A Modern Kajira, Part 8: The Performance

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A Modern Kajira, Part 8: The PerformanceThe drive to the party was uneventful. kata was perfectly still the whole way, but secretly was worried about the dance. She KNEW the dances, but wasn’t sure if she could execute them gracefully. What if she failed? Would there be another beating?In what seemed like minutes rather than hours they arrived at Master Roger’s grand manor house. Master reached back and unclipped her leash, then stepped out of the car and unlocked the door. He grabbed her leash and motioned for her to turn around.kata turned around, wondering what her Master had in store for her. She heard a briefcase click open. “Bend over,” he ordered sharply. kata bent over, hoping that he would not take her here, in the parking lot. Instead of vaginal penetration, however, she felt something plastic and lubricated penetrate her ass. She gasped in surprise more than pain. The butt-plug (for that is what it was) was heavily lubricated with what felt like KY Jelly, but its bulbous end ensured that it stayed in her anus.“M-Master?” stammered kata, confused.“You’re going to lose your anal virginity tonight,” said Master in an amused voice, “And a slave screaming in pain is a real turn-off for the guests.”“Will it-Will it be You?” inquired kata in a humble whisper.Master laughed. “Do you really think I’d share your little rosebud slave ass, even with My friends? No, that cute little ass is going to be Mine. The butt plug is to stretch it and make it a smooth ride for the both of us. You’re going to wear it while you dance, but you’d better not cum. Fortunately, you’re new at this, and the butt-plug might not make you come as quickly as the dildo.”“You are kind, Master,” said kata with a sigh of relief. With concentration, she was sure that she could handle this.“Good. Let’s go.” Master gave a tug on the leash, and kata obediently followed him to the massive, carven oak door. He rapped twice with the heavy brass knocker, and soon the bolt was heard to lift and the door creaked open.In the doorway stood bina, slightly less battered-looking than before and clad in green mesh. “This slave bids You welcome, noble Master,” she said in a lilting Indian accent.Master ignored her welcome. “Take me to your Master, girl,” He commanded.bina bowed and retreated into the house. Master followed, still holding kata on the leash. She wished that she might have walked behind Him unfettered, but she knew that this display of ownership was much more necessary outside the Home than in.Master Robert and Lady Michelle were waiting in the parlor, Master Robert in a tuxedo and Lady Michelle in a green-figured kimono with a tiny pillbox hat, fixed on with sharp pins, from every side of which fell a longer and thicker veil that covered Her hair and face entirely. bina immediately threw herself into an extreme obeisance before her Master, who ignored her completely. The kajirus Tok was nowhere to be seen.“Tal, Nathan,” said Roger in His regal British baritone, clasping Nathan’s hand in the usual Roman handshake.“Tal, Robert,” responded Nathan in His deeper voice. “And how is your Lady Companion?” He asked, turning to Michelle.“Quite well, thank you,” said Michelle in her usual imperious tone.“Good, good,” replied Nathan warmly. “Where are George and James?”Robert smirked. “George decided to have a little pre-party fun with noma. I imagine he’ll be finished fucking her soon, so he can come out and say hello. James is probably admiring the Edo-period screens. He’s always wanting to buy them off me.”Michelle sniffed in disgust. “Such filthy little things. I really don’t understand how you men put up with them, but at least it takes the pressure of nasty fleshly duties off of REAL ladies.”“A cow is for milk and a kajira is for fucking,” responded Robert with a shrug. “Some things in life just ARE.”kata felt a twinge of pity for the Lady. Of course Lady Michelle was much grander and nobler than she could ever hope to be, but this queenly goddess of a woman had never known love, or really any strong emotion for that matter. She did not understand what it was like to be taken, conquered, and made to come whether she willed it or not. This regal Lady did not know, would never know, the delights of an orgasm or the tenderness between man and woman when she knelt before her Lord and held His cock in her mouth; and even though He was Master, the look of vulnerability on His face when she pleased Him.Her sympathy was broken when Master once again tugged at her leash. “Into the dining room, girl. Help noma with the food, but don’t let your makeup run. That makeup only comes off when you suck cock, got that?” He undid the bracelets and swung the leash over her shoulder so that it was out of the way, but did not remove it.“Yes, Master,” said kata fervently. The butt-plug was beginning to send subdued waves of pleasure through her organs; a different kind of pleasure than the tormenting ecstasy of the dildo but more than enough to make her wet. Carefully, so as not to disturb it, she followed the sound of girls’ voices to the kitchen.The food was nearly done by the time kata arrived in the kitchen, so there really wasn’t much to do. noma greeted her with a kırşehir escort bayan warm smile and a hello as kata began to chop the salad. She was walking gingerly, her cheeks were flushed, and kata could see a thick stream of cum running down her thigh. A tall, willowy African girl with a proud, high-cheekboned face, long beaded dreadlocks and perfectly globular breasts and ass introduced herself as “pura”, then went back to putting whipped cream on a dish of rice pudding with dried peaches.“I hear your Master had a little party with you to start off the evening,” said kata to noma with a smile.noma giggled. “Oh, yes! He is tireless, I tell you! First He had me suck him, then He threw me down and licked my heat until I came. Then, while I was still wet, He coated His rod with my wetness and used my anus until I came again. Finally, to finish it off, He fucked me straight in the heat while He nipped my breasts with His teeth and fingered my anus, and I came twice more before He filled my heat with His seed. I could barely move when He was done!”kata glanced at noma with a concerned look on her face. “How is it? Anal sex, I mean. It wasn’t in our contract, but I’ll do anything to please Him. I’m wearing a butt-plug now, but I’m still a bit worried.”noma shook her head. “Oh, it’s not painful, if that’s what you mean. My Master is patient and had me wear larger and larger butt-plugs to stretch me out. When the butt-plug was as large as a cock and made me cum when He moved it in and out, He knew I was ready for the real thing. But you won’t need so much stretching; you’re much bigger than I am. How big is your buttplug?”“Right now?” kata thought for a moment. “Oh, I’d say about 7 inches by 3/4 of an inch.”noma waved her hand in a gesture of dismissal. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! I had to start out at 4 inches, and my Master’s cock is 8.5 inches.”kata breathed a sigh of relief as she mixed the salad ingredients, threw them into a green china bowl, and dressed them with sesame-seed dressing. “Good. Now the only thing I’ll have to worry about is the butt-plug distracting me from my performance.”pura spoke suddenly, turning to kata with a wink. “Well, at least it isn’t a dildo, am I right?”“You had that punishment too?” exclaimed kata in surprise.“Of course I did! Every Master uses that torture. Once, when I was very bad, He even made me wear a vibrator all day.”kata whistled. “Ouch!”pura nodded. “Tell me about it! I came within ten minutes, and within an hour I was sobbing on the floor, juicing all over and coming so hard that my nails dug into my palms until they bled!”“You poor thing!” exclaimed kata in sympathy. “You must have-”The sound of a gong interrupted kata’s statement, and both pura and noma straightened up. “That’s the signal for dinner,” said noma, “Have you got the salad dressed?”“Here,” said kata.“Good. Now carry it in gracefully, like a pleasure slave,” said noma, lifting the tureen of stir-fry that seemed almost impossibly huge for her tiny arms to carry. kata considered asking whether she could help, but decided not to. Even slaves had their pride. Instead, she bore the salad bowl down the hall and to the dining room, following noma’s lead. pura followed behind the two of them with the rice pudding in her hands and a basket of egg rolls balanced on her head. Masters George, Nathan and Robert and Lady Michelle were seated before their dishes, the men chatting amiably with one another and the lady sitting in stern silence, Tok kneeling at her side. The Lady had used a little clip to lift her veil just enough that her thin, pink-lipsticked mouth was visible. A plump brown ass was just visible under the white tablecloth at Master Robert’s feet. It seemed that He was using bina as a piece of human furniture. The other Master, James, was a brawny, Viking-looking man with shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes and a rather fuller beard than the others.kata, pura and noma served their respective Masters gracefully, making sure to move so that their breasts bounced under their gauze outfits. bina, being furniture, did not serve Master Robert and his Lady, so Tok did that duty. When the Masters had been served, the kajirae knelt at their Masters’ sides. Robert put a dish of stir-fry at His feet, in front of His footstool-girl, but George indulgently fed noma off his fork as she sat obediently in the nadu position. pura was simply given a dish and chopsticks to hold in her hands. Strangely, Master did not feed kata, but instead gave her a glass of milk to drink. “Don’t want anything nasty in that pretty ass of yours,” He explained.After dinner, bina (evidently being punished) cleared the dishes and brought them to the kitchen to be washed. From the tentative way she walked and the pained expression on her face, it was clear that the massive dildo sticking out from between her hefty thighs was giving her no end of trouble. noma and kata, however, followed their Masters into the parlor.“Brandy!” commanded Nathan, snapping His fingers at kata. Robert, James and George indicated to noma and pura that They also wanted brandy, so the three girls went to the bottle of premium brandy on the mantlepiece and poured escort kırşehir out generous amounts into tumblers. kata knelt before her Master with one leg extended behind her and her kef visible, her hands with the brandy extended high into the air. Master nodded in approval as He took the brandy. pura offered brandy to Master James in the same way.noma had a more difficult job. She knelt between Masters George and Robert in the same position, but with one tumbler in each hand. Robert and George took them simultaneously, then George motioned noma to crawl to His feet and do obeisance before Him. Master did not need to motion kata to do so, as she instinctively did obeisance unless commanded not to.The four men drank the brandy rather quickly, but did not order any more. After They had finished, Master Robert clapped His hands. “Music!”Tok the kajirus rose from his Lady’s side and shuffled over to the beautiful, wood-paneled stereo in the corner. He inserted a CD from the elegant CD canister into the slot. Samisen music blared from the speakers.“Rise and perform,” commanded Master Nathan. kata did not need to be told twice. She rose and walked gracefully over to the center of the floor. Her pussy was becoming more wet and hungry by the minute, and she needed something to distract her. Standing as a slave in high harness, she waited for instructions.“Stand and turn,” ordered Master. kata turned gracefully, letting herself become lost in the music.“Not bad at all, for a newbie,” commented Master George. “Have her arch her back backward into a bow.”“Bow!” ordered Master, “Hands behind your head!” kata bent backward into a flawless bow, trying to ignore the way the butt-plug moved within her as she did. “Belly!” said Master. kata sank like a falling leaf to her belly, her right cheek pressed to the floor and her arms at her sides, palms facing up. She looked up at Master between her lashes with a glance that was half shy, half smoldering.“Have her do the Turian knee crawl,” said Master Robert.“Knee crawl!” ordered Master again, “Then floor moves.” kata rose to her knees so that her back once again arched, offering her breasts to her Master. All of the Masters clapped approvingly. Encouraged by her Master’s approval and enlivened by her desire, kata began to crawl about on her knees, hands behind her back. Her breasts jiggled, and as she turned in one place on her knee, the red butt-plug was seen between her taut cheeks.The motions of the knee-crawl completed, kata segued into the rest of the floor movements, or at least the relatively simple ones that she knew. She tried to make the motions as graceful as possible and display her breasts, thighs, ass and pussy as well as possible. The butt-plug was creating a more and more urgent need, and Master James laughed and pointed at her dripping pussy.“A hot slave! Better take her before she comes! Can I have first taste of her mouth?”Master clapped His hands. “Up! Crawl to Master James and suck his rod!” kata inched to the Scandinavian man, who had pulled out His thick, fearsome tool with its massive blue veins. She began to suck it, using the same motions that she had used to suck her own Master. Master James groaned and seized her hair roughly as he battered his jaw-straining weapon against her throat.“God, what a cocksucker! Where the hell did you get her?”“Nowhere special,” said Master in a neutral tone. “But I’d suggest that you just sit back and let the little temptress work.”kata sucked Master James with all her skill, until He bucked and growled like an a****l. All the while, the butt-plug rubbed against the floor, stimulating her even more. Her pussy dripped as she lost herself in Master James’s cock. “SHIT! OH, CHRIST, I-” Master James was ready, but instead of finishing inside her mouth, He pulled out and spurted all over her face, aiming for the tongue that she had stuck out without being asked. He then collapsed against His chair. “Judas Priest, what a fucking ride!” He gasped.“Give her here,” laughed Master Robert, “And let’s see if I can last longer against that mouth!”kata crawled to Master Robert and began to suck His slimmer, darker cock. Master Robert did not last much longer than Master James, but He was more subdued about it. Occasionally He would swear under his breath in Cantonese, but He did not cry out until He came explosively. Unlike Master James, however, Master Robert did not intend to let His cum go to waste. He grabbed kata’s head and forced it up against His black pubic fronds in a tacit command to drink. kata swallowed greedily, wishing that it were her pussy instead of her mouth that was getting filled.Master Robert pushed her away roughly as soon as He had finished and lay back to rest. Master George whistled. “That must have been some suckoff!” He turned to Master Nathan. “What d’you say to a spitroast with this fiery little rod-bender?”“You read my mind!” laughed Master. He motioned to kata. “On your hands and knees,” he ordered. kata sank to her hands and knees, spread her legs and opened her mouth. Master George edged up to her mouth and sank His long, thick purple-brown rod into her gaping mouth. Unlike the others, He kırşehir escort was circumcised, which limited kata’s options slightly, but in the absence of a foreskin she paid extra attention to His urethra.Master George had just been satisfied by noma not three hours before, so He lasted quite a bit longer than the others. kata tried to concentrate on Master George’s cock, but her pussy was on fire and she knew that Master was about to complete the spitroast.She felt the butt-plug pulled out of her ass and groaned in ecstasy, almost coming then and there. Then she felt Master’s calloused fingers scoop out some of the abundant wetness from her gaping pussy and smear some of it around her stretched asshole. She sucked frantically on Master George, who was gasping and groaning as though He were being suffocated, willing her asshole not to contract in fear. Master, in blessed kindness, was fingering her pussy in an effort to keep her muscles loose.And then she felt it. The tip, greased with her own fluids, at the back entrance, and then the thrust. There was a slight twinge of pain at first, but her stretched hole and advanced state of arousal made it feel like the most natural thing in the world. Slowly, then faster, Master began to pump His rod in and out of her ass from behind, twisting her nipples in that way that made her feel as though she would let down milk. She moaned around Master George’s cock, but did not dare to stop sucking.Apparently, however, her passion made her technique even wilder, and Master George came with a shout, again gripping her hair so that she could drink His cream. She drank it without a thought, too focused on her Master’s strange new way of taking her body. Master George, his grand dark tool shrunken, staggered over to a chair and helped himself to the tumbler of brandy that a clearly aroused noma was offering him. Smiling in satisfaction, he reached down and teased little noma’s nipple.And then it happened. Master thrust deep and hard, two fingers in her pussy and His tongue licking the nape of her neck as His cock battered her ass. “Come for me, kajira,” He whispered against the back of her neck.On cue, kata came with a scream. Her arms gave way as she climaxed in a tremendous, squirting orgasm that made her see spots. “MASTER! OH, YES, YYEESSS!!” she cried against the cool tile on which her cheek now rested. She lay dizzy and panting for a while, then rolled over to look up into Master’s face. He was now standing above her, His erection huge and throbbing with a bit of pre-cum dribbling out of the slit. He hadn’t come in her ass, but was reserving that privilege for her swollen, dripping heat. kata smiled up at him and crossed her hands behind her head sleepily.Master, however, shook His head with a smile. This wasn’t going to be a winding-down. No, this was the grand finale! He grabbed kata around the waist and swept her upward so that her spread thighs would circle His waist, then impaled her on His cock as He thrust brutally in and out of her. This position allowed the deepest and most powerful penetration of all positions, and kata began to moan loudly again as He drove Himself into her again and again with a wet sucking sound. This is what she wanted; this violent, utterly base and natural conquest millions of years old that made her feel like she was only a body, a womb. She came again with a desperate little cry that was muffled against his neck, but it still wasn’t over! Even while she was coming, Master had been thrusting in and out of her, but this time he had a little trick up His sleeve.Master slipped His fingers, wet with her juice, into her anus and the same moment as He gave a particularly deep thrust. He then set up a one-two rhythm; His fingers thrusting into her anus as He pulled partially out of her vagina, and visa versa. This double torment was too much, and kata collapsed against Master’s right hand, which had been supporting her as he fingered her anus with the left, with a wild cry as her juices fell like rain from her stuffed pussy.At the sight of His helpless, pleasure-wracked slave, Master came with the force of a fire hose, filling her pussy to the brim and forcing some out around His rod so that it ran down His ballsack and legs. Wobbly-kneed, He sat on the floor and cradled his girl, trying to catch His breath. They lay there for a moment, temporarily oblivious to the Bacchanalia around them. To their right, Master George had had noma mount Him reverse-cowgirl, where she was happily riding as he pinched her nipples. Master James was using a blissful pura in the anal-missionary position. And finally, neglected bina, presumably reprieved from her punishment, was in the 69 position with Master Robert on top.The only one who did not seem to be enjoying the spectacle was Lady Michelle, who had taken an iPod and a book from her backpack, seemingly bored with the wild orgy. Tok the kajirus was erect at the sight of pura, but he did not move from his position beside his Lady’s chair.But was Michelle really so bored? The truth was that she had experienced a disturbing warmth in her loins, highly unbecoming of a Free Woman. Her book she read at half the speed that it would ordinarily take, and she couldn’t have remembered the name of each song she was listening to. No, her thought and her fear were bent on the terrifying fact of her desire. She hated it and dreaded it, because desire is the means by which a Lady falls.

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