A Meeting with My PeePal

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I had met Tina on-line inside a forum discussion on a pee site. We got to chatting via email on a regular basis, swapping stories of our naughty exploits and experiences. This soon gave way to pictures taken of ourselves relieving our bladders in naughty and daring locations. For my own part I loved pissing over pictures of gorgeous models lifted from a large variety of magazines available for the newsagents. On many an occasion Tina would receive a photo collection of my dick busily hosing down a collection of tabloid beauties; the various sheets of paper darkening as they absorbed my piss.

As for Tina, she was just, if not worse than me, for naughty toilets. From her stories and pictures I learned that there was not much that was safe from her pussy and squirting pee. One delicious story she wrote to me told of a day at the gym. After peeing in the pool whilst swimming she trod water whilst secretly moving her swimsuit away from her crotch. As soon as her pussy had a clear aim into the water of the pool she started to take a new piss, this time squirting her yellow juices directly into the water around her muff. After exiting the pool, she sat on the side a thick towel wrapped around her waist. This helped disguised the fact that once again she was busily having a wonderfully hot pee, this time relieving herself directly into her costume.

Back in the changing room she had squatted down over the tiled floor before taking a new, quick pee. Her golden shower had played over the tiles for several seconds before she ceased her pee long enough to stand up and position her muff up to the side of the cubicle. A long golden stream of urine had then started to wash down the wall as Tina took a piss all over it. Still half full of pee, she then moved to the wooden bench and parked her wide womanly bum cheeks down upon it. Within mere moments the wood was being subjected to a hot flowing jet of piss issuing out of her curly haired pussy triangle. Tina had been enjoying her naughty piss so much she decided to hold back some of her relief. After dressing in a large towel she stole through the changing rooms which were mainly unoccupied. After finding nobody in sight Tina had then treated a set of open lockers to a hot golden piss issuing out from her muff. After relieving herself in this manner she then went to find the toilet areas where she finished off her pee with a long piss into a conveniently low sink bowl.

As the months passed Tina treated me to more and more photos of her pussy spraying golden pee around her house. These photos were always from the waist down as were mine so even by this stage we had no idea what we looked like. Finally I took the plunge. One Saturday, after stripping off all my clothes, I placed my camera on auto and positioned it on a suitably high shelf. I then dashed over to the full length mirror where I aimed my dick at its surface and started to let go with a strong gushing flow of clear coloured piss. Within seconds my pee shower had reached it’s reflection in the glass and two identical streams of piss started to run down the mirror to the waiting newspaper on the floor. The camera beeped in the background and I knew I had captured my first full length pissing portrait. Stopping my piss I dashed over to the camera and called up the image from its digital memory. More than satisfied with the result I quickly sent this off to Tina and waited for her to respond desperately wondering what she would think of me.

A day later and I found out that Tina had been delighted with my pissing photo and enclosed a return photo of her doing a similar sneaky pee. With a shaking hand on my computer mouse I clicked on the icon to open the image. What I saw was more than I could have possible hoped for. Tina had positioned her camera at one end of her bath and had positioned herself facing it whilst she had commenced to take a long golden piss shower into the tub. In short, Tina was gorgeous and straight away I was typing my response via email to arrange a meeting. I could barely believe my luck when she wrote back agreeing to my idea. Our first ‘pee’ date was going to take place in just over a week in a restaurant in the busy city of Reading which was a convenient location half way between both our homes.

The day arrived at last and I headed off down the busy M4 motorway as soon as I had finished work. Several hours later I was sitting alone in the bar of the chosen restaurant, nervously awaiting my email Pen pal. I had all but given up hope when suddenly the entrance door swung inward and in walked Tina. It İstanbul Escort Bayan took me a moment to recognise her in the flesh (and clothed) but then I was walking over with a big smile on my face. Tina was as nice in person as she was over the Internet and we soon hit it off with small talk at the bar. After a while (and lots of drinks) we were shown to our table where we chose our meals and proceeded to eat them whilst facing across the table from one another. At no stage up to this moment had either of us mentioned our secret hobby and the real reason for our meeting. Finally as our plates were taken away by the waiter, Tina finally plucked up the courage to broach the subject.

“Are you going to do yours here?” she asked in a whisper over the table.

Looking around at the almost deserted restaurant I simply nodded in reply.

“I’m ready when you are,” she giggled back.

I could feel my hands shaking as I slid open my zip being extremely careful not to catch any pubic hairs in the process. I had purposely not worn any underwear for this encounter to make things a little easier. Slowly I slid my cock out of my pants allowing it to come out as far as possible. Then I returned my hands to the table. Picking up my water glass I took another mouthful whilst carefully surveying the large room. Nobody appeared to be taking any special interest in out table and all the waiters were a good distance away, busy with other orders.

“Ready?” I asked Tina across the table. My bladder was bursting at this stage.

“Go on. I can’t wait” she giggled again.

Slowly I released the desperate urge in my bladder. Although the butterflies were dancing in my stomach I had no problem allowing my pee its release. I could feel my piss flowing through my body on its way to my pee hole situated at the end of my dick. Finally it happened! I felt the start of my piss stream erupting from my manhood. The feeling of relief was ecstasy but nothing compared to the deep thrill I was experiencing from relieving myself under the table whilst a gorgeous young woman watched on.

“Have you started?” Tina whispered excitedly across the table. Our table was situated against a tall partition than ran down the length of the restaurant. It had chairs for four and just before I had started to pee, Tina had quickly jumped into the adjacent chair. I said nothing in response to her question, too busy enjoying my piss to answer. Instead I nodded my head whilst still looking straight ahead. Under the wooden table surface I could feel my piss flowing strongly out of my cock. This was possible the best slash I had ever head!

Giggling Tina pushed a napkin off the table where it fell to the floor. Giving me a naughty smile she reached down to retrieve it. I knew full well that this was simply an excuse to check out what was happening under the table. A barely audible gasp came from the direction under the table and I guessed Tina was taking in the sight of my spraying dick. In answer I started to increase the pressure of my pissing, forcing my pee out harder and harder. Suddenly I realised that my piss stream was now raining down over the opposing chair as small droplets of piss bounced off the surface and shot upwards into my view. Tina said something but I couldn’t hear her with her head still under the table. From the tone of her voice though, it sounded like she was appreciating my little show. The sheer sense of freedom being able to get out my dick and take a piss at the dinner table in a restaurant was mind blowing. Having Tina witness the whole thing was orgasmic!

The bouncing spray of piss landing on the opposing chair was diminishing now as my bladder neared empty. I managed one good last squirt before I was done. With fumbling hands I reached under the table to put away my dick. God! I was so excited.

Tina emerged from under the table her face flushed.

“That was so incredible,” she said. “Just look at the mess you naughty boy!”

“Can you cover that up?” I asked as I peered over the edge of table and saw in shock the large damp patch I had just created over the opposing chair. Its cushion was now stained with a large damp patch from where I had just peed all over it. I had no idea that I had pissed so much.

“What like this?” Tina asked dropping her napkin over the stain.

Grinning I nodded.

“I think we should pay our bill and go and find a bar. I’ll need a pee soon and I’m sure you would like to watch?”

That is exactly what we did. After settling our bill making sure we paid cash İstanbul Escort instead of credit cards, we fled the restaurant and within minutes were making our way through the large open room of a local pub. Just like the restaurant the place was mostly empty with it being a Monday night. This suited us perfectly and soon we were taking our seats in a secluded corner. I left Tina whilst I went to the bar for some drinks. I could feel my cheeks burning. My nerves were still shaken with the thrill of having just pissed in the middle of a public restaurant. The pending possibility of seeing Tina carrying out a similar pee was blowing my mind!

When I returned I found her seated with her back to the wall and a big smile on her pretty face. As I sat down she moved something into sight from under the table. It took me a couple of seconds to realise that the object was her white panties!

“Are you ready to watch me go now?” she asked seductively. Her face was just as flushed as mine. I could feel my cock growing in my pants as she spoke. I swallowed. What a silly question, of course I was ready! My cock was now very hard in my pants, uncomfortably so. I fidgeted, trying to let my hard member find more space in my trousers whilst Tina slowly pushed the table away from her and towards me. Once the table was a foot away from her seated position she stopped pushing it and leaned backwards. Slowly she parted her legs. My entire attention became focused on those slowly parting creamy legs. Between her thighs, her brown hairy pussy was emerging into sight. Although I seen countless pictures of Tina’s pussy, this was nothing compared to the real thing. I felt I was about to explode in my pants. I simply couldn’t wait for what was to come.

Suddenly a quick shot of golden yellow piss erupted from the base of Tina’s pussy lips and sprayed for a short moment downwards to the carpeted floor below. I had never seen anything so beautiful!

“Again?” she teased.

“Oh yes,” I heard myself say. I had a real urge to produce my cock and start wanking right in front of her. She had the most perfect muff; slightly shaved with tight, brown pubic hairs nestled around the deep groove of her lower lips.

The golden stream returned, this time growing thicker as Tina continued to pee. I watched on entranced by the sight of the yellow flowing stream issuing from her pussy hole. The soft hiss of her pissing was barely audible over the background noise of TV and air conditioning. The table acted as a screen to hide her activities and we both knew that she was in no rush to finish her piss over the floor. I leant forwards eager to take in as much as possible. From my new vantage point I could see Tina’s pee shower as it landed over the carpet where a growing stain had formed.

“Would you like a better look?” Tina asked a sly smile on her face.

I nodded furiously. Between her legs her piss stream was diminishing. Quickly Tina readjusted her position on her chair placing herself on an angle with her spine arced backwards and her pussy lips pointed upwards in my direction. She had spread her legs even further apart to accommodate the table between them, making the view of her hairy brown pussy simply perfect.

Just then Tina started to pee again and I had to leap backwards to avoid being caught by her new piss stream. Her pussy shower shot into the air above the table where it hovered for the briefest of moments before falling downwards in a flowing golden arch. Within seconds her hot pee stream was splattering down over the bar table. I gasped in disbelief at this new incredible spectacle. The risk she was taking was so great but yet what a show! Droplets of hot yellow pee flew in all directions as her piss fountain played over the wooden surface. A few warm splashes even landed on my shirt giving me an added thrill.

The look on Tina’s face was now one of complete concentration whilst she squirted her piss upwards and then onto the table. A disgusting idea came to me at that moment and I acted on it instantly. Grabbing my drink I downed several large mouthfuls and then immediately moved the half empty glass towards the flowing piss stream still shooting out of Tina’s pussy. Hot yellow piss rained into my glass as I held it up into Tina’s dying pee stream. She had already released an incredible amount of piss and I was amazed how much such a petite girl like this could hold.

We both watched on entranced as the last of Tina’s toilet played into my beer glass. Suddenly her piss stream vanished. A look of worry had replaced Escort İstanbul the expression on Tina’s face and I turned to see what had caught her attention I was aware of her hurriedly closing her legs and returning to a normal seating position. A young couple was making there way over in our direction. Fortunately they did not seem to be paying any special attention to us so I returned to face Tina. She looked incredibly worried and for a moment I wondered what she was concerned about. Then I realised what a mess the table was in. Most of its surface was now covered in a cooling puddle of Tina’s pee.

“I think we should leave,” she said, starting to stand.

As I rose to join her I noticed that she had managed to push down her skirt to hide her pussy from view. I took her extended hand and we quickly walked towards the door. I half expected an urgent shout to follow us out but we made the door without a disturbance. As we exited I took a quick look behind us. In the far corner the new couple had taken a table only a few paces away from where Tina had only moments ago been squirting out her gorgeous pee.

A sharp tug on my hand pulled me through the bar door and out into the chilled night air.

“I still need to finish off,” she said into my ear. “Follow me.”

With Tina leading, out hands still interlocked, she guided my round the side of the building into the narrow alleyway. Overhead a solitary street light illuminated our way.

“Here will do,” she said coming to stop at the back of the large black BMW parked in the shadows. Letting go of my hand she moved around to the rear of the car and started to raise her skirt. A soft hissing sound immediately started to issue from her direction and I hurried over to catch the show. From Tina’s triangular shaped muff was shooting a new stream of piss, its colour indistinct in the poor light. I gasped with delight as I watched her playing her piss stream backwards and forwards over the car’s registration plate.

I waited until she had fully finished her toilet and was pushing back her skirt into place before producing my cock. A loud pattering sound coming from the steel dustbins announced the start of my own piss. Instantly Tina was by my side watching eagerly as I hosed down the garbage with my shooting piss stream. Suddenly I felt Tina’s warm hand sliding over my own as she took over control of the aim of my dick. I let go of my penis straight away enjoying having Tina’s delicate fingers holding my member. I could feel my dick stiffening in response to her touch and I tried desperately to not let this shut off my pee stream.

“Relax,” she whispered seductively in my ear.

‘As if that that would be possible,’ I thought, still trying to squirt my piss out of my dick as hard as possible. Tina was currently aiming my hot stream over the pub wall and I realised that she was trying to form the letters of her name upon the bricks. Unfortunately the effect of her hand upon my penis was making this impossible and my shooting yellow flow was already diminishing. As soon as I had finished I was pulling Tina into my arms, my hands flowing down her back to cup her firm bum cheeks firmly up against me. I could feel the heat of her flesh through my clothing. Her moist pussy was wet and ready for my erect cock and within seconds she was riding up and down on my manhood. Raw passion flooded my senses and I became oblivious to the world whilst we fucked. Tina was deliciously tight; her wet pussy walls clasping around my cock as I rode her. I don’t know how long I lasted. My world blew asunder as I came inside Tina’s hot wet love tunnel, the ecstasy of the moment washing over me and leaving me gasping for air and with it, a slow return to sanity.

I walked Tina back to her car in silence. I think we were both reliving the night’s events in out minds. As we reached her car door she turned and hugged me tightly, her mouth up to my ear.

“We’ll do this again soon,” she whispered and continued “I want to leave you something to remember me by,” and with that she guided my right hand down and under the folds of her skirt. I felt my fingers tracing my way up her inner thigh before suddenly a soft warm damp sensation started to flow over my skin. I kissed her long and hard as her hot piss flowed over my hand under her skirt. She returned my kiss with equal passion. I was ready for taking her again, right there and then in the street, but she suddenly pushed me away with firm hands.

“Not now lover boy,” she said, opening her car door.

With a great sense of disappointment I watched her turn the ignition and start her car’s engine. She flashed me a big smile and gave a quick wave before the car started into motion, taking itself and Tina away from me and into the night’s embrace.

…to be continued.

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