men, lovers, fiancé’s, husbands etc.! On the other hand I want to convince as many men as possible that you don’t have to be a wimp when orally servicing your lady with passion and devotion! A man that does it convincingly, eagerly and openly sticks up for it never appears as a wimp.But how to start? Of course the cunnilingus technique how to lick, suck, breath (especially when being queened), swallow etc. is important, but equally important for me is the way the whole act is “celebrated”.There is much more to it than just “slobbering” away like a dog!!After enjoying my husbands unlimited and unconditional oral servitude over years I have developed I very high standard what I expect from a man when it comes to performing orally on me – no matter how!Therefore I have created “guidelines” how to properly worship a lady orally ( see guidelines at the end of my letter….-> for you to add to your collection, so maybe some guys get the idea and some ladies will be inspired and encouraged to demand proper and memorable oral service !! ).I have created these guidelines to keep my hubby on his toes and set the standard for him, i.e. what I expect from him regarding oral servitude. Of course I did it as well to cause him a sweet, but constant humiliation, as I often make him read the rules again. His thorough humiliation is always guaranteed, when I let one of my lady friends read the rules. Now we have k**s and have to behave a bit more cautiously, but beforehand the rules were in a picture frame hanging over his side of the bed!!Now don’t get a wrong picture of me! I am not at all a leather clad, whip yielding dominatrix. I don’t like chains, leather, dungeons etc. at all. Female dominance for me has got nothing (or very little) to do with this. Unfortunately it is the image portrayed in the SM scene and a typical male fantasy.Fem dom in my view should not take anything away from a woman’s normal female attitude, appearance and nature. A modern woman well cared for and using her natural female beauty is by far powerful and dominant enough to manipulate and dominate a male. I enjoy being a woman and use all the tricks in the books to make my man’s (and sometimes “a” man’s) brain slip between his legs. It is usually easy, especially when the male already has a submissive nature….! In any case though, female beauty presented with style and in a ladylike fashion never fails to cause some drooling and eye popping. I have hardly ever met a man that doesn’t react to some nice legs, thighs, high heels, tights or stockings, a nice cleavage, red lips and fingernails etc. etc. all presented sexily, but in a ladylike and proud manner, far from being slutty! You may call it power dressing and it works… unless a man is 100% gay!Now all you sub guys out there: don’t start pestering me now with emails. I am not a pro, but just a normal dom wife/woman, who enjoys her sub hubby. I am not a public dominatrix, OK?You may call him “lucky bastard”, well maybe he is… and sometimes he isn’t! I can assure you that it is not always funny for him, in fact quite often he probably wished never to have sparked the female nature in me (which started with unselfish and memorable cunnilingus!!). I may not like leather, dungeons and silly excessive v******e, but that doesn’t mean that I am not prepared to use the cane or the strap severely when I think fit….and I can do so wearing a pair of jeans or a track suit!! No need for leather clad outfits.Physical discipline DOES make part of fem dom, of course, but I usually prefer a sounding face slap or a vicious grab between his legs to needles, torture, burning etc. ! It is much more feminine and above all, always and promptly available when needed.In any case I much more prefer sweet, but burning humiliating games to brute force. Hurting the male ego and macho pride is much more amusing than hurting his arse (mind you one doesn’t have to exclude the other ! ). OK, but for all you hopeful guys out there, I am however willing to give an advice to all men that dream of serving a dominant woman ( as this is the most frequently asked question I get from desperate guys looking for a dominant partner… and there seem to be loads of them !! ).“Cunnilingus” is surely THE key for any man who wants to let his lady know about his submissive nature and light the natural ( !! ) female dominant side in her ( …it surely worked for me ! ) by using a diplomatic, sweet and loving way ( but guys remember : once the fire is lit in a woman, there is no way back !! ).My advice for every man trying to find a dominant partner: start slowly and start by showing her that HER pleasure and satisfaction are much more important to you than your own pleasure and satisfaction and above all …….more important than your macho/male pride, i.e. you have to be willing to accept a good dose of humiliation as a basic form to express your love and respect for her …and you have to prove it to her …..On and on and on again!However don’t fall right to her feet slobbering away at her shoes and mumbling stuff about wanting to be her slave, be punished and similar rubbish! Most girls will of course give you a kick up somewhere and tell you to get lost. You can’t do that on a first date or a first attempt to let her know about your submissive nature.The trick is to give her an idea how blissful and wonderful it can be to have a submissive man as partner and TRULY enjoy the liberties of female dominance and power, without actually asking her to be dominant or confess to her all your pervy fantasies ( which you all surely have !!). So instead of wild promises, confessions or pervy actions (especially when you barely know each other yet) chose a sweet and convincing way to show her that you are the one for her.As an idea, instead of always trying to get her naked as quick as possible, why not making sure for once that you are naked first, but pleeeease remember guys: socks and shoes off first!! Never ever keep your socks on for God’s sake, but make sure they disappear first!The clue is: get naked without undressing her and remain so, while you are maybe kissing and fondling. Let her enjoy this new offered liberty as much as possible. Be natural about it and do it with a smile, maybe as if you were a stripper!Next important point is: even though your body is at full display and offered to her to play with, don’t do the same to her body, i.e. never grope her tits or bum or stick your hands between her legs etc.….unless she guides you or tells you canlı bahis to, but most likely she will in such a moment be busy to play with your openly presented assets. Point 3: when she reaches between your legs (which she will inevitably do in such an inviting and tempting situation) ……open up willingly and keep your thighs spread open while she plays with you. Don’t open your thighs just a little bit, but spread them open wide, properly offering her your manhood (especially as well your testicles ) to play with and clearly letting her notice your offer.What about a whisper in her ear:“Just for your pleasure and amusement!”??Never do anything, which might signal to her that you would like her to go down on you! On the contrary, keep your cock always away from her face as much as possible.Often in the beginning a young woman may not be so experienced at fondling a man, especially his balls. However should her testicle fondling cause you an uncomfortable sudden pain, DO NOT fuss about it or even close up your legs…….., but keep them spread wide open and maybe give her a tender kiss on the cheek and whisper in her ear e.g. “I’m sorry, they need a lot of training”, thus reassuring her to carry on and take away any feeling of guilt for having done anything wrong (because she has NOT!).Let her play with you not only as much as she wants, but above all as well HOW she wants to. Never tell her to do this or that, but just let her enjoy you the way SHE likes it. Whether this is the way you like it is not up for question at all! Should you dislike it, e.g. because you may feel hurt, humiliated or in pain, grit your teeth, spread your legs even wider and endure it …for her pleasure and amusement!!Should you get hard due to her fondling let her enjoy the view and grant her the pleasure of a smirk or a grin, looking at the successful result of her “handy work”… your rampant erection (a woman is always amused when she manages to get a man rampant hard! It is the key to female domination, so let her cherish her female power!! ).Encourage her amusement ( even if you find it humiliating ) and e.g. playfully pose in front of her, presenting your erection, to get a giggle or laughing out of her and of course thus encourage her to reach out again to grab your throbbing cock or boiling balls. If so, remember to instantly spread your legs again as soon as she reaches for your cock or balls and ….keep your hands out of the way – always!!You may ask her e.g.: “Would you rather like your toy shaven?” In case she is quizzed, reassure her that you just would like to please her and show her how much you love her. This trick usually makes a woman wonder whether this man is willing to shave his pubic hair as a proof of his love. If she does agree promise her instantly that you will do it and then make sure that the next time you stand naked in front of her you are neatly shaven, all of it, i.e. cock, balls, pubic area even your anal area ! A sweet and impressive little love proof to start with and I am sure she will be very amused to now play with your shaven “non-macho” manhood.The whole idea about it is of course to take the “threat” away for her and give her the feeling that she is totally in control and that you are game for anything she would want to do to you and with you.It is of course absolutely clear and obvious that perfect body hygiene is an absolute must and precondition if you want to have any chance for success at all. So guys, make sure you’re clean (especially if your not circumcised!) and smell nice, always!Usually a girl wants to kiss and cuddle you while she is fondling your cock and balls, especially in the beginning, unless she is already quite experienced and self assured (….I adore playing with my man’s assets – sweetly or roughly – and watch him – his face his reactions and of course cherish his humiliation, especially when I get him hard or squeeze his testicles hard,… but that is already advanced!!).In case she wants kissing, let her kiss YOU, i.e. don’t stick your tongue straight into her mouth …let her be active and penetrate your mouth with her tongue. Let her play away with you, e.g. bite your lips or nipples and she will get more confident with every minute.Depending on the situation you may even go and fetch a drink (champagne is always good!!) and serve it to her… naked of course!If you feel that she’s comfortable with the situation (you being fully naked, maybe even erect and her still fully dressed) and she feels happy, relaxed and excited you may as well give her another signal of your submissive nature.Whenever she is fondling and/or kissing you, keep your hands humbly behind your back or at least clearly out of the way,usually already a dead give away for every woman with a good sense of a male’s submissive nature. However the main moment now, before you make her feel as if you’d expect her to go down on you, is to gently go down on her. Whatever the situation, make sure she is sitting comfortably say on the edge of the sofa, bed or a chair (if not gently guide her there, she will follow!). Once there, don’t just go for it, but again gently ease the way. Slide on to your knees in front of her, lovingly kissing her cheek and stroking her arms down to her hips. If she is wearing trousers gently unbutton them and help her out of it, always smiling and always making sure she enjoys the view of your naked exposure. Anytime she is reaching between your legs, you stop your proceeding instantly at let her play with you, if necessary spread your legs again wide open signalling to her that you are happy and willing to let her play with your male pride anytime and in any way… and again keep those hands out of the way, best behind your back or at least firmly pressed onto your bum cheeks or so.As soon as she has finished amusing herself with your throbbing cock and balls, give her a sweet kiss on the cheek and whisper e.g.:“For you to play with anytime you want!” Smile about it and don’t say it in a slavish tone of voice. Then carry on and reposition yourself kneeling in front of her.Make sure you kneel properly, i.e. knees spread apart wide and usually hands on your back ( that is how a gentleman kneels in front of a lady ! ), but this first time you may use your hands, gently, in order to prepare her for your oral service.If she is wearing a skirt don’t just lift it up or pull it up. You can start your display of true love and care by e.g. kissing her knees and slowly move your lips up her thighs, pushing her skirt up with your nose/face! Never use your hands forcefully, but only when necessary and always gently and sweetly.Usually by now the girl will want to help you and automatically take her knickers off herself. If not, do not pull her knickers down, but e.g. gently kiss her knickers crotch 10-20 or 30 times, lovingly and passionately. Kiss the inside of her thighs, up and down, lick them sweetly (don’t slobber!!) until she is getting so hot she will want her knickers down.From then on the guides to good cunnilingus contained in this group fit nicely and should be followed, with a few exceptions ……according to my view!!First and absolute major exception is : cunnilingus is an ORAL form of sex, so use your tongue, lips, mouth, maybe nose ( gently ! ) and your face, BUT DON’T USE YOUR HANDS, NEVER, unless the woman explicitly asks you to or guides you to do so.When performing cunnilingus or any other oral service your hands always belong behind your back or holding YOUR thighs or bum cheeks ( e.g. to keep your balance when leaning forward, especially when you have to bow down low to kiss and lick her feet… but that’s for later !).This humble attitude is a basic proof of your respect for her womanhood and a clear signal that you are there to serve and please HER, entirely and purely, without threatening her with your manhood or expecting any sexual favours from her!If required e.g. to support her feet, ankles or calves, never grope them or clasp them firmly, but just lovingly support them with the open palm of your hands, as if you are holding a tray or a precious item,….which you are !! Above all never grope her tits, bum, spread her bum cheeks or pussy or even stick your finger up her pussy or bum, unless you are explicitly asked to do anything similar (and if she does, for God’s sake, guys, make sure you suck your fingers first properly and make them wet before you even dare to touch her clit or pussy!! Repeat it if necessary… and….. Even when not necessary, as it is always a nice view for a woman to watch a man sucking her pussy juice of his fingers!! )Usually a woman would possibly ask you to stroke her gently, but never grope her! This is a pure male disorder, but even when required to stroke her, do so gently and lovingly and never take any liberties. Tell her how beautiful she is and how proud you are to be allowed to be her man….! Promise her sweetly that you are willing to do anything to make her happy and you may even beg her to help and guide you, the way she likes it best, so you can improve and please her better every time. When ready to perform, move your hands behind your back – properly, lean forward and start tongue servicing her pussy….. Passionately, willingly, devotedly, eagerly, persistently and without any inhibitions. Often a girl automatically reaches out for your head to hold you in place, guide you or when she gets hot press your face against her vulva, mostly to rub her swollen clit against your face, nose or tongue.Sometimes she does it gently and some girls like to hold your head with a firm grip, even pulling you harshly by your hair, especially when climaxing.Some girls like to be licked gently, but continuously over an extended period and others love to harshly grind their pussy over your face, basically using your face to masturbate on. What I want to say is, that there are many ways how to perform cunnilingus – you do it the way the woman you are serving likes it – no matter what she demands from you – do it – …and do it willingly, eagerly and promptly, without hesitating, no matter whether you feel uncomfortable or humiliated, whether your knees are hurting or you have been at it already for over an hour…. in countless positions – you please and serve her the way SHE likes it,.. Devotedly and humbly! Another lady (you may be lucky enough to serve orally ) might like it completely different – YOU have to adapt as quick as possible to her likings and give your utmost to please her the way SHE wants it. Learn from it, improve …always trying to be able to please and serve her even better. Never question any of her likings or wishes, as there is no wrong in what a woman may demand from you. What pleases HER is always right!!Consider every feeling of humiliation or pain a chance to express your true respect and love for her and NEVER EVER limit, inhibit or restrict her pleasure, because your male ego feels hurt and humiliated or you are suffering physical discomfort! That is how you prove to her what a man you are! Be proud and happy about it, as that is the way to make sure you don’t appear to her as a wimp!Make sure that the feeling she gets from your passionate way of eating her out is that she can really let herself go and that nothing will make you rock back, especially not her womanly fragrance, juices, slime, sweat or any other vaginal discharge, not even her urine!! Equally there is no time in a month when you can’t serve her orally. You should feel honoured to orally please her right then, during her most womanly days in a month.Equally it is not up to you to decide whether she has to shave her pubic area or not. Some women do, some don’t and some do it partially. Live with it and serve a hairy pussy with equal passion than a shaven one. Hairy pussies create a particular challenge to your male duty of tongue cleaning a woman’s vagina, as you have to make sure that any remains of slime, juices, urine etc, are licked and sucked up ( gently ! ) From her pubic hair. You will inevitably get some of her pubic hairs in your mouth. NEVER EVER fuss about it, like spitting, coughing trying to get the pubic hair out of your mouth, dramatically interrupting her pleasure and making her feel uncomfortable! Be discreet about it and learn to swallow them, without interrupting your oral service and her pleasure.Personally I am not a fan of hairy pussies and I consider a shaven or at least semi shaven pussy much nicer, sexier and attractive. I always keep my pussy semi shaven, leaving a small “Mohican” pubic hair style. Lucky of course for my hubby, as he surely prefers it that way as well of course, but I would always expect him to tongue serve a hairy pussy with equal passion and devotion.The third challenge a male pussy eater faces, when orally servicing a hairy pussy is the friction it causes on his face, depending of course how much the woman enjoys grinding her pussy on his face. If I really want to give my man a hard time, I let my pubic hair grow a few days until it is stubbly and then bahis siteleri give him a hard face ride, really grinding my pussy over his face hard for a good while until I can fill his mouth with my juices. Simply a priceless view to see his slime covered face afterwards, red hot and literally rubbed raw.His nose usually gets the harshest treatment, but as well his forehead, cheeks and chin look as if you had scrubbed his face with a scotch brite… severly!The traces of such an oral service are usually visible for a couple of days afterwards and when I am feeling really wicked, it is simply a glorious humiliation to use him like that before e.g. taking him out for dinner at a restaurant or go for a walk with him. Endless fun to watch his embarrassment, especially when I add sweet comments about his oral service… making sure that every woman that can see his red sore face knows as well why ! Loads of chuckles, grinning, smirking and female amusement …of course all at the expense of my hubby’s male pride. In such moments he is struggling to keep facing me and the witnessing ladies around us offering them the amusing view of a big, hunky male embarrassed and humiliated by natural female dominance. Simple, sweet and great fun.Another important point you guys have to learn to accept is that pussies are not all the same. Some are small, some are large, some are tight and some are not, some have the inner labia sticking out and some pussy lips are thicker than others etc. etc.!Equally a lady’s most intimate fragrance differs from woman to woman. Even the same lady may sometimes smell and taste different on different times of the day or different days of a month (as my hubby taught me!) This has got nothing to do with poor personal hygiene, but is simply part of a woman’s nature.I do not accept poor hygiene from nobody – man or woman – at no time! There is no excuse for it – never! However it is not up to you to say how she is supposed to smell or taste. It is part of her womanhood, which you are expected to worship.I expect from my man that he can recognise me blindfolded just by the taste, smell and (tongue-) feel of my anus, let alone my pussy!!This is how good and devoted you have to try and get. So guys, learn that it is utterly important that she can enjoy you oral service absolutely guilt free, uninhibited and unconditional, knowing that the man serving her so lovingly is really and truly happy to please her orally in any way she likes and that he doesn’t expect anything in return. YOU have to make sure she gets that feeling! The first time my boyfriend ( now my hubby ) treated me like that, I was over the moon and his sucking, licking and swallowing was so passionate and extended that I literally exploded in a violent orgasm ( I was not even 20 years old then and quite inexperienced, with no particular dominant streak in me ).I was really filling his mouth with my juices (I never knew I was able to produce so much discharge and liquid), but above all I could not help losing control!! A fair amount of my bladder content got emptied……. first over his face, but after his immediate adjustment…. straight into his mouth.I expected him to jump up, spit and cough and tell me off, but he didn’t move back an inch. On the contrary, he pressed his mouth firmly onto my pee whole, making sure as little as possible got spilled on the sofa (after the initial splash in his face).He was struggling, but swallowed every drop and then …..Resumed his licking….as if nothing had happened! Now though he was licking me clean of all the various discharges that had flooded my vagina, my thighs and down the crack of my bum, even though his hair was soaked with my piss and his face was covered in my pussy slime.He did it, as if it was the most natural thing to do to your girlfriend the first time you have sex together!! He swept away any feeling of embarrassment I felt for a moment with his devoted and passionate way of orally serving my pussy. He really gave me the feeling that it is absolutely alright for a girl to ejaculate like that right onto her boyfriend’s face and even freely piss in his mouth.God how impressed I was, but the real cracker was to follow. Apart from licking me clean, sweetly and lovingly, but at the same time deeply and thoroughly, while I was still glowing from my thundering orgasm ……he suddenly thanked me for granting him this utter privilege to tongue service me and how wonderfully I tasted and that he hopes that he was good enough for me to let him eat me out again.I was gob smacked! Good enough….?? I never had a boy doing anything similar to me. I couldn’t wait to enjoy this blissful experience again!!What really did it for me in the end was that he never expected anything in return, not even me wanking him off, let alone asking for a blow job in return. He didn’t start undressing me either trying to fuck me, even though he had a massive hard on and surely would have loved to fuck me or at least have me wank him off. No – after lovingly kissing my hot pussy 20 or 30 times he got up and fetched me a drink….. a glass of champagne ! I was so swept off my feet when he sweetly presented me the glass and whispered:“I love and adore you!”I still vividly remember today the smell of my own female juices on his slime covered face and then the taste of my own female spunk, when I lovingly kissed him. I particularly remember pulling my tongue out of his mouth and jokingly pulling a disgusted face saying:“ Tasting wonderful?? – Yuk – goes and washes your mouth out!” He just calmly replied:“ Of course I will if you really want me to, but what a shame… – I adore tasting your beautiful womanhood ….for as long as possible !” ….leaving me again flattered and gob smacked. This wonderful procedure repeated itself several times during the following days. He offered blissful, unselfish female pleasure without any catches or expectations. Besides that he always offered his naked body for me to ogle at and play with, without groping or m*****ing me in any way, not even taking one item of clothing off me. He only took my knickers off once after I had told him to help me, before going down on me, because I was so hot and just couldn’t wait any longer!!Over the following days I wondered if he would finally present me with a “bill” for his services or expected some other catch. It was simply too wonderful to be true – but nothing. I played with him, teased him and truly enjoyed feeling his rampant throbbing cock in my hand, expecting him to beg me to wank him off…. he never did, even though his balls must have been close to bursting and as I learned only later on he must have suffered a bad case of aching “blue balls” over these days, as I had him hard over extended periods and countless times without any relief, but he never complained once.It was just such a thrill to be able to openly play with his male pride, without being forced afterwards to do anything with it and without owing him anything, simple guilt free and catch free pleasure…… pure FEMALE pleasure.He always moaned, groaned and endured my teasing hands between his legs, which were always humbly spread open wide, whenever I chose to toy with his manhood… and I truly enjoyed this newly found liberty. The fourth time round, after nearly an hour of orally servicing me in various positions and having me scream from joy, he even asked me to grant him a chance to say “thank you for being such a wonderful woman and letting him be my man” (his words!). I nodded and wondered what surprise was to come now.Maybe he took the chance as well, because I had been kneeling on all fours on the bed, while he had been on his knees behind me, licking, sucking and tongue fucking my pussy from behind ( an absolutely glorious feeling ! ). For the first time then I cherished the regal feeling of having my anus licked, kissed and ……French kissed…..- deeply and passionately. I was close to tears from joy to be truly loved and adored by a man in such a blissful, unselfish way!Again it wasn’t just the anilingus as a sexual act that did it to me, but much more the passionate, respectful way he did it to me. He didn’t just briefly kiss my bum or gave it a quick flick of the tongue – no I am talking proper anal worshipping!Similar to his cunnilingus performance he never used his hands at any moment, e.g. to spread my bum cheeks apart – no, he simply used his nose and face to spread them and gain proper oral access to my anus.Then he first kissed my exposed bumhole 20-30 times and used his flat tongue to lick over it on and on, clearly and openly tongue cleaning my anus. He was really rubbing his flat tongue over it, with pressure to make sure that even the last bit of dirt would be removed. After a while he positioned his open mouth over my anus and sealed it off using his lips. I could feel his pointed tongue now trying to stretch my sphincter muscle open…gently, but persistently working on it… until my rectum slowly opened up allowing his tongue to enter deeper and deeper until he could really get his tongue up my arse as far as he could stretch it. He didn’t care about the taste or any surprises that may happen, but sucked firmly on my arsehole and fucking it with his tongue. I really had the feeling that he wanted to clean me inside out. Simply a heavenly feeling!I could have remained in that position for a long time and I am sure he would have sucked my arse for as long as I wanted to, but that time though I wanted to know about “his pleasure” and pulled him up to me on the bed after enjoying his way of thanking me.I started kissing him (despite the strong smell and taste of my own anus in his mouth!) and fondled his manhood. My fondling quickly turned into masturbating him… quite roughly, while snogging him forcefully and passionately. Of course he got hot in no time, as this was already nearly a week with him being rampant and teased every time he performed orally on me, with no satisfaction for himself.He started moaning and groaning more and more until he obviously was about to lose control. He begged me to stop, but I didn’t want to this time and I told him, that I wanted him to come…. basically forcefully milking him. He bucked and grunted, but always kept his hands on his back (!) and his legs spread open for me so I could properly wank him off. He shot his load all over my tummy, blouse, skirt and legs…. and then he surprised me again totally!!Barely recovering from his climax he instantly knelt up and bent forward to lick his spunk of my tummy, he sucked my blouse and skirt clean and with no hesitation licked as well every drop of slime of my legs.I watched in disbelief and I had to giggle as it tickled when he sucked his cum out of my bellybutton. He even gently took my hand and licked up every drop of cum even sucking every single finger.He thanked me gently kissing the hand that had wanked him off, praising me to be the most wonderful girl in the world….. And which girl doesn’t want to hear that!!??It only dawned to me later on that he had actually thanked me as well for giving him permission to ejaculate. You can imagine that from then on there was no stopping anymore. Roland and I are now over 20 years together (!!) And I still can’t get enough of his oral servitude, which of course developed very quickly after the first few encounters.Needless to say, that today there is no form of oral servitude I haven’t tried with him yet. Literally every inch of my body has enjoyed his tongue servicing, whether for cleaning purposes or sexual stimulation. Obviously of course the main areas are my bum and pussy, my feet, legs and hands (yes “hands”, as I truly enjoy being greeted with a hand kiss, especially when performed respectfully, i.e. with him bowing down low and celebrating his humble exposure by pressing his lips on the back of my hand, remaining so for 3-4 seconds before raising his head again!).Queening him has become my favourite form of having sex with him, not only because it is simply a glorious feeling to sit on his willingly presented face and enjoy his tongue, but it gives me at the same time the possibility to play with his cock and balls, of course teasing and tormenting them mercilessly…. which I still enjoy endlessly..Even after 20 years!!But I do of course enjoy as well his foot and shoe service or having him kneeling in front of me ( naked of course ) with his head between my thighs….!As well I couldn’t live anymore with the simple and wonderful way of greeting me…. a respectful hand kiss. Natural, easy and wonderful.When I want a good fuck I strap a dildo onto his mouth or face and fuck his face…… absolutely fabulous, especially to have him licking me clean afterwards, lovingly and willingly ..and thank me for it with a deep, passionate anal french kiss ( this ritual has remained the same, ever since the first time ….over 20 years !! Ever figured out how many hundred times he has french kissed my anus ..and I still can’t get enough !!?? ). So, boys, my advice if you want to make your lady bahis şirketleri really happy : stop thinking about yourself, strip naked, get down on your knees and get your tongue to work….and don’t expect anything in return, even if you have managed to make her orgasm many times, your jaws and tongue are aching, you swallowed all her juices and licked her clean… and your balls are nearly bursting ……don’t pester or urge her with your horny cock, but thank her instead with a passionate anal French kissing and then serve her a drink.If your relationship is already a bit more advanced, you should (after washing your mouth!) kneel at her feet, hands on your back and bow down low …kissing her feet and tongue service them sweetly, while she is sipping her drink… and enjoying the view of the naked male, humbling himself happily in front of her to express his love and adoration for her.Well I wouldn’t settle for anything less anymore and my husband really has to give his best to impress me… every single time …and sometimes that is not even good enough!I insist he expresses his will to please, serve and worship me openly, willingly and eagerly. I insist as well on details being performed properly, such e.g. automatically and instantly stripping naked without hesitation or questioning… and when I mean “naked” I always mean fully naked. Some men sometimes have a funny idea about the term “naked”, i.e. some think keeping their pants on is naked enough or even worse… keeping their socks on!!No way had boys – naked means fully naked – cock and balls exposed.I expect from my man to even take his watch off, when I tell him to strip or ask him to perform some oral service, in which case he has to strip automatically without my saying, unless I explicitly tell him not to strip. This happens rarely though, i.e. only if the situation is too risky and potentially offending. Otherwise I much more often request him to strip naked, as well just for the fun of it, as I am a great fan of CFNM ( clothed female naked male ). I enjoy having him naked around me and being able to toy with him whenever and as much as I like. After stripping naked I equally always expect him to kneel in front of me, whenever required to worship me in any way. Furthermore I want to see him kneeling respectfully, i.e. knees spread far apart and hands firmly held onto his back, upright and facing me enduring the humiliation of my smiling look thus giving me a chance to enjoy his predicament. I enjoy as well e.g. sipping a drink while he is just kneeling in front of me like that, sometimes teasing him with my feet and sometimes simply enjoying the view of him kneeling there respectfully for the amusement of his wife.The presence of another woman or even a group of women does not change a bit, no matter whether he knows her/them or not. I would consider it quite insulting if he hesitated e.g. to strip naked and kneel, just because he will be exposed to the view of another woman, who can witness the way he worships his lady and of course can witness his deep thorough humiliation.It is in such moments when he truly shows his will to please me and prove his love and adoration for me. It is not easy for my hubby to be exposed naked to another woman, accidentally or intentionally, as his naked body gives any woman a clear sign of his submissive nature. The reason for this are not the marks and welts of a previous caning (well it can be sometimes), but the fact that he has to keep his anal and genital area completely and neatly shaven at all times.But this would not be enough of course. What gives him away is that I had his cock and balls pierced and ringed already years ago (13 in fact). On his cock ring (right under his glands) he is wearing a golden attachment, the symbol of the female gender(+) and on the ring pierced through his scrotum he is wearing a golden round tag, bearing the inscription “Toyboy” ( on the back ), “Property of Barbara” ( on the front ).To complete his visual submission I had his right bum cheek tattooed, following a picture of me, showing the bottom half of my body sitting, i.e. my legs, arms and hands…. holding a whip ! (I have added the pic showing his tattoo and me modelling for the tattoo in the folder “oral servitude”, even though it is not quite a cunnilingus picture like all others, but it shows much better what I tried to explain).So there is no way he can talk himself out of his submissive nature, whenever he finds himself exposed naked to the view of another woman.Well I don’t want him to either – on the contrary. Whenever I chose to expose him I want to grant any witnessing lady not only the amusing view of a naked male, but an embarrassed and humble naked male, thus immediately make her ( or them ) feel in a superior, dominant position, thus ensuring her amusement. Always plenty of smiling, smirking, grinning, chuckling, giggling and laughing…. not for my hubby though !Needless to say that whenever the marks of a previous thrashing are still visible, his humiliation is of course dramatically intensified. However even without it, I can assure you his humiliation is good enough to make his heart pound and his throat go dry.I say this, because often his voice goes croaky and slightly vibrates, whenever he has to answer embarrassing questions asked by any amused woman enjoying his obvious humiliation. I always expect him to openly and truly answer any questions asked by a witnessing lady, no matter how embarrassing they are for him.What always causes great amusement is the simple thing that he has of course to address any women respectfully. The only freedom he has is that he can chose between “My Lady”, “Madame” or “Ma’am” ! So his first “Yes, My Lady” always causes plenty of grinning and smirking and often of course stirs the woman’s curiosity, leading to more embarrassing questions and humiliating comments!Simple, but great fun and amusement! I have added some pics showing my hubby serving as well one of my lady friends. She is actually in her own relationship more the sub part, but always truly enjoys my hubby’s submissiveness whenever I lend him to her to amuse herself a bit and of course get some real memorable oral service!!All you dreaming guys out there bear in mind that my hubby and I have been together for over 20 years and we surely didn’t play this sort of games right from the beginning. It takes quite a while for both partners to learn and get used to a growing S/M relationship. It takes an awful lot of love, trust and respect for each other.No matter what wicked kind of humiliation I chose to dump on him or physical punishment I make him endure, I do it with love. Today I could not imagine anymore living without him and his sub nature.I would never call him slave, as a slave is never consensual; he is forced to do things against his will. I would call him toyboy and gentleman, as he is happy to suffer for me and female pleasure, despite the sometimes deep humiliations he has to endure.I don’t want to get too much off topic here! So here the promised rules and guidelines I have created years ago to keep my man on his toes. However I am sure it would do many of you macho guys out there the world of good to learn from them as well.These rules are of course for an advanced relationship, so beginners …don’t jump the gun – start slowly and give it a chance to grow day by day.Women are quite prepared to lead a fem dom relationship if they really get some pleasure, fun and satisfaction out of it. However if you guys just dream about fem dom to jack off or think about your own pleasure first…. don’t bother, that’s not what a woman wants. Fem Dom is about giving and serving, pleasing, worshipping, amusing, satisfying and loving women.. And not about your cock and your male pride!Both of them will learn how to suffer in order to convince a woman, that you truly love, adore and respect her.Hope you enjoy the pics !Good luck and “Cunnilingus Rules OK” !PS. The pics I have added ( see folder “Oral Servitude” ) are private pics. Please respect them and don’t spread them all over the net. They are a gift to THIS club/group for the excellent work. I will later on maybe add some nice pics from the net, which aren’t already in these folders. I may honour as well other clubs I like with different pics ( different topics ), but let this be my decision. Thanks ! I will let you know when and where I upload other private pics of a different topic. I hope this club manages to progress further and soon has as well more explicit displays of male oral servitude as I have mentioned above! Would be great to see some red hot pussy creamed male faces !Rules and guidelines for proper gentlemen to proper male oral servitude :Consider orally serving a woman a privilege and honour.Always be ready, eager and willing to serve her orally in any way and as much as she likes, at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances, no matter whether she just was at the gym for a workout or whether she is just having her periods or whether she just had sex, with you or any other man. You always owe her your full oral servitude at all times. Consider it your basic duty as a (gentle-) man to serve a lady like that. Consider Cunnilingus and Anilingus as the basic and natural form of having sex with a woman. Never expect anything in return, let alone demand any sexual favours in return.Absolutely never and under no circumstances ejaculate without her explicit permission. Do not masturbate or play with yourself while serving her orally, unless she wants you to.Whenever you think about losing control, beg her to help you, i.e. with some harsh testicle treatment (slapping, kneading and/or stretching vigorously) in order to immediately abort your urge to ejaculate and cool you down. It is YOUR duty to signal it to her early enough to avoid unpermitted ejaculation. There is no excuse for it, no matter how much she has been teasing you!Whenever allowed the privilege to ejaculate always instantly and automatically lick up every drop of your own slime, no matter where it has ended up. Should you have been granted the utmost privilege of being allowed to ejaculate inside her body ( vaginal or anal ), ensure that every trace of your male slime is again being instantly removed from her body by sucking and licking her vagina or anus with utmost respect, devotion and gratitude until she has been perfectly cleaned again from your mess. An excellent way for you to do so is to offer her your face to sit on, however always does it the way she likes it best.Always express utmost and humble respect when serving a woman orally, i.e. any form of oral service is always performed with you being fully naked, kneeling in front of her ready to serve, even if you are only required to tongue clean the soles of her shoes or kiss her anus! You can only remain clothed or semi clothed if explicitly instructed by her to do so.Never touch her with your hands and always keep your hands firmly behind your back at all times while serving her orally, unless instructed by her to use your hands in any other way.Always follow her wishes and instructions promptly and eagerly no matter how much discomfort or humiliation it may cause you and never stop until she tells you to, pushes you away or simply gets off you.Always be prepared to eagerly drink and swallow any form of vaginal discharge, slime, sweat, juices, menstruation, semen (!) and of course her urine. Always lick her properly clean after she has climaxed and thank her for the privilege with a deep, passionate and memorable anal French kiss.Consider it a gentleman’s duty to offer her your mouth as ladies toilet at any time. Always assume the necessary position, which allows her maximum ease and comfort and enables you to swallow every drop, i.e. without causing any mess. Learn to swallow continuously and efficiently, allowing her to use your mouth freely without any restrictions or inhibitions. Always lick her clean after she has used you and thank her afterwards.Equally when tongue serving her anally, be prepared to tongue clean her anus AND rectum (!) properly from any sort of dirt, especially when she wishes to use your tongue instead of toilet paper. Always ask for permission to wash your mouth after tongue serving her anally, should you be required to perform further oral services for her or any other woman. Never perform Cunnilingus after you have performed Anilingus, without washing your mouth first ( -> could cause vaginal infections ). Otherwise of course be proud to taste her anal flavour in your mouth for as long as possible.The presence of other women does not change any of the above rules, i.e. when required to serve her you perform with equal eagerness and passion, strip fully naked and kneel in front of her, willingly enduring the humiliation it may cause you being exposed, paraded or shown off in front of other women. Accept the right of your lady to always offer your oral services as well to other women. Always obey her and serve any other lady given to with utmost respect and devotion in any way required, no matter whether you like her looks or not and accept the humiliation as a proof of your love for your lady and a proof of your respect and adoration for the female sex.

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