A Marine’s Loving Family Ch. 2

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“That’s the way the rest of the night, and in fact the rest of the week went,” thought Robbie, coming back to the present. “It’s probably just as well that I’m going back to Pendleton; I need the rest,” he smiled to himself. “But god I’m going to miss these people – especially Mom and Don. Not to mention Josh and Kallia, and Grampa and Gramma too. Damn they’re fun!”

“So you’re leaving us, huh?” said Josh and Kallia together, as they slipped up behind the preoccupied young Marine.

“What are you two doing here?” Robbie asked his friends, grinning. He had to admit to himself that he was pleased that they had come down to the dock to see him off.

“We’re going with you,” laughed Kallia. “At least to the mainland. “Uncle Carl invited us along to help with the launch. He said we needed to ‘practice our seamanship’ – whatever the hell that means.”

“It means he still hasn’t gotten enough of our sweet, young bodies,” smiled Josh. He hopes he’ll get some more of that hot pussy of yours and if he’s lucky, maybe a taste or two of my cock, as well. It’s a long lonely trip, you know.”

“Wait a minute,” said Robbie. “You called him ‘Uncle Carl’! I thought he was your Dad?”

“He is,” giggled Kallia. But he’s our uncle too. Didn’t we tell you that?”

“I don’t think so,” replied Rob. “Christ, I’ll never figure out all the relationships on this crazy island.”

“Does it make any difference?” asked Josh.

“Not in the least,” laughed Robbie. It’s just confusing as hell, that’s all. I don’t suppose there’s a guide book of some kind is there?”

“Not that I ever knew of,” replied Josh seriously. “I suppose Gramma and Grampa might know all the lineage details, but I don’t think any body else cares very much. I doubt even the Mormons could come up with an accurate genealogy chart.”

“Hey, you kids,” shouted Carl from the deck of the launch. “Get your asses aboard if you’re going to the mainland with me. The tide’s running and waits for no man. Not even the U-nited States goddamn Marines.”

“Ah, cool it, Dad,” Kallia yelled back. “You just think you’re a bad assed pirate captain. But we know you’re just bad! But we’re cummin, so keep your jock strap on.”

“Christ, Robbie,” exclaimed Carl as the youngsters tossed Robbie’s bag to the deck and jumped aboard. “Have you ever seen a more disrespectful couple of brats in your life?” Robbie might have taken him more seriously if he hadn’t been complaining while feeling up his lovely young daughter’s tits under her loose fitting shirt.

“Dad, I see you’re going to be busy with that little slut for awhile, so I’ll take her out,” laughed Josh as he started the powerful engines of the launch.

“Who you callin’ a ‘slut’, Junior,” growled Kallia, “You keep that up and it’ll another 18 years before you get anymore of this pussy.”

“I’m sorry, Sis,” begged Josh. “I didn’t mean it… Please don’t cut me off! PLEEEASE…”

“Well, o.k.,” laughed Kallia. “But pay attention to your driving. Dad, Robbie and I are going to busy for awhile.”

“Oh, great!” grumbled Josh. “Maybe I’ll just put this sucker on auto pilot and join ya all.”


Later, as he settled back into his seat on the plane, heading back to California, he allowed his mind to roam back over that, all too brief, voyage across from the Incest Island. He was surprised to feel his cock begin to stir again in his uniform trousers. When he’d gotten off that boat, he had been sure it’d be weeks before he even thought about sex again. He’d fucked Kallia again – twice in fact, and had been sucked AND fucked by both Carl and Josh Finally, he’d just laid back on the cushions and watched enthusiastically as Kallia was double fucked by her twin brother and her dad. Then he and Kallia relaxed as Josh and Carl sucked each other off in an incestuous 69.

Feeling a need to use the head, Robbie got up and headed towards the restrooms in the back of the plane, trying to adjust his growing hard on so it wasn’t quite so obvious a bulge in his trousers.

“Have a good time on the ‘Island’, or are you just glad to see me again?” smiled the handsome, young flight attendant that had been on their previous flight.

“What do you know about the Island?” asked Robbie, intrigued.

“I klasbahis güvenilirmi was born there,” laughed the young man. “And I can’t imagine a gorgeous hunk like you leaving there with much left in that bulge I see. Was that your Mom and Dad that were with you on the trip out?”

“My mom and step-dad,” replied Robbie, grinning. “We were on our ‘honeymoon’!”

“OUR honeymoon,” questioned the “stew” with raised eyebrows. “Yeah! You’re an ‘Incest Islander’ alright,” he laughed. Stepping even closer to the young Marine, he surreptitiously rubbed his thigh against the growing bulge in Robbie’s pants. “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in slipping into the head with me for a ‘quickie’ would you?”

“Hell yes! Why not?” said Robbie eagerly. “It’s about time I joined the ‘Mile High Club’. It counts even if it’s with another guy doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know why not,” the stew laughed. “But if there’s any doubt about it, I’m sure one of the ‘girls’ would be happy to accommodate you as well.”

“No thanks,” laughed Robbie. “I don’t think I can handle much more than another blow job.”

Later as he returned to his seat, Robbie sagged into the cushions and fell into a sound, dreamless sleep and didn’t awaken until the thump of the landing gear signaled their imminent landing.


“Hello,” said the lovely, young black woman, as she answered the ringing phone. “Thank you for calling ‘The Taboo Boutique’. How may I help you?”

“Hi, Darla, It’s Robbie. How ya doin’?

“Robbie, darling! Where are you? God! I’ve missed you guys. Is your Mom with you? And Don? How was your trip? No, don’t answer that… I can guess,” she laughed.

“Fantastic, just awesome,” said Robbie. “I can’t wait to see you and tell you all about it. You won’t believe the story I’ve got for you,” he laughed. “I’m at Mom’s right now, I just got in. Mom and Don are still on the Island, but I had to get back.. I’ve got a LOT to tell you.”

“Great,” said Darla. “Look, it’s almost closing time and it’s not too busy anyway. Why don’t I lock up a bit early and meet you somewhere for dinner and some drinks – strong ones. We need to celebrate!”

“How about the ‘Casa Tequila’?” Robbie answered. “But I warn you, Mexican food always make me hot and horney.”

“Hell, Sugar,” laughed Darla. “According to your momma, everything makes you hot and horney. I think I can handle it if you can.”

“Is that a dare?” he challenged, mischievously. “I must warn you – a Marine never passes up a dare.”

“Oh, goodie,” she giggled. But then she suddenly remembered that she had promised to meet her brother, Chet right after work to go look at new bedroom furniture.

“Damn, Robbie, I forgot. I promised Chet that we’d go shopping for a new bed this evening. I’ve been promising him for weeks now. I just can’t let him down again.”

“You’re planning on buying a king size bed aren’t you?” Robbie laughed. “You’re gonna need a great big one if we’re all gonna share it.”

“Who said we were gonna share it, you naughty boy?” replied Darla, coyly.

“A guy can always hope, can’t he? But seriously, why don’t you have Chet join us? We can all go shopping together, and then go have dinner. I haven’t seen Chet since the wedding either. It’ll be fun… What do you say?”

“Sounds great,” said Darla. “Chet will be here in a few minutes to pick me up. Why don’t we swing by your mom’s house and get you? That way we’ll only have one car to worry about. Oh, and wear your uniform! I want to make everybody jealous.”

“You got it, Sweetie. Give me a half hour to shower and shave and I’ll be ready and rarin’ to go”

“I’m sure you will,” laughed Darla. “See you in a few.” She hung up the phone and immediately called Chet to tell him of the change in plans.

“Damn,” thought Robbie as he hung up the phone. “This could really be fun!” He hadn’t been too sure of what to expect from Darla when he had called. She had certainly seemed friendly enough when he had last seen her at his mom’s wedding. But at the time, he had been totally preoccupied with fucking his mother for the first time and hadn’t really paid much attention to Sherrie’s lovely black bridesmaid except to notice that she was absolutely, klasbahis yeni giriş knock down gorgeous, of course. Almost as pretty as his mom, he remembered thinking.

‘Course Darla had had the hots for Robbie’s new step-father at the time anyway and they hadn’t really had much of a chance to get “better acquainted”. He hadn’t even been much more than introduced to Chet, Darla’s handsome, brother. But his lingering impression was that Chet was probably as fun-loving, witty and intelligent as his younger sister. He was certainly as good looking in his own, masculine way. Robbie had the distinct feeling after talking to Darla on the phone that the three of them were going to get along famously.

Softly whistling the “Marine Corps Hymn” to himself, he headed to the bathroom, conscious of a familiar tingling in his balls and a stirring of his cock as he stepped into the hot shower. “Christ, I’m horny,” he thought. “You’d think it had been months since I fucked myself silly on that crazy island instead of just a few weeks ago.”

A few minutes later he stood in front of the full length mirror in his mother’s bedroom, making some minor adjustments to his jacket’s decorations – few that they were. “Not bad,” he thought to himself. “I can see why most women, and a hell of a lot of guys are turned on by the uniform. It definitely brings out the best in a man.”

By the time he was satisfied with his appearance, he heard a car drive up to the front of the house and beep the horn. With a small salute to his mirrored image, he went out to meet his friends.

“Hi, Robbie,” said Chet as he opened the passenger door for the young Marine. “How’s it hangin’?”

“Loose as a goose, man. But definitely coming to attention, I think,” laughed Robbie as he slid into the front seat next to Darla, eying the long, slim legs extending from her short skirt. “I like the scenery.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Those legs of hers still turn me on, too – and I’ve been looking at them all her life,” grinned Chet.

“Stop it, you two! You’re embarrassing me,” purred Darla. “If you don’t behave, I’ll climb into the backseat and you can just play with each other!”

“Well, that’s not a bad idea,” laughed Chet. “But I think Robbie is enjoying the view, so why don’t we show him just a bit more?” As he said that, he ran his free hand up between the young woman’s silky brown thighs until the lace of her panties was just visible.

Slapping and pushing his groping hand away and vainly trying to pull her skirt back down, Darla said, “Honestly, Chet! You are so crude. Here Robbie’s just practically met us and you’re acting like a lecherous teenager. Now behave yourself or you can just go to bed without anything to eat!”

“Oh, no! Not that!” wailed Chet. “That would be cruel and unusual punishment – inhumane even! Wouldn’t you agree Robbie?”

“Oh, absolutely,” laughed Rob. “Going to bed with nothing to eat is a terrible fate for a healthy, horny, young guy.”

“Oh, he’s horny, all right,” giggled Darla. “He’s always horny. But he’s kinda cute, so I keep him around for his entertainment value. He’s not much good for anything else!”

“Now, now, girl. Be nice! Hey, Robbie,” said Chet, changing the subject, “I really like that uniform. Almost makes me want to join up myself.”

“Ha!” laughed Darla. “From what I’ve heard of Marine basic training, you wouldn’t last a week. You wouldn’t be able to think of a damn thing but the pussy you weren’t getting and the first thing you knew some big ol’, mean drill sergeant would be reaming you a new asshole.”

“Drill “instructors,” corrected Robbie. “In the Marines, they’re called “Drill Instructors.”

“Well they’re still sergeants, aren’t they? AND big and mean?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” admitted Robbie. “Most of them anyway.”

“Hey, I wanta go back to that “reaming” part,” said Chet. “That sounds like it might be fun.”

The three young people kept up the banter, double entendres and sexual innuendos all the way back into town. As they approached the shopping mall, Robbie said, “Hey guys, I’ve got a suggestion. Unless your hearts are really set on buying a boring old bed tonight, why don’t we just grab some take out, a couple bottles of wine and go back klasbahis giriş to my place and kick back? I’ve got so much I want to tell you and I’m really not in the mood for shopping right now. Besides, I’d kinda like to get out of this uniform. It’s really starting to bind on me.”

“I know what you’re in the mood for,” laughed Darla, eying the growing bulge in the young Marine’s trousers. But, yeah, that sounds good to me, too. What about it, Chet? Can we get by for another night or two on that ratty old mattress of ours?”

“Sure, Sis. I don’t have a problem with that. You’re the one who’s been complaining that our bed’s too small for company – Not me. I like being all tangled up together. Can we stop and pick up some porno tapes too?”

“What, you think we’ll need them?” laughed Robbie. “Hell, we can just break out the camcorder and make our own tape if we want to!”

“You guys are incorrigible,” laughed Darla. “But as I recall, Sherrie has quite an extensive porno collection, anyway. I don’t think we need to rent any more.”

Having reached an obviously agreeable consensus, they picked up some fast food and a few bottle of good wine and headed back to Sherri’s house. As they ate their dinner and were working on their second bottle of wine, Robbie regaled his fascinated audience with the story of Sherri’s, Don’s and his “honeymoon” night and the incredible week he had spent on Incest Island. It took quite awhile to finish the story because both Darla and Chet kept interrupting and demanding more and more details.

“You mean you actually fucked the Grandmother?” gasped Chet. “And both of the twins? Awesome, man! Just awesome. How in hell did you get so lucky?”

“Actually, I was born into it,” laughed Robbie. “Which is another whole story and part of the reason that I’m here. Darla, do you remember my mom telling you the story of the first time she fucked her father?”

“Oh, hell yes!” sighed Darla. “That story made me so fucking horny, I had to get it on with her right then and there. You remember, Chet! That was the same night that Sherri kicked the shit out of those two bozos and saved my ass from being raped.”

“Oh, yeah!” said Chet. “How could I forget that night? Your mom gave me some of the best pussy I ever had, Robbie – present company excepted of course. She’s one hell of a woman, I can tell you that.”

“Tell me about it,” laughed Rob. “Fucking my own mother was just about the best sex I ever had.”

“Well, anyway. Back to why I’m here – other than to get better acquainted with the two of you, of course. Mom told me the same story she told you. But she said that she hadn’t told you all of the story. And that’s the rest of what I wanted to tell you. You see, her father was also my father. She was sure of it because even though she was fucking Uncle Jerry too, he had been away at school when she got pregnant. Then when her dad was killed, she and Uncle Jerry used the insurance money to move to a new town where no one knew them and assumed the identities of a married couple before I was born. I never knew, until Mom told me, that the man I barely got to know as my father was actually my uncle and that my real father was actually my grandfather.”

“My god, that’s confusing,” exclaimed Darla. “I always knew your mom was one complicated lady, but I had NO idea…”

“Neither did I,” said Robbie. “And, as they say on those TV commercials, ‘But wait, there’s more’.”

“More? What the hell more could there be?” asked Chet incredulously. I don’t fucking believe this. Rob, are you sure you’re not just running us a line of shit? Man, if I hadn’t been fucking my beautiful, sexy sister all our lives, I wouldn’t believe a word of this. What an incredible fucking story – pun most definitely intended.”

“Well, Darla, you remember that mom also told you that her mother had left the family and run off when she and Uncle Jerry were still just little kids?”

“Yeah, I remember that,” replied Darla. “She said that none of them had ever seen or heard from her again.”

“Yeah, well it seems that Zelda – that’s her mom’s name – read about Sherri and Don’s wedding in the paper somewhere. Don’s pretty well known in the business world and his marriage to mom did make some of the social news. Anyway she tracked us down on the island and told mom she would like to get back together if possible.”

“Oh, wow!” breathed Darla. “How did Sherri react to that. I think if it was me I’d be highly pissed – to have her just suddenly re-appear after I’d just married one of the wealthiest men in the country.”

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