A Missouri Summer Ch. 02

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It had been about 5 weeks since 18-year-old Ryan’s parents had shipped him off to Kansas City to live with his Aunt Kimberly, whom he had upon arrival, discovered was a sex-crazed bikini model. They had already experienced quite a few sexual encounters that often resulted in breast groping, penis sucking, or other sorts of things that aunts and nephews should never do. However, Ryan and Kimberly knew better than to cross the line with intercourse or anal sex. God knows what could happen if she got pregnant and his parents found out. They like to gossip. Anyway, it couldn’t and wouldn’t happen, so neither even suggested it.

This didn’t stop Aunt Kimberly from teasing her poor nephew, though. She often strolled around her sprawling hacienda wearing nothing but a g-string or very revealing lingerie. She liked to show off her perfect butt and massive knockers, and Ryan liked to play with them. It was almost a game that they played, how long Ryan would last before pouncing on his aunt and devouring her huge boobs and sexy ass. So far, his record was an hour and 20 minutes.

Kimberly and Ryan’s little incidents were never really planned out; they just sort of occurred on a random basis. Whenever she knew that her nephew was feeling horny, she’d be happy to oblige and allow him to squeeze her 38DDD’s and suck him off. However, during mid-June, Kimberly was hard at work on her calendar, and didn’t have time for her nephew every day. Sometimes, she’d have to spend the night at the office and leave Ryan at home, but when she’d get back the following morning, she’d perform harder than she ever did, to make up for lost time.

One night, though, Kimberly was stressed and trying to organize her pictures for the calendar when Ryan, very much aroused, strolled into the office and began to feel up her chest from behind. She allowed him to continue for a while, until she finally had to shoo him off so she could finish her work. This saddened Ryan, and made Kimberly feel a little guilty as well, so after he had dozed off on the couch, trying to whack off to a Girls Gone Wild infomercial, canlı bahis she crawled on top of him and finished the job, like a true professional.

After the calendar had been completed, Aunt Kimberly wanted to make up for her hectic schedule and planned a whole night of fooling around. She left a few clues around the house, a few bras, a couple of notes, and the like, until she finally had to get the point across to her nephew (who never was an honor student) and told him to meet her in the bedroom at 9:00 on Saturday night. He was ecstatic and kissed her happily on the lips before rushing off to prepare.

The rest of the week dragged on slowly, as Ryan counted down the hours until Saturday. He had promised himself that he would not masturbate or let Kimberly suck him off until the big day, so they tried their best to avoid each other. He had been so tempted to grab hold of her mammoth jugs that week, but he had to resist and ran away whenever she was wearing anything sexy.

At last, Saturday arrived and after donning a silk bathrobe and taking three showers, Ryan knocked on his Aunt’s bedroom door. She opened it slowly and he gulped in anticipation. She was wearing an extremely arousing black teddy and had done her hair up all fancy. Her make-up was applied perfectly, and her breasts had never looked so appetizing. As she beckoned him towards the armchair, he noticed some of the little touches that Kimberly had adorned the bedroom with. There were rose petals on the bed, a few glasses of red wine on the nightstand, and about a hundred candles were slowly flickering. The room had a thick, enticing scent of lavender, and soft, sensual piano music was coming from the stereo.

As Ryan neared the leather armchair, Kimberly pushed him onto it and grinned. She started to massage his shoulders and loosen him up. He smiled and closed his eyes as her hands wandered down his chest and towards his now fully erect member. She briefly wrapped her hand around it and moved away, shaking her hair out and beginning to dance very provocatively. She ran her hands over her protruding boobies bahis siteleri and toned tummy before moving down past her butt and her legs. Ryan was breathing rather heavily now. Kimberly began to remove her bra, allowing it to slip just above her nipples. She turned around and let it drop to the floor before seizing hold of her magnificent hooters and giving them quite a squeeze. She rolled the supple flesh in her hands and jiggled them around, moving very closely to her nephew’s face. Tweaking her stiff nipples, she released her breasts onto Ryan’s head, burying his eyes, nose, and mouth with her chest. He began to lick the undersides until she pulled away and shook her finger.

“Not yet…”

He nodded as she began to leisurely pull down the remainder of her lingerie, revealing her lovely ass and fully shaved pussy. A trickle of drool began to escape Ryan’s mouth and his aunt finished dancing and took his hand, leading him to the bed and commanding him to lie down.

As he lay there, watching Kimberly crawl towards him and peel down his boxer shorts, releasing his rigid dong, Ryan began to tremble. His heart was racing as his Aunt lay down with her feet in the air and began to slowly trace her warm tongue up and down the bottom of his shaft. She seemed to approve of its taste and took the entire member into her mouth, inducing a soft moan on Ryan’s part. She only moved her mouth up and down a few times before releasing it and sitting up. She shook her hair back and smiled.

“Ryan…have you ever been tittyfucked?”

Swallowing quickly, he shook his head.

“Well, baby, I’m the best in town.”

Kimberly proceeded to slap her huge, naked tits onto his lap and envelope his wet, glistening dick in them. They fit rather comfortably and caused Ryan to smile uncontrollably. His aunt got right to work and shook her boobies rapidly up and down. It felt more incredible than Ryan had imagined. This was fantastic! She continued to tittyfuck him for a while, until she took a break and gave him a quick hand job. Afterwards, she picked up her breasts and went back bahis şirketleri at it. Ryan was nearing his climax, but he didn’t want this to end. He stopped her when he was about to come, and she was happy to take a rest.

Kimberly allowed Ryan to straddle her and bury his face in her chest, sucking huge rolls of boobflesh into his mouth. He licked her stiff nipples cheerfully and his hands jammed more and more tit into his wet mouth. By now, he had settled down, and decided to let Kimberly wrap up. She smiled and looked at him.

“Where do you want to finish? I can suck you, tittyfuck you, jack you off, or do you have another idea?”

Still working away at her luscious rack, Ryan replied.

“Hmmm, maybe you can wrap these around my cock, but still suck me while it’s in there.”

She nodded.

“I could do that.”

He reluctantly released his steady grip on her boobs, only to have them promptly enclosed around his rock hard penis. She worked him more vigorously than ever before, managing somehow to reach her mouth inside and suck on the head and the top of the pole. Ryan’s arms, which were his only support, finally gave in and his head fell on the pillow. As Kimberly moved closer and Ryan approached the brink of orgasm, he gripped the headboard and grunted in pleasure. This was unbelievable.

Finally, it was time, and both prepared themselves. Ryan gritted his teeth and stiffened up and Kimberly shook her massive, jiggly titties faster than ever before and clenched her lips onto the head of his cock. She moaned softly as he sprayed a hot stream of his seed into her mouth. She happily swallowed as he panted rapidly.

“Oh my god, keep going…keep sucking, Aunt Kimberly…”

She obeyed and resumed her mouth’s movement until Ryan’s dick was once again tender. When she was done, she rolled next to her nephew and both caught their breath. Ryan turned to her.

“That was…amazing.”

She grabbed his hand.

“Thanks…you deserve it. I’m…I’m sorry I’ve neglected you, but I hope this makes up for it.”

Ryan was gazing at her dripping boob, which spilled onto bed and sat there, jiggling and just waiting to be grabbed.

“You’re so beautiful.”

She giggled.

“Um, thank you, Ryan.”

They cuddled closer and laughed, falling asleep.

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