A Mob Stepmom

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I got the call from my stepmother on a Saturday morning. I had not spoken to her for near two years, knowing the only reason she had called was to ask for money. I was to meet her that evening on the parking lot of a nearby factory. She always made me smile with her conspiratorial attitude and that people were always watching her.

Kay had married my father at the elderly age of 66. She was 26 at the time, making her 28, maybe 29, now, and, if my calculations were correct, a widow for just over 2 years. You can’t write this stuff! Like a movie script, he had had a massive heart attack between her legs within four months of their marriage. I like to think he died a happy man.

Kay was a looker, at 5’8″, an ultra-thin 118lbs, black hair cut in a boyish style, milky white skin that did not need the makeup that made her appear like a fragile China doll, small but perky breast, long legs and thin thighs that left a 2 inch gap at her crotch. Only from my father’s description did I know that she touted an ample and thick bush. On my own, I figured she must be good in bed or my father would not have married her.

Now, when alive my father was involved with some seedy characters. One might consider it organized crime. When he passed away unexpectedly there was talk of money that needed to be found. Kay and I were both questioned by the powers that be and were still under surveillance to this day.

Kay assured underworld kingpins that she had had a marriage agreement which left her with $200 grand, meaning she would have been much better off had she not fucked him to death. I think that was pretty much her exact words which caused a few smiles, even laughter, but not with her present.

Fortunately, the powers that be knew how my father had warned them not to try bring me into the business. They had avoided me like the plague for my 41 years. But, I had the money – $4 million of it. It was still mostly intact because to keep that amount of money from getting me killed I had to live a simple, modest lifestyle. Though I drove a used late-model Cadillac, lived in a modest home and paid the mortgage and car payments every month. It was not a hard adjustment for me as my father went to great pains to keep me out of the “business”. I owned a modest bottled water business and had a former wife with two kids to support.

I knew Kay probably wanted money, as that is what she had wanted two years earlier. She had blown through the $200 grand following the horses and greyhounds. At our meeting she had accused me of having my father’s money, which he had skimmed and hidden away. In response to the accusation, I got mad and demanded pussy for any financial help she expected to get from me. Early, she had refused outright, surprising me, telling me she was not a whore. I let her tell me her troubles before I wrote her a check for $5000, assuring her it would be the last time.

I felt like a fool driving to the parking lot. Having assured her I could not help her monetarily, I was sure that’s what she was after. I saw the car she had described and pulled alongside the drivers window.

“Hello mom.” I said flatly. She hated me calling her mom. “I’m here. What’s with all the secrecy?”

“Do you believe they’re still watching me?” She kayseri seks hikayeleri replied without any greeting. “I can’t go pee without them watching me!”

“Sounds thrilling.” I said sarcastically. “Hell, they’re still watching me. Fuck em! You can’t give them what they want and neither can I. So, to hell with them.”

“So your holding firm with that lie?” She accused.

I did not answer her but just sat there staring at her with a blank expression. “Kay, what the hell do you want?”


“Woman, you are bat crap crazy!” I said with amazement in my tone. “Even if I had that kind of money, I sure as hell wouldn’t give it to you. I’ve got a business and bills up my ass. The kids to support. But! Let’s indulge ourselves. What do you want with that kind of money.”

“I know what you’re thinking!” She began. “I haven’t gambled since you gave me the $5000. I want to leave the country and start a business. I want to go to Australia. And I’ve been working steady. I’ve saved a bit.”

I sat there silent for long moments trying to figure out if this woman was for real.

“I’ll fuck you for it.” She said matter-of-factually. “If that’s what it takes.”

Her straightforwardness brought me back to reality. I had a decision to make.

“I don’t have that kind of money.” I said flatly. “As much as I would like to fuck you, I don’t have what you think I have.”

“Follow me.”

Before I could say a word she pulled away. I was tempted, when I reached the gate, to go right instead of left, following her. As I turned left, I felt like I was headed into trouble.

20 minutes later I followed her car into a hotel parking lot. I exited the car and caught up with her as she walked towards the entrance. Another 10 minutes we were checked in and headed for the eighth floor to room 806. She opened the door and walked in. I hesitated a moment before following her. At the foot of the bed, she turned and stood looking at me.

“If you give me the money, it will be at least 30 days before I can leave. I’ll fuck you every day, for the next 30 days, if you give me the money. I’m prepared to give you a taste on faith.” She offered. “Then, you decide. Deal?”

After my father had married Kay, I saw her at least 2 or 3 times a week. I felt that she had truly loved my father and looked after him well. Still, I was infatuated with her youth, her skinny bubbled ass and, when she wore jeans, the gap at her crotch. It was everything I could muster not to make a move on her, but the respect for my father helped me stay at arms length. Now, my father was gone and this still youthful woman was standing in front of me offering me what I had long desired.

Kay did not wait for me to accept. She began by removing her sweater, unbuttoning her blouse, reaching behind her to un-clip her bra and removed it. It was at this point I began to remove my clothes. My cock was coming erect.

By the only light, the ceiling light by the entrance door, I watched her toe her shoes off, un-clip and zip down her straight line skirt, letting it drop. She stood there in her black panties, if you could call them that. There were only straps holding on what appeared to be a thick menstrual pad. That she had not mentioned anything caused me no alarm.

“I finished yesterday. It’s been a while for me.” She said. “How about you?”

“Me too.” Is all I could come up with as I removed my briefs.

I walked the short steps to her, putting my hands on her barely perceptible hips and kissed her lightly on the lips. The kiss lingered and became more passionate until I was steering her backwards towards the bed. The back of her knees touched the bed and her legs buckled, dropping her to her back. I followed her down, straddling her with my knees on the bed. My sexual hunger was all-consuming. My hands cupped and massaged the barely handful perky tits. I thumbed the raisin sized firm nipples, being drawn to suckle on each one in their turn.

She was moaning, her hands roaming over my back, her body squirming, her mound lifting up against my erection. Her every demeanor conveyed to me that she was sexually hungry too. As I attacked her body, I surveyed her body with my eyes. She was indeed a lovely China doll. My mind reeled! I could have this China doll for one night or give her what she wanted and she would be mine for 30 days. I put that thought aside to concentrate on the moment.

I moved to her right side and we again kissed passionately, our tongues fencing, as I rubbed the thick pad between her legs. It kicked her body into a spasm, of tongue sucking, ass lifting, her right hand seeking and finding my cock, squeezing and jerking it. I struggled to remove the ties and pad, succeeding, palming her pussy, taking a quick glance to see her thick bushed mound, palming it, fingering her clit.

“STICK IT IN ME!” She demanded.

We maneuvered, me atop her, missionary, her legs lifting, drawing her knees back, reaching to grip my rock hard cock. I cradled her in my arms as she placed my cock to her. Not gently, not forcibly, I pushed into. Most willingly, lifting and matching my thrust, she took it deep. I deemed her pussy tight, as expected.

“Oh! Fuck, yes!” She exclaimed, as I held deep a long few moments.

“How long since you’ve been bedded?” I inquired.

“Not since your dad, bless his heart.”

I began a moderate rhythm. Her ass and knees synced with my rhythm and we fucked long, long minutes, quietly, each lost in their own thoughts. I was fascinated with her ultra-thin body. There were no beefy buttocks, as my ex-wife had, to interfere with my deep penetrating thrust. Kay let out a quiet gasp every time I thrust my cock deep inside of her. I felt her nails dig into my shoulders. Over and over and over, every third stroke or so, I stuck her deep.

“Am I hurting you?” I inquired.

“No, no, fuck no! You’re keeping me right on the age! Whatever the hell you are doing, keep it up!”

I began to monitor her closeness to orgasm, sticking her deep and halting the process. She was delirious but refused to give up. I controlled my orgasm for as long as I could, but, I eventually ceased my deep thrusts and began fucking her firm and steady.

“OHhhhh FUCK!” She bellowed as the orgasm seized her and I let my own orgasm happen, filling her belly with my cum, my cock jerking repeatedly. We finally slowed to a stop as we kissed passionately. “I would not have put you off so long if I knew how good you are.” She said, exhaustion in her tone.

“You’re everything I thought you would be.” I praised her.

Reluctantly I pulled out of her and gave her room to leave the bed to go to the bathroom. She left the door open and I studied her as she sat on the toilet, my semen undoubtedly seeping from her. When she finished, she wanted to know if I would join her in the shower. I did.

We took turns washing each other and she was soon scrubbing my semi-erect cock with a washcloth. To my great surprise and amusement she squatted in the shower and playfully took my cock into her mouth. She knew her stuff, soon sucking firmly, and I was soon fully erect.

We were soon headed back to the bed without toweling ourselves off. She kneed herself onto the bed from the foot and I grabbed her legs to twist her to her back. She giggled as I crabbed between her legs, lifting them, putting my face to her pussy. I had watched her finger her pussy clean and could smell the sweet smell of soap as I explored her pussy. She moaned appreciatively.

Her pussy was withdrawn as she maneuvered to crab over me in a 69 position. I looked at her pussy, studying it, before returning my tongue to it. I felt the suction of her mouth on my cock as her head bobbled up and down, taking most of my length into her mouth. My hands clutched her skinny ass firmly.

We were soon missionary and fucking hard, my hands gripping her buttocks, locking her in tight, as her heels tapped rhythmically against the back of my thighs. We were both as hungry as jungle cats as I attacked her neck with kisses and light nibbles. When we kissed, she suck hungrily on my tongue.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” She taunted. “Damn you! Do it! Harder! Fuck yea.!

Her second orgasm rocked her as violently as the first. Her fingernails raked my back. Repeatedly, I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Repeatedly, she demanded I do it again. I did not have a second orgasm in me and finally I stopped trying to stab her to death. Her body relaxed and we kissed passionately, then, softly and lovingly.

We showered once more and dressed. As she was putting on her earrings, she asked if she was going to get the $300,000, assuring me she would live up to the bargain of fucking me for the 30 days before he slipped out of the country.

“Look, I don’t know if you loved my father, but you looked after him well and was good to him. He loved you. I will have to mortgage my business, but all I can come up with is $150,000. You can adjust the days accordingly. She looked at me hard and long. I met and held her intense searching eyes. “That’s the best I can do, Kay.” I had a sneaky suspicion she had asked for more than she actually needed.

“Okay! I will have to get along with less, I suppose.” She sighed, then, smiled. ” “But, I’m not letting you off that easy! You are going to fuck me for the full 30 days, plus, take me to dinner often. A different place every time – and nice, too. And, did I love your dad? I answered that while we were fucking.”

“Okay! But you must agree that we will fuck in different positions and places. If you enjoy sucking cock that is a plus, but I love to eat pussy so expect it.” I bargained.

She cut in, “and I suppose you will want to fuck me doggy – occasionally.” Emphasizing, “occasionally”.

I just smiled at her knowingly. “You ready to go to dinner?”

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